25 Special Things To Do At Disney Springs Orlando Guide

25 Special Things To Do At Disney Springs Orlando Guide

If you’re looking for extra special and fun Things to do at Disney Springs, consider this your guidebook. Whether you’re just visiting Orlando, Florida or adding some Disney to a non-park day, there is plenty to do. This shopping complex at Disney World includes shops, restaurants, a bowling alley, movie theater, bakeries and more. From the carousel on one end to Cirque du Soleil on the other, you can count on a fun filled day at Disney Springs no matter what your plans. However, it’s always good to go prepared, so you don’t miss the good stuff. Here are all our favorite Things to Do at Disney Springs, Orlando. 

Disney Springs

While a vacation to Walt Disney World is usually a good idea, sometimes you need to get your Disney fix without the $150+ day ticket for the parks. And if you’re a fan of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you know that Universal Studios is also usually at the top of your theme park list. Vying for all your money. Frankly, how are you supposed to afford it all? Luckily, you can still get your Disney fix at Disney Springs, no matter which theme parks you’re visiting. Because  while Disney Springs is technically just a giant shopping center, there are also plenty of fun things to do at Disney Springs that won’t cost you a dime! 

What is Disney Springs in Orlando Florida?

Just like the Disney BoardWalk at Walt Disney World, the idea of Disney Springs, can be a little confusing. For starters, you don’t need a park ticket to visit Disney Springs. It’s simply a giant shopping center. Featuring things like restaurants, shops, marketplaces and even live entertainment, you can simply park in the lot or one of the garages and walk into Disney Springs

Does it Cost Anything to Park at Disney Springs?

No. It does not cost anything to park at Disney Springs. You can park in the parking lots or parking garages for FREE anytime during open hours. 

Is Disney Springs Separate from Walt Disney World?

Yes, Disney Springs is separate from Walt Disney World. While you can access Disney Springs from your Disney Resort and sometimes the parks, by complimentary Disney Bus transportation, the complex is essentially separate. as such, it is not in walking distance to Walt Disney World or any Disney park. It is however within walking distance of several Disney Springs Hotels, if you’re looking for something close by.

Is it Free to Go to Disney Springs?

Yes, much like the mall, or shopping complex in your hometown, visiting everything at Disney Springs is free. 

Where is Disney Springs Located?

If you’re driving to Disney Springs, you can grab the Disney Springs Address here: 1486 Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830.

How do you Get to Disney Springs?

Disney Springs is a public place in Orlando, Florida and therefore accessible by a variety of methods. You can drive to Disney Springs, if you brought a care to Disney World. By taking a Disney Bus from any resort, or park, you can also get to Disney Springs quite easily. Another fun way to get to Disney Springs is by Boat!

Boat Transportation is available from Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter Resorts and offers a unique travel opportunity that brings you right to the boat dock at Disney Springs. Alternatively, if you are staying at the Saratoga Springs Resort, you can also just walk to Disney Springs, as there is a walking path that leads to the shopping complex. Check out our post on how to get to Disney Springs for all the details. 

Disney Springs Map

Disney Springs Layout and Map

Before we dive into all the fun things to do at Disney Springs, lets talk about where you will find everything. Because Disney Springs is gigantic, it’s split up into several areas; The Landing, Town Center, The Marketplace and West Side. As you’ll see from the map, these areas all have their own vibe, and collection of shops, restaurants and entertainment. 

Town Center

Found at the front of the shopping center, near the parking lots, Town Center is the hub for loads of shopping. As a result, you can find the Apple Store, Lucky Brand, Kate Spade, Free People, Zara and more in this section of the complex. We most love Anthropologie here, as well as Sephora. 

The Marketplace

This area of Disney Springs is to the far right and where you’ll find the Boat Dock, as well as Earl of Sandwich, the Carousel, and Disney’s Days of Christmas store. Also home to the Marketplace Co Op, you can find tons of Disney merch in this area, including everything you need for your Disney pet. 

Disney Springs Walt Disney World

The Landing

Than Landing is located deep into the shopping center, as this section of Disney Springs is where you’ll find the waterfront. Things like The Boathouse Restaurant with Amphicar Rental, and Morimoto Asia are in this area. 

