Guide to Disney Club Level Concierge Amenities: Is it Worth it?

Guide to Disney Club Level Concierge Amenities: Is it Worth it?

If you’re looking to upgrade your Disney World Vacation then Club Level Concierge Services may be just what you’re looking for. This exclusive service costs a pretty penny but gets you special treatment like no other. Things like full access to a private lounge with food offerings, assistance with hard-to-get dining reservations, shows, and tickets, and a room on a gated floor at a Disney Deluxe Resort are all things on the menu. 

But, it’s not for everyone! If you find your Disney Vacation is more about the parks and activities than staying at the resort, then the cost of Disney World Club Level may be cumbersome! Here’s everything you need to know about Club Level at Walt Disney World and the Concierge Services that come along with it. 

Wilderness Lodge Resort Review

Club Level at Disney World Benefits

What is Club Level at Walt Disney World? This upgraded Disney service is offered for an additional cost per night at select Disney Resorts. Booking a Disney Room at the Club Level rate means you get dedicated Concierge staff at your beck and call throughout your stay. Here’s everything else you get as part of the Disney World Club Level. 

Exclusive Rooms

Guests staying at Club Level at Walt Disney World get reserved Rooms, sometimes on a separate floor from standard rooms. They are accessible via a scan on the elevator or a scan at the gate of your Club Level floor. 

Exclusive Access to the Club Lounge Area

A big perk of Club Level is the fact that you get secured key card access to a lounge area, reserved only for Club Level guests. Complete with sofas, chairs, a television, and access to the food offering stations, this area is typically open from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm, though some lounges do offer 24/7 access. It provides an opportunity to stay out of the busy resort lobby and have space for yourself and the kids while grabbing snacks, coffee, food, or drinks. 

Club Level Gran Destino Tower

Disney Concierge Assistance

Disney’s Concierge Service is often the stuff of legend. Because when you’re paying as much as you have to stay at Club Level, lots of doors open for you. The concierge offers assistance with Dining Reservations, Tickets, Special Events, and Daily Plans. Reservations that were previously unopen to you can often be magically made available. This is a HUGE perk of you’re looking for a special experience or reservation. And if you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, engagement, etc. you may want this kind of service at your fingertips. 

Club Level Food Offerings

One of the main reasons guests stay at Club Level is to get access to all the food! What food do you ask? Well along with basics like prepackaged drinks, ice cream bars, and snacks, is also access to an espresso machine for crafting your coffee as needed. 

  • Continental breakfast: Offered daily, you can typically grab eggs, meats, yogurt, pastries, fresh fruit, juice, and coffee.
  • Light afternoon snacks: Small plates can be crafted during the afternoon hours, with things like cookies, fruit, chips, and more. 
  • Appetizers at dinner time: More elaborate food offerings arrive at dinnertime with things like meat and cheese, veggies, and fruit. 
  • Evening wine and beer selections: Champagne, wines, and beers are available throughout the day. 
  • Desserts and cordials: In the evening you can pop back to the club for desserts like cake, brownies, and cordials. 

How Much Food Do You Get at Disney Club Level?

If you’re hoping to grab all your meals at Club Level and save some money on dining at Walt Disney World, you may be able to! Breakfast offers a robust menu and there is no need to grab breakfast elsewhere unless you want to. Lunch offerings are minimal, and definitely more like snacks than meal items. That said, you can easily supplement these light snacks with a budget-friendly meal at the resort quick-serve restaurant. Light appetizers served at dinnertime could easily be combined to create a meal, depending on how much you hope to eat! 

animal kingdom lodge

Disney World Club Level Resorts

If you’re looking to stay Club Level at Disney World Resorts you’re limited to Disney Deluxe Resorts or Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Gran Destino Tower. 

Animal Kingdom Lodge Kilimanjaro Club

The Kilimanjaro Club at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is easy to love. It’s homey, overlooks the lobby, and is situated on the top floor for privacy. It’s also one of the CHEAPEST Disney World Club Level options available at the Deluxe Level. 

