The Best Photo Spots in Hollywood Studios Disney World

The Best Photo Spots in Hollywood Studios Disney World

If you’re heading to Hollywood Studios for a photoshoot get ready to be in the middle of the action! With so many spaces made to feel like you’re in the movies, there are plenty of perfect spaces for photos. With the addition of new lands and rides at Hollywood Studios, you’re sure to find fantastic areas for a photoshoot. You can head to Toy Story Land for backyard toy fun with Andy. Take off to a galaxy far far away in Galaxy’s Edge. And take your classic Hollywood photo in front of the Chinese Theater. Here are all of our Best Photo Spots in Hollywood Studios to add to your Disney day.

Where to Take Pictures in Hollywood Studios

Originally slated as a working movie studio back in 1989 when Hollywood Studios opened ( then named Disney-MGM studios) this Disney park has all the makings of scenes, backdrops, and movie sets. Hollywood Studios is divided into 9 different areas. Consider this your Hollywood Studios Photography Checklist. 

  • Hollywood Boulevard
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Echo Lake
  • Grand Avenue and Muppets Courtyard
  • Commissary Lane
  • Pixar Place
  • Toy Story Land
  • Animation Courtyard
  • Galaxy’s Edge

A Disney Photoshoot Plan for Hollywood Studios

When building a photoshoot plan for yourself it’s important to think about not only all the Best Photo Spots in Hollywood Studios but also the logistics. Things like using a Photopass Photographer, visiting during times of day when the lighting is better and when crowds are lower can make or break a good photography day. We are major advocates for staying on-property at Walt Disney World because one of the perks available to Disney Resort guests is a 30 minute Early Morning Theme Park Entry. This benefit gets you into the parks 30 minutes before other guests.

As Disney Park’s opening plans often change it is worth the effort to make sure you’re in the park as early as possible. Or as late as possible if you’re tackling nighttime photography at Disney World. So be sure to check out the Disney 5-Day Calendar for current park hours. 

Disney Photography Tips

Disney Photography Pro Tip #1- Early Access to the Parks

Hollywood Studios often allows guests waiting near the opening time of the park to scan in and stroll Hollywood Boulevard before the rest of the park, and rides open. Our best advice is to be at the park before rope drop ( when the park officially opens). You may get lucky and get a chance to photograph spaces without people!

Disney Photography Pro Tip #2- Best Times to Visit

Depending on what you’re aiming to photograph your “Best Time to Visit” could depend on a lot of factors! In Hollywood Studios, while you won’t have annual festivals or castle changes to contend with you will have the holidays. Frankly, the Holidays at Hollywood Studios are charming so that should definitely be on your photography bucket list. For the rest of the year, we’d recommend the Fall and Spring months as perfect lower crowd times when taking photos becomes a little easier. 

Disney Photography Pro Tip #3- Best Lighting

No matter what park you visit, the best times of day to take photos usually stay the same. Early mornings when crowds are lower and the sun is still low in the sky ( before 10 am) are ideal. Later in the day after 4 pm is also an excellent time to get some soft sunlit photos. Crowds at Disney and lighting in Florida typically become unbearable between 10-3 pm. With this in mind, it’s best to load your photo work to the morning and evening hours. 

Disney Photography Pro Tip #4- Best Lightroom Presets for Hollywood Studios

If you’re excited about the polish that Lightroom Photo Presets can bring to your photography check out our Pixie Presets area of the shop for presets to help you improve your photos and elevate your social feeds. 

Matte Film: If you’re looking for a vintage look, try our Matte Film preset. We love this for the varied browns in Galaxy’s Edge and the beautiful muted storefronts on Hollywood Boulevard. 

Brilliant: This bright preset is all about color! So if you’re looking for something that will help your pictures pop, this preset will work for you. We like this preset in the Muppet Courtyard area to give those spaces some pep. 

Nostalgic: Perfect for the Echo Lake area, Hollywood Boulevard, and Sunset Boulevard this nostalgic preset is all about classic tones that really bring out the look of the ’50s.

Everyday: This everyday preset is perfect all over the park. It brightens without overpowering and allows the natural variances of color to come through. 

