All-Stars Resorts: A Disney Value Resort Review

All-Stars Resorts: A Disney Value Resort Review

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that sometimes we are crazy on a budget. The first time we went to Walt Disney World, I had just graduated from therapy school and we really had to watch every penny. We went for just 5 days, with the free Dining Plan and we stayed at the All-Stars Music Resort.

We had heard good and bad things about it, but Disney was really the main draw for this trip, and we weren’t terribly concerned with where we stayed. For us, we don’t spend a lot of time at our resort. We are more beach people than we are pool people, so we go to Disney more for the excitement and magic of the Parks rather than hanging at the pool and relaxing.

We have since learned to resort hop like pros, which we love because we can experience everything the resorts have to offer(other than the pool and that’s ok) without having to actually pay the high price tag that can go along with it.

So, are Disney’s All-Stars resorts for you? We can help you decide that.

Disney’s All-Star Resorts consist of 3 resorts, All-Stars Sports, All-Stars Music and All-Stars Movies. They are all located next to each other and guests have access to all three resorts when staying at one of these resorts.

These are the most inexpensive resorts on Disney property and while they don’t give you a lot of “extras”, you still get everything you would expect from Walt Disney World.

Our favorite is All-Star Music which has 5 different areas all themed around different music styles. But All-Star Sports and Movies are also very fun. Just a matter of preference really!

The Rooms

The biggest complaint I hear from people about the rooms at the Value Resorts is that it is set up more like a motel, with the room door leading you directly outside rather than to a lobby, like a hotel would. This isn’t a big deal for us, because honestly this is how its set up at a moderate resort as well and I personally would bump up to the deluxe level just so my door is inside the building. But that’s just me.

It is good to know though, in case you are worried about noise or just don’t like that set up.

The rooms are the smallest on property but not by a lot. They have a curtain that separates the vanity from the main room. Its nothing fancy, but still has fun quirky theming that we like especially if you have smaller ones traveling with you.All Stars Value Resort Walt Disney World

The layout of the All-Stars is pretty big, so if you end up in a building far from the main building, you could find yourself walking a lot at night when returning home. If you’re worried about this, you can book a preferred room which will get you closer to the main pool, food court and lobby.

The transportation

All of the value and moderate resorts at Walt Disney World only have one method of transportation: buses. One thing we noticed about the buses at the All-Stars was that they actually seemed to come a lot more frequently than at some of the other resorts we’ve stayed at. This definitely does not mean you may not have to stand, but we did feel like the wait was shorter than at some resorts.

The wait for buses while at this resort was usually about 20 minutes or so; although this will vary with different times of year and crowd levels.

The Food Court

The food court at the All Stars is pretty standard. We don’t generally eat in the Food Court, but we have before and everything we tried was what you’d expect from a basic food court. They offer mickey waffles, breakfast platters, pastries and eggs for breakfast and the standard pizza, burgers, fries and salads throughout the day. Like I said, nothing too exciting, but if you need food, its there and its decent.

The food court is actually one of my not so favorite parts of the All-Stars resorts simply due to how chaotic it is in the morning. It gets very crowded, so even just grabbing your morning coffee in the morning can take a long time.

And if you’re eating there in the morning, you may not even be able to find a seat.

The All-Stars resorts are also usually a top pick for families with small children which could be a good or bad thing. If you’re a family with small children, you are probably used to the chaos that can sometimes ensue with little ones in tow; if you’re a single pringle or a couple without children, you may not appreciate it as much.

We are pretty laid back, and obviously G was that little at some point in her life, so the chaos isn’t really a bother, its just something I prefer to avoid. I think the crowds are more of my issue, but again, its not reason enough for me not to stay there anymore.  If you prefer more easy going beginnings to your day, this may not be the resort for you.

The Extras

The thing a lot of people wonder about the All-Stars Resorts is if you still get all the little extras like you do at other resorts.

Well, for the mostpart, yes. There is a main pool near the food court at each of the resorts and smaller pools throughout. The main pool does get crowded, so if you don’t care about the theming of the pool and prefer a less crowded pool experience, the smaller pools are perfect.

They still have the Movies Under the Stars at night like at all other resorts and its usually held in the pool area. We always thought this was a nice way to end an early night.

They also still have programming and games during the day for little ones which is always fun. You can find the schedule for those things within the resort.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the All-Stars resort is reasonably priced for being able to stay on Walt Disney World property and get the perks that go along with that. If you’re looking to stay at a Value resort, we actually prefer Pop Century, which you can read about here.

But the All-Stars Resorts provide a fun, albeit loud, atmosphere with all the Disney perks you would receive with any stay.  If you’re looking to stay on Walt Disney World property on a budget, we think the All Stars Resorts are just fine. 


All Stars Resorts Disney Value Resorts Review



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