Visiting Walt Disney World in the Fall

Visiting Walt Disney World in the Fall

Walt Disney World in the fall brings some better weather, a festival, a party, and new fall overlays. Add decorations, the Main Street Trolley singers, and new Fall Snacks and we’re there. Here’s all the Magic that Can happen When it’s Autumn at Walt Disney World.

Disney World in the Fall

The Magic That Can Happen When It’s Autumn

Walt Disney World in the Fall is a magical season. Typically running from mid-August, when Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party begins to the 3rd week in November, when Disney Christmas decorations go up, there are plenty of “Fall” months to choose from. Dare we say maybe even more magical than the holiday season? While Christmas at Walt Disney World brings loads of magic, it also brings higher costs and tons of crowds. But in the fall, you don’t see those issues quite so much and there are so many festive things to do. If you’re on a budget, not crazy about hot weather, can’t handle the crowds, and enjoy fall and Halloween, then we think this is one of the best times of year to visit Walt Disney World. Mainly because it combines all of our favorite things with things you can’t find the rest of the year! Special holiday shows, Fall and Halloween Decorations, New Fall Snacks at Disney better weather and so much more await. Here is our roundup of the magic that can happen when it’s Autumn. 

Fall at Walt Disney World

If you’re visiting Walt Disney World between August and October, you not only get all things Halloween, but also all things Fall. We write a lot about Fall at Walt Disney World simply because we think it’s absolutely the most magical time of year! From Mickey Pumpkin Wreaths to Fall Flavors in menus and snacks, there are a ton of ways to honor Fall at Walt Disney World during your trip. Here are a few things to know about Autumn at Walt Disney World. 

When Does Fall at Walt Disney World Start?

Fall at Walt Disney World begins in mid-August.  Typically falling in line with Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, which is offered on select nights starting mid-August. While it’s CRAZY to think that “Fall” starts in mid-August, we’re not complaining. Fall brings Mickey pumpkin wreaths, snacks filled with pumpkin and apple flavors and new merchandise.

Fort Wilderness Walt Disney World Halloween

What Disney Resorts are Good For Fall?

You may think it doesn’t matter which resorts you choose on your Disney Fall Vacation, but think again! Depending on the goal of your visit, your Disney Resort choice could make all the difference. While some resorts, like the Grand Floridian Resort, have special Chocolate Displays to see. Add in the fact that proximity to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party of the Food and Wine Festival is important, and you see our point! 

Because believe it or not, some Disney resorts are just better in the fall! Just like we love specific Disney resorts at Christmastime, there are also others that we love for the fall. Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is a great option due to its easy convenience to and from Magic Kingdom. And the campers also have fun traditions that really celebrate the spookiness of the season. Wilderness Lodge has the perfect cozy atmosphere for fall and is also just a boat ride away from Magic Kingdom. Any of the Boardwalk area resorts will get you close to EPCOT for the Food and Wine Festival. And the monorail resorts are the perfect place to return to after a night at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

What’s New this Fall at Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney World has new things arrive every season, and fall is no different. From new rides, spaces, and restaurants, take a look at What’s New this Fall at Walt Disney World and if you want to add it to your fall activities this vacation. 

Is Fall a Good Time to Visit Walt Disney World?

We LOVE Fall at Walt Disney World for a variety of reasons. Better weather, decorations, new snacks, the Halloween Party, Food, and Wine…so many reasons! If you’re on the fence about when to visit Disney World check our  TOP 5 Reasons to Visit Walt Disney World in the Fall.

Disney World Mickey Pumpkin Wreath

EPCOT Food and wine festival at Disney world

Disney World in the Fall

In the meantime let’s dive into all the reasons we love to visit Disney in the fall months and what you can do while you’re there. 

