Visiting Disney’s Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point on a Disney Cruise

Visiting Disney’s Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point on a Disney Cruise

Disney’s newest private island destination, Lookout Cay on Lighthouse Point, Bahamas offers a Bahamian oasis to Disney Cruise vacationers. From expansive beaches to cultural activities, shops, and more, here is everything you need to know about Disney’s little corner of heaven on the island of Eleuthera, Bahamas. Open for select Summer 2024 Disney Cruise Sailings. 

Disney Fantasy

Disney’s Lookout Cay on Lighthouse Point Island

Honoring the Bahamian culture, this island showcases the beauty and natural influences of the Bahamas. Providing a “vibrant beach retreat infused with the color and energy of Bahamian artistry.” Featuring vibrant colors, organic spaces, and architecture inspired by shells, and plants of the island, guests experience an authentic Caribbean island atmosphere. 

Disney has partnered with artists, historians, and cultural ambassadors to bring an authentic experience to the  Lighthouse Point experience. Recreational and Water areas feature bright colors, festive music, and all the feeling of the Bahamian Street Parade, “Junkanoo” Guests can also find murals, sculptures, and artistic pieces across the island honoring the history and flavors of the Bahamas. 

What is on Eleuthera Island, Bahamas?

Unlike Disney’s Castaway Cay, which is only inhabited by limited staff year-round, Eleuthera Island is home to not only beautiful beaches, and natural landscapes, but also other resorts, vacation homes, villages, communities, a nature preserve, and the like. As such, while the Disney Cruise Port, Lighthouse Point will be mainly for Disney Cruise Guests, there are Port Excursions that can take you to explore other parts of the island too. 

Culture of Lighthouse Point Bahamas

A significant addition to the Disney Cruise Destinations, Lighthouse Point is meant to act as a cultural experience unlike any other. Offering up a true, if not somewhat curated, look at Bahamain Culture. Much like a Disney Destinations experience. 

Disney Imagineers have spent significant time with local artists and cultural experts in The Bahamas. Together, they have explored arts and cultural sites across New Providence and Eleuthera, from Junkanoo shacks to noted art galleries. Kevin Cooper, a master artist from Eleuthera and Antonius Roberts, a master artist from Nassau, are anchoring Disney’s efforts to work with the local creative community.

Progress | Disney Cruise Line is creating a new experience in The Bahamas at Lighthouse Point, Eleuthera

Disney Cruises to Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

While Disney Cruises sailing to the Caribbean Seas typically stop at Castaway Cay, there is now another option for some sailings. And longer sailings may even stop at both of Disney’s Private Islands. The lighthouse beach at Eleuthera Bahamas is one of the best. Overlooking crystal blue waters, and a slew of protected wildlife, this Disney Cruise island promises to be a great addition to your next Cruise. 

When is Disney’s New Private Island, Lighthouse Point Open?

Lighthouse Point on Eleuthera Beach is available for some sailings starting June 6, 2024. Beginning with a preview sailing from Fort Lauderdale on the Disney Magic, and an inaugural sailing for Port Canaveral on the Disney Fantasy. 

What Disney Ships Go to Lighthouse Point Lookout Cay?

The Disney Magic is the only Disney Cruise ship currently scheduled to visit Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, Bahamas. The Disney Fantasy will sail to Lookout Cay for its Inaugural opening. 

Will the Disney Wish Go to Lighthouse Point?

No. The Disney Wish Itineraries do not currently include Lighthouse Point on any sailing through 2024. With limited destination offerings, and a maximum of only 4-night cruises the Disney Wish is currently sailing to the Caribbean Islands and Castaway Cay. Check out all the Disney Wish destinations for details and dates.

Which Disney Cruise Ships Sail to Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point?

The Disney Magic Cruise Ship will make regular stops at Lighthouse Point as part of select itineraries. Sailing out of Disney Cruise Line’s new home port in Fort Lauderdale, the Disney Magic offering 3-,4-, and 5-night sailings, will visit Lighthouse Point.  All sailings will include stops at Lighthouse Point and Nassau, Bahamas.  5-night sailings will also include a stop at Castaway Cay. The Disney Fantasy will also sail to Lookout Cay for its Inaugural visit. 

Ship: Disney Magic
Duration: 3- Night
Sailing From: Fort Lauderdale
When: June 6, 2024, through June 9, 2024

In preparation for the official opening of Lighthouse Point, you’re invited to participate in a preview sailing on the Disney Magic sailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Keep in mind, preview events will be in progress, so some experiences at Lighthouse Point may be limited or impacted. Lighthouse Point Preview Cruise Details. 

Lighthouse Point Lookout Cay Inaugural Cruise

Ship: Disney Fantasy
Duration: 7- Night
Sailing From:  Port Canaveral
When: June 8, 2024, through June 15, 2024

Take off on this once-in-a-lifetime sailing and experience the ultimate Disney Cruise Line island destination itinerary—with 2 stops at Lighthouse Point and one at Disney Castaway Cay. Lighthouse Point Inaugural Cruise Details. 

