The Best Things to Do on a Disney Adult Cruise

The Best Things to Do on a Disney Adult Cruise

The allure of an All-Inclusive cruise is always, well, alluring. But perhaps the idea of battling for pool space with toddlers leaves a bit to be desired. And a Disney Cruise practically screams “small children on sugar overdose”, so why would you want to commit those 5 days of vacation off work to a Disney Cruise? As a Disney adult if you’re thinking that a Disney Cruise is only for kids. Think again. A Disney Cruise for Adults may be just what you need.

Disney Cruise New York City

A Disney Cruise for Adults

If you’re thinking a Disney Cruise is all character meet and greets and pirate dance parties, think again. Whether you’re adults traveling with kids, a solo traveler, or just traveling with friends you will be surprised to see loads of activities curated especially for Disney Adults. Adult Programs on a Disney Cruise are more plentiful than you think. From programs for foodies to bingo to trivia to specialty bars. Here’s everything you can find on a Disney Cruise Ship as a Disney Adult.

A Disney Cruise For Adults If You’re Bringing the Kids

Sure, watching diaper races is always a fun time, whether or not you’re drinking. But after a while, little voices and tantrums could easily ruin your well-planned Disney Adult Vacation. If you are traveling with kiddies know that there are oodles of programs and fun planned just for them too. You can send your children and teens off to special programming in the coolest spaces made just for Kids on a Disney Cruise. So there’s no need to feel guilty about dropping them off. Finally, you will be able to have some time to yourself. Here’s our list of things to do if you’re taking a Disney Cruise as an Adult.

Disney Cruise Castaway Cay Adult Beach

Are there any Adult-Only Disney Cruises?

No, there are not any adult-only Disney Cruises. But, know that there are many adults traveling without children on a Disney Cruise. So you don’t have to worry about feeling weird or different. Adults traveling alone on a Disney Cruise is fairly typical. Why not? There are trips to Disney’s Private Island, Castaway Cay, Drinks of the Day, a 10k Bingo Jackpot to win, Signature adult-exclusive restaurants, and an adult-only deck. So even though you may see many children and families during your cruise, know that for the most part, they are well behaved and won’t really be in your way!

10 Things to Do on a Disney Cruise for Adults 

If you’ve ever traveled with Disney Cruise Line, then you’ll know that it’s not just for kids! In addition to the amazing restaurants and lounge experiences above you can also experience things like bingo, game night, trivia, and more! The Disney Treasure also includes a sprawling adult-only area on the upper deck. The Quiet Cove area for adults only features an infinity pool.

And chances are if you’re an adult considering a Disney Cruise then you actually like Disney! No shame there. What we love most about a Disney Cruise is that in addition to all the grown-up things, there are also fun Disney things. Hidden Mickeys are everywhere. There are Disney Trivia challenges you probably know the answers to. There’s a theater that runs Disney movies throughout the day, and Disney Broadway shows in the evening.

Disney Drinks of the Day on Disney Cruise

Drinks of the Day

Drinks of the Day are offered in both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version and so much fun! We love that you don’t have the be a drinker to have fun as a grown-up on a Disney Cruise. But, naturally, a Disney Cruise for Adults means that you’re over 21 and able to join in on the fun if you want.  Know that almost all of the adult programs have an alcoholic offering ( if you want it) as part of the good time! In the Anyone Can Cook cooking program, even the Apple Cobbler is made with rum. Some programs are even offered in the Disney Lounges on the Disney Cruise Ships. Meaning that you get amazing surroundings and a chance to explore all the ship’s cool spaces.

Disney Cruise Drinks of the Day are offered in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. And they usually include something fruity and fun! You can check the selections each day in your Disney Cruise app and grab these drinks at any bar counter. We also loved that they shared the ingredients in the descriptions so that we can make Disney Cruise Drinks at home too! And if you’re sailing in cold weather, check out one of our favorite Disney Cruise cocktails from the Very Merrytime Cruise, the Disney Cruise Christmas Cookie Cocktails. Yum!

