All About the Frozen Ever After Ride at Disney’s Epcot

All About the Frozen Ever After Ride at Disney’s Epcot

Frozen Ever After features Anna, Sven, Olaf, Kristoff and the snow queen herself, Elsa. With a beautiful line queue and gorgeous scenes, this is a ride to experience! Especially for families with little princesses who many have never entered the Epcot World Showcase before. But is it worth it? You can add Frozen Ever After to your Disney Genie+ selections for the day, to skip the wait in line. But is it better to just wait in line? Here’s our take.

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Frozen Ever After in Epcot Wait Times

Wait times for Frozen Ever After have simmered down to a 45-60 minute on average days. While we’ve seen this longer during the holidays, we have also seen it at 25 minutes in the mornings. An early breakfast reservation at Akershus is always our most recommended course of action if you want to ride Frozen Ever After without Genie+ and Lightning Lane. This gets you right next to the ride at opening and gives you the best chance of seeing the gorgeous queue and riding the ride!

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Frozen Ever After Ride Review

Frozen Ever After is extremely well themed to everything we love about Frozen. There’s a sauna shop, and a cold north feeling. The animatronics, the sound quality and the layout of the ride are all top notch. We do miss Maelstrom, for the sheer fact that our favorite part about the World Showcase is that you get immersed in the cultures of other countries. With Frozen Ever After, you’ll just feel like you’re immersed in the movie. While you don’t need to put this on your itinerary for every Disney trip, we do think this is one ride you should do at least once.

The ride is set up the same as Maelstrom. Take a seat in a boat which starts off going forward and you will get to see some familiar faces like Anna, Olaf and Sven with their always lovely musical stylings. Then as you watch Elsa sing the famous “Let It Go”, the boat will take you backwards in true Maelstrom fashion! Don’t forget to wave to Marshmallow and the Snowgies as you glide past them!

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Frozen Ever After Genie+ Lightning Lane

When considering your EPCOT rides for Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane choices, Frozen Ever After should be at the top of your list. Guardians of the Galaxy will only be accessible via Virtual Queue and individual Lightning Lane purchase. As such, both Frozen Ever After, and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure are the main rides you will need Lightning Lane for. 

Is Frozen Ever After Worth It?

We’ll say it again that the Frozen Ever After Queue and ride are gorgeous. Whether you’re a Frozen fan, or just appreciate good theming and design, you’ll be able to see little nods to the film. From the Sauna in the movie, to Sven and Kristoff, and the whole kingdom of Arendelle here. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it to wait, we say yes… if the wait time is under 60 minutes. We’d personally aim for a 45 minute wait or less. But this is sometimes tough during busy time. Of you’re wondering about it as a Genie+ addition, we’d say, yes, if you can get an early booking time. As this ride “sells out” fast in the Genie+ lineup. We loved the new Frozen Ever After ride and if you have the opportunity, we highly suggest adding it to your Walt Disney World vacation.

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