Kilimanjaro Club Sunrise Safari

An additional perk of Animal Kingdom Lodge Club Level is access to special activities ONLY available to Club guests at Animal Kingdom Lodge.The Sunrise Safari is a 45- 60 minute extended savanna tour on Kilimanjaro Safari and a private breakfast buffet at Animal Kingdom’s Pizzafari. Offered Thursday and Sunday at 7 am. 

  • Adults ages 10+: $65
  • Children ages 3-9: $32.50
  • Children under 3: Free

Kilimanjaro Club Sunset Safari

And the Sunset Safari ( Wanyama Safari) is a 3- 1/2 hour experience that includes dinner at Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

  • Adults ages 10+: $160
  • Children ages 3-9: $80
  • Children under 3: Free

Disney's Beach Club Resort Rooms

Beach Club Stone Harbor Club

Disney’s Beach Club is a mainstay for many due to its easy access location on the Disney BoardWalk keeping it within walking distance of both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. It’s of note that Disney’s Beach Club Concierge Level rooms don’t all have balconies.  

Boardwalk Inn Innkeepers Club

One of our favorite resorts, Disney’s Boardwalk Inn is home to the Innkeepers Lounge, featuring an expansive balcony along with favorite amenities as part of this Club Level Lounge. The smaller number of Club Level rooms means fewer people to contend with for lobby space. That said, this resort has been undergoing refurbishment so we may see this change.  

Club Level Gran Destino Tower

Coronado Springs Resort Gran Destino Tower Chronos Club

The only Disney Moderate Resort offering Club Level Concierge Services is Disney’s Coronado Springs Gran Destino Tower. By far one of the most elegant Disney Club Level Lounges, the Chronos Club at Disney’s Coronado Springs features sweeping views and upscale everything. Coronado Springs Resort offers the cheapest Club Level at Walt Disney World. 

Contemporary Resort Club Level Lounges

Home to two lounges, Disney’s Contemporary has the Atrium Club and the Tower Club. The Atrium Club offers rooms and a lounge with views of Bay Lake or Magic Kingdom and has three balconies. The Tower Club also offers views of Bay Lake or Magic Kingdom. 

  • 53 Club Level Rooms, 27 Suites, Total. 
  • Atrium Club is located on the 12th Floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort
  • Tower Club is located on the 14th Floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Grand Floridian Resort Club Level Lounges

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort also has two Club level lounges. The main building houses the Royal Palm Club and a variety of room experiences. Most notably, club guests can hear the band and piano player, as the lounge overlooks the lobby. The other Club Level Lounge location is the Sugar Loaf Club. This club is located in the Sugar Loaf Building and offers views of the courtyards, gardens, and Seven Seas Lagoon. 

  • 156 Club Level Rooms, 25 Suites.
  • Royal Palm Club is located on the 4th Floor of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Main Building
  • Sugar Loaf Club is located on the 1st Floor of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Sugar Loaf Building.

Polynesian Village Resort King Kamehameha

At the Polynesian, Club Level rooms and suites are separated. With the club-level rooms situated in the Hawaii building and suites in the Tonga building. The Hawaii building offers three views including a garden view, lagoon view, or theme park view. The theme park view is over the lagoon, and you can see Cinderella’s Castle. Note, these are more expensive rooms, but second-floor rooms don’t have balconies. The main King Kamehameha Club Lounge at Polynesian Village Resort is located in the Hawaii building and is open 7:00 am- 10:00 pm. The Club Level Lounge in the Tonga building is only open 7:00 am- 3:00 pm. 