Adult Deck on a Disney Fantasy Cruise

Disney Cruise Adult Deck

There are loads of Adult spaces on Disney Cruise Ships. Separated across a few decks, you can find hidden spaces throughout the boat! Perfect for lounging both indoors and out. The adult deck on a Disney Cruise is reserved for adults 18+ and fills up fast! While this deck is smaller, it still has a few bars, lots of loungers, and pools in which to hang out. We don’t spend a ton of time in this area, but for the adults who do, it is a daily ritual. If you’re hoping to claim your spot on the adult deck, head to your lounger early, and settle in. This area is busy all day but conveniently located near anything you need, including coffee, smoothies, food, bars, and even the gym and spa.

The forward part of the ship is Adult-Only and includes a pool, hot tub, and deck. Of course, there may be a stray child that wanders onto your area of the deck, but for the most it is child-free. Here you can watch sports on the tv at the bar, order the best drinks, lounge about in the pool or hot tub and layout, just soaking up the sun. What’s nice about this area is that it remains fairly empty, so you can relax in peace and quiet.

Currents Bar on the Adult Deck

If you’re looking for something more serious than a cocktail of the day, the adult section of every Disney Cruise Ship has a secluded pool, bar, and hot tub. The adult deck is tucked away in the forward away from the noise and kiddie areas. So whether you’re looking for the scotch, a tri-colored bahamarita, or a glass of wine hand-picked by the cruise Sommelier you are covered.

Adult only deck on Disney Cruise

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Adult Only Disney Cruise Activities 18+ Programs

To our surprise there are a plethora of Disney Cruise Activities that are ONLY for adults ( 18+), and not necessarily because they had anything to do with alcohol! Some classes, trivia, and games were only open to adults, alongside a variety of cocktails and wine tastings.

Are you a morning person? If so, you’ll be sure to find a morning Sunrise Stretch or group cycling class available at Senses spa. By 10 am the Adult programs start and consist of culinary classes, crafts, and ’70s, ’80s, and 90’s music and movie trivia. Even Mojito tastings are offered. At the port, you can look forward to more adult-focused opportunities. Diamond and precious gem shopping with Disney’s shopping expert is all the rage if you’re docking at Nassau, Bahamas. Or if you’re in the mood for alone time, quiet, or yoga on the beach, you can head out to Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay’s adults-only beach.

Palo Appetizer Charcuterie

Disney Cruise Signature Dining 18+

The food served on any Disney Cruise is first-class. No matter which Disney Cruise you pick the restaurants are sure to be stellar. We’ve sailed on several Disney Cruises and there are so many great restaurants not only for families but also adults. Tiana’s Place on the Disney Wonder offers New Orleans fare and classic beignets as an option for dessert. These are rumored to be much better than the beignets in French Quarter at Walt Disney World, so obviously a must-try. Live music in Louis Armstrong style made for a nice ambiance and you can head to the French Quarter Lounge onboard for drinks.

That said, in addition to the staple restaurants like Animators Palate Adults on a Disney Cruise all get access to Palo, Remy, and Enchante on the boats where those restaurants  are offered. We recently did the Palo Brunch on our Disney Cruise to Alaska, and it was just wonderful. And while you do have to pay for the meals in the signature restaurants, they are worth it in our opinion.

Disney Ooh La La Bar on the Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Lounges and Nightclubs

All Disney Cruise Ships have Lounges. And all are themed to perfection, but not necessarily to Disney! For example on the Disney Wonder, The Cadillac Lounge is a piano bar that offers a nice throwback to the good ‘old days. Crown and Fin is “a proper English pub” and is littered with board games, a dartboard, and a pool table in case you decide to show up and hang out all day. And Azure is bathed in blue lighting for a classy club-like atmosphere. This is where you’ll find dance parties, karaoke, and bingo. The Disney Wish has amazing spaces perfect for grown-ups, including a barber salon with a prohibition theme.

