Best Disney Springs Restaurants and What to Skip

Best Disney Springs Restaurants and What to Skip

Out of nowhere, Disney Springs has quickly become the new food mecca for Walt Disney World foodies. If you think picking the best restaurants at Disney Springs is an easy task, think again! With so many great places to eat and more opening all the time this post will no doubt change as we catch up on trying all the amazing new restaurants at Disney Springs. See our favorites so far!

The Best Disney Springs Restaurants

With so many new places popping up at Disney Springs just this past year there are a ton we have not yet tried, so our To-Try list here is pretty long. The best restaurants at Disney Springs we’ve found so far however are really really good. So take our word for it, these are worth your attention. 

Chicken Guy at Disney Springs Guy Fieri Restaurant Disney

Chicken Guy

  • Where: Behind Planet Hollywood
  • Views: None
  • Theme: Guy Fieri style
  • Food: Chicken, Fries, and Sauces

We Recommend it Because:

The sauces. Hands down. The combination of stellar, fresh ingredients ( and chicken) used in these sandwiches alongside 22+ special sauces means you can make your meal anything you like it! Add the freshly cut and fried french fries and you’ll be wondering if you can eat every meal here. Consider this to be your new favorite gourmet fast food place.  Chicken Guy! Menu


  • Where: Across from Raglan Road
  • Views: The water
  • Theme: Classic Cupcake
  • Food: Cupcakes

We Recommend it Because:

Sprinkles just has the best cupcakes! Maybe even better than the ones you find in the parks. Cupcakes are all they do and they do it well. Sometimes they’re themed, but mostly they just have the best flavors, always good. There’s also a cupcake ATM which is novel and fun and gets you a cupcake that you can order without stepping foot inside. However, if you do go inside then you can look forward to eating your yummy treat on a little deck overlooking the stream that weaves through Disney Springs. A great afternoon treat. Sprinkles Menu

fried chicken and powdered donuts at chef art smith's homecomin'

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

  • Where: Near Morimoto Asia
  • Views: Southern Decor
  • Theme: Southern
  • Food: Southern fried chicken, biscuits, cakes, everything

We Recommend it Because:

We visited Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ for the Rise and Shine Brunch. Such great food! Perfect fried green tomatoes, chicken and donuts, mimosas, everything. You can also grab a slice of the Hummingbird or coconut cakes. Both are Southern delicacies that no one does better. Read the Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ review for all the details. Chef Art Smiths Homecomin’ also serves lunch and dinner with a variety of salads, sandwiches, and southern foods like ribs, fried chicken, and more. If you’re a fan of southern cuisine, featuring fresh and local ingredients, make time for this restaurant. Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ Menu

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Earl of Sandwich

  • Where: Near Rainforest Cafe
  • Views: None
  • Theme: Classic Sandwich Joint
  • Food: Sandwiches

We Recommend it Because:

We love that the history of this place intertwines with the creators of the “sandwich”. A favorite among just about everyone, Earl of Sandwich is just a bunch of sandwich options with the best flavors. Thanksgiving, Southwest, Avocado, and Chicken, so many. Perfect for a quick lunch or late dinner. Some say it’s a little pricey for a sandwich, but this tends to be our go-to place when we need a quick meal. It’s always good. Earl of Sandwich Menu

Disney springs Holiday Snacks at Disney World

Amorette’s Patisserie

  • Where: Near World of Disney Store
  • Views: None.
  • Theme: French Bakery
  • Food: Baked Goods, cookies, cakes. 

We Recommend it Because:

It’s just the most decadent little pastry shop. With beautiful little cakes, you can share, treats, cookies, even Mickey champagne options, we could eat everything here. An excellent option if you missed dessert or need a light treat while you browse around and shop. Order something extravagant here. That’s what they do best. Amorette’s Patisserie Menu

Disney Springs Restaurants Terralina Crafted Italian Restaurant

Terralina Crafted Italian

  • Where: Near Starbucks
  • Views: Old World Italian
  • Theme: Italian
  • Food: Italian

We Recommend it Because: 

Authentic Italian, in some oversized portions, if we’re honest, makes a great dinner. But mind you it’s a big dinner! The food, though, regardless is quite fantastic. Really great menu options, Terralina Crafted Italian has pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas, and tons of antipasti options. We haven’t been to Maria and Enzo’s so can’t compare. But it’s on the list!  Terralina Crafted Italian Menu

D-Luxe Burger Disney Springs

D-Luxe Burger

  • Where: Near Zara
  • Views: None
  • Theme: American
  • Food: Burgers

We Recommend it Because Really good burgers and a black bean burger option for the vegetarians. Lots of special sauces and amazing fries. D-Luxe Burger has industrial decor with a rustic feel and is a great place to just “hang out!” Add a gelato shake on a hot afternoon and you’re golden. Check out the D-Luxe Burger Menu 

The Ganachery

  • Where: The Landing
  • Views: Waterfront
  • Theme: Chocolatier
  • Food: Chocolates, Treats, S’mores

We Recommend it Because:

This specialty chocolate shop offers handmade s’mores, which is definitely a Disney Must-Do. Cute Chocolate treats you won’t find anywhere else and specialty chocolates make this a great place to grab a small treat. We love grabbing special chocolates here during the holidays. 

Disney Springs Restaurants that ALMOST MADE THE LIST

Morimoto Asia Street Food: Truth be told, the food here is fantastic! It didn’t make the list because it’s also really pricey when you add it all up. And when you consider it’s just food in a bowl, you start to wonder what you’re paying for. All the spring rolls were like 8 bucks each, bowls like 12, and another 4-6 for a drink. In fact, we’d venture to say you’d get more for your money if you just ate at Morimoto Asia. Check out the Street Food Menu and make your own call on price.

Disney Springs Restaurants On Our List TO TRY

Disney Springs Restaurants YOU CAN SKIP

T-Rex: We know there’s a bit of a cult following for T-Rex, and if you LOVE dinosaurs by all means head to this restaurant. It’s actually like a theme park all-in-one experience. You can eat, peruse the gift shop, watch the dinosaur animatronics growl, and move and send the kids to the play zone. Check out the menu . All dishes are dinosaur themed and you’re paying for the prehistoric atmosphere more than the quality of the food. For us, this restaurant doesn’t necessarily enhance our “Disney” experience. Personal opinion of course.

Rainforest Cafe: We can same pretty much the same things about Rainforest Cafe. The restaurant features a “dated” concept and offers the basic themed foods you would find in a place themed after a Rainforest in the Amazon. During one meal we were seated near a gorilla that came to life every 5 minutes or so throughout our meal. Not necessarily our cup of tea. We’re definitely more Jane than Tarzan. 

The Best Restaurants in Disney Springs

With new restaurants arriving in Disney Springs, Walt Disney World all the time, we figure we’ll be slowly adding to this list as we try them all! What are your favorite restaurants in Disney Springs? 

There are so many good disney springs restaurants! Here are all our favorites and ones we need to try! #disneyrestaurants #disneytips #polkadotpixies #disneysprings

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