Fort Wilderness Cabins: A Disney Resort Review

Fort Wilderness Cabins: A Disney Resort Review

Fort Wilderness Resort has been a bucket list stay for us for a while, especially in the cabins. Growing up, pretty much any traveling we had done was camping, so we had wanted to see what Walt Disney World’s version of camping was like.  We were able to snag a great deal at the last minute right before the holiday rush began.

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

For the purpose of this review, we will only be reviewing the cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort. We have a trip planned for early 2020 in the campground section, so be on the lookout for a full review of the campground itself!Cabins at Fort Wilderness

The Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort

At 504 square feet, the cabins are roomy and sleep 6 guests along with 1 child under three. 

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

The cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort come equipped with a kitchen, small living room area with a sleeper sofa and a separate bedroom with a queen bed and twin bunkbed. There is one bathroom with a shower, complete with built in toiletries. 

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

There is also a TV in the bedroom as well as the main living room. We loved the layout of the cabins because they felt cozy, but spacious. The décor of the cabins is rustic to perfectly match the theme of the campground. 

Cabins at Fort WildernessCabins at Fort Wilderness

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness Cabins and the Great Outdoors

There is also a decent sized porch at the cabins, complete with picnic table and charcoal grill for dining outside when the weather is nice!

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

Cabins at Fort WildernessTransportation at Fort Wilderness Resort

Let’s be clear here; Fort Wilderness Resort is huge. Don’t underestimate the size of this campground simply because it is located on Walt Disney World property. There’s a few things you’ll need to know about the transportation to be successful at navigating this campground. 

First of all, if you’re not driving, we highly recommend renting a golf cart. The bus system can get you most places that you want to go, but having a golf cart will be a lot more convenient and we think it’s completely worth the cost, even if you only get one for part of your stay. Be sure to rent one ahead of time, as they can sometimes sell out, even when the season is considered “low”. The current cost of renting a golf cart is $62/day + tax for a 4 seater and the golf cart is due by 11 am the day of return. 

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

The Buses at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds and Resort

Secondly, it’s important to know that there are two bus systems that run through the campground. There is an internal bus that will take you from stop to stop. This is helpful if you’re trying to get from one section of the Park to another, like if you’re visiting with other campers, there to see the Christmas displays at the holidays or if you’re trying to get to the main bus depot, general store or grabbing a bite to eat. 

The internal bus runs on “lines” and there’s a map that will help you navigate which bus line you should be taking. And if the map is still confusing, just ask the bus drivers. All of our drivers were so helpful and they’ll make sure you get where you need to go. 

The second bus system that runs through the campground will take you out to the Parks as well as a bus that runs solely to and from Wilderness Lodge. 

Alternatively, there is also a walking path that will take you from Fort Wilderness Resort to Wilderness Lodge if you’re trying to get there as well. 

Along with bussing, you can take a boat from Fort Wilderness to Magic Kingdom, The Contemporary, and Wilderness Lodge. 

The transportation around Fort Wilderness can be confusing, but once you get used to it, it’s pretty easy to learn!

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

Cabins at Fort WildernessThe Amenities at Fort Wilderness Resort

Fort Wilderness is more than a resort; it’s a destination all its own! With recreational activities like archery, carriage rides, bicycle rentals, trails, boat rentals and much much more, Fort Wilderness should be experienced for all it has to offer. 

You can find the full list of amenities of the Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort here

Because Fort Wilderness has so much to offer, we actually recommend planning some down time away from the Parks to enjoy some (or all!) of it. 

Cabins at Fort WildernessAre the Fort Wilderness Cabins worth the price? 

The cabins at Fort Wilderness are considered a moderate resort, however at peak times, can run you as much as one of the less expensive deluxe resorts at Walt Disney World. So, is it worth the cost? 

Well there are a few things to consider when deciding this. First of all, will you be spending most of your time at the Parks, or will you be able to build in some resort time during your trip? If you plan to be in the Parks most days, the Cabins at Fort Wilderness will likely be a waste of money for you. You can easily book a moderate or value resort for considerably less, with more convenient transportation if you have a very tight Park itinerary planned. 

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

However, if you’re looking for a more unique stay at Walt Disney World and will have time to enjoy what the resort has to offer, then we think it’s a great alternative to the regular resort experience. It’s the perfect accommodations for anyone who loves nature, is looking for a more upscale camping experience or anyone who wants to get away from the hustle of the Parks. 

The cabins have many similar amenities that the Disney Vacation Club villas have, with a kitchen and a separate bedroom, but you will likely find them at a lower cost, and we love a good deal! Add in bike and golf cart rentals, and all of the amazing recreation opportunities and Fort Wilderness Resort really is a destination all its own. So if you’re able to experience even just some of what the resort has to offer, then we think it’s well worth the price. 

Overall, we loved the Cabins at Fort Wilderness and think they’re perfect for a staycation, a family looking to spread out or anyone who wants to add a bit of nature to their Walt Disney World experience. 

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World has campsites, RV sites and Cabins! Here's our review of the Cabins at Fort Wilderness, complete with Golf Cart, Rustic Decor and everything you need for a throwback to the wild west. #disneyfortwilderness #disneyresorts #fortwilderness

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