The Best Disney Cookbooks for Adults and Kids

The Best Disney Cookbooks for Adults and Kids

We like cooking. A Lot. Whether you’re planning the perfect Disney Princess Tea Party or Marvel Movie Night, we’re rounding up all the best Disney Cookbooks to consider. Perhaps you’re up for trying new dishes? Or making new Disney treats. Thankfully, we’re making things easy. We’re only sharing the best Disney Cookbooks we’ve found so far. From tried and true Disney cookbooks like the Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook. To new additions like Entertaining with Disney Cookbook and the Lilo and Stitch Cookbook, here are all our favorites. So you can pick which ones may find a new home on your Disney Cookbook shelf.

If you’re reading this blog you’re obviously looking to add a little more Disney to your life, so why not start in the kitchen? Let’s face it, we know that most of our time is spent in the kitchen already. And we have loads of Disney Recipes on this blog to prove it. But what about you, what are you looking for in a Disney Cookbook? Are you looking for the best Disney Gifts for Foodies? Or perhaps a tried and true Disney Princess Tea Party book you can use weekly with your little one? Maybe you’re hosting a Disney party and need a slew of recipes on theme fast!

Apple Pie a la Mode at Deconstructed Dish Disney

Whatever it is, Disney Recipe Books come in all shapes and sizes. You can find Disney Cookbooks focused on certain Disney characters or movies. There are some cookbooks that are holiday-themed and ones for Disney Villains fans. But which Disney Cookbooks are the best? Which Disney cookbook recipes are actually good? We’re going to share a few of our favorites here and give you a list of what you can add to your collection if you’re looking for something specific. Let’s get started.

Cooking with Magic: A Century of Disney Recipes

New in 2023, Disney’s Cooking with Magic Cookbook by Brooke Vitale is a beautiful Disney Cookbook. One that makes the perfect addition to your Disney Cookbook shelf. Featuring over 80 recipes, with photos, this cookbook honors films and characters from 1937 to the present. For cooks of all skill levels, you can find recipes here for every occasion. Well thought out and curated by Disney animation eras, you can find full meals, sides, and desserts here all themed perfectly to the cultures of the characters included.

Cooking with Magic: A Century of Disney Recipes Review

We love this Disney Cookbook for the Disney Adult cook and baker. While some recipes are complex, they’re balanced out well with the simple recipes. The photography is beautiful and this would make a great gift for Disney fans. Perfect to help you get dinner on the table, or theme your next Disney party or get-together. We made the Cheshire Cat Grin, as a result of having some leftover pea flowers and it was cool and refreshing. An excellent addition to a tea party or picnic lunch. Grab Disney’s Cooking with Magic Cookbook.

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The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook

By far one of the most popular Disney Recipe Books, The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook by Ashley Craft offers 100 recipes inspired by the food you find in Disney Parks. As such, you can whip up some authentic Dole Whip, or finally make the Jack Jack Num Num Cookies at home. As a Disney Parks cookbook, it has everything you’re expecting, and maybe some magical surprises too. Recipes for Mickey Pretzels, Beignets, Churros, Totchos, and Spring Rolls are all included. Everything you would expect from a Disney World Cookbook, and Disneyland Cookbook combined. We bake a lot

Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook Review

Filled with easy and fun recipes, you won’t find any strange ingredients, or difficult culinary techniques here. Simple recipes that are easy to make, and remind you of the parks. A decent cookbook, not all recipes have pictures, which does sometimes make things a bit iffy. That said, the recipes are simple enough that pictures aren’t always needed. If you’re gifting this to a teen or adult cook and baker, it’s a great Disney Cookbook to help get them started crafting their favorite Disney Parks Foods. Grab The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook.

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Disney Villains Devilishly Delicious Cookbook

Looking for a Disney Villain cookbook that includes recipes inspired by your favorite Villains? The Disney Villains Devilishly Delicious Cookbook by Julie Tremaine does just that. Including more than 50 recipes for meals, treats, and drinks. Inspired by Scar, Hades, Ursula, Maleficent, and more, there is plenty of themed cookbook fun to be had.

