Territory Lounge at Wilderness Lodge Resort

Territory Lounge at Wilderness Lodge Resort

Wilderness Lodge is one of the best places you can visit at Walt Disney World if you’re looking to take a break. The food, the atmosphere and even the gift shop all offer up a cozy reprieve from the crowds in the Parks. Many people venture out to Wilderness Lodge for its popular Storybook Dining at Artist Point. But if you’re headed to Wilderness Lodge anyway, it’s worth your time to stop in at Territory Lounge.  Read on to learn all about Territory Lounge at Wilderness Lodge!

Wilderness Lodge Resort Review

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort 

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort is a short boat ride away from Magic Kingdom. It’s easy to get to, and often a guest favorite for visiting due to its location and ambiance. This resort really shines at Christmastime and we highly recommend a visit if you’re able to make the time. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is home to several different restaurants and to Territory Lounge.  

Territory Lounge

territory lounge wilderness lodge

territory lounge wilderness lodge

Territory Lounge at Wilderness Lodge

Territory Lounge is a bit tucked away, making it easy to miss. The entrance is slightly hidden and is right behind the entrance to Artist Point. Because of this, it often tends to be pretty quiet and not too crowded which is a nice change of pace at Walt Disney World. If you’re headed to Storybook Dining, it’s also a great place to stop for before dinner drinks. The theming in here is right on par with the rest of Wilderness Lodge. Cozy, welcoming and overall very Wilderness-y.  There is seating at the bar as well as tables and booths, and you can stop in for a quick drink or for a small meal if you order enough appetizers.

Territory Lounge offers drinks and small bites. With great service, a great menu and a slower pace than many other lounges on property, we think this hidden gem may just be a new favorite for us! They serve wines, ciders, cocktails, as well as a selection of bourbons that really fits the setting nicely. 

Our Neighborhood territory lounge

territory lounge

territory lounge wilderness lodge

The Menu at Territory Lounge

The menu at Territory Lounge is fantastic. Prices are pretty much in line with most other lounges at Walt Disney World. The menu we received when sitting at our table was different than the menu online, which was actually a nice surprise because it included some unique options that we hadn’t realized we’d have.  Keep in mind, is still a bar, so they can usually make whatever you want as long as they have the ingredients. We really appreciated the fact that Territory Lounge has a small mocktail menu, making it easy to order a fancy drink for kids or for anyone who is avoiding alcohol. And of course, you can also just get soda here too if that’s your preference. 

We loved the Artisanal Cheese and Charcuterie. It’s basically cheese soup, pretzel bread and grapes. If you’re a fan of the cheese soup from Canada at the Food and Wine Festival, but don’t want to eat that in 100-degree heat, this is a great alternative. It’s very similar in taste and you can actually enjoy it in an air-conditioned space. The board only comes with three pieces of pretzel bread, but you can get an additional serving for an extra $5. We haven’t yet tried it but we’ve also heard great things about the baked potato flatbread too! 

On our most recent visit, we tried the Our Neighborhood and The First Timer, both of which were fantastic. The Sparkling No-Jito is also a good one for those who are looking for something nonalcoholic, although this is offered at pretty much every bar and lounge at Walt Disney World. 

territory lounge wilderness lodge

Is Territory Lounge at Wilderness Lodge good for kids?

Yes! Since this is located right next to Storybook dining, Territory Lounge is a pretty kid friendly place. Keep in mind, it is still a bar. But it’s pretty laid back and quiet, so if you happen to have little ones in tow, this is a pretty easy going stop. 

territory lounge wilderness lodge

Territory Lounge at Wilderness Lodge Review 

Overall, we loved Territory Lounge and think it’s one of the best lounges we’ve been to at Walt Disney World. The ambiance, the atmosphere, the service and the menu items were all just a little better than we’ve experienced at some lounges at Walt Disney World. We highly recommend stopping here on your way to dinner at Storybook Dining, if you’re staying at Wilderness Lodge or if you happen to be passing through. 

Have you tried Territory Lounge? Let us know if you liked it! Or if there is a different lounge at Walt Disney World that we should be trying instead. 

Terriotory Lounge at Disney Wilderness Lodge REsort

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