West Side

Quickly becoming home to some of the best stuff, the West Side of Disney Springs include the movie theater, Splitsville Bowling Alley, Salt and Straw Ice Cream, Summer House by the Lake, Cirque de Soleil and  the Aerophile Balloon. This section also includes loads of live entertainment on the weekends. 

Disney Springs

Fun Things To Do At Disney Springs Orlando

No, onto the good stuff! When we think of Disney Springs and  the best way to spend a non park day at Walt Disney World, there are a few places we LOVE here. There are things great for kids, and adults alike, so pick your favorites and make a day of it! It really is worth exploring. No park ticket required! 

Splitsville Lanes Disney Springs

Hit the Lanes at Splitsville Bowling Alley

Honor the country’s bowling pastime at Splitsville Luxury Lanes. Located on the West Side of Disney Springs this place is huge, and also includes pool tables, and game areas for entertainment. Kids are allowed, and  we love that this place offers great pizza to add to our day of bowling. Good for a couple hours of fun, this is definitely worth making time for if you’re looking for fun things to do at Disney Springs. 

Christmas Decorations Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Browse Disney’s Days of Christmas Store

Ahhh, the holiday season. Whether its in the middle of summer, or just a month away, we always love shopping for Christmas things. And at the Christmas Shop at Disney Springs you can step into the pine smells of the holiday 365 days a year. Just look up at the ceiling for decorations, and to feel like you’re the one under a Christmas Tree. This shop even has a fireplace, in addition to the year round holiday decor. Browse the shop for Disney Ornaments, Disney Christmas Decorations, Stockings and more. That way, you’re always ready for the holiday season! 

Make Something at The Lego Store

Home to the Lego Store, Disney Spring is famous for the Lego Sea Creature in the water near the shop, as well as larger than life Disney Lego creations outside the store. These make excellent photo ops, and offers inspiration for your own creations. Here you can get some of the most impressive Lego sets, like the giant Hogwarts Castle, Cinderella’s Castle and Lego Disney Train Set too. Bins of loose Legos offer play time and a chance to create something. You can also grab a Pick-A-Brick bucket and choose your own selection of Lego styles and colors. Fill the bucket up and pay one price for everything in it.

Smores at Walt Disney World Disney Springs Ganachery

Order Housemade S’mores at The Ganachery

One of our favorite things to do at Disney Springs is to grab the house made s’mores at The Ganachery. This experience is $8 dollars and you get to watch the cast member make the s’more in front of you. Between the salted  caramel layer, the melted chocolate and the blow torched marshmallow, there is plenty to watch. And when you’re done you get a s’more with a little mickey head on it. Freshly made, and still warm and gooey. Completely worth the cost for something special at Disney Springs. 

Get Coffee Art at Joffrey’s Coffee Co. 

Sure, you can get coffee art most places, but at Joffrey’s Coffee Co. at Disney Springs you have so many more choices to choose from. Mickey, simba, even quote art can all be added to your specialty coffee drink. Plus, during special times of year, you can get even more art, like holiday themed scenes, and anniversary decorations. Whatever your fancy, simple ask the cast member for the choices, and make your coffee extra special. 

Gideon's Bakehouse Disney Springs

Grab a Cookie from Gideon’s Bakehouse

Known for it’s new monthly cookie flavors, and line out the door, Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs offers a hot cookie hour, cake slices, coffees and half pound cookies at the ready. This unique experience is all about the creepy cute decorations inside the shop that tell the history of the shop’s lore. You can scope out some of it in the windows outside. In addition to baked goods, you can also grab tees, candles, and collectible items from Gideons. 

Mickey Birthday PArty Merchandise Walt Disney World

Shop Disney at World of Disney Gift Shop

The World of Disney is home to the largest selection of official Disney merchandise under one roof. As such, it’s no surprise that you can find everything here from Mickey onesies, to salt shakers, the newest Disney Jerseys and more. If you’re hunting for Mickey Ears, jewelry, or a new mug for your collection, this is where you’ll find it. You can even grab the latest Disney Dooney and Bourke Bags here.

