Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground Bucket List

Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground Bucket List

While planning a stay at Fort Wilderness Resort we got caught up in creating a Bucket List of everything we wanted to do! And boy is there is a lot to do! Of course we knew about the Chip n Dale Campfire Sing-A-Long. And we knew about the Hoop de Doo Revue, but we had no idea you could watch ( and listen to) the Happily Ever After Fireworks Show from the beach. And so our Fort Wilderness Resort Bucket List began. 

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Fort Wilderness Resorts and Campgrounds

If you’re looking for a relaxing Disney vacation, Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds may just have to be your next stop. We absolutely loved the complete immersion in nature. There’s a laid back atmosphere of a golf cart community and access to a fantastic dinner on the go. Here are all our top picks for activities to try at Fort Wilderness. Check out our full review of Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds, so far. 

Horse Riding at Fort Wilderness Resort

Things to do at Fort Wilderness Without Staying There

If you’re visiting Walt Disney World, then you can head to Fort Wilderness Resort to do a variety of things. And you don’t even need to be a Disney resort guest, or staying there! From strolling the grounds to eating the food, here are our favorite things to do. 

Walk the trail from Fort Wilderness to Wilderness Lodge

From Pioneer Hall to Wilderness Lodge. This path, while currently under construction, is a 2.5 mile trail that will most likely reopen when (and IF) construction on Reflections: A Disney Lakeside Lodge completes. This walking path includes a Walt Disney train exhibit along the way. 

Watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks from the Beach 

Every evening when the Magic Kingdom shows the Happily Ever After Fireworks display you can find guests at Fort Wilderness lining the beach and dock near Pioneer Hall. You can even hear the entire show and songs that are piped in through the speakers. Just grab a spot on the beach, or at one of the tables at the marina, and watch the fireworks over the water! 

Chip n Dale Disney Fort Wilderness Campfire sing a long

Chip and Dale Campfire Sing-a-long and a S’mores Kit!

An absolute must do, this little escape for s’mores at The Meadows, features a cowboy playing songs, and telling jokes alongside Chip and Dale. We loved this extra special evening activity at the resort, and you can enjoy it even if you’re not staying here. The Chip and Dale Campfire Sing A Long is about 40 minutes, and includes a s’mores roast before and the movie under the stars afterwards. 

Eat at the Chuck Wagon Food Truck

Found near the Chip N Dale Campfire Sing-A-Long in the Meadows Trading Post area, check out the Chuck Wagon Food Truck Menu for options. And if you visit Fort Wilderness at Christmastime, this little chuck wagon turns into the RV we all know and love from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! 

Grab a Meal at Trails End Restaurant

Trails End is the main restaurant on property at Fort Wilderness and boasts the same food offered at the Hoop de Do Revue. But, you can get it a whole lot cheaper! Check out the Trails End Restaurant Menu for the full lineup for everything to eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Camping families may want the break from campfire food, and this restaurant offers a family friendly meal that includes things like ribs, pizza, chicken and salads. 

Order Food from P & J’s Southern Takeout

A perk of being at Fort Wilderness is that it’s so low key, you can walk in and get amazing takeout meals to take back to your site, eat at a picnic table or bring to the beach. We loved the convenience of being able to grab a pizza to share outside without having to cook something over the fire. With the playground, beach and gift shop nearby at in The Settlement area where you’ll find P&J’s.

pioneer hall at the settlement fort wilderness

Grab Dinner at the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Review

This dinner with a show brings you back to the wild west! The Hoop Dee Doo Musical Review offers dinner and a show at 4:00 PM, 6:15 PM, 8:30 PM, and reservations are required! Located in the Pioneer Hall at Fort Wilderness, if you’re coming over by boat, this is one of the restaurants right near the marina dock. This memorable Disney dinner show lasts about 2 hours, and includes zany performances with a western flair. This meal is an all-you-care-to-enjoy family style meal with fried chicken, smoked BBQ pork ribs, salad, cowboy beans, fresh-baked cornbread, macaroni-and-cheese and creamy coleslaw.