Summer 2024 Lighthouse Point Sailings

  • 3- Night Bahamas Cruise from Fort Lauderdale. Experience the beauty and wonder of The Bahamas during a 3-night cruise that includes stops at Nassau and Lighthouse Point. View Cruises
  • 4-Night Bahamas Cruise from Fort Lauderdale. Set sail on a 4-night Bahamian cruise and discover the crystal-clear waters, powdery white sands, and stunning scenery of Nassau and Lighthouse Point. View Cruises.
  • 5-Night Bahamas Cruise from Fort Lauderdale. Immerse yourself in the magic of Disney during a 5-night cruise that includes stops at both of our island destinations, Disney Castaway Cay and Lighthouse Point—plus a stop in Nassau. View Cruises. 
  • 10-Night Southern Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral. Discover the hidden gems of the Caribbean on a 10-night cruise that takes you to some of the most stunning locales in Antigua, St. Lucia, Dominica, and the British Virgin Islands—plus The Bahamas, with stops at Lighthouse Point and Disney Castaway Cay. View Cruises. 

Can you Sail to Both Castaway Cay and Lookout Cay, Lighthouse Point?

Yes. Castaway Cay and Lookout Cay Lighthouse Point are only 132 miles apart and there are some Disney Cruises that will sail to both. The Disney Fantasy’s inaugural 7- 7-night sailing to the island includes two stops at Lighthouse Point and an additional stop at Castaway Cay. Be sure to check your cruise itinerary as 2024 and beyond dates open up. Longer sailings on the Disney Magic may include both. 

Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point 

As Disney Cruise Line adds new Disney Cruise sailing to include Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point on the beach at Eleuthera, we’ll begin to see even more happening on Disney Cruise Private Island. Here are all the things you can do at Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, Bahamas. 

Rendering of the new outfits Mickey and Minnie will wear while at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

Meet Mickey and Minnie at Lookout Cay

Dressed in their best Bahamian outfits, Mickey and Minnie are ready for fun in the sun, with an artistic twist. Taking from the colors of the island, and honoring the artisans of the Bahamas, Mickey and Minnie don prints and patterns that include raffia from the Palm Trees, pineapple motifs, and bright colors. You can meet them on Disney’s Lookout Cay.


Rendering of Mabrika Cove coming to Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

Mabrika Cove

Meaning “Welcome” in the Taino language, “Mabrika” marks the welcome point at Lookout Cay on Lighthouse Point. Featuring a colorful welcome center area, and gateway to Disney’s private island beaches, restaurants, and more. This area will include the Tram Stop, and is decorated in rich bright colors to help get you in the mood for the Junkanoo Celebration ahead. 

Goombay Cultural Center

Honoring the essence of Junkanoo, the Bahamaian cultural festival filled with music and parades, the Goombay Cultural Center features a colored pavilion, teaming with music, drumming, and fun. 

Triton’s Trumpet Stage

This gazebo features a stage with loads of family entertainment planned for your day on the island. Honoring a large spiraled seashell, known as the Triton’s Trumpet, you may recognize this fitting name from the Little Mermaid, featuring King Triton. 

Treasures of Eleuthera

Island shopping with locally made gifts and artisan crafts can be found in this shop, highlighting the world of Bahamian artisans. Be sure to grab something unique and special here. 

Restaurants at Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

As with any Disney Cruise Day on the island, you can find ample food options on land at Lighthouse Point. Just like Castaway Cay, there are several dining establishments, including both family and adult dining as well as several watering holes. 

True-True Too BBQ at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

True-True Too BBQ

Market Style family dining is available on the island featuring a variety of freshly grilled lunch offerings and located near the beach and water play area. We expect this to be much like the market-style dining we find onboard the ship, offering up a variety of food stations, or pavilions, with different cuisines and a different atmosphere. All will have some connection to Bahamian cuisine, but you’ll be sure to find classic family-friendly foods here as well. 

Adult Market-Style Dining

Nearby the Adult Exclusive Beach you can find a dining area made just for grown up. Featuring a “stylish” dining area, this adult-only space features fresh Bahamian cuisine and refreshing sips for afternoon relaxation. The foods here will no doubt include classic American fare as well as flavors of the Caribbean. 

Adult-Exclusive Bars

Lighthouse Point has three bar locations across the island for easy access to whatever drinks you may need! You can count on traditional cocktails and Bahamian specialties as you lounge at the bar or nearby tables. 

Activities at Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

In addition to the pristine beaches, families will enjoy a recreation center, dining, shopping, a water playground, and more. There will even be a dedicated cultural pavilion where guests will be immersed in stories and traditions passed down among generations of local residents.

Arts and Culture Pavilion

As the cornerstone of the Lighthouse Point experience, the Bahamian Arts and Culture Pavilion features a variety of local speakers, artists, and musicians to bring Bahamian culture and art to the center. Guests are given the opportunity to learn and celebrate the natural beauty of the Bahamas. This pavilion will surely include craft and learning opportunities, as well as give guests an inside look at some of the handwork that is created on the island. 

