Disney Packing Tips for A Casual Disney Vacation

Disney Packing Tips for A Casual Disney Vacation

If you think heels or high fashion are necessary for a cute Instagram-worthy Disney outfit, think again. Never underestimate what a pair of Mickey Ears or a Disney Tee can do for your next Disney outfit. We’ve got Disney Packing Tips for what to wear on your Disney vacation.

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Disney Outfits for Florida Weather

Here are a couple things to keep in mind. At Walt Disney World in sunny central Florida this is what your typical Disney day looks like.

  • You walk about 10- 15 miles in one day. 1 day. Wear good shoes.
  • It rains in the middle of the afternoon, a lot of the time.
  • It’s probably close to 90 degrees.
  • You’re standing in lines and waiting for busses.
  • Your bags and stroller get searched pretty thoroughly. Don’t bring in what you don’t need.

Best Causal Disney Outfits. What to make for a Florida Disney Vacation

Disney Packing Tips

Whether you’re flying in or road tripping to Disney, you will need travel friendly clothes your first and last day. You’ll also definitely need something to tote around a water bottle, sunscreen, camera and credit card/cash.  Be sure to have the bag with this stuff in it on you at all times. If traveling during the Florida winter months (from Nov- Feb), then check out our winter packing list. 

Now to the fun stuff. Here’s our best recommendations on what to have on hand to build your casual Disney outfits. Mind you this isn’t Disney Bounding, since we’re newbies at that. From tennis shoes to yoga pants, you should have most of this on hand.

Big Sunglasses

Heart shaped, White, Black, Aviator… whatever your style, these can be a statement all their own. We like these ones best. You’ll need them to protect your eyes anyway and if you get them larger, you’ll protect your face. While we reapply sunscreen all day cause we’re psycho like that, too many unfortunate souls get burned when they go to Disney, and there just isn’t any reason why you should!

Athleisure Wear

Nothing wrong with grabbing cute leggings, hightops and your favorite Disney jersey! If you’re looking for a good clothes brand for easy clothes that are both plane and Disney friendly, try Sweaty Betty , Lululemon, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, or Joy Lab at Target. And all our Polka Dot Pixie Shop Tees are made of the softest jersey fabric, so you can try out our Disney shirts too. 

Mickey Ears

While not on everyone’s Disney Packing Tips posts, we consider ears a must-have. Whether you buy them, make them or order them from one of our favorite etsy shops, these will cheer up any outfit. They also come added to cute baseball caps which you can grab in the gift shop if you want the ear experience but need the shade from the sun.

disney outfits, what to wear at Disney, handmade etsy mickey ears

Tennis Shoes

Vans, Converse or really good tennis shoes that you have worn in are needed. If you think flip flops are necessary then toss them in your bag to give your feet a breather. The only flip flops I can wear all day at Disney are my Sanuk’s. So if you’re a flip flop girl-invest in a good pair. Otherwise, check out the disney vans  though now that the Disney -Vans partnership is over these may be hard to get a hold of. You can also check out the new Toms.

Disney Shirts for the Whole Family

  A Disney tank top ( in the summer) or tee ( in the off season) can make any outfit look fun. Pair it with jean shorts or a sparkly tutu, whatever your style let loose a little. You.Are.At.Disney. Check our our whole shop at polkadotpixieshop.com 

Disney Family Shirts from polkadotpixieshop, unique disney shirts, #disneystyle

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Disney Backpack, Totebag or Cross Body Bag

Lets face it, you’ll need to at least carry a camera and water bottle. We always also have sunscreen and lip balm on hand. Your bag doesn’t have to be huge. Keep in mind that you’re gonna be on rides so you’ll need that bag to fit in that ride seat with you…. we love this mini backpack  though our tried and true disney vera bradley styles are always go-to for toting around outfit changes, water bottles, and camera gear. The bag below is from Forever 21 with a Mickey Diamond Keychain to Disney it up a bit. You can also check out our Disney Dooney and Bourke Bags post if you’re looking for something a little more fancy! 

disney day bag disney backpack

Crop Jeans or Beach Pants

I usually wear beach pants on the plane because sometimes planes are cold and I don’t necessarily want to change when I enter the parks later that day.  Also, its usually because we’re  coming to Disney from a cold climate. Brrrr. You also never know how the night weather is gonna be. So having at least one pair of pants, even if they’re just yoga capris, is a good idea.

camera fashion accessories disney

A Camera

Disney Packing Tips don’t also include a high-end camera. But ours does. Perhaps you don’t think of your camera as a fashion accessory- but we do! So, Melanie is officially the “photographer” of the family, that said she has a very fancy Fuji XT10, which will probably be the only camera she will ever need ( with a few new lenses every now and then of course). While you do need to know how to use a camera to get the best pictures out of this baby, if you’re ready to go all in- grab this Fuji. You will love it and be stunned by the quality. If you’re a newbie photographer like me, I recommend the Olympus Pen. I recently took some photography classes for the first time ever and am quickly falling in love with this camera. Apart from style nylon’s amazing guide on how to work this camera,  the Olympus Pen does everything I need it to do and as I get better at photography this camera will grow with me. Both the Olympus and Fuji are portable, travel-friendly, and wi-fi enabled so you can send the pics directly to your phone for easy social uploads. Really, nothing beats a great camera, especially at Disney.

Add Something Signature

Sometimes all it takes to elevate your outfit is a fashionable bag, or statement jewelry. We love this glitter skater skirt to pair with a tee. And if you’re committed to taking it easy on this trip and still planning to look cute, grab a bag from shopDisney. If you’re looking for something that will stand out for guys, try a Mickey watch! 

No matter what your Disney vacation holds, its important to be comfy and have fun. Be sure to pop over to our Etsy shop for some fun travel and Disney-inspired tees. Be sure to check out our first day at disney packing list to make sure you get everything you need in your airplane bag. Have fun and let us know if you any Disney fashion necessities that we need to include.

Our Disney Etsy Shop Sneak Peak Below. You can check out all our Disney Shirt Designs in the shop.

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