  • 102 Club Level Rooms, 6 Suites.
  • King Kamehameha Lounge is located in the Hawaii building and spans the 1st and 2nd floors. 
  • The Club Level Lounge for Suites is located in the Tonga Building behind the marina. 

club level wilderness lodge

Wilderness Lodge Old Faithful Club

The Old Faithful Club at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is one of the best. Overlooking the Wilderness Lodge lobby, the club-level rooms are located on the top floor of the resort with views of the courtyard or woods. The Lounge space has a separate food area and deep seating spaces, complete with a few couches, lounge chairs, and tables. Only accessible via keycard, and through a gate, this floor feels truly separate from the rest of the resort. 

Yacht Club Regatta Club

The  Yacht Club Club Level Rooms are located on a club-exclusive floor but are the same as the regular rooms at the resort. This Club Level experience is also on the pricier end of the upgrade, at an additional 300-400 per night. Much like the Beach Club, you’re paying for the location on the Disney BoardWalk and proximity to the parks. The Chronos Club at Coronado Springs is nicer than this one. and unlike Wilderness Lodge, the space here is primarily just filled with tables and minimal lounge furniture. 

  • 67 Club Level Rooms, 22 Suites.
  • Located on the 5th Floor of Disney’s Yacht Club

What Hours Are Disney Club Level Lounges Open?

Disney Club Level Lounges at Walt Disney World typically run from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm daily. With the exception of the Polynesian Village Resort’s Suite Rooms, which are located in the Tonga building and only operate from 7:00 am- 3:00 pm. Some lounges are open 24/7.

Chronos Club Gran Destino Tower

What Hours Are Club Level Services and Food Offered?

Disney Club Level Lounges at Walt Disney World typically run from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm daily. Fresh fruit and beverages, as well as access to the espresso machine, are typically available All Day. 

  • 6:30 a.m.: Coffee, Espresso, and refrigerated beverages
  • 7:00 – 10:30 a.m.: Continental Breakfast including juice, coffee, tea, cereals, fruit, breakfast pastries, and breads. Sometimes eggs, hash, and waffles. 
  • 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.: Light afternoon snacks, including cookies, crackers, veggies and fruits, cheese, and sometimes dips. Beverages include tea, coffee, juice, etc. 
  • 5:00 – 7:00 p.m:  Small plate appetizers with charcuterie, bread, some prepared food, wine, and beer.
  • 8:00 – 10:00 p.m.: Desserts and cordials 

Chronos Club Gran Destino Tower

Club Level at Disney World Reviews

While we’re not necessarily on a mission to tackle all the Club Level Lounges at Walt Disney World, we have been able to visit a few, giving us a good idea of the offerings. And the chance to see the pros and cons of the experience as a whole. Be sure to read the reviews of the ones we’ve visited so far for an inside look at this upgraded Disney World experience.

Kilimanjaro Club

Kilimanjaro Club | Animal Kingdom Lodge Club Level

Animal Kingdom Lodge is truly one of our favorite resorts at Walt Disney World. So, we were already biased. This was also the first Club Level experience we had at Disney, so the wow factor was definitely there. The key card-only space accessible via the elevator felt exclusive, even though our club-level room was on a lower floor with the Savanna View. That said, the space was nice, and we enjoyed the view of the lobby. Unlike other club lounges, the serving counters for the food service were just lined against the wall, instead of in a separate kitchen area. Which ended up allowing nice access to everything. Read our full review of the Kilimanjaro Club at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

wilderness lodge club level

The Old Faithful Club | Wilderness Club Lodge Club Level

Another favorite resort at Walt Disney World is Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. As such we were thrilled to get a Club Level Room here merely by chance at This space overlooks the lobby of the resort, has a separate kitchen space, and has Geyser Grog on tap ( Yum!). Much like the rest of the resort this lounge felt cozy, with dark furniture, and gave a reason to hang out at the resort more than we typically would. Read our full review of the Old Faithful Club at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Chronos Club Gran Destino Tower

Chronos Club | Coronado Springs Club Level

By far the most elegant Club Level Lounge at Walt Disney World, we chalk that off to being, because it’s the newest. Located in Coronado Springs Gran Destino Tower, this space offers sweeping views and had an extensive food lineup. Enough for full meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in fact. As the cