8 Summer Travel Products You Need for Disney

8 Summer Travel Products You Need for Disney

Summer is here! Time for vacations, flip flops and any cool treat we can get our hands on. It also means that its hot, especially if you are traveling to Walt Disney World, or probably anywhere in Florida really. Which means thers a whole list of summer travel products you need to buy so you can survive the heat in Florida on your Disney Vacation. While we actually don’t recommend visiting Walt Disney World in the summer, due to heat, crowds and rain, we understand that sometimes that is the only time you can travel. So be prepared.

The BEST Summer Travel Products to Survive the Heat

Visiting Walt Disney World in the summer doesn’t have to be brutal though! To make the most of your trip during these crazy hot summer days, a little planning and preparation will go a long way. And that’s what we’re here for! Be sure to stock up on these summer essentials before heading to the Parks this summer.

Reusable Water Bottle

Ok, so I know we say this all time, take a reusable water bottle for each person in your party. Well there’s a reason for that! Between walking close to(or sometimes more than) 10 miles a day, being in the sun for extended periods of time and then add in Florida’s famous humidity percentage of 1000%, and you’re sure to get dehydrated fast. We usually fill ours up before we leave our resort and grab a water from counter service every time we get food or a drink.  Staying hydrated is key to prevent everyone in your party from getting cranky. Just remember that Disney doesn’t allow glass bottles in the Parks, so we usually opt for stainless steel.

Tip: When ordering from Starbucks, ask for a venti water with your order. When you’re done with the water, fill your bottle up with the leftover ice cubes which will melt and leave you with a nice cool drink for later.

Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towels

We never realized how much we needed these for hot days until we experienced the Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom a few years back. During the tour, we took a small break and were given a similar cooling towel and it made all the difference between feeling refreshed and rejuvenated rather than ready to pass out and take a nap for the next three hours. Just wet the towel, wring it out and place it on your neck to keep you cool. When it stops cooling, re-wet it and start over! This is one of our must-have summer travel products.



We will never stop telling you to bring ponchos on your trip. Just in case. The rain in central Florida can be something fierce and sometimes only lasts long enough to drench you and make you feel soggy for the rest of the day. Grab this 10 pack, throw a couple in your Disney day bag and head off to the Parks worry free. And if you need tips on how to enjoy a rainy day at Walt Disney World, we’ve got you covered.

Mini Deodorant

Yep, you’re gonna get sweaty. Probably real sweaty. But no one wants to be lugging around a full size deodorant in the Parks. We recommend bringing along a Secret Freshies mini deodorant with you to keep you fresh. Its small enough to throw in your purse or day bag and powerful enough to help freshen up on a hot, humid day.


Another thing we will never stop recommending: a good sunscreen. It’s Florida, after all and sunburns are part of the package deal if you don’t protect your skin. We like Sun Bum products best. As we have found many times that it covers evenly and easily, a must when you’re on the go at the Parks. Afraid of looking greasy? And if you need to be photo-ready one of our favorite summer travel products is the Blue Lizard Face Sunscreen especially to keep shine at bay.  It was recommended by a beauty blogger and its become a new favorite.

Mister Fan

Ok, now we realize  fans probably seem a bit silly but they are actually pretty effective! We didn’t grow up going to Walt Disney World, but we did grow up going to Cedar Point, which can actually get equally as hot, and these were always a must have for hot days. And if you feel silly using them, you can always give them to your kids; they’ll thank you later.

Body Wipes

Again, you’re going to get sweaty. It’s probably going to be uncomfortable. Freshen up with these wipes throughout the day. These are our favorite, but you can find plenty of options online or in stores.

Cooling Spray

After a long day at the Parks, you’re going to want something to cool down your skin. We like Sun Bum Aloe Vera Spray because it has aloe and vitamin E and is great for soothing hot, overexposed skin. Even if you do a great job during the day of protecting your skin, this will help rejuvenate and add moisture back to your skin and is also a great way to cool down after a long, hot day.

Disney Summer Travel Products

So there you have it, our top picks to beat the summer heat! Want to add them all to your Amazon cart? Check out our whole list of Stuff to Buy for Your Disney Summer Vacation.  What products do you find are a must have during the hot summer months? Let us know, we would love to try them!

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