Festival of the Arts at Epcot with Kids

Festival of the Arts at Epcot with Kids

Walt Disney World’s International Festival of the Arts at Epcot may not seem like the best reason to pull the kids out of school in the middle of winter. But we’ll dare to disagree on that point. Mainly because you won’t find opportunities for art education like this in your regular schools anymore. If your kiddo has any leanings towards art, music, performance, or even the culinary arts, a long weekend visiting Walt Disney World may be just what they need! Get ready to be inspired. Here’s why.

Festival of the Arts Menus

When is the Festival of the Arts at Walt Disney World?

This year the Epcot International Festival of the Arts at Epcot runs from January 13-February 20, 2023. From new foods to art booths to performances with Disney on Broadway, here are the things that you can do at the Festival of the Arts with kids.

Is EPCOT Good for Kids?

There is a ton of discussion out there about whether or not Disney’s Epcot is a “kid-friendly” park. From our point of view it 100% is! And tackling the Disney festival of the arts with kids just makes sense. With so much more than just rides, parades, and dance parties, Epcot fuels creativity, educates and inspires curiosity. Here are 8 things we love for kids at the Festival of the Arts.

Kid-Friendly Festival Passport ( just like a real passport)

If you’ve never been to an Epcot festival, be sure to grab the Festival Passport first. This little book includes a rundown of each offering in each country. This is where you’ll see the list of classes, and performers, and get stickers to track your progress traveling. We’ve written about the educational benefit of stickers before. But let’s face it, anything that involves tracking progress with stickers is fun for kids and grown-ups alike.

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Hidden Art in World Showcase

There is nothing like a little scavenger hunt to help kids look up from their phones and keep an eye out! One of the newest installations at the Epcot Festival of the Arts features little pieces of art painted on the buildings. There is one in each World Showcase country. So be on the lookout for key characters you know and love now gracing the walls in their appropriate countries of origin. Mushu in China, Abu in Morocco, Jiminy Cricket in Italy, and more! See what you can find. Just another reason we love the Disney festival of the arts with kids in tow. 

festival of the arts with kids

festival of the arts at epcot with kids

art in epcot

Figment’s Brush with the Masters Game

If you’re visiting the Disney festival of the arts with kids the Figment’s Brush with the Masters Game is a Disney Must-Do! This is the Festival of the Art’s Signature Scavenger Hunt Game. Just like Spike the Bee’s Scavenger Hunt at Flower and Garden or the Remy Hide and Squeak at Food and Wine, the Figment’s Brush with the Master’s Game requires players to find Figment. And you have to find him in world-famous notable pieces of artwork. Another key component to any art education, this game can help kids learn the masters! And maybe even inspire them down a fancy art career path. Can you find Figment in the art we found in China below?

The way you play this game is easy. Grab a World Showcase map at the gift shop. Work to identify which original artwork, included like a sticker with the map, you find in each country. After you find all the pieces of important artwork you can bring it back to the gift shop to collect your free Figment prize. The prizes for this game change every year, so if you choose to start visiting annually during this festival this game won’t get old. We’ve got key chains, coloring books, and puzzles so far. 

figment game at epcot festival of the arts


Figment scavenger hunt game

Performing Artists

As part of the arts featured in this festival, you can depend on some amazing things you may not have seen before. Acrobatics, feats of strength set to music, art set to music, and movable pieces of art abound. All part of what you can see at the main stage between Future World and the World Showcase. Seriously, you can’t stop watching these amazing performers. And again, for kids, this could be the coolest thing they will see, no doubt inspiring them to greatness!

disney arts festival performers

Disney Performers at Festival of the Arts Disney World

disney arts festival with kids

Disney on Broadway Song Series

As part of the festival offerings, Disney brings in the best Broadway performers singing all our favorite songs from Disney movies. What better way to introduce kids to the magic of Broadway? They’ll be thrilled singing along to all their fave songs from the animated films and feel like this event really was meant just for them. Seeing these performers is all included in the price of the Epcot ticket. Another huge perk… and surely less than a trip to New York City to see these folks on stage.

Festival of the Arts Activities 

One of our favorite parts of the Festival of the Arts is how interactive it gets! With chalk drawings, photo ops, and a mural that the guests can help paint there is plenty to do. Kids and adults can participate so it’s a great way to take part as a family. This color-by-number mural is a collection of squares with different numbers that you can paint. When finished you’ll see the complete picture and get a cute postcard as a free souvenir of the experience. Since paint by number isn’t something kids are filling their free time with these days, it’s a lovely way to introduce kids to this lost art and show kids what a communal effort can do.

festival of the arts with kids at epcot


community mural at disney

Art Classes at the Festival

If you’re looking for even more art education for the kids during your visit there are Free Art Classes ( plus some paid ones if interested). Register at the pavilion at the beginning of the day and grab your seat! Disney artists will guide you through the paces of drawing your very own character. This is part of the event that really is the coolest thing. If you’re planning on spending more than one day playing at the festival, be sure to fit in this activity. And as a bonus… this art classroom is right next to the counter serving cookies! Check out the Disney Art Class Schedule to sign up and get involved.

guide to festival of the arts at walt disney world epcot

New Foods at Festival of the Arts

While the Festival of the Arts is more about ART than food… we always go a little crazy for the food. And yes, we already picked our top 10 favorite foods from the last Festival of the Arts. But, if you’re bringing kids this is an excellent way to introduce them to new culinary treats. Especially since the foods at this festival are crafted with care and flavors you may not include in your at-home fare. And if your kid has hopes of being on the Great British Bake Off, then get them ready for it with this gorgeous food experience. Chances are they’ll be ready to bake and cook like crazy when you get home. Inspiration is everywhere.

Donut Box Bavarian Cream donut

sipping chocolate at festival of the arts epcot

Paint Palette Food at Italy Booth Festival of the Arts

Bringing Kids to the Epcot Festival of the Arts

There you have it. All of our reasons ( so far) why visiting the Disney festival of the arts with kids is a good idea. While we’re not traveling with toddlers, the school-age children, tweens, and teens have a lot they can get out of this experience. And apart from visiting our other favorite family-friendly festival , we couldn’t find a better reason for a short break during the school year.

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