Disney Fantasy Cruise Meridian Lounge

Senses Spa Services

One of our favorite things for Adults on a Disney Cruise is that you get access to spa services. Because sometimes you really need that! You also get access to the gym for free as a guest on a Disney cruise. Of course, the massage, acupuncture, and facials come at an extra cost. Nevertheless, while we were on board the spa was booked every day. So if you’re the kind that really needs to relax on this cruise, make a reservation. There is no need to do anything else- you’re on vacation.

On the Disney Dream, Fantasy, Wish and larger ships, you can also take advantage of extended Spa services. There’s an outdoor oasis at Senses Spa offering a relaxing area with ample seating. This lounge features an Ice Lounge,  promoting thermal therapies while onboard. There are also loungers, sensory spa showers, saunas, steam rooms, and dry rooms. If you’re interested in visiting the Rainforest Room, be sure to book a spot as soon as possible, as availability is limited.

Ooh La La Champagne Bar no Disney Cruise

Bingo. Who knew this was a Thing?

With a $10,000 dollar jackpot, the Bingo joy runs rampant. All Disney Cruise Ships host Bingo, trivia, and a variety of fun grown-up activities that involve money!  Since this event usually takes place in a Disney Cruise Ship Lounge, you can count on loads of seating and loads of drinks. Truth be told we had no idea this was such a big thing but apparently people go crazy for Bingo. To the point that there is a line of people waiting to get in. So brush up on your bingo card strategy and join in on the fun with this one. The jackpot builds every night with winners along the way. Just another reason a Disney Cruise for Adults is always a good idea.

Live Stage Shows

Every Disney Cruise includes live stage shows. These Broadway-quality, award-winning shows were really the highlight of our trip. We were fortunate enough to see the Frozen show the night it debuted. The cast did an amazing job with plenty of original choreography and special effects. And as always Olaf is a favorite no matter your age. The shows play opposite your dinner time slot so there is no excuse to not attend every single one during your stay. However, if you find them warring this is also a great time to enjoy having the boat somewhat to yourself. But, if you’re all in, grab popcorn and head into the show!

Adult Beach Castaway Cay

Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay

Many of the Disney Cruise Vacations include a stop at Disney’s Private Island Castaway Cay. Once on Castaway Cay, adults get access to their very own beach, Serenity Bay. This sparkling beach includes access to a bar, eatery, and stretches of beach filled with loungers and umbrellas. Notably less crowded than the family beaches, if you’re looking for a place to get away, head to Serenity Bay. Along the far end of the island at the end of the Bike and Hike trail, you will find Serenity Bay.

This is Castaway Cay’s Adult-Only beach. Complete with a bar, small restaurant, restrooms, beach chairs, and music you may not have to return to the other parts of the island at all before it’s time to get back onboard the ship. There are also private cabanas stocked with little luxuries like sunblock, towels and water are available for an extra cost. In the mornings the music is soft and calming like the waves of the ocean. But by afternoon you can feel the Caribbean vibes as people start getting drinks, food, and of course the free ice cream that pops up everywhere on this all-inclusive Disney cruise.

Cabanas at Castaway Cay

Cove Cafe Disney Cruise Fantasy Ship

Specialty Coffee on Disney Cruise Ships

Most Disney Adults need coffee, even on a Disney Cruise. But, know that specialty drinks cost extra. Typically located on the adult area of the deck, the cafe offers amazing specialty coffees. Cove Cafe is a staple coffee place on all the Disney Cruise Ships. And if you’re traveling on any of the larger ships, you can even stop by places like the Wishing Star Cafe on the Disney Wish, or the Hei  Hei Cafe on the Disney Treasure. You could also get these treats with your desserts at meals. We loved the Cinnamon Mickey Mocha at Tiana’s Place and the Chai at Animators Palate. And if you are up for something a little less sweet the cappuccino is a perfect drink for the morning stroll along the deck.

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

Disney Cruise for Adults

Whether you’re traveling with family or alone be sure to indulge in the little things offered for adults on a Disney Cruise. You’re sure to find something that floats your boat:) Check out all our Disney Cruise Line Posts!

10 Things for Disney Adults on a Disney Cruise. Everything we love

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