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Disney Villains Cookbook Review

When we first got this cookbook, we were intrigued by the range of recipes for all skill levels. Everything from easy chocolate-dipped pretzels to homemade monkey bread can be found here. We also liked that a wide array of ingredients were used, sometimes based on the character. In our Disney Villains Cookbook Review, we share that for instance, Scar’s recipe is for a Farro salad. Since farro is an African grain, we liked the mindfulness of matching the recipes to the villains. Dr. Facilier’s recipe is appropriately Gumbo, just like Rapunzel’s is spaghetti squash.

That said, as a Disney Cookbook, it offers loads of pictures and is meant for the beginner to intermediate cook. And some recipes are simple enough that even children can tackle a few.

Disney Villains Cookbook

Delicious Disney Cookbook: Walt Disney World Recipes and Stories 

The Delicious Disney Walt Disney World Cookbook by Pam Brandon was originally crafted for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of Walt Disney World. Classic Recipes from opening day to present are in this book, honoring the many traditional foods from the park. Perfect whether you’re adding to your collection or giving it as a Disney gift for someone who likes cooking.

Filled with nostalgic photos, artwork of the parks, restaurants, menus, stories, and more, this Disney Recipe Book is a collectible in more ways than one. Sharing recipes and stories, this cookbook includes appetizers, meals, desserts, and drinks from restaurants across Walt Disney World. Including recipes for Tonga Toast, found at Disney’s Kona Cafe, and the Batuuan Ronto Wrap found at Galaxy’s Edge, you get a wide array of foods in this cookbook.

Delicious Disney Cookbook Review

For the intermediate cook and baker, this cookbook offers a variety of meals to make. While this cookbook does have some entry-level recipes, things like the Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli and the Pan-Seared Tilefish take a bit more skill. As such, we definitely think this is a great cookbook to have no matter your skill level, because you can always work up to the harder recipes throughout. That said, it’s more of a Disney lover’s cookbook, than a chef’s cookbook. While some of the recipes do require technique, the voice of the cookbook is really about sharing the stories about food at Walt Disney World parks. Grab the Delicious Disney Walt Disney World Cookbook. Or if you’re a Disneyland fan, you can grab the Delicious Disney Disneyland Cookbook. 

Unofficial Disney Park Restaurants Cookbook

Unofficial Disney Parks Restaurants Cookbook

You can return to the parks from the comfort of your own kitchen with this book. Following up on her original Disney Cookbook, the Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook, Ashley Craft has written a Disney Parks Restaurants Cookbook. This book deep dives into the 100 recipes found at Disney’s most popular restaurants. Bringing even more Disney magic to the kitchen. Including dishes that are easy to make, you can find things like crepes from La Creperie de Paris in EPCOT Park, Fried Pickles from Carnation Cafe, and Chicken Salad from Flame Tree Barbecue.

More a collection of meals to make, than recipes that will test your cooking and baking skills, this Disney Restaurants Cookbook would make a great gift for any Disney fan.

Disney Cookbooks

Unofficial Disney Parks Restaurants Cookbook Review

With pictures for almost every recipe, this book really builds on her original cookbook and adds Disney fan favorites like the Monte Cristo Sandwich and Monkey Bread to the lineup. As cooks and bakers, we found this cookbook to be easy. And something that perhaps a college student would love. With the opportunity to make a few complex meals, The Unofficial Disney Parks Restaurants Cookbook really caters to the goal of recreating the fun foods found at Disney. Grab the Unofficial Disney Parks Restaurants Cookbook.