Disney Photography Pro Tip #5- Best Disney Night Photography at Hollywood Studios

  • Toy Story Land- Slinky Dog Dash
    • Standing near the entrance so you can see both Jessie and Rex above the Slinky Dog Dash rollercoaster is your best bet to grab beautiful, colorful night photography in Toy Story Land. Remember that this whole area of the park is lit with a giant strand of Christmas Lights too- so there are plenty of cool areas to capture. 
  • Galaxy’s Edge
    • Another gorgeous space at night. The natural dark tones of this whole area require good night lighting. The mountains glow blue, and in areas where there are strong brown tones, you can see the amber glow of lights. Lots of nighttime photo opportunities for catching some beautiful spaces here. 
  • Tower of Terror
    • Beautiful at night, the Tower of Terror looks great in a storm. And of course, we also love it during the holidays. An absolute icon when it comes to the Best Photo Spots in Hollywood Studios, be sure to give some time to this jewel in your photoshoot. 
  • Everywhere Else
    • In truth, all the Disney Parks have beautiful night spaces to photograph, so if you’re looking for the Best Photo Spots in Hollywood Studios at night, plan to just roam the park. And take note of all our favorite spots in each area of the parks below. 

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Noki Darkroom Building Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is the street at the entrance of the park. This street features an old-time gas station, gorgeous shops with beautiful storefronts, and hidden spaces that make the perfect photo spot. It also features the backdrop of the Chinese Theater, currently housing Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Here are the Best Photo Spots in Hollywood Studios you can find on Hollywood Boulevard. 

  • Retro Gas Station
    • While this little gas station is technically just the stroller rental, it’s the perfect spot for a retro photo. Bright red gas pumps, a truck, and the Oscars classic car sign are just screaming for some Dapper Day fun. Pick your best matching outfit and head to Oscars. 
  • Storefronts
    • We love all the storefronts on Hollywood Boulevard, but some of the fun ones to feature in photos are The Dark Room- which looks like a giant Nikon camera from outside and at Christmas any window that features decorations. 
  • Chinese Theater
    • As the hub of Hollywood Studios, the Chinese Theater is the perfect backdrop for group photos or if you’re looking for your very own Hollywood Star on the sidewalk. Be sure to look down and snap a picture with your favorite Classic Hollywood star. 

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Sunset Boulevard

The most popular street in Hollywood Studios is Sunset Boulevard. Filled with backdrops, props, billboards, and the Tower of Terror in the distance, you’ll want to take time to learn all the fun spots on this street that warrant a photo. 

  • Legends of Hollywood Shop
    • If you’re searching for some vintage love you will find it here. This shop includes an old-time ticket booth just like you would find at the movie theater in the olden days. And with an orange and blue color scheme a super fun backdrop to match your best Disney outfit.
  • Reel Vogue Route 66 Suitcase Stop
    • If you’re been on the road a while, the Route 66 sign and suitcases are a great spot to take a load off. 
  • Carthay Circle
    • This Once Upon a Time Letterboard and arched doorways are perfect for any kind of Disney couple photography or Disney Princess Disney bound. 
  • Rock n’ Roller Coaster
    • If you’re a fan of the Rock n’ Roller Coaster then be sure to grab your best spot in front of the entrance featuring an overturned classic car, and larger-than-life guitar! 
  • Tower of Terror
    • Near or far, the Tower of Terror is beautiful in almost every photo. Definitely one of the Best Photo Spots in Hollywood Studios, we love this Disney Icon in the early morning and during golden hour. Our best advice is to get a couple of photos here, some angled from the ground, some far enough away for a full body shot, and some of just the wonderful details on this building. 

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Best Spots in Hollywood Studios Gertie the Dinosaur

Prime Time Cafe- Hollywood Studios

Echo Lake- Left

Home of all things Vintage here you’ll find the 50’s Prime Time Cafe and Tune-in Lounge, Bill and Min’s diner on a boat in the lake, and Gertie the Dinosaur!

  • Hollywood and Vine 
    • If you’re going for a vintage look, there are plenty of spots in front of the Hollywood Studios restaurants to stop and strike a pose! At the corner of this area is also where you’ll usually find a Disney balloon seller, so ask to hold them and get a photo taken. 
  • Prime Time Cafe
    • While we love the look of the prime time signs out front, the best pictures can be found inside! Grab a later dinner reservation so you aren’t competing for space. We like photos featuring the “dining rooms” and the cute vintage televisions. And the Tune-in Lounge is always dressed up for the holidays, complete with a tree, vintage couch, and everything from the olden days. 
  • Echo Lake Apartments Gate
    • You may have walked right past this fun photo backdrop in the past. With cute mint walls, steel blue stairs, and an iron gate with scripted writing at the top, this spot is fun for a pose or just a pretty photo to add to your Disney gallery wall.
  • Gertie the Dinosaur
    • We love Gertie the Dinosaur when she’s all dressed up for the Holidays at Hollywood Studios. But whether she’s close up in the shot or a little in the distance, a picture of, or with, Gertie is always a good one.

Best Spots in Hollywood Studios Gertie the Dinosaur

Echo Lake- Right

  • Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner
    • This large boat is awesome as a photo prop from far away or up close! A little rusty, a little cartoon-y feeling we like this area for the water elements, boat flags and colors. 
  • Celebrity Spotlight- Olaf
    • A photo spot you may have missed in the Echo Lake area is the Celebrity Spotlight area. While Olaf’s little movie set is the beach, obviously, you can sometimes get a picture with Olaf himself! So keep an eye out. Otherwise, who doesn’t love a cute beach scene as a backdrop?

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Grand Avenue

We like the Grand Avenue area which connects Echo Lake to Muppet courtyard and Galaxy’s Edge, in the mornings or evenings. This is also home to Baseline Taphouse! So if you’ve been snapping pictures all day, grab a Blue Sky Black Cherry Soda and a pretzel on a well-deserved break. 

  • Star Tours At-At Walker
    • Rising above the entrance to Star Wars is an At-At. You can grab this guy from different angles near the stage previously used for Jedi Training. 
  • Tatooine Wall
    • When you exit the Star Tours gift shop, go down the stairs and turn left. This little space is easy to miss, but it is the official Tatooine Wall and a great photo spot for cute poses. 

Muppet Courtyard

  • Muppets Courtyard- Miss Piggy Fountain
    • This classic fountain is in the center of Muppets Courtyard and gets difficult to photograph once the sun gets too high in the sky. So be sure to grab a picture in the morning or after the sun is a little lower. 
  • It’s a Wonderful Shop Snowman
    • No matter the tie of year you can grab a photo in front of the Snowman sitting in a drift of snow right outside the Christmas shop! 
  • PizzaRizzo Grafitti Walls
    • This classic Italian Restaurant looks like a brick building in Brooklyn, complete with painted sayings on the walls. “You got the dough, we got the cheese” and “Tomato Loading Zone” are classic areas to strike a pose. 
  • Mama Melrose’s Mona Lisa Mural and Red and Yellow door. 
    • Another great spot to grab photos we like the quirky Mona Lisa mural above Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano for a classic photography shot. But if you’re looking for somewhere in the area that makes a nice backdrop, you can also count on the red and yellow color scheme on Mama Melrose’s entrance. 
  • Props Department Door
    • This Disney door can be found in the back area of Muppets Courtyard. Above the door says “Props Department” and there’s a yellow and pink swirl on the ground. Both lend to an interesting photo. We like this door pattern for a close-up shot, but a distance shot or feet on the ground could also make for fun photos. 

Commissary Lane

While Commissary Lane doesn’t have any noteworthy photo spots, it does have the Mickey and Minnie’s Red Carpet Dreams photo spot. So you could take a minute and grab a picture with Mickey and Minnie on their individual “movie sets”. 

Pixar Place Courtyard

There was a time when Pixar Place was a destination, but now that most things have moved into Toy Story Land, there is just one spot where we would recommend finding. If it’s still there! Jack Jack’s shadow on the wall, complete with “crumbs”. This is right past the Neighborhood Bakery Area and makes a great backdrop for the Num Num cookie!

Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios things to do guide to Toy Story Land Get ready to play big in Andy's Backyard #toystoryland #toystory #playbig

Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land is generally crowded because it’s a very small area of the park, but don’t let that deter you. 

