Unique Dining at Disney’s Kona Cafe for Breakfast

Unique Dining at Disney’s Kona Cafe for Breakfast

If you’re looking for an easy breakfast at Disney World, then you’re in luck. Breakfast at Kona Cafe is budget-friendly, easy to get to, and offers a delicious array of breakfast options for starting your day. Plus, a Kona Cafe Breakfast at Disney World means you get time at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. This beautiful island-themed resort honors themes of the South Pacific, with bright colors, flowers, and beaches. It features loads of Hidden Mickeys, with elements of Moana and Lilo and Stitch, and views of Cinderella’s Castle. While this unassuming Disney Restaurant may not look like a big deal, as the home of Tonga Toast, its claim to Disney fame is equal to the bread service at Sanaa! Check out the Kona Cafe Breakfast Menu, Cost, and what you can expect at one of our favorite Breakfast Places at Disney World

Kona Cafe Walt Disney World

Kona Cafe Atmosphere

The Kona Cafe at Disney’s Polynesian Resort is all about relaxing and taking a break. True to the Island lifestyle this resort is known for, any meal at the Kona Cafe Restaurant is all about ease. This open restaurant is within the Grand Ceremonial House at the Polynesian Resort, with tables, booths, and a view of the upper lobby.

As part of a group of restaurants at the Polynesian Resort on the second floor, there is also ‘Ohana, Tambu Lounge, and the Kona Island coffee bar. 

Kona Cafe Theme

This restaurant is decorated with subtle touches of the South Pacific. From traditional wood detailing to bright colors, there is plenty that is beautiful and functional. Views are limited to the interior of the resort, and some greenery if you get a window seat.

Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World

Where is Kona Cafe at Walt Disney World?

Located at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, you can get to Kona Cafe by Monorail. As a Disney Monorail Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Resort is accessible most easily by monorail. Which you can grab from the entrance at Magic Kingdom. Kona Cafe is located on the 2nd Floor of Disney’s Polynesian Resort. 

  • If driving, you can simply park at the Polynesian Resort, for up to 3 hours, to visit for your meal. If you’re planning on heading to the parks afterward, we recommend parking at the TTC ( Ticket and Transportation Center) and taking the Magic Kingdom or Resort Monorail to get to the Polynesian Resort. 
  • If taking the Disney Bus, you can just head to Magic Kingdom, and take the Resort Monorail from the entrance of the park to Disney’s Polynesian Resort.
  • If on the Monorail, you can head to the Polynesian Resort, which is the 3rd stop after Magic Kingdom. Disney’s Kona Cafe is on the second floor, and easily visible if you’re coming in from the Monorail Stop. It’s also adjacent to the Kona Island Cafe, which is a small coffee counter with a pastry case. 

Do You Need a Reservation for Kona Cafe? 

Yes. While reservations at Kona Cafe are typically easy to get, walk-up lines fill up fast. As such, reservations are recommended for Kona Cafe.  You can check the My Disney Experience App for times and days that may work for you.

What are the Kona Cafe Breakfast Hours?

Kona Cafe Breakfast hours are 7:30 am- 11:00 am. You can always double-check the Kona Cafe webpage as well. 

Is Kona Cafe Good for Kids?

Kona Cafe is a casual restaurant that offers a Kid’s Menu but may not be what you are looking for in a Disney Restaurant for kids. Kona Cafe does not have characters and is not covered in Disney Decor. That said, Kona Cafe does have Disney breakfast favorites like French toast, and Mickey waffles. There are high chairs available for those families needing one. And the general laid-back vibe of this restaurant is perfect for families. Keep in mind also, that as a Disney Deluxe Resort, the Polynesian Village Resort is not overly covered in Disney Characters, this is true for all Disney Deluxe Resorts. So, while there are elements of Moana and Lilo and Stitch throughout the resort, children may not get these subtle references. Check out the Kona Cafe Breakfast Menu for all the kid’s selections. 

Kona Cafe Breakfast

Kona Cafe Breakfast Drinks

One of our favorite treats on the Kona Cafe Breakfast Menu is the Liliko’i Mimosa. We don’t usually go straight for the bubbly, but this is a POG mimosa, so we make the exception. The Liliko’i Mimosa is champagne, orange, passion fruit, and guava juice. If you’ve never had this combination of flavors, then check out our POG Juice Recipe so you can make this at home to get ready. Especially since no matter what you’re eating, sipping just makes everything slow down a bit. If you’re part of the Disney Adult crowd and not as thrilled about the O’hana Lilo and Stich character breakfast, Kona Cafe can offer you some fun quite early in the day. Always a nice treat.

tonga toast at the polynesian kona cafe

Kona Cafe Breakfast Menu

Okay, okay, onto the main attraction. What else is on the Kona Cafe Breakfast Menu? Let’s dive into some of the things you can have for breakfast at Kona Cafe Disney World. 

What Kind of Food is at Kona Cafe for Breakfast?

Kona Cafe serves up traditional breakfast foods, including French toast, pancakes, eggs, oatmeal, ham, bacon, and sausage. With specialty menu items on the list like Macadamia Nut Butter Pancakes, Tonga Toast, and fruit smoothies, flavors of the South Pacific take center stage here. 

