The Magic That Can Happen When It’s Autumn: Disney in the Fall

The Magic That Can Happen When It’s Autumn: Disney in the Fall

Walt Disney world in the fall brings some better weather, a festival, a party and new fall overlays. Add decorations, the Main Street Trolley singers and new fall treats and we’re there. Here’s all the magic that can happen when it’s autumn at Walt Disney World.

Disney in the Fall

Fall at Walt Disney World is one of the best times of year to visit Disney. Mainly because it combines all of our favorite things with things you can’t find the rest of the year! Special holiday shows, Fall and Halloween Decorations, New Fall Snacks at Disney better weather and so much more!

Free Disney Dining Happens in the Fall ( usually )

Free food?! You bet! Disney’s Free Dining Offer has us looking forward to this trip every fall. We come from a large Italian family and food is basically one of the top reasons we even exist. So it was definitely one of the stronger forces at work tempting us to come down to Orlando during the middle of our absolute favorite season, fall. Check out everything you need to know about the Free Disney Dining Plan

The Epcot Food and Wine Festival Happens in the Fall

We cannot get enough of the Food and Wine Festival. It’s a foodie wonderland. And since Disney has been offering the Free Disney Dining Plan you can even use snack credits on many of the Food and Wine dishes! Helping you save even more money for your fall foodie vacation. 

The Weather in Florida is Cooler in the Fall ( and sometimes rainy)

Ok guys, when we say “cool down” we don’t mean its sweater and boots weather. We mean in September it cools down to the high 80s and the humidity is a little less exhausting. That being said, its also rainy season in Orlando, so be prepared for storms and downpours, which don’t usually last long but can really dampen your day if you’re not prepared.

The Disney Crowds Are Lighter in the Fall 

If you go in October, the weather is a little cooler and the rain isn’t as bad, but October generally sees higher crowds than September at Walt Disney World. Speaking of crowds, the fall is a great time to avoid them.  While there really isn’t an off season at Walt Disney World anymore, statistics will show that when kids go back to school the Parks are a little less crowded. That doesn’t mean you’ll get to walk right onto Frozen Ever After, but it does mean you won’t have to wait in lines as long or have as hard of a time getting those coveted dining reservations that might otherwise be difficult to score.

Magic Kingdom in the Fall

If there is one thing we can’t stop talking about every year, its Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party then you’ll know that we LOVE the Boo to You Parade, treats, and all things Halloween at Walt Disney world. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party for 2020 is CANCELLED.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Happens in the Fall

It is the BEST parade we have ever seen and it never gets old. It’s that good. And that song becomes our life soundtrack until Halloween is over. We even have a whole post with the Disney Halloween Parade Lyrics so you can memorize them ahead of time!

All the Fall Decorations and Treats Arrive at the Parks

Besides the parade, there is an incredible fireworks display, Disney Halloween Snacks and special meet and greets you can’t experience other times during the year. There is also trick or treating on Main Street which is always fun with little ones. Be sure to dress up or at least wear something Halloween themed to get picture perfect photos with your family(or your favorite characters).

Halloween Snacks Arrive in the Parks

Speaking of special treats, much of Magic Kingdom actually offers Halloween and Fall themed treats throughout the Park even when the Halloween Party isn’t going on. From Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks (Main Street Bakery) to glitter pumpkin cupcakes at Be Our Guest and candy corn soft serve ice cream at Storybook Treats, you’re sure to find something you’ll love during the fall. In fact, even the candy apples are dressed up for Halloween. Check out all the fall snacks at Walt Disney World for 2020

Regular Shows at Disney Get a Fall Makeover!

Do you love the Trolley Show? We do and one thing we love about it in Autumn, is that the entire show is changed to fit the season. The songs are different, the performers get to wear their fall best and even the trolley is decorated. Its a small thing to love, but we love it nonetheless.


So between festivals, parties, treats, lower crowds along with all of the magical touches, you can see why we love Disney in the fall. And hopefully can continue to return to this magical place year after year. Its the magic that can happen when its autumn!






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