The Best Photography Spots in Walt Disney World

The Best Photography Spots in Walt Disney World

Sure, we’ve shared the best Disney Walls for your Instagram feed, and even more Disney Walls to help make you Instagram famous. But what about the The Best Photography Spots in Walt Disney World? You know the ones. Those iconic pics of what are essentially “fake Disney landmarks” around the parks. Whether you decide to plop your family, friends, or yourself in front of one of these icons, they are beautiful all on their own. Consider this your photo bucket list to tackle on your next Disney vacation.

The Best Photography spots in Walt Disney World are no secret, but have you actually ever tried to get them all? These spots are so photogenic and prefect for newbie and experienced photographers alike! Nervous you don’t have the right equipment? Want to see what’s in our camera bag? Check out our post with the best camera supplies for traveling  to get you started.

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The Best Photography Spots in Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle | Main Street USA

From the front, side and back- this castle has no bad side. While you can have your picture taken at this location, courtesy of a Disney photographer with the Memory Maker package, you can also just head straight up Main Street U.S.A, find a good place in the street and strike a pose. We also love the castle from the back. Sometimes you can frame it best from the Pinocchio Village Haus upstairs balcony. Either way this is undoubtedly one of the best photography spots in Walt Disney World, so make sure you get it from all angles. 

Tom Sawyer Island | Frontierland

Perfect in the background at sunset, the view of the mill is best seen from the walkway near the Riverboat. Be sure to catch a great photo on your way to Haunted Mansion. 

Ariel’s Castle | Fantasyland

Ariel’s Castle looks good from many angles. If you want a little photographic challenge get it with Ariel at the helm of the ship in front. From inside the queue line you can also catch a picture of the waterfall. 

Beast’s Castle at Be Our Guest | Fantasyland

This little castle sits high above some rocks aside the Be Our Guest entrance. For the best views bring a good zoom lens, but keep in mind the illusion of this castle being in the “distance” sometimes calls for a wider frame. 

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Beasts Castle, walt disney world best photo spots

Gaston’s Tavern and Fountain| Fantasyland

There is nothing that shouts conceit more than a personal fountain of yourself. And Gaston rarely disappoints. This classic bronzed fountain sits in front of the weathered Tavern, making for an amazing color scheme during those early evening hours. 

Rapunzel’s Tower| Fantasyland

High above the rocks near Haunter Mansion sits this glorious little tower of Tangled fame. Another icon meant to be far away, this tower appears more realistic from a distance. The whole Tangled area is completely worth photographing. so take advantage of that downtime at the restrooms or phone charging stations here, and grab some gorgeous shots. 

Tangled Restrooms | Fantasyland

The fairest restrooms in all the land, there is no bad angle in this area. It’s all beautiful. Instagram even trends with #TangledTuesday every week in honor of this beautiful area, proving this to be one of the best photography spots in Walt Disney World. 

Best Photography spots walt disney world

Best Photography spots walt disney world

The Statues on the Hub Grass | Main Street U.S.A

We cannot get enough of these little Disney statues situated near fountain areas that flank the courtyard of Cinderellas Castle. Pinocchio, Dumbo, Pluto and more of your favorite characters offer opportunities for close up shots with the castle or Main Street perfectly blurred in the background. Grab pics of them all. The best photography spots in Walt Disney world don’t have to be monumental, these little characters make the cutest pics. 

Storybook Circus| Fantasyland

The buildings of Storybook Circus are artfully crafted with the most beautiful color schemes. Especially when featured against a bright blue Florida sky. While these may not warrant Disney fame, they make for gorgeous photos on a nice day. 

The Purple Wall in Tomorrowland

Yes, this Instagram darling is just a purple wall, true. It is, however, also elevated to a Disney Fame that involves treats and clothes and pins…so it’s worth your notice. Nestled on the bridge behind Tomorrowland Terrace, this wall is shaded from the hot Florida sun and provides the most optimal lighting. Thus making it a pretty great place for a family photo. And while you will be battling random youths for the “best spot” on this wall, don’t worry- they probably won’t even notice you’re there.

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Entrance | Tomorrowland

The entrance to Tomorrowland has changed a few times already and has a big change on the way as Tron enters the 2021 goals for Disney’s 50th Anniversary.  The current entrance includes large silver blue monoliths that anchor the walkway across the water between Main Street and Tomorrowland. Grab these with a purple hue in the evening lights or complimenting the sky anytime during the day.

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Thunder Mountain Railroad| Frontierland

Best taken from the deck of the Liberty Square Riverboat, this gorgeous, if sometimes whiplash-y, back breaking roller coaster is as pretty on a stormy day as a sunny day. Modeled after Monument Valley in Arizona this Disney icon looks best with lots of sunshine or a sunset. 

Brer Rabbit at Splash Mountain | Frontierland

On a good day, the Florida blue skies accent the rust colors of Splash Mountain like you wouldn’t believe! With plenty of room, and no risk of getting splashed you can grab this pic grab at the spot near Brer Rabbit right before the bridge. 

The Best Photo Spots in Animal Kingdom

The Fichwa Wall at Harambe Market | Africa

Just outside the Harambe Market entrance you’ll find a folk art Mickey Mouse painted on the wall just waiting to be included in your next photo. There are also marketplace props, doorways, a motorbike and the You Are Most Beautiful wall hidden in the back corner of the outdoor eating area. You can also just snap a picture with the Wanjohi Refreshment cart, which brings out that lovely red color in Mickey’s shorts.