Tonga Toast

Tonga Toast at Kona Cafe. It’s a big deal. Apparently, you can even get variations of Tonga Toast, and if you’re like us, we see pictures of this magical toast all over the place. Who knew two pieces of bread with some bananas in the middle French toasted up in cinnamon and sugar could be so good! Frankly, we couldn’t resist, and we got the Tonga Toast, which just looked amazing but also GIGANTIC.  This is a 12-inch dinner plate and you can see the shadow from that toast- a good 5 inches I’d say. Lots of toast.

So what is Tonga Toast exactly? This is a Banana-stuffed Sourdough French Toast rolled in Cinnamon-Sugar, served with a Strawberry Compote, and with your choice of Ham, Spiced Ham, Bacon, or Sausage. Yum! We also ended up asking for broccoli as well because we needed a vegetable, but it’s not really on the menu. Of course, if you ask, they’ll give you options. 

Can you Get Tonga Toast at Captain Cooks?

Yes. You can get Tonga Toast at Captain Cooks at the Polynesian Resort. Simply order it at the counter, and enjoy! If you’re not looking for a sit-down meal and just want some cinnamon-sugary goodness in the morning, this is an excellent option for getting in on the Tonga Toast hype, without the time commitment of a sit-down meal. 

Kona Cafe Tonga Toast with fruit cyrup

Macadamia Nut Pancakes

The Macadamia Nut Pancakes are another favorite for Breakfast at Kona Cafe. With Macadamia Nut Butter, Pineapple Sauce, and your choice of Ham, Spiced Ham, Bacon, or Sausage, what’s not to like? Sounds like a complete meal to us. 

Kona Cafe Breakfat at Disney World

Polynesian Egg Platter

If you’re looking for a more basic breakfast, they also have an egg platter. You get Two Eggs-Any Style with Fresh Fruit Poke, Fresh-baked Muffin, Home-fried Potatoes, and your choice of Ham, Spiced Ham, Bacon, or Sausage. For this meal, I had them swap the sausage for a plant-based option. And again, you only need to ask if you want to make changes.  

Additional Entrees at Kona Cafe for Breakfast include a plant-based option called Plant Based Loco Moco with plant-based eggs, sausage gravy rice, and pico de gallo. There is also a Salmon Plate, regular French Toast, and Omelets. 

Eggs and Vegetarian sides at Kona Cafe

Kona Cafe Cost

By far one of the biggest draws of Kona Cafe is the cost. As most breakfast places at Disney World typically range between 20-40 dollars a plate, we were excited to see that Kona is on the lowest end of that range. With most entrees between 15-20 dollars. This means you can get a full breakfast for just a little more than what you’d pay at Starbucks for a coffee and a sandwich. 

Does Kona Cafe take the Disney Dining Plan?

Yes, Kona Cafe takes the Disney Dining Plan and is a 1-credit restaurant. However, we WOULD NOT recommend using a dining credit at Kona Cafe. The meal is simple too cheap and not worth the value of a credit. Which should be reserved for more expensive meals between that $40-60 per entree range. 

Does  Kona Cafe Take Discounts?

Yes, Kona Cafe takes the Disney World Annual Passholder Discount, Disney Rewards Visa Discount, Disney Vacation Club Discount, and Tables in Wonderland. 

  • Tables in Wonderland 20%
  • Annual Passholder 10%
  • Disney Rewards VISA 10%
  • Disney Vacation Club 10%

Kona Cafe Disney World

Hidden Mickeys at Kona Cafe

Perhaps you have travel friends who are in need of the tonga toast, but you have no interest? No worries, you can always just stop and grab a mocha at the Kona Island Cafe counter and hunt for Hidden Mickeys. If you look down while you’re waiting, you’ll notice that on the counter near the fruit bowl, a little Mickey is just waiting to be seen. In fact, Hidden Mickeys can be spotted all over Disney’s Polynesian Resort!

hidden mickeys at polynesian resort

The other major treat of having breakfast at Kona Cafe is the general calm across the Polynesian Resort. We like grabbing a special coffee from the Kona Island Cafe, just outside the restaurant entrance, and heading to the beach at the back of the resort. Of course, you can also get a Dole Whip from Pineapple Lanai, just outside the back doors if that’s more your style. Either way, you get a chance to dip your toes in the sand and enjoy life for a minute before starting your crazy Disney day. 

polynesian resort at walt disney world

Breakfast at Kona Cafe

Whatever your morning plans you can’t go wrong with starting your day at the Polynesian Resort. We especially recommend this on a day when you’re heading to Epcot or Magic Kingdom. Especially as you get convenient Disney monorail access to both parks. So, there you have it! Try out the tonga toast, grab a mocha, snag a chair on the beach, and try to find those hidden mickeys. Our favorite mornings are the ones that start slow and easy and end on the beach at the Polynesian Villas. Try it sometime. You will be hooked. Enjoy:)

Kona Cafe at the Polynesian is one on of those underrated disney restaurants that never lets you down. From mimosa flights, to capuccino, full breakfast to tonga toast, you're sure to find what you want here! #konacafe #disneyrestaurants #polynesianresort #disneytips #polkadotpixies

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