Kid’s Club 

Also at Lighthouse Point is a designated Kid’s Club area for children aged 3-12. This space is supervised by Kids Club supervisors and offers a dedicated dining option for kids as well. Much like the Kid’s clubs onboard the ship, children taking part in this, will be able to get together with their fellow cruisers for games, activities, and outdoor fun on the beach. 

Water Play Area

An interactive water play area includes 2 water slides and a Little Mermaid-themed splash zone. Kid spaces include interactive features for making waves in fountains, island sounds on water drums, and more. A great place to have the kids let some energy out before you get back on the boat. 

Activities and Games

Lighthouse Point features a variety of areas for active games. All part of the island experience you can head to the Gaming Pavilion. Take your chances in the Gaga Ball Pit. Plan a Bike Rental for exploring on your own around the island or plan a game at the Volleyball Court. 

Beaches at Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point 

Lighthouse Beach at Eleuthera is settled on the point of the island, called Lighthouse Point. This new area is now termed Lookout Cay by Disney Cruise Line and includes a stretch of glorious beaches to enjoy. 

Family Beach

Filled with fun, Lighthouse Point features a Family Beach that includes an expansive shoreline. Perfect for lounging, and gearing up for snorkeling adventures, sand buggies, and more. Much like Castaway Cay, there will be areas for activities and areas for lounge chairs so you can choose whichever feels best for your day. This area is also close to the market-style dining pavilions, for easy food and chocolate chip cookie access. 

Cabanas at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

Family Cabanas – Mabrika Cove Cabanas

Also available, along a beach located at Lighthouse Point’s Southwestern shore, are family cabanas. There are 20 premium family cabanas, including four double cabanas, for Disney Cruise Line guests to rent. The double cabanas can accommodate larger groups that want their own private space. 

Adult Only Beach on Serenity Bay

Disney Cruises aren’t just for kids, as there are loads of things for Adults to Do on a Disney Cruise. And now, even more fun can be had at Lighthouse Point with a special beach close to the bar and dining area. North of the Family Beach, there is a stretch of beach only for grown-ups. This area promises a bit of seclusion, quiet, and lots of loungers. so grab your best book and plans for sunshine and head to the beach. The adult beach is also the location of the Yoga on the Beach at Lighthouse Point, as it is on its counterpart on Castaway Cay. 

Beachside Cabanas- Adult Beach

Treat yourself to a private open-air cabana for the day—conveniently located on the adult-exclusive beach. For an extra charge, this little cabana features seating spaces and a place to keep your gear while you enjoy the sand and sun. On the Adult Beach, there are six private cabanas available by reservation only. These reservations go fast! So if you’re looking to grab a reservation do so as soon as they come available for your cruise dates. 

Leon Levy Native Plant Reserve c/o Stephen-Dunn-Photography

Disney Cruise Port Adventures at Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

Port Adventures at Lighthouse Point are available and developed in partnership with local tour operators. Allowing guests the chance to explore other parts of the island of Eleuthera. Things like a lighthouse tour, schooner excursions, a visit to a conservation center, and a farm tour may all be on the schedule as Disney Cruise Line Excursions at Lighthouse Point. 

The focus of Eleuthera is to preserve the natural landscape while bringing in elements of the cultural local air. Local artisans, performers, and the like will be part of the Eleuthera experience as Disney’s port at Lighthouse Point. The island features rolling pink sand beaches, coral reefs, and caves. Eleuthera is also home to the Leon Levy Native Plant Reserve, home to a 30-acre botanical garden. Aligned with Disney’s Conservation goals of preserving the natural landscape we’ll be interested to see if this center preserve and its environmental education center becomes part of the port experience.

Eleuthera Island has several areas that are known tourist attractions, along with general activities like fishing, swimming with the pigs, and seaplane tours.  We’ll share the Port Excursions at Lighthouse Point as soon as they are available. Here are some options that could be included on Lighthouse Point. 

  • Leon Levy Plant Preserve: Birdwatching, native plants, and an educational center are available here. 
  • Glass Window Bridge: a stretch of the causeway where the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean Meet. 
  • Beaches: A slew of beaches are part of the Eleuthera experience; French Leave Beach, Gauldings Cay, Rainbow Bay Beach, Princess Cays, and Twin Cove Beach, among others. 
  • Queens Baths: Hot Springs on Eleuthera
  • Sapphire Blue Hole: Sapphire waters. 
  • Eleuthera Island Farm
  • Preachers Cave

Environmental Sustainability at Lookout Cay 

In its ongoing efforts to conserve the natural environment, Disney has taken extra care in developing Lighthouse Point for use.

Disney has committed to develop less than 20 percent of the property, supply 90 percent of the site’s power from solar energy, employ sustainable building practices, and donate more than 190 acres of privately owned land to the government. Environmental management programs have already been established and will continue throughout construction and into operation.

Disney's Lighthouse Point Eleuthera Bahamas. Port of Call for Disney Cruise Line Caribbean Sailings.

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