Disney Parks Cookbooks

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Marvel Cookbook Eat the Universe

If you’ve been looking for your favorite Marvel Recipes then this cookbook features loads of interesting and unique recipes inspired by the Marvel comics. Featuring 60 recipes and created by Chef Justin Warner, the Marvel Eat the Universe Official Cookbook is filled with recipes inspired by Marvel characters and films. Tournedos from X’Men’s Storm, the Hulk’s Smashed Potatoes, and the Green Goblin’s Pumpkin Bombs are all recipes you can find in this book. Dedicated Marvel fans will recognize some of the more elusive heroes and villains, and it makes for a great gift.

disney marvel cookbook recipes

Marvel Cookbook Eat the Universe Review

While this is a beautifully edited cookbook, featuring interesting Marvel facts and photos of most recipes, if you’re hoping for MCU characters, you may be disappointed. What we liked about this book was the variety of recipes matched to the characters. You can find every meal as well as desserts here. Or even plan a Marvel Party. Perfect for an adult, this Disney Cookbook has lots of unique recipes that could test your cooking muscles. The recipes use easy-to-find ingredients and offer just the right amount of challenge. Grab the Marvel Eat the Universe Official Cookbook.

disney recipes avengers party

Lilo and Stitch the Official Cookbook

By far one of the highest-rated Best Disney Cookbooks we’ve seen, the Lilo and Stitch the Official Cookbook offers 50 recipes to make for your ‘Ohana. And includes recipes inspired by the film. Things like Hukilau Haupia Cake, Pelekai Sweet, and Sour Pork, and David’s Dawn Patrol Loco Moco are all on the menu. Introducing new South Pacific and Asian flavors into a variety of sweet and savory dishes. With a focus on highlighting cultural flavors, there is such an array of entrees, desserts, and drinks here. Perfect for the Lilo and Stitch fan.

Lilo and Stitch the Official Cookbook Review

Perfect for beginner to advanced chefs, we like this book for the introduction to new flavors and authentic Hawaiian cuisine. Classics like Ahi Poke, Chicken Long Rice, and Lomi salmon are all included here and offer a chance to try new foods, without feeling intimidated by strange ingredients. Makes a great gift for Disney Adults, or Tweens and Teens making their own way in the kitchen. Grab Lilo and Stitch the Official Cookbook

Alice in Wonderland Cookbook

Featuring all sorts of characters, this Alice in Wonderland Cookbook is filled with recipes inspired by Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. With over 50 recipes, this official Disney cookbook includes recipes like an Unbirthday Cake, I’m Late Quick Roast Vegetables, Curiosi-Tea, and Growth Potion. Geared toward the whimsical world of Alice, this cookbook is fun for kids, but a little too simple for grownups. That said, it’s still a beautiful cookbook with great recipes and would be fun to have on hand when the curiosity strikes. Complete with scenes from the film and themed meals, this cookbook is a must-have for Alice in Wonderland fans.

Delish Loves Disney

From the experts at Disney Parks comes a Disney Cookbook filled with familiar treats from Disney Parks, and Restaurants. Delish Loves Disney: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Most Magical Treats includes Disney’s most recognizable treats. The Grey Stuff from Beauty and the Beast, Dole Whip, and Disneyland’s Monte Cristo sandwich are all published here. Included are favorites like Totchos, Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae, and Cremini Mushroom Meatballs. This cookbook features 50+ Disney Cookbook Recipes, perfect for bringing Disney home.

Delish Loves Disney

A Disney Cookbook for adults, this is one of those books that has recipes for all kinds of meals, and treats. But also includes some hard-to-find ingredients that are well worth the effort. Filled with copycat recipes, these foods taste just like they do in the parks. And if you love the sweet treats in the parks, there are plenty included. One point of note here is that this Disney Cookbook is only 96 pages. So it’s more like a fancy magazine than a cookbook for your collection. We love this as a gift for Disney College students or adults just getting started in the kitchen. Grab the Delish Loves Disney Cookbook.