Take Archery Lessons

Perfect for children 7 and up, you can check out the Archery Lessons offered daily at Fort Wilderness. You can join a cast member for some archery practice. No experience necessary. $45 per person, this 75 minute lesson includes everything you need to help hit the bullseye. Grab a reservation for an Archery Lesson at Disney.

Carriage Ride

Did you know you could take a carriage ride at Disney World? Only a couple resorts offer this, and Fort Wilderness is one of them! Fitting up to 4 people, the Carriage Rides at Fort Wilderness typically run about $65 dollars for a 25 minute ride around the resort. A very fun time, we highly recommend this fun activity for families or Disney couples. You will need to make a reservation, so be sure to plan ahead of time. 

Tri-Circle D Ranch

Visit the Horse Barns

Fort Wilderness offer horse riding, horse viewing and loads of fun at the Horse Barn at Tri-Circle D Ranch. Ahhh, the feeling of being in the country always lends to relaxation. You can meet the horses that pull Cinderella’s carriage, hire a trail ride and do a few rounds at the stables. You can also see the Dragon Calliope—a horse-drawn musical instrument that Walt Disney purchased for the Mickey Mouse Club Circus Parade at Disneyland Park in the 1950s. The barns include a variety of horses and ponies including Appaloosas, Arabians, Belgians, Clydesdales, Percherons and Quarter Horses, plus Shetland Ponies.

The main barn at Tri-Circle D Ranch Stable is located in The Settlement area and is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily to visiting guests. The smaller barn on the property is located at the Main Entrance of the Park, known as The Trail Blaze Corral this is the barn that is close to the bus stop, and where you check in for horseback riding. 

Do the Fort Wilderness Scavenger Hunt 

Who doesn’t a love a reason to look around and explore new places! At this Disney Resort, there is plenty to do and see. As such, if you’re looking for a fun game to play while on property, we’ve found  it! Check out this scavenger hunt if you’re staying for a while and see what you can find. It’s a great way to explore! 

Watch an Outdoor Movie at The Meadows

Like all Disney Resorts, Fort Wilderness offers Movies Under the Stars! Fort Wilderness has a bleacher-filled little movie theater right on grounds. Unlike the other resorts where the evening lawn movies just take place on the lawn, Fort Wilderness goes all out. At this little outdoor movie you get access to the Chuck Wagon for snacks. Plus you can do  s’mores at the campfire beforehand. Just head to the Meadows Area for seats where you can get cozy.

Go for a Horse Ride at Disney

If you’re ready for a little adventure through the wilderness, you can book Horseback Riding at Fort Wilderness. At $65 per person, you can book a 45 minute trail ride on a perfectly trained horse. We LOVE this as a special activity you can do at Disney World. And 

fort wildreness resort map disney world

Walk, Bike, or Drive a Golf Cart to all 21 Camping Loops 

Did you know that  Fort Wilderness is the biggest Disney Resort? With so much to explore, you’ll want to make plenty of time to simply walk around and see it all. The camping loops at Fort Wilderness consist of campsite loops, RV loops, and Cabin Loops. Put it on your list to visit them all. Each has a different natural setting, and feel. And campers tend to decorate their campsite with Disney fun. Everything from blow up lawn ornaments to cute Disney family plaques, there is plenty to appreciate here. 

Visit Fort Wilderness for the Holidays

Nothing is quite like seeing Fort Wilderness at Christmas. Or any holiday for that matter. No matter the campsite, everyone takes part in decorating their sites with decorations, lights and more! We absolutely love Fort Wilderness at Christmas, and even better, you can add a special Holiday Sleigh Ride during the Christmas season too. Perfect if you’re looking for something extra festive, the Disney Sleigh Ride at Fort Wilderness runs $80, for a 25 minute ride. Reservations are required! 

disney fort wilderness activities

Fort Wilderness Bucket List

If you’re looking for fun ways to add loads of mostly free fun on your next visit to Walt Disney World head to Fort Wilderness. We absolutely loved our time here and could easily spend a month hanging out at this resort. Hopefully you love it as much as we do. 🙂

Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds Bucket List for everything you should do when you visit Walt Disney World's Fort Wilderness

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