Kid’s Clubs on a Disney Cruise

Kid’s Clubs on a Disney Cruise

If you’re bringing the kids on your Disney Cruise, then there is plenty for them to do. Not only as part of the family activities but also as special things they can tackle alone. Often a much-needed break for parents, every Disney Cruise offers Kid’s Clubs that cater to different age groups. And helps kids meet new friends, make crafts, play games, and more. If you’re wondering what your kiddo can look forward to on your next cruise, check out all the details about Kid’s Clubs on a Disney Cruise. We’re sharing the spaces and activities for babies, children and teens. Here’s everything you’ll see on whichever ship you sail next. 

Kinds Clubs on Disney Wonder Andy's Room

Youth Clubs on Disney Cruises

Offered on every Disney Cruise Ship is a variety of clubs geared towards Children and Teens. From babies that can be taken care of in the Disney Cruise nursery, to 20 year old’s looking for their next best friend, these clubs cover all ages, so that your child can make the most of their Disney Cruise with new friendships, and experiences. Here’s a quick look at Disney Kids Clubs for each Age Level. 

6 Months – 3 Years Old

An option for parents on a Disney Cruise, who may be headed on a Disney Cruise Excursion, a special meal, or just need a break, childcare services are available for babies and young toddlers, on every Disney Cruise. The it’s a Small World Nursery is offered for babies 6 months- 3 years old. And for children 1- 3 years on Transatlantic Cruises. 

3 Years Old – 10 Years Old

Available on every Disney Cruise ship kid’s, ages 3-10, get All-Day access to The Oceaneer Club and Lab. This Disney Cruise Club includes designated cast members to provide supervision, game play and fun. Each ship includes specially designed spaces inspired by Disney films, and characters. While every Disney ship has an Oceaneer Club, the spaces may be designed differently. As part of every Oceaneer Club experience, there are character led activities that get kids up close some of their favorite Disney characters. From Disney Princesses to Thor to Mickey Mouse himself, be sure to check the Disney Navigator in the Disney Cruise App for times. As these are special appearances your child won’t want to miss on every cruise. 

11 Years Old- 14 Years Old

Exclusively for  kids age 11- 14, you can find the Edge Tween Club on each Disney Cruise Ship.  Edge offers exclusive tween activities, games, and group activities, led by a Disney cast member, in “camp counselor” style.

14 Years Old – 17 Years Old

Disney Cruise Teens activities are some of the most fun. Also led by a cast member, the teen club on a Disney Cruise is called Vibe and for teens 14- 17 years old. Activities, games, karaoke, a smoothie bar and more are part of all-day fun that is available to teens. 

18 Years Old – 20 Years Old

The 1820’s Society is available to young adults, age 18-20 on a Disney Cruise, and you can find meet up times in the Disney Navigator App. Or by asking a cast member once you get onboard the ship. Unlike the other clubs, the 1820’s Society doesn’t have a meeting space on the original Disney Cruise Ships. As such, this group takes over spaces as they are available on the Disney Wonder, Magic, Dream and Fantasy. On the Disney Wish and Treasure Cruise Ships, the 1820’s Society has an established space called  The Hideaway. 

Lead by a single cast member, activities like photo scavenger hunts, or meet-ups at the Lounges during the day are all on the menu for this group. Trivia, Karaoke, Games, and Silent Disco are also offered throughout the cruise to keep these young adults involved. 

Disney Theme on the Disney Wish Cruise

it’s a Small World Nursery

The “It’s a small World” Nursery features original artwork by Mary Blair with designs inspired by the Disney ride, it’s a small world. If you need childcare on your cruise you can reserve time at the “It’s a small world” nursery. This care place is filled with activities and fun to keep your little one occupied and safe while you enjoy other things onboard.

  • Nursery Hours: 8:00 AM- 12:00 AM
  • Cost: $9 per hour for the  first child, $8 per hour per additional child

Babies 6 months to 3 years old ( 1 year is the minimum on transatlantic cruises), get their own special spaces for play, naps and socializing. Areas in the nursery are separated into an Acclimation Zone, Main Play Area with interactive elements, and a Quiet Room for Naps. Remember that Childcare Services are not included in your Cruise Package cost. As such, you will have to Read More about the Disney Cruise Nursery.

Do You Have to Make Reservations for the Disney Cruise Nursery?

