Haunted Mansion Gifts for Fans

Haunted Mansion Gifts for Fans

Disney’s Haunted Mansion serves up 999 happy haunts, and spooky fun all year long. Whether you’re watching Haunted Mansion during the Halloween season, or just visiting the ride for hundredth time at Disney Parks, chances are you’ll love it as much as we do! So why not honor the Haunted Mansion by grabbing something fun as a souvenir. Of course we’ve already added Haunted Mansion to our home with a Haunted Mansion Mantel, and created a Haunted Mansion movie night as a reason to make fun foods and watch adn re-watch the films. But, if you’re looking for Haunted Mansion Gifts, then here’s our roundup of where to find the best Haunted Mansion merch from apparel and accessories to decor and games.

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Haunted Mansion

Gifts for Disney Haunted Mansion Fans

So of course we had to scour the internet for all of our favorite Haunted Mansion Gifts and don’t forget to shop through Ebates to earn cashback! Here you’ll find gifts and gift ideas from Target, Amazon, Hot Topic, BoxLunch, the Disney Store and more. Let’s dive into all the best places to find your next Haunted Mansion Gift. 

Haunted Mansion Disney Bags

Haunted Mansion Bags and Purses

The perfect accessory for any hitchhiking ghost or foolish mortal nothing says Haunted Mansion fan like a bag. Of course, Dooney and Bourke comes out with a Haunted Mansion bag every year, and you can always count on seeing new bags throughout the year. They feature gravestones, Madame Leota, the Hatbox Ghost, and all things creepy! You can even add a Haunted Mansion Hand Sanitizer Keychain to your bag! Perfect for a subtle touch of Disney and to help keep those hands clean in the parks! 

Haunted Mansion Spirit Jersey

Have you joined in on the spirit jersey craze yet?! We personally love spirit jerseys because it’s winter for about 6 months in Ohio (ok I’m kidding… well maybe) and we need all the cozy things. These are comfy enough to wear for days out in the Parks and at home, while sipping some cozy hot cocoa.  And we love how easy they are to style! If you’re looking for a Haunted Mansion jersey shirt, plan to head to Mercari or eBay for older designs, and keep an eye on the Disney Store Haunted Mansion Merch for new products. 

Haunted Mansion Funko Pop Vinyl Figure

Even if you’re not a Haunted Mansion Funko Pop collector, you have to admit, these little guys are super cute. We are very casual collectors and only own a few that are displayed proudly, but we knew we needed a few from this collection when they released them! You can grab many of the ghosts, the mansion itself and even the horse drawn hearse. 

Haunted Mansion gifts


Haunted Mansion Shirts for the Parks

Since Haunted Mansion is one of our favorite rides, we make a lot of Haunted Mansion inspired designs for our shop.  Check out a few of our favorite Haunted Mansion designs.

An homage to all the Haunted Mansion Rides across the parks, we have a design that features them all! Our I Like My Mansions Haunted design is perfect for the parks, or at home, and the holiday version, Haunted for the Holidays gets dressed up for the holiday season with snowflakes, decorations and Christmas Colors. 

If you’re more of a classic fan, then you know the Haunted Mansion quotes that make the ride special. Check out our Haunted Mansion Crypt Doors Creak designs with a Haunted Mansion, gravestones and ghosts. Or maybe the classic Hatbox Ghost story is more your style. Our Foolish Mortals Hatbox Ghost reminds you that those friendly ghosts are always dying to have you! 

Haunted Mansion Shirt Haunted for the Holidays

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Haunted Mansion Decor

There are many ways you can add more Haunted Mansion to a home. And if you’re giving a Haunted Mansion Gift there are so many choices! From a great ornament, to a cozy Haunted Mansion Blanket or Mousepad there are plenty of things to grab that can add a little spooky to a home. You can even find a slew of Haunted Mansion artwork at the Disney Store to decorate any space.

Haunted Mansion Gifts

With so many new things coming out to celebrate the Haunted Mansion, it’s safe to say there will be plenty to choose from. We hope you loved this roundup list of all our favorite Haunted Mansion things. Enjoy!

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