  • Woody Statue at the Entrance
    • The most popular photo spot in this area is the Woody statue at the entrance. Woody leans up against blocks, with trees in the background. This is a photo pass location every now and again and is also sometimes covered by the long line for Slinky Dog’s Dash. But it’s such a great shot, it’s totally worth the wait. 
  • Slinky Dog Dash
    • Absolutely one of the BEST shots in this area is with the Slinky Dog Rollercoaster in the background with Jessie and Rex in the shot. We love this one especially if you can time the passing of Slinky dog himself. With our without people, this is one of the best photo spots in Walt Disney World. 
  • Luxo Pixar Ball
    • Right after you pass Midway Mania, but before you get to Woody’s Lunch Box you will find the Luxo Ball. this giant ball is the perfect spot to snap a picture. And the size of this one definitely lends to group photos. 

checkerboard wall

Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios things to do guide to Toy Story Land Get ready to play big in Andy's Backyard #toystoryland #toystory #playbig

Toy Story Land Instagram Walls

  • Popsicle Stick Wall
    • Another Disney Instagram Wall not to be missed is the Popsicle Stick Wall. This beautiful pastel wall features pink, orange, yellow, and purple colors that go beautifully with the right outfit! This is found at the exit of the Toy Story Midway Mania ride. 
  • Checkerboard Wall
    • Also at the end of Midway Mania is the checkerboard wall. This is a stark red and black wall that looks like a Checkerboard. While this is a great toy to find in Andy’s backyard, as a photo backdrop the dark colors only work if you’re going for a strong look. Be sure to dress in complimentary colors if you’re headed for this wall. 

Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios things to do guide to Toy Story Land Get ready to play big in Andy's Backyard #toystoryland #toystory #playbig

Animation Courtyard

Animation Courtyard is home to Star Wars Launch Bay, by far the most interesting element in this space. It makes a great backdrop to a cute Star Wars outfit or as another photo to add to your gallery wall. We also like The Voyage of the Little Mermaid sign in this area. It’s classic sculptured Ariel and Ursula, and up close or far away, at any angle, you will always find something interesting. Animation Courtyard is also the location for all things Disney Junior, so the rest of this area is usually just stroller parking. 

Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios is an amazing place to photograph. There are so many details we could just take pictures of this place all day! From the Millennium Falcon to the First Order flags on the wall, to the weird creatures in the giftshop, Batuu will not disappoint when it comes to cool photos. 

  • Millennium Falcon
    • The focal point of this entire space here is Han’s ship, the Millennium Falcon. We like this Disney icon both up close for the details and far away for the grandeur of the ship. But if you’re in the queue for this ride, be sure to snap pictures when you can. A bulk of the props inside this ride are actual movie props from the Star Wars films, so very cool to capture if you’re a fan! 
  • Rise of the Resistance Storm Troopers
    • Inside the Rise of the Resistance is the army of Storm Troopers at the ready against a blue glowing wall. We love this area. It’s not the best for a photo with people- because the glowing light is strong enough to douse anything in the forefront of the shot. Plus this is also an area of the ride queue that you tend to move through so there’s not a ton of time to pause. 

Galaxy's Edge, Star Wars, Star Wars land

Galaxy’s Edge Details

  • First Order Buildings
    • If you’re hoping to take pictures of the First Order buildings be prepared to get stopped by First Order cast members. But the red flags against the gray walls in this space make it a worthy stop if you’re a Darth Vader fan and could work as a backdrop to an equally cool Disneybound if you’re up for it. 
  • Doors
    • We LOVE the doors in this area. There are so many and they come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. 
  • Droid Area
    • The Droids in Galaxy’s Edge we like best are clumped together on a platform near some cool doors. This is also an area that is interactive with your Star Wars Data App game, which is extra cool. But, we love this area for the colors.
  • Mountains
    • The Mountains that rise above all the elements surrounding Galaxy’s Edge are gorgeous and can be warmed to browns or cooled to blues and silvers depending on your lighting 

All the Best Photo Spots in Hollywood Studios

Hopefully, this guide has given you a good rundown of all the best places in Hollywood Studios for photography next time you visit. And be sure to let us know all your favorite spots that we may have missed! With so many details, hidden corners, and new things across the park, we’ll be adding to this list as we uncover more fun places to snap a pic. 

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