Minnie Vans at Disney: What You Need to Know

Minnie Vans at Disney: What You Need to Know

Transportation at Walt Disney World….. may be one of the most inconvenient conveniences that Disney has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, not having to rent a car while on vacation can definitely save you money and is one less thing you have you worry about. And Disney’s transportation definitely does just that. But with the Parks getting busier and busier each year, with no signs of slowing down, something has to give. Buses are overcrowded, lines are insanely long, never-ending construction is constantly causing delays, and every time you scroll your Twitter feed, there is yet another report of the monorail being broken down. Enter Disney’s new Minnie Vans, here to save your sanity and get you where you need to be on time. Here’s what you need to know.

What are Disney Minnie Vans?

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Well, for starters, Disney Minnie Vans are exactly what they sound like. They are crossover and SUV vehicles, dressed in perfect Minnie Style. Cute and convenient? We’ll take it! Disney Minnie Vans are very similar to rideshare vehicles, like Uber and Lyft, but they are driven by actual Disney Cast Members, which is great for peace of mind. They offer the quality service you’ve come to expect from Disney and even play fun Disney music during your ride. 

How Many People Can Fit in a Minnie Van?Disney Minnie Vans, disney transportation, disney lyft, disney ride share

Minnie Vans are perfect for the family vacationing together and can fit up to 6 people. It’s an excellent way to make sure you all get where you’re going, AND all have a place to sit. You can also request a Minnie Van to accommodate a wheelchair; those models currently only seat 4 individuals. 

Is there Room for a Stroller or Luggage?

Minnie Vans are also great for younger families. They come with up to two car seats if you need them. And the drivers are actually trained on how to safely install the car seats properly, giving some extra piece of mind for those parents toting the littles. There is also plenty of space for your strollers, luggage, etc. as well.

When is the Best Time to Use Minnie Vans?

While Minnie Van hours are from 6:30 am- 12:30 am you should have a game plan if you plan to use them. If you have reservations you can’t miss that’s one thing. But if you will need to be picked up after the fireworks with crabby kids know that everyone has that same idea, and you may be waiting a while to get picked up. Days with rain, extra magic hours, parties, and fireworks are all heavy Minnie Van use days. That said, if you’re trying to be strategic about your Minnie Van use since they are technically a Disney luxury and you don’t want to blow the vacation budget on transportation, only use them when you need them. 

Can I call a Minnie Van more than once a day?

Yep! You can use the service as much as you want! You just have to pay each time you’re traveling to a new destination. So be aware the charges can add up! 

Should I Tip my Minnie Van Driver?

Tips are allowed both in cash and in the Lyft app for Minnie Van drivers. But tipping is based entirely on your own preferences. There are no expectations of tips with this service, but feel free to tip if you so feel inclined. 

How Long Do Minnie Vans Take to Arrive?

As with any of the Disney transportation, this is really going to depend on your location and time of day. When we ordered ours, our Cast Member told us you can usually expect to wait about 5 or 10 minutes. Our Minnie Van arrived in 5 minutes, in the middle of the afternoon. And according to the app, the driver will wait for you for up to 5 mins to arrive at your pickup spot once they are there. 

How do I Reserve a Minnie Van?

Grab the Lyft App. 

Disney Minnie Vans, disney transportation, disney lyft, disney ride share

As Disney Minnie Vans are pretty similar to other ride-share services and is actually ordered through the Lyft app. You’ll open the Lyft App and let them know where to pick you up and where you are going. It’ll give you a wait time and prices, easy! If you are being picked up at your resort, you’ll just meet the driver outside the front lobby and if you’re being picked up at the Parks, there are Minnie Van stops near the buses. The prices will depend on the distance you are traveling, but you’ll be able to see those before selecting your ride. You can also get rides to/from MCO(Orlando International Airport) using the Minnie Vans, as well as Port Canaveral for your Disney Cruise

If you’re looking to travel to Port Canaveral via Minnie Vans, you’ll need to set this up ahead of time by calling Disney Cruise Line Embarkation Services at 1-800-395-9374. 

Is a Minnie Van really better than Regular Disney Transportation?