Epcot Food and Wine Festival | EPCOT 

As one of Walt Disney World’s most popular festivals at EPCOT, Disney’s Food and Wine Festival runs from mid-July through mid-November and offers cultural cuisines, fun games and foodie challenges, new merchandise, and entertainment! Small dishes can help you stick to your Disney Dining Budget and save money on full-blown meals. We recommend you avoid evenings and weekends, as crowds at Walt Disney World are lower throughout the week. 

Halloween at Walt Disney World

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party | Magic Kingdom

One of the best things about Fall at Walt Disney World is the chance to ring in the spooky season with Mickey’s Halloween Party! This party does cost extra, but includes fan favorites like the Boo to You Parade, Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular, Fireworks, and more! Running from mid-August through October, this party features experiences you can’t have anywhere else at Walt Disney World. Check out all our posts on Mickey’s Halloween Party to see if it’s right for your Fall Vacation. What’s New at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party?

EPCOT Park Food and wine festival

The Weather in Florida is Cooler ( and sometimes rainy)

Ok guys, when we say the weather in Florida is “cooler” we don’t mean it’s sweater weather. We mean in September it cools down to the high 80s and the humidity is a little less exhausting. That being said, it’s also the rainy season in Orlando. This isn’t always a bad thing because the rain often brings cooling winds a chance to take a break. Walt Disney World in the Rain can still be fun and the mini downpours usually don’t last long. Bring ponchos, and keep them in your Disney Day bag. We’d take a slightly damp and cooler September than the scorching hot months of summer anytime! Enjoy the Disney fall weather in Florida!  Disney Rain Raining at Disney Canada Pavilion

The Disney Crowds Are Lighter in the Fall 

Walt Disney World is busy. Very busy. But there are certain months throughout the year when crowds are significantly lower in all the parks. If you go in October, the weather is a little cooler and the rain isn’t as bad, but October generally sees higher crowds than September at Walt Disney World. Speaking of crowds, the fall is a great time to avoid them.  While there really isn’t an off-season at Walt Disney World anymore, statistics will show that when kids go back to school the Parks are a little less crowded. That doesn’t mean you’ll get to walk right onto Frozen Ever After, but it does mean you won’t have to wait in lines as long. And Advanced Dining Reservations at popular restaurants become a little easier to get.

fall at walt disney world

Halloween Decorations | Everywhere

Parks, resorts, and Disney Springs all get decorated for Halloween starting in mid-August. Of all the parks at Walt Disney World, you can feel fall at Magic Kingdom the most. From loads of Fall Mickey Wreaths to Halloween merchandise filling the gift shops. While pretty fall decorations may not justify the cost of a Disney park ticket, remember that fall brings special experiences you can ONLY experience this time of year. The Food and Wine Festival and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party are both fall-only events at Walt Disney World. 

Pumpkin Mousse at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Fall Snacks Arrive at Walt Disney World in the Fall

You can grab new Disney Snacks for Fall and Halloween at Walt Disney not only in the parks but also in Disney Springs. There are Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Main Street Bakery’s Starbucks, candy corn soft serve ice cream at Storybook Treats, and fall flavors everywhere. Some restaurants on Disney property even change up their menu in the fall to more cozy fare. Even the Disney candy and caramel apples get dressed up for Halloween.

Disney Castle with Mickey Wreath

Main Street Trolley Dancers Fall

Shows Get a Makeover at Walt Disney World in the Fall

If you’ve read even just a few posts on this blog you know we’re crazy about Magic Kingdom. And during the Fall it’s pure magic. As the Main Street Trolley Show is changed to fit the fall season the Main Street Trolley Dancers sing “The Magic that Can Happen When it’s Autumn”.  Plus the performers get to wear their fall best and even the trolley is decorated. It’s a small thing to love, but we love it nonetheless. And it just fits the whole caramel apple and pumpkin feeling of the park during the fall months. We LOVE it!


YouTube video

Walt Disney World in the Fall

So between festivals, parties, fall snacks, and lower crowds along with all of the magical touches, you can see why we love Disney in the fall. And hopefully can continue to return to this magical place year after year. It’s the magic that can happen when it’s autumn!






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