Disney Cookbooks for Kids

Buying Cookbooks for Kids is usually only the first part of the gift. Because it’s all about what happens in the kitchen afterward. As such, we always recommend cookbooks for kids who are interested in the cooking and baking experience. Even young children, as early as kindergarten can take part in opening packages, and dumping flour in a bowl. After that, it’s all about keeping their interest. Here’s a list of great Disney Kids Cookbooks, to get them started.

Disney Eats: More than 150 Recipes for Everyday Cooking and Inspired Fun

The Disney Eats Cookbook by Joy Wilson is perfect if you’re cooking with children. A wonderful selection of recipes here, everything from Mulans’ Blossom Stir-Fry to Frozen Banana Dalamation Pops will keep you and the kids happy cooking and baking for months. Meant for children there are foods with Hidden Mickeys, Shaped like Eeyore and Forky, and all themed to a Disney character or film.

Disney Eats Cookbook Review

We love that this book had simple easy recipes and a wide array of food options here. From full meals to simple desserts, you could easily pick up a cookbook and find something for dinner or a treat. The Disney Eats Cookbook is a must-have for your Disney Cookbook Shelf, and one that we recommend you not only own but gift to any child interested in baking. Basic ingredients and the opportunity to build cooking skills make this a book that will be used over and over again. Grab the Disney Eats Cookbook.

The Disney Princess Cookbook

Just as expected The Disney Princess Cookbook, by Disney Books, is filled with recipes fit for a princess. A perfect beginner Disney Cookbook for Kids, this book includes 50 recipes that kids, with the help of a parent, can make. We love this book for teaching kids how to cook, and showing them the amazing ways they can make their favorite dishes. Featuring things like Frying Pan Eggs from Rapunzel, and Te Fiti Tropical Punch, kids can tackle recipes Easy to Hard, depending on their skill level. The Disney Princess Cookbook is meant for kids grades 1-3.

Disney Princess Cookbook Review

This updated Disney Princess Cookbook is a great gift, and a nice cookbook to have on hand with your Disney Cookbooks if you’re training a little cook or baker at home. From Ham and Cheese Braids to smoothie bowls, every recipe has a photo, making it easy to learn the recipes from the start. We liked that there were some more complex recipes in this book as something new cooks and bakers can work up to. Grab the Disney Princess Cookbook.

Disney a Merry Christmas Cookbook

We love Holiday Cookbooks and the Disney A Merry Christmas Cookbook is the perfect addition to your family cookbook collection if you’ve been looking for seasonal treats to make every year. A great reason for both kids and adults to get into the kitchen for the season. This Cookbook includes recipes like Boo’s Breakfast Bars, Never Land Hot Chocolate with Star Marshmallows, and Tiana’s Green Bean Casserole. Simple recipes that kids can make with the help of adults for the Christmas season can help them feel included and like they can contribute. One of the best holiday Disney Recipe Books for kids.

Disney a Merry Christmas Cookbook Review

As Disney Kid’s Cookbooks go, this one features an array of familiar Disney characters, with matching foods to make for the holidays. Frankly, a huge plus was that this book includes recipes that can allow even smaller children to get involved. The Sugar Rush Popcorn Gumdrop Garland is an easy recipe and offers kids the chance to help away from the bustling kitchen, to sting the garland. We also liked that many of these recipes are twists on foods you already make for the season. The perfect gift for any aspiring baker or cook. Grab a Disney A Merry Christmas Cookbook

Tiana’s Cookbook

This Disney Cookbook is geared towards children and tweens with illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions. However, Tiana’s Cookbook has some complex recipes that will require adults to help out in the kitchen. It includes complex recipes like Chicken and Sausage Gumbo and easier ones like Beignets. This book is filled with wonderful food photography and offers 50 kid-friendly recipes. With each recipe labeled from easy to difficult, you can choose the recipes at your level and work your way up. Easy mini frittatas, princess flatbread, and pimento cheese bugs are all on the menu in this book.

