1923 on the Disney Wish Restaurant Review

1923 on the Disney Wish Restaurant Review

Disney’s newest ship, the Disney Wish, has a lot to be said for it. Some good, some bad, some great. While we aren’t rushing to get back on this ship, there was one pretty high point, and that was the food. Read on to find out all about what we thought of 1923 on the Disney Wish!

Disney Cruise Disney Wish

Dining on the Disney Wish

Dining on the Disney Wish is pretty standard to dining with Disney Cruise Line. The Disney Wish uses rotational dining and has three main dining rooms. Guests onboard the Disney Wish can enjoy 1923, Arendelle, and Worlds of Marvel. As we previously mentioned, the food was a highlight of the Disney Wish. The quick service was better. Marcelline Market had better options. And while the table service food quality was pretty in line with what we’ve seen on past ships, we very much appreciated the new flavors and creative dishes onboard this new ship. 

1923 on Disney Wish, Disney Cruise Line Dining

1923 on the Disney Wish

1923 on the Disney Wish

1923 is a table service restaurant onboard the Disney Wish. Themed after Walt himself, this restaurant features Hollywood Glamour and a throwback to the beginning of The Walt Disney Company. With animation cells beautifully displayed, this restaurant pays tribute to the company that started it all. Take some time and look around. It’s pretty fantastic! The theming here is beautiful and we recommend stopping here at least once for either breakfast or lunch so you can get a better view of the restaurant without it being full for dinner. 

The food here is deemed as Californian fare, which can mean a variety of things. With influences from Asia, Europe, and South America, this menu is diverse and fresh. 

1923 on the Disney Wish

What meals are served at 1923 on the Disney Wish?

Keep in mind that sometimes, depending on your itinerary, meal assignments can change. By that, I mean, what we experienced may not be what you experience. Although I’d be surprised if this isn’t the standard onboard every Disney Wish itinerary, it’s certainly not unheard of for Disney to change things with little to no explanation. Currently, 1923 serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All in a sit-down fashion. Breakfast and lunch are pretty standard menus that we’ve seen on the other ships. 

Where is 1923 on the Disney Wish?

1923 is located on Deck 3 on the Disney Wish. It’s easily found right off the Grand Hall. There are two sides to this restaurant. A Walt Side and a Roy side, so there are entrances on either side of the restaurant. 

1923 on the Disney Wish

1923 on the Disney Wish Review

Of all of the restaurants on the Disney Wish, 1923 is our favorite. We happened to have an extended cruise due to being rerouted during Hurricane Season. So we got to experience 1923 a few additional times that the average guest.  Much like all of the main dining rooms onboard Disney Cruise ships, you are technically allowed to order as much as you want here. So, feel free to try different things! And also be aware that menus change from time to time. So anything you see here or on any blog really, may or may not be available at the time of your sailing. 

1923 on the Disney Wish

Disney Wish 1923 appetizers

Appetizers at 1923 on the Disney Wish

Over the course of our sailing, we tried the Hyperion Four-Cheese Tri-Color Tortellini, Burrata Mozzarella Cheese and Prosciutto di Parma, and the Kingswell Duck Confit Pastilla. These were all delicious and would get them all again. The Tortellini is not quite the Pasta Purseittes we are used to at Animator’s Palate, but they were still very flavorful and perfectly cooked. I’ve never had duck before, so I was a bit skeptical to try the Confit Pastilla, but it was very flavorful and tender. 

1923 disney wish salad

Salads at 1923 on the Disney Wish

1923 offers two salads. Fennel, Bartlett Pear and Tatsoi Salad and a Split Napa Baby Romaine Lettuce Salad. These were both really just ok. The Romaine Salad was drowning in dressing, so if you prefer a lighter salad, get the dressing on the side. And the fennel salad was fine, but it’s a lot of fennel, so just be aware of that. 

1923 disney wish

Soups at 1923 

The soups offered are the Roma Tomato Soup and the Pulled Guinea Hen Corn Chowder. We only tried the Roma Tomato Soup and it was good. Nothing to write home about, but it’s tomato soup, so if that’s what you’re expecting, you won’t be disappointed!

Dining 1923 on the Disney Wish

Dining 1923 on the Disney Wish

Dining 1923 on the Disney Wish

Dining 1923 on the Disney Wish

Entrees at 1923 on the Disney Wish 

We eventually tried all of the entrees at 1923 and found a few favorites. As well as a few not-so-favorite things. The Buena Vista Soft Shell Tacos is an amazing vegetarian entree, and even meat eaters will enjoy this one. We were also big fans of the Filet Mignon and the Totiglioni Pasta is incredible if you’re ok with pasta in cream sauce. A big pass for us was the Moroccan Spiced Roasted Kabocha and Butternut Squash. This is the second vegetarian option at 1923 and it was really just so-so. For the name you’d think it was quite flavorful, but sadly this was not the case. 

1923 Disney Wish desserts

1923 Disney Wish desserts

Desserts at 1923 on the Disney Wish

We tried all of the desserts at 1923 over the course of our sailing as well. And we all agreed that the AtWater Fuji Apple Cheesecake and the Churros were our favorites from this menu. They do have a No Sugar Added Dessert that we didn’t try called Coconut Tapioca Pudding. This was recommended against by our server and we appreciated that he was looking out for us! Always feel free to ask the servers for their recommendations.  They’re happy to help!

Disney Wish Drinks at 1923

Specialty Drinks at 1923

Every restaurant on the Disney Wish has a specialty drink menu. But be aware that these do cost extra! We tried a few, for research of course. The Hyperion Highball was fantastic and one I would get again. However, the Buena Vista Boulevardier was just not good. It was insanely strong, and well there’s no other way to put it other than we just didn’t like this one. We also tried a non-alcoholic offering here, the Ink and Paint. And that was also very delicious.  I’m really glad to see Disney Cruise Line starting to offer more non-alcoholic beverages that aren’t specifically made for children. Obviously, fun drinks for kids are great too, but having more grown-up options for those who don’t drink or aren’t of age is also really appreciated. 

Overall, we really enjoyed 1923 on the Disney Wish! We loved the selection of food offered the food was everything we expect from Disney Cruise Line. 

1923 Restaurant Review Disney Wish Cruise


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