Adulting on a Disney Cruise: 10 Reasons a Disney Cruise isn’t just for Kids.

Adulting on a Disney Cruise: 10 Reasons a Disney Cruise isn’t just for Kids.

The allure of an all-inclusive cruise is always, well, alluring… but perhaps the idea of battling for pool space with toddlers leaves a bit to be desired. Never fear. Let us clear that up for you. If you’re thinking a Disney Cruise is all character meet and greets and dance parties, think again. Whether you’re adults traveling with kids, a solo traveler, or just traveling with friends you will be surprised to see loads of activities curated especially for you. Adult Programs on a Disney Cruise are more plentiful than you think.

Mind you, watching diaper races is always a fun time, but after a while little voices and tantrums could easily ruin your well-planned vacation. If you are traveling with kiddies know that there are oodles of programs and fun planned just for them too, so there’s no need to feel guilty about dropping them off at a program and enjoying some you time.Here’s our list of the top 10 adult things you can do on a Disney cruise.

1. Wine, Cocktails and Drinks of the day

Almost all of the adult programs have an alcoholic offering as part of the good time! Even the apple cobbler is made with rum. Some programs are offered up right in the newly re-imagined bars on the Disney Wonder. Drinks can be found at several bars on deck 9, and all feature both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink of the day. If you’re looking for something more serious the adult section of the boat has a secluded pool, bar and hot tub that are tucked away in the forward away from the noise and kiddie areas. So whether your looking for the scotch, a tri-colored bahamarita, or a glass of wine hand-picked by the cruise Sommelier you are covered. You may not be stumbling around the world at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, but considering you’re on a boat that’s probably a good thing.disney wonder cruise adult programs

2. Adult Only Programs

If you’re a morning person you’ll be sure to find a morning Sunrise Stretch or group cycling class available at Senses spa. By 10am the Adult programs start and consist of culinary classes, crafts, and 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music and movie trivia. Even Mojito tastings are offered. At port you can look forward to more adult focused opportunities. Diamond and precious gem shopping with Disney’s shopping expert is all the rage if you’re docking at Nassau, Bahamas. Or if you’re in the mood for alone time, quiet, or yoga on the beach head out to Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay’s adult-only beach.

3. World Class Dining

The food served on the Disney Wonder is first-class. If you’ve ever been on a cruise you know it’s all about the food. The Disney Wonder boasts three amazing restaurants. Tritons offers a nod to The Little Mermaid, but offers a range of foods not just found under the sea.

Tiana’s Place offered New Orleans fare and classic beignets as an option for dessert. Melanie said these were much better than the beignets in French Quarter at Walt Disney World, so obviously a must-try. Live music in Louis Armstrong style made for a nice ambiance and just as a warning there is a parade with all staff that includes the limbo towards the end of the meal.


Animators Palate was our favorite restaurant, mainly because the digital picture frame televisions that covered the walls provided endless entertainment showing the film cell drawings of many Disney classics.

And if you’re looking for something really fancy ( about 75 dollars a plate fancy) Palo is the classy restaurant that will require a dress or suit.

4. Specialty Bars

As part of the new renovation on the Disney Wonder, adult guests get three new bars. The Cadillac Lounge is a piano bar that offers a nice throw back to the good ‘ol days. Crown and Fin is “a proper English pub” and is littered with board games, a dart board and pool table in case you decide to show up and hang out all day. Azure is bathed in blue lighting for a classy club-like atmosphere. This is where you’ll find dance parties, karaoke and bingo.

5. Senses Spa Services

As a guest on the cruise you’ll get access to the gym for free. The massage, acupuncture, and facials come at an extra cost. Nevertheless, while we were onboard the spa was booked every day. So if you’re the kind that really needs to relax on this cruise take the time in the spa and lounge about on the adult deck. There is no need to do anything else- you’re on vacation.

6. Adult only deck, pool and hot tub

The forward part of the ship is Adult-Only and by this we mean that chances are there will be a stray child that wonders onto your area of the deck, but for the most it is child-free. Here you can watch sports on the tv at the bar, order the best drinks, lounge about in the pool or hot tub and lay out, just soaking up sun.

7. Bingo

Be prepared for lines out the door on this one. With a 10,000 dollar jackpot the Bingo joy runs rampant. The Azure lounge was the location for this on our cruise, which meant loads of seating and loads of drinks. Truth be told we had no idea this was such a big thing but apparently people go crazy with this. So brush up on your bingo card strategy and join in on the fun with this one. The jackpot builds every night with winners along the way.

8. Live Stage Shows

These Broadway quality, award winning shows were really the highlight of our trip. We were fortunate enough to see the Frozen show the night it debuted. The cast did an amazing job with plenty of original choreography and special effects. And as always Olaf is a favorite no matter your age. The shows play opposite your dinner timeslot so there is no excuse to not attend every single one during your stay. However, if you find them warring this is also a great time to enjoy having the boat somewhat to your self.

9. Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay

Along the far end of the island at the end of the Bike and Hike trail you will find Serenity Bay. This is Castaway Cay’s Adult-Only beach. I was surprised at how secluded and adult this beach felt. Complete with a bar, small restaurant, restrooms, beach chairs and music you may not have to return to the other parts of the island at all before its time to get back on board the ship. Private cabanas stocked with little luxuries like sunblock, towels and water are available for an extra cost if you know you’re gonna spend the day lounging about. In the mornings the music is soft and calming like the waves of the ocean. But by afternoon you can feel the Caribbean vibes as people start getting drinks, food and of course the free ice-cream that pops up everywhere on this all-inclusive cruise.

10. Specialty Coffee

Specialty drinks are plentiful on this cruise for an extra cost, but one of our most favorite treats of the trip was being able to head over to Cove Café on the adult deck and order whatever amazing coffees were available. You could also get these treats with your dessert. Cinnamon Mickey Mocha at Tianas and the Chai at Animators Palate were our favorites. And if you were up for something a little less sweet the cappuccino at Cove Café was perfect for the morning stroll along the deck.

Whether you’re traveling with family or alone be sure to indulge in the little things offered for adults. You’re sure to find something that floats your boat:) We loved this one so much that we’ll be heading to Alaska next year with the Disney Cruise Line courtesy of an excellent bounce back offered on the ship. Stay tuned. mickey latte

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