Yes. Reservations for the Disney Cruise Nursery are made on a first come first serve basis and can be made when your Castaway Club Reservation Window opens. There is a minimum reservation time of 1 hour.

  • First-Time Guests :75 days prior to sail date
  • Silver Castaway Club Member: 90 days prior to sail date
  • Gold Castaway Club Member: 105 days prior to sail date
  • Platinum Castaway Club Member: 120 days prior to sail date
  • Pearl Castaway Club Member: 123 days prior to sail date
  • Concierge Guests: 130 days prior to sail date ( when contacting the Shoreside Concierge Associate Team).

How Much Does the it’s a small World Nursery on a Disney Cruise Cost?

If you’re hoping to keep your child in the Disney Cruise Nursery, you can plan to pay $9 per hour for the first child, and $8 per hour for each additional child. Cancellations must be made 4 hours prior to the reservation time. No show reservations will be charged at full price. 

Disney Wonder Kid's Club Avengers

Kid’s Clubs on the Disney Magic and Wonder

Each ship has some shared themed spaces, as well as certain activities that are the same across ships. However, the Oceaneer Club on each ship has specific things you can only find there. Here is the breakdown on what you will find on the Magic and Wonder. 

Oceaneer Club on the Disney Magic

  • Andy’s Room: Head for the Slinky Dog side and climbing structure at this indoor playground space, created to feel larger than life! With giant toys, and Andy’s Drawings taped to the walls, you’ll feel right at home on the floor with all the toys.
  • Marvel Super Hero Academy: Superhero fans can head to the S.H.I.E.L.D. command post to help save the day. Try out the weapons of your favorite Marvel characters, like Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s shield! You can count on surprise Super Hero visits, crafts, games, movies and more to help you have an action-packed day at the club.
  • Disney Junior: This area of the Oceaneer Club is for the youngest visitors, and features favorite characters from Disney Junior. Fun toys, games and simple crafts are all available with the help of cast members for little ones.
  • Pixie Hollow: Head to the land of Tinker Bell herself! Deep in the flower filled forest you’ll feel right at home as a fairy yourself. There are costumes to play dress up, crafts, games, books and more. Just settle in and make this fairy realm your new favorite place.

Disney Character Experiences

  • Thor Becoming Worthy: Join Thor for lessons in greatness and to see if you have what it takes to become next in line. 
  • Puzzle Playtime with Mickey and Friends: At select times throughout your cruise, Mickey himself may pop by to play games and have fun. Check the Disney Navigator App for details, once onboard. 
  • Mickey and the Roadster Racers: Join Mickey and build your own roadster racer, as you get ready to compete for the coveted Cruise Cup! 
  • Disney Royal Academy: Disney Princes and Princesses lead the way with lessons and outfits to get you ready for your next royal affair. 
  • Join the Lion Guard: Lion King fans rejoice in this training session to see if you have what it takes, to join the Simba’s Lion Guard. 

Disney wonder Kids Club Frozen Section

Oceaneer Club on the Disney Wonder

  • Andy’s Room: Featuring a Slinky Dog slide, this space includes all of Andy’s toys at the ready. 
  • Marvel Super Hero Academy: Offering a space that allows for arts, crafts, games, and video games, this S.H.I.E.L.D. facility shows off cool tech and weaponry wielded by our favorite superheroes.
  • Disney Junior: If your kids are on the younger end of this club age range, then they’ll surely recognize the Disney Junior crew. Character fun and easy crafts are part of this experience.
  • Frozen Adventures: Anna and Elsa prepare for the coronation while Olaf takes a stab at singing and games to celebrate the seasons. A fun time to be had for all ages.

Disney Character Experiences

  • Captain America’s Super Hero 101: The captain himself gets in on the action to teach kids how to be a superhero in this activity. Check with the Cast Member when you check your child in, what days and times this special activity may be happening. Check the Disney Navigator App for details, once onboard.
  • Mickey’s Roadster Racers: In this activity, kids can build their own roadster, and “race” for the Cruise Line Cup. Check the Disney Navigator App for details, once onboard.
  • Join the Lion Guard: If you’re ready to be the mane event, get some tips on how you can train to be on Simba’s Lion Guard! Check the Disney Navigator App for details, once onboard.