Tiana’s Cookbook Review

If you love Princess and the Frog will love this book for the fun recipes and easy instructions. In fact, some of the recipes may surprise you! In this Disney Cookbook, you’ll find mostly New Orleans-inspired cuisine and Southern comfort foods. Things like chicken and biscuits are perfect for your next meal and the gumbo makes a perfect lunch. This a great cookbook for families who like things a little spicier. And offers a wonderful way to expand your child’s flavor knowledge. You can Grab the Disney Princess Tiana’s Cookbook.

Disney Cookbooks for Parties

In addition to the best Disney Cookbooks with great Disney-inspired recipes, we are always on the lookout for entertaining books too! Because you never know when you may need to pull together a Disney-themed party. As such we have some favorite Disney Party Cookbooks we wanted to share!

disney princess cookbooks

Disney Princess Tea Parties Cookbook

One of the newest additions to our cookbook collection is the Disney Princess Tea Parties Cookbook by Sarah Walker Caron. While this is nevertheless perfect for kids, adults need to be in the kitchen for this one. We LOVE this book for its simple recipes that make the perfect addition to any teatime. From sharing cookie recipes to biscuits to dumplings, this book combines simple techniques and easy-to-get ingredients to make over 50 recipes. Which makes hosting a Disney Princess Tea Party of your own, all the easier. As a result, you get more time with your little princesses and guests and can really enjoy the day.

Disney Princess Tea Parties Cookbook Review

A wonderful cookbook of simple treats for afternoon tea, or something more complex this cookbook makes a great gift.  We loved that you could make more complex desserts, easier with basic ingredients. And that there were actually recipes for TEA in this book. Good for kids and adults, this book is an elegant addition to any cookbook collection. You can Grab the Disney Princess Tea Parties Cookbook.

disney princess tea cookbook

disney party cookbook

Entertaining with Disney Cookbook

One of our favorite cookbooks on this list, the Entertaining with Disney Cookbook by Amy Croushorn, is magical. Filled with remarkable recipes matched to characters and films, this cookbook gives you a full list of ideas for parties all year long! From a New Year’s Eve Party featuring Cinderella in a race against midnight to Tiana’s Mardi Gras Party, complete with beignets there are so many great ideas in this book. As a result, if you’re playing host to Disney-themed parties, or just need some ideas for what to make at a Disney-themed birthday party this book can help.

Entertaining with Disney Cookbook Review

If you’re planning Disney parties throughout the year, consider this cookbook. Filled with recipes, decoration ideas, crafts, and party ideas, this Disney Party Cookbook is the perfect addition to any cookbook collection. From absolutely stunning photography to easy-to-follow recipes, any Disney Adult will find inspiration here. From summer barbecues to elegant events, a luau, and even a wedding shower, there are events here to honor every holiday and season. Grab the Entertaining with Disney Cookbook.

Disney tiana cookbook

disney peter pan party

Cooking with Disney Tips and Tricks

Adding Disney Cookbooks to your collection is always fun, however, it’s good to remember that if you’re buying several you may actually come across certain recipes more than once. Because, tried and true Disney favorites like Num Num Cookies, Totchos, Ronto Wraps, POG Jungle Juice, and Dole Whip are often included. Therefore, plan accordingly! If you’re looking for a Disney Parks cookbook, aim to grab just one to start off! Then add to your collection as you go along.

Disney Cookbooks on Amazon

You can find all of the Disney Cookbooks we shared here on Amazon. Similarly, you can also find them at Target and Walmart. They are easy to grab for any last-minute gifts and the perfect way to inspire some time cooking. Be sure to check out all the Disney Cookbooks on Amazon.

The Best Disney Cookbooks

Hopefully, this post has given you just what you need to help make your next Disney Cookbook purchase. Whether for yourself or someone else, we think these Disney Recipe Books are all great additions to any collection. No matter what you’re cooking up next, you’re sure to find a magical recipe.

The Best Disney Cookbooks to add to your Disney Book Collection

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