The Floating Mountains | Pandora

Even if you were never a fan of the movie Avatar, there’s no denying that Animal Kingdom’s newest land, Pandora, has quickly become a favorite spot for many Walt Disney World visitors. Stunning waterfalls, vibrant plant life and the famous floating mountains all make for a picture perfect photo. Day and Night. 

The Tree of Life | The Oasis

This grand tree rises to greet you as you enter Animal Kingdom. An official photo pass location, you can easily ask the photographer to snap a pic with your own camera, or set up the photo yourself. If you want close ups of the animals that crawl the Tree, head towards the path behind the tree for the best close-up opportunities.

Expedition Everest | Asia

From across the lagoon in Asia, Expedition Everest rises out of Asia like a true mountain in the distance. Up close you get the thrill of seeing ( and hearing) the riders on the coaster. 

Beasts Castle, walt disney world best photo spots

The Best Photo Spots in Epcot

Spaceship Earth | FutureWorld

The iconic Spaceship Earth at the entrance of Epcot Future World is the ideal backdrop for any photo. Excellent during the day or night. You can frame it with palm trees from most sides or center it as you enter the park. Really, this favorite has no best angle- they’re all good. We love it with the evening lighting. 

Journey into Imagination Building | FutureWorld

With or without the monorail, the Journey into Imagination Building combines bright colors and glass pyramids. Perfect for reflecting all sort of Florida weather.  If you’re grabbing this picture in the springtime you can frame in the flower and garden spaces that are usually part of this picture if you step back a bit. 

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The World Showcase

Really, every country in the World Showcase is really beautiful, so at one point we’ll probably feature them all. But for right now here a couple of our favorites. 


Featuring the Aztec pyramid we like thsi view best in the spring, with flowers on the trees. 

Victoria Gardens | Canada

A true homage to the real Victoria Gardens in Canada combines a variety of colors, plants and a small folly in the landscape! We love this view. It can be taken from the bridge to Le Cellier or from the midway in Canada.


Longing for that photo in front of the Eiffel Tower, but haven’t made your way to Paris yet? The France Pavilion has you covered. Beautiful any time of year, this setting is stunning and is should be at the top of your Walt Disney World photo bucket list. best photography spots walt disney world, where to take pictures disney, photo spots disney, disney world photo spots, wdw photo spots

The Best Photo Spots at Hollywood Studios

Gertie the Dinosaur | Echo Lake

We love Gertie the Dinosaur anytime of year. But she’s so cute during the holidays! A brighter green in the summers she turns seafoam green against winter skies, A true Hollywood Studios superstar. 

The Pixar Ball | Toy Story Land

Newly added to Toy Story Land, the Pixar Ball is only available in Hollywood Studios and California Adventure’s Pixar Pier making it an extra special photo op you can’t get elsewhere. 

Toy Story Land Woody's Lunch Box at Walt disney World Hollywood Studios Restaurant Review #woodyslunchbox #disneydining #toystoryland

Tower of Terror | Sunset Boulevard

If anything defines the Hollywood Studios skyline its The Hollywood Tower Hotel aka Tower of Terror. Another icon you can really get from any angle, we like this one best in the evenings. 

Slinky Dog Dash| Toy Story Land

Being the cutest roller coaster ever, Slinky dog dash is best when it’s headed straight for you, or passing you in front of Jesse and Rex. You’ll need a couple tries to get him where you want him, but it’s worth it. photo spots disney, walt disney world best photo spots, best places to take pictures disney

Jessie and Rex | Toy Story Land

We love love love Jesse and Rex! Another Disney display that looks good against bright or cloudy skies, this area gets lit by Christmas lights in the evenings. So capture a daytime and evening pic if you get a chance. 

The Boardwalk| Epcot International Gateway

Ahhhh, nothing says vacation like lounging around on the Boardwalks of Atlantic City, circa 1940’s. Even with the Swan and Dolphin in the background lots of interesting pictures await here. You can wait for the Friendship Ferry to float by if you want a little more depth to the picture. 

The Polynesian Village Resort 

Anywhere at the Polynesian Resort is beautiful, but we love taking photos from the beaches there. With views of both Cinderella Castle and The Grand Floridian, you can’t go wrong. 

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Yacht and Beach Club Resort 

Another favorite photo spot in the Boardwalk area, the Yacht and Beach Club Resort is picturesque and will feel like you’ve been transported to a lovely seaside town. With beaches, pretty pastels and an incredible waterfront, the possibilities are endless in this area.

Best Photography spots walt disney world 

Best Photography spots walt disney world

All the Best Pictures to Take at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has hundreds of amazing photo locations across the parks, resorts and Disney Springs. Be sure to get familiar with your camera equipment ( even if it’s just your phone) and the best photo spots ahead of time. Looking for a fun way to edit your photos so they’re perfectly Instagram ready? Check out our presets here.  If you’re grabbing pics of yourself too, be sure to style your Disney outfits to match or contrast the colors in the pics you’re taking. That way you’ll be photo-ready no matter where your camera takes you.

Need a list of where to get the pictures when you're at Walt Disney World? Here are the park icons and best photo backdrops in all four Disney Parks. #disneyphotography #disneypictures #disneytips #polkadotpixies

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