Vibe Lounge on the Disney Wonder

Teen Clubs on the Disney Magic and Wonder

Taking Teens on a Disney Cruise, is all about finding things they will enjoy along the way. Not that hanging out with mom and dad is fun, but we find that Disney cruise teens activities allow them a little more independence. Here are the clubs on a Disney Cruise for Teenagers.

Edge | Ages 11-14 | Industrial Submarine Theme

Edge on the Disney Magic and Wonder has a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea look and feel. Complete with steel decorated walls, and glowing portholes, that reveal sea creatures and under the sea plants, this space is a little darker, and homey. A variety of spaces allow for both group play and individual activities.

On the Disney Magic and Wonder teens can watch TV, play games on a variety of gaming systems, do karaoke, play scavenger hunts, and take part in crafts, themed activities and group fun. Plus there’s a dance floor for impromptu dance parties, and silent disco. Located on Deck 9, Midship.

Vibe | Ages 14- 17 | Urban Loft

Unlike the under the water vibes of Edge, Vibe takes on a whole new look with floor to ceiling windows courtesy of the ships Forward Funnel, where the club is housed. Featuring smoothie stations, lounge furniture, brick walls, to lend to the New York City vibe, and laid back feel.

On the Disney Magic and Wonder, Vibe offers a coffee bar featuring nonalcoholic beverages, smoothies, and loads of activities. Huge televisions, video games, music, board games, tablets, and Virtual realty session are all part of the fun. Hosted by designated cast members, teens can look forward to dance parties, karaoke competitions, and more.

Disney Dream Kids Club

Kid’s Clubs on the Disney Fantasy and Dream

The Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream are much larger ships and have a variety of spaces for kids throughout the Clubs. Here’s what you’ll find on these ships for kids. 

The Oceaneer Club on the Disney Fantasy

  • Andy’s Room: Featuring a Slinky Dog slide, this space includes all of Andy’s toys at the ready. 
  • Marvel Super Hero Academy: Offering a space that allows for arts, crafts, games, and video games, this S.H.I.E.L.D. facility shows off cool tech and weaponry wielded by our favorite superheroes.
  • Star Wars Command Post: Get ready to take down the first order with the help of the  cool gadgets in this Training Camp for the rebels. 
  • Pixie Hollow: Grab your best dress up gear and head to Pixie Hollow. Fairies and Princesses welcome. Spend the day, trying on outfits and playing make believe.

Character Experiences

  • Puzzle Playtime with Mickey and Friends: At select times throughout your cruise, Mickey himself may pop by to play games and have fun. Check the Disney Navigator App for details, once onboard. 
  • Woody’s Round-Up: Join Woody in your best cowboy garb for fun, games, dancing, storytelling, and singing. Check the Disney Navigator App for details, once onboard. 
  • Doctor Strange Defy the Dark Dimensions: Join Doctor Strange for lessons in the Mystic Arts.

Disney Dream Pixie Hollow

The Oceaneer Club on the Disney Dream

  • Andy’s Room: Venture in this toy room, complete with Slinky the Dog 2-story slide, and places to play. 
  • Disney Infinity Game Room: Get ready to put your skills to the test! Archery challenges, Disney racers, and drawing programs are all part of the game room experience. 
  • Pixie Hollow: Grab your best dress up gear and head to Pixie Hollow. Fairies and Princesses welcome. Spend the day, trying on outfits and playing make believe. 
  • Star Wars: Millennium Falcon: Opportunities for arts and crafts are all about Star Wars here; design a starship, and practice your Jedi skills. 

Character Experiences

  • Happily Ever After Storytime: Learn how to make a book, and meet Disney characters in this Once Upon a Time story time. 
  • Puzzle Playtime with Mickey and Friends: Join Mickey and Minnie and friends for puzzle time and together time. 
  • Jedi Training: Experience the Force. Learn all about the Force and how to wield it in this training to be a Jedi experience. 

Teen Clubs on the Disney Fantasy and Dream

A Disney Cruise for Teenagers can be just as fun as any other vacation. Clubs for Teens on the Disney Fantasy and Dream are unique spaces that let teens roam. Whether planning the next dance, or taking part in a group game, these spaces have create a haven for teens to hang out all day long. 

Edge | Ages 11-14 | Modern Mickey

Done up in a modern theme, Edge on the Disney Fantasy and Dream includes lots of geometric shapes, Mickeys, and moveable furniture! Perfect to create conversation spaces and clear the floor easily for dance parties and games. Lots of color pop decor, floor to ceiling windows and large tv screens, lend to a fun and modern vibe. Edge includes Karaoke machines, photo booths, tablets for gaming, and more. Located in the Forward Funnel on Deck 13. 

Vibe | Ages 14- 18 | Urban Nightclub & Private Sundeck

On the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream, larger ships mean larger spaces, and the Vibe club on these ships, really spread out. The Vibe club on these ships come with a secret entrance, and a central hangout space, teens can enjoy loads of high tech fun, watch movies, and play games. Later hours offer up dance offs, karaoke, talent shows, and more to get the party started. Or teens can head to the private sundeck attached to Vibe which includes loungers, deck games like ping pong, and foosball, and more.

Kids Clubs Disney Wish

Kid’s Clubs on the Disney Wish and Treasure

As Disney’s newest ships, the kid’s clubs have gotten even more new experiences and spaces. However, kids can still expect favorites like Disney Princesses, Star Wars, Marvel and Mickey to be part of the fun. 

The Oceaneer Club on the Disney Wish

  • Star Wars Cargo Bay: Get ready for a Star Wars Creature Challenge! This area gets kids in the action by teaching them to become creature handlers so they can learn to manage some mischievous animals from across the galaxy! Rey and Chewbacca assist in rescuing this ship from destruction. 
  • Marvel Super Hero Academy: Marvel Academy is also part of the kids club and offers superhero training and more! Our favorite characters expected to be part of the action include Spider-Man, Black Panther, Ant-Man, and The Wasp. 
  • Walt Disney Imagineering Lab: This is an interactive lab that allows kids to see the world of Imagineers. Kids can even design and virtually ride their own roller coaster! Using elements of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, and Matterhorn Bobsleds, kids can get up close and personal with their favorite rides for inspiration. When finished they can even take a virtual ride in a specially designed capsule that mimics the real ride! 
  • Fairytale Hall: And Fairytale Hall will feature Rapunzel’s Art Studio, Belle’s Library, and Anna and Elsa’s Summerhus. Games, Storytime and Crafts are all found here. 
  • Mickey and Minnie’s Captain’s Deck: This nautical playground includes Minnie’s Captain Academy, a signature experience where kids can learn about the skip, and take part in games, dances, and drills. Educational, this activity aligns with STEAM principles.

Teen Clubs on the Disney Wish and Treasure

Tween and Teen Clubs on the Disney Wish are some of the best! Beautifully decorated, this all-day space is filled with a variety of activities, games, smoothie and coffee bars and more.  

Edge | Ages 11-14 | New York City Loft

This tween space for 11-14-year-olds is inspired by a chic New York City Loft. This space lends to solo gaming and movie watching, and includes a soda bar! Let your tween chart their own destiny in this Disney Cruise Club for tweens. Edge offers up a place to watch movies, play games, get creative, and make new friends. Equipped with all the tech, TVs, and video games you need to have fun if your tween wants to take part. Located on Deck 5, Aft.

Vibe | Ages 14- 18 | Parisian Artist Loft

For teens ready to take it up a notch, this space is inspired by a Parisian artists’ loft and geared towards teens ages 14-17. Decorated with pop art, graffiti, and travel posters, this space is hangout-worthy and picture-ready for all your social media feeds. This lounge space for teens is perfect for hanging out, having fun, and even making smoothies.  Teens 14-17 will have plenty to do if they’re ready to make friends and take part. Vibe features a coffee bar, and a wide selection of nonalcoholic beverages to keep them going all day and offers counselors on hand to oversee the fun.

The Hideaway | Ages 18-20

The newest space for tweens and teens, and young adults and exclusive to the Disney Wish, is The Hideaway. This space transforms spaces to offer teen hangouts, tween activities, and even a special space for 18-20 year-olds. The Hideaway includes a dance floor, a smoothie bar, and disco ball lights. The Hideaway

Youth Clubs on a Disney Cruise

There you have it! The kid’s clubs on Disney Cruise Line ships are always top-notch, and well worth the visit. Parents can tag along to see all the fun at any Open House throughout the cruise. Kid’s can scan into these club spaces throughout the day, stay all day, or just pop in as desired. With so much to do, they will surely find loads of things to do, people to meet and extra memories along the way. 

Disney Cruise Kids Clubs

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