Disney All Star Resorts at Walt Disney World

Disney All Star Resorts at Walt Disney World

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that we are crazy on a budget. The first time we went to Walt Disney World, we went for just 5 days, with the free Dining Plan and we stayed at the All-Stars Music Resort. Because we just needed to be at Disney, we didn’t care about where we stayed. And you know what, even at the cheapest resort, less than 100 bucks a night, we loved it! Here’s our review of the Disney All Star Resort experience.

What are the Disney All Star Resorts?

Walt Disney World has resorts in all shapes and sizes and the Disney All Stars Resorts is one of them. To help level set you on the Disney Resort setup, there are three tiers of resort categories at Walt Disney World; Value Resorts ( Value Plus Resorts), Moderate Resorts and Deluxe Resorts. The Disney All-Stars Resorts are Disney Value Resorts. A Disney Value Resort is by far the cheapest resort on property, but still pretty great, so don’t let price deter you. 

Which Resorts are Included in the Disney All Star Resorts?

Just a their names suggest the resort is themed to a category. All of the Value Resorts have been undergoing refurbishment so you can count on nice rooms, and refreshed commissary spaces. We also love that you can actually walk to ALL these resorts because they are connected by a runDisney pathway. So you can see them all and resort hop, even if you’re only staying at one. 

  • All-Star Music: The first resort we ever stayed at! You can count on loads of music and a little chaos. 
  • All Star Sports: If you’ve got kids excited about sports, bring them here! Cute themeing and a casual atmosphere is everywhere here. 
  • All Star Movies: All Star Movies is considered the “more upscale” of the three all-star resorts. It does feel a little quieter.

Why Choose a Disney All Star Resort?

We had heard good and bad things about the Disney All Stars Resorts, but Disney was really the main draw for this trip, and we weren’t terribly concerned with where we stayed. Plus, we have since learned to resort hop like pros. So we always visit other Disney resorts on the trip even if we’re not staying there to get the full experience. If you’re thinking of staying at the Disney All Star Resort here’s a few things to know.

Should you consider staying at a Disney All Star Resort?

  • They’re cheaper than most any other resorts on Disney Property
  • Sometimes Crowded
  • Often the place high school groups, international tours, cheer competitions, etc. lay their heads
  • They have the most buses in Disney Fleet, so transportation is better
  • They have almost every amenity as any other Disney resort





So, is a Disney All Star Resort right for you?

We can help you decide that. Disney’s All-Star Resorts consist of 3 resorts, All-Stars Sports, All-Stars Music and All-Stars Movies. They are all located next to each other and guests have access to all three resorts when staying at one of these resorts.

These are the most inexpensive resorts on Disney property. And while they don’t give you a lot of “extras”, you still get everything you would expect from Walt Disney World. Our favorite is All-Star Music which has 5 different areas all themed around different music styles. But All-Star Sports and Movies are also very fun. Just a matter of preference really! And they’ve all been recently updated too! So they’re becoming very modern. 

all star movies resort at walt disney world rooms

disney all star movies resort review

Disney All Star Resort Rooms

The biggest complaint we hear from people about the rooms at the Value Resorts is that it is set up more like a motel, with the room door leading you directly outside rather than to a lobby. At Walt Disney World, in a warm state like Florida this isn’t really a deal breaker for us. Most moderate resorts also open to the outside, and unless you’re staying at a Disney deluxe resort, like Boardwalk Inn, you won’t get that fancy hallway and lobby experience.  The rooms at any Disney All Star Resort are smaller than most, but not by much. 

All Stars Value Resort Walt Disney World polkadotsandpixiedust.com

Grounds at Disney All Star Resorts

One of our favorite parts about the staying at a Disney All Star Resort is that it’s VERY Disney. With giant characters on every building, lots of Disney music, and Mickey Mouse everywhere, you will feel like you are at Walt Disney World, even without going to the parks. The layout of the All-Stars is also pretty big. So, if you end up in a building far from the main building, you could find yourself walking a lot at night when returning home. If you’re worried about this, you can book a preferred room which will get you closer to the main pool, food court and lobby. Our best advice? Learn the resort hen you get there, and pull up the resort map on your phone or grab one from the concierge. 

Transportation at All Star Resorts

Transportation by Bus is the main way to get to the parks from a Disney All Star Resort, unless you hire a Minnie Van or uber. One thing we noticed about the buses at the All-Stars was that they actually seemed to come a lot more frequently than at some of the other resorts. So your wait time at both the resort and in the parks to go home, is considerably less than resorts with fewer buses. In general, the wait for buses while at this resort was usually about 20 minutes or so; although this will vary with different times of year and crowd levels.

disney all star resorts walt disney world

The Disney All-Stars Resorts Food Court

The food court at the All Stars Resort is pretty standard across all three properties. They offer mickey waffles, breakfast platters, pastries and eggs for breakfast and the standard pizza, burgers, fries and salads throughout the day. Something to remember is that because the All Star Resorts are usually pretty crowded, the food court is also pretty bustling. Our best tip? If you’re headed there for breakfast go before 9 am to avoid crowds and chaos. We love stopping by the food court to refill our resort mugs in the mornings and late at night. Just know that it will be most busy during meal times. 

The All-Stars resorts are also usually a top pick for families with small children. Which could be a good or bad thing. If you’re a family with small children, you are probably used to the chaos that can sometimes ensue with little ones in tow. If you’re a single parent or a couple without children, you may not appreciate the atmosphere as much. 

All Star Resort Amenities and Extras

The thing a lot of people wonder about the All-Stars Resorts is if you still get all the little extras like you do at other resorts. Yes, you can. You have central access to food, transportation, a pool, laundry, and activities. You won’t have access to suites or villas. And you won’t have access to a spa or gym. All Star Resorts still have the Movies Under the Stars at night, usually on the lawn near the pool.  And we always thought this was a nice way to end an early night. Especially with hot cocoa from the food court in hand. Plus, you can also count on games, activities, and trivia during the day which is always fun. You can find the schedule for those things within the resort.

Disney All Star Resort Review

Overall, we would recommend these resorts as a great way to get to Walt Disney World on the cheap .They are geared towards families with young children, budget-friendly, and with most everything you will need during your stay. If you’re looking for an alternative and want something sightly more upscale, try Pop Century or Art of Animation. We love them both, and overall they’re a little less chaotic. But for the most part, the All Star Resorts are pretty great. Hopefully this has helped you make your Disney resort decision. Let us know if you have questions!


All Stars Resorts Disney Value Resorts Review polkadotsandpixiedust.com



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