Want a money saving tip? While the World of Disney won’t give you a discount, you can get Disney Gift Cards at a discount by buying them with a credit card that gives you cash back. Or head to Target before your vacation and buy a few Disney Gift Cards with your Target Red Card for 5% off. Then just use the gift cards to pay for your purchase. 

Disney Springs Art Walk

See the Art Walk Murals at Disney Springs

A work in progress at Disney Springs, you can see art across certain areas of the shopping plaza, created by minority artists. Honoring Pacific Islanders, Black History, and more, these creations spread the walls throughout the Town Center Area and even on the walls facing the Disney Bus Depot area. Definitely worth a look, we love the happy vibe from these art pieces, and browsing the murals is one of the fun things to do at Disney Springs for free. 

Disney Springs Art Walk

See the sights from the Aerophile Balloon

Flying high over the lake of Disney Springs, you can book a ride to the ski, for views of Disney Springs and the surrounding Orlando area. Rides are $20 for adults, and $15 for kids ( 3-9), and the excursion is 8 minutes long. Perfect for grabbing photos and seeing the sights, before heading back to earth. 

Coca Cola Rooftop Bar Disney Springs

Grab a specialty Coke at the Coca-Cola Rooftop Bar

Another favorite newer place at Disney Springs is the Coca-Cola Store. Filled with Coca Cola merchandise, and bottled drinks you can also head to the roof for a rooftop experience. This bar includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, all mixed coke products. You can grab floats, cocktails, and specialty flavors, all while watching the views of the West Side atop this building. 

Create your own M&M’s at the M&M Store

If you’re looking for something unique at Disney Springs, you can head to the M&M store not only for official merchandise, but also M&M’s in every color of the rainbow. You can even make custom creations of your own, with M&M’s that include a variety of words, color combos and more! 

The Boathouse Disney Springs

Take a Ride in the Amphicar at The Boathouse

While The Boathouse offers up lakeside dining for seafood fans, it’s the car that floats in the water that’s the real show here. The Amphicar offers you a sail through the water in a vintage car. This ride is 20 minutes, at a cost of $125 per car ( about 3-4 people). We’ve been told you may get splashed a little on this one, simply cause you’re so close to the water! But, it’s Florida… so you probably need to cool off anyway! 

See the Step Dancers at the Raglan Road Irish Pub

A huge draw at the Raglan Road Restaurant at Disney Springs is the live entertainment. You can see the Irish and Music and Dance performances daily from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Offering entertainment on the main stage inside and outside on the patio, you can settle in with your dinner, and drinks and simply enjoy the show!  

fried green tomatoes at art smith homecomin disney springs

Have Brunch at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’  Restaurant

We LOVE making time for Brunch at Disney World, and Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming serves up some of the best dishes we’ve tried. Chicken and Waffles, Fried Green Tomatoes, Ham and Cheesy Grits, Hummingbird Cake, Blueberry Mimosas…so many choices! No matter what you’re in the mood for, chances are, there is a farm to table menu item to satisfy your craving. Definitely one of the best restaurants at Disney Springs. 

Earl of Sandwich Disney Springs

Eat a Thanksgiving Sandwich at Earl of Sandwich

This classic quick service restaurant at Disney Springs honors the guy who invented the sandwich! As an important British politician short on time, Lord Sandwich ordered meat to be placed between slices of bread so that his fingers wouldn’t get sticky. A good idea, and one we’re glad to have benefited from! The best sandwich at Earl of Sandwich is the Thanksgiving Sandwich combining turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and all the things you find in a Thanksgiving dinner. Of course we also love the veggie sandwich, the chips and chocolate chip cookies! Yum. 

Grab Champagne and Dessert at Amorettes Patisserie

Did you know you can grab a champagne topped with a little Mickey hat at Amorettes Patisserie? This delicate drink is perfect alongside even more delicate macaroons, pastries, cakes and bars. Grab snacks for inside the restaurants or head to the shaded tables outside for a mid day delicacy. And you can also find seasonal treats here, so be on the lookout for your favorite seasonal flavors each season. Always worth a stop. 

Get your Dole Whip at Swirls on the Water

Did you think you could only get Dole Whip in the parks? Think again! At Swirls on the Water you can get a variety of Dole Whip treats. A favorite is the Dole Whip Flight. Typically available in a alcoholic or non alcoholic version, you can count on different flavors throughout the year. Dole Whip at Disney Springs is also typically decorated with a Disney shape, or chocolate piece. And since you get 3 Dole Whip cups in a flight, there is plenty to share! 

Grab a Specialty Donut at Everglazed Donuts and Cold Brew

Still somewhat new, Everglazed is known for interesting flavored donut options, alongside the traditional, and coffee drinks. We love it when they change the flavors to match the season. Serving up donuts, coffees and even donut sandwiches, there are plenty of unique things to try here. The Icon donut  yeast donut covered in blue icing and sprinkles, and a bestseller. But you can also find donut flavors in fruity pebbles, nutella, coconut, and maple bacon. Plenty of options here! 

Break for a Ride on the Marketplace Carousel 

Featuring rides from $5, both kids and adults can ride this horse filled carousel, as a throwback to days of old. Found in the Marketplace area of Disney Springs, this little activity is perfect for families with young kids, who want to make the day extra special. Check the costs and times of the Marketplace Carousel at Disney Springs.

See the Show at Cirque du Soleil

An extravagant show, Cirque du Soleil at Disney Springs  features the Drawn to Life story that showcases Disney animation and music. An expressive performance put on by the worlds best acrobats, and performers, this one is a must see if you’re looking for something unique. Located on the West End in the big white tent, this show has tickets available online, but you can also grab them last minute at the box office. 

Summer House at Disney Springs

Grab Lunch and Cookie at Summer House on the Lake

By far one of our favorite restaurants at Disney Springs, Summer House on the Lake serves a Cali-Mex menu, offering foods, drinks, brunch and even a cookie bar. You can count on lakeside views, great pizza, tacos, salads, and appetizers. We loved the key lime here, perfect for sharing, and  the variety of mocktails carefully crafted makes this a great place for families with teens or those skipping the spirits.  

AMC Theaters at Disney Springs

Watch a Movie at the AMC Dine In Theater

Sometimes all you really need is a movie. So if it’s raining, too hot, or you’re just spent, why not head to the movie theater at Disney Springs. The AMC here offers dine in options so you can grab a meal, drinks and settle in for a flick. We love this for lazy afternoons and for when we need to get out of the weather. Grab tickets online or at the box office. 

Have Authentic Asian Food at Morimoto Asia

Morimoto Asia offers both indoor table service dining, and a street food counter option just outside. While both offer amazing food, if you’re on a budget, we recommend the Street Food counter. Serving up noodle bowls, sushi, tempura, stir fry and more, this is a top notch dining experience, and well worth trying. 

Make your Own Pizza at Blaze Pizza

We are big fans of pizza. And at Blaze you get to make all the choices. From what kind of crust, to cheese to a wide array of toppings. As a great quick service restaurant you can typically grab food under $15 a person, making it an excellent choice if you’re on a budget.

While Blaze can be found many places, the one at Disney Springs is a nice staple for when you really just need good pizza, and don’t want to order it, or dine in somewhere. This is a fast fired pizza, at 11″, and includes an open kitchen setting so you can see the magic. They also offer dessert pizzas here! in s’mores, chocolate brownie and chocolate chip cookie options. 

Browse the Marketplace Co Op

If you’re looking for Wonderground Art Gallery Artwork, Cherry Tree Lane dresses and outfits, or Disney Dog merchandise, you can find it at the Marketplace Co Op. Home to specialty candle makers, tech supplies and home decor too, there is plenty to buy and gift here. We love this place around the holidays when we’re looking for unique things to grab for friends and family. Be sure to stop in. 

Disney Springs

Disney Springs Things to Do

There you have it! All the Best Things to Do at Disney Springs, without feeling like you missed out on something important. Of course we’re always up for even more things here, but there’s only so much time in a day, right? Hopefully something on this list has caught your eye, and you can start planning your Day at Disney Springs to include the most fun possible! Have a magical day!

25 special things to do at Disney Springs

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