French Quarter Lounge on the Disney Wonder

French Quarter Lounge on the Disney Wonder

French Quarter Lounge is one of many lounges onboard the Disney Wonder. Themed to Disney’s The Princess and The Frog, this lounge is the perfect starter to lead  into the main event, Tiana’s Place. Read on to learn all about the French Quarter Lounge onboard the Disney Wonder.

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Lounges and Bars on the Disney Wonder

The Disney Wonder, like all Disney Cruise Ships, has plenty of lounges and bars onboard for adult only fun. Though many of them aren’t actually just for adults, they do offer up adult only activities, as well as adult beverages, entertainment and more.

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French Quarter Lounge Disney Wonder

French Quarter Lounge on the Disney Wonder

French Quarter Lounge is a fairly new addition to the Disney Wonder. After a dry dock in September 2019, French Quarter Lounge debuted at the end of September that year. That means if it’s been a while since you’ve been onboard the Disney Wonder, then this will be new to you! 

Located on deck 3 of the Disney Wonder, French Quarter Lounge is right off of the atrium. This lounge not only has tons of hidden gems and nods to the movie, but also serves up some delicious snacks and drinks.  French Quarter Lounge is also a great spot for onboard activities like trivia, crafts and animation classes. There is often live music here as well. Which makes it a great place to just hang out during your days at sea. You can find all activities being held here by checking out the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App. 

When the lounge is not being used for planned activities, it’s a great place to get some work done too! There are plenty of tables, so if you’re someone who unfortunately needs to stay connected while at sea, grab some beignets and a latte and at least have fun while you’re working. 

French Quarter Lounge Disney Wonder Menu

French Quarter Lounge Disney Wonder Beignets

French Quarter Lounge Disney Wonder Coffee on Disney Cruise Line

French Quarter Lounge Menu

The menu at French Quarter Lounge consists of beignets of course, coffees and lattes and starting in the afternoon, you can find cocktails and mocktails. Be sure to be on the lookout for Happy Hour Specials too. They often have them during earlier morning hours and during the mid evening. They’re a great way to save money on both beignets and drinks! 

French Quarter Lounge on the Disney Wonder, bars and lounges in Disney Cruise Line

French Quarter Lounge on the Disney Wonder, Princess and The Frog themed lounge Disney Cruise Line

Princess and The Frog theme at French Quarter Lounge

The theming here is really just what Disney does best. I won’t give away all of the surprises, but if you look closely, you can see things like hats to represent each of the main characters from the movie. The trolley bears the same number of the trolley that can be seen in the beginning as a nod to Tiana and her mom. And if you look close enough in the iron work, you can spot Ray as well. These are just a few things you can expect to see inside this beautiful lounge. So keep an eye out for all the little details!

We love spending time in this beautiful lounge when sailing on the Disney Wonder. We hope you love it too!

Disney Wonder Lounge French Quarter Tianas Place

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