Ok, ok so we might sound a bit dramatic when it comes to Walt Disney World’s current state of transportation. And it may not really be that bad, but it is important to note that Disney transportation can be very unreliable, and frustrating and can make you late for just about everything. As much as guests like to throw around the “20-minute guarantee” there is in fact no “guarantee” from Disney or anyone else stating that buses will arrive about every 20 minutes. Honestly, they usually don’t.  We’ve waited well over an hour for transportation(buses and monorails) and as much as I’d like to say it’s the exception, well, it’s not.  And get ready guys, because, with the opening of Galaxy’s Edge, we anticipate things are only going to get worse. For a little while anyway. So if you’re in a time crunch, Minnie Vans will pretty much always be the faster way of getting around. 

Will a Disney Minnie Van Save Me Time?

So, how are you to maximize your time at Disney if you’re wasting time waiting for transportation to show up? Well, you could bring your own car, which, unfortunately, can get quite expensive with the new Resort Parking fees.  Or, you can try Disney’s new Minnie Vans for the most convenient way to travel around Disney property. 

Disney Minnie Vans, disney transportation, disney lyft, disney ride share

Are Minnie Vans available if I’m Not Staying on Disney Property?

Minnie Vans transport guests all across Walt Disney World property. This includes all Disney resorts, Water Parks, all Disney Parks, and Disney Springs. Some select Disney Springs Good Neighbor Hotels do have Minnie Van privileges, but this is primarily a service for guests going to and from places within the property. Check with your hotel desk if you’re not on Disney property to see if they have access to the service. 

Are Minnie Vans Safe?

If you’re not used to Lyft, Uber, or taxis and weary about traveling with a complete stranger, never fear. Disney Cast Members drive you so you can rest easy knowing that they are as safe as taking any other form of Disney transportation!

What are the pros of Minnie Vans?

  • Convenience
  • Fast
  • Gets you away from the crowds 
  • Don’t have to wait in lines

Convenience! This is the ultimate time saver when you’re at Walt Disney World and you will feel like true royalty riding in style in the Disney Minnie Vans.  Running late for a dinner reservation? Don’t want to miss the Fast Pass for Flight of Passage that you woke up at the crack of dawn for? Over the crowds and just can’t handle one more screaming child? Or maybe your child is over it and needs a break? Minnie Vans have you covered! They’re comfortable, air-conditioned, private, and most importantly on time!

Disney Minnie Vans are allowed basically anywhere on the property, unlike standard Uber and Lyft vehicles, which do have restrictions. This is especially true for Magic Kingdom. With a regular Uber or Lyft, being dropped off at Magic Kingdom can be tricky. But with Minnie Vans, they actually take you exactly where the buses do, right to the entrance! It’s just like magic! And again, for some people, having the peace of mind that you’re in Disney’s hands in Minnie Vans is priceless. 

What are the Cons of Minnie Vans?

  • Cost, cost, cost
  • Availability during busy times
  • Not as Eco-Friendly as shared Bus Transportation

The biggest, and maybe only con of Disney Minnie Vans is the cost. They can get pretty pricey, especially when compared to other ride-share services. For example, a ride to or from anywhere on the property to MCO is a flat $150 one way. Compare that to a standard Uber or Lyft and it’s a little closer to $35. To travel to Port Canaveral is a flat $240 one way, whereas an Uber will cost you closer to about $100. 

We have taken Uber all over Disney property and can confidently say that you will always pay more for Minnie Van Service, which is kind of a no-brainer. But again for comparison’s sake, we paid $27 to get from the Walt Disney World Swan to Magic Kingdom. That same ride, at the same time with Uber or standard Lyft, would have cost us about $12. Keep in mind though, that Magic Kingdom doesn’t allow Uber or Lyft vehicles to their bus drop off and we would have had to ride to the TTC or to one of the monorail resorts to get to Magic Kingdom.  Since we were already running late, we didn’t mind paying the extra and thought the convenience was totally worth it. 

Are Minnie Vans Worth It?

Transportation, no matter how you cut it, can get messy in Orlando. Between congested roads, never-ending construction, and busy travel periods, it’s bound to present its challenges. But a Disney Minnie Van can really cut down on time wasted during your trip and save you a lot of frustration and to us, that’s pretty priceless.  If you’re comfortable with Uber and Lyft, these services are also great, just remember that they can’t go everywhere that Minnie Van can. And some people prefer the peace of mind knowing that a Disney Cast Member is their driver, which again is priceless! So we will let you decide if it’s worth it 🙂

Have you taken a Minnie Van on Disney Property? What did you think?! Let us know, we’d love to hear about your experiences!




Everything you need to know about Minnie Vans. From increased fees, to how it works as an alternative transportation option through Lyft. #polkadotpixies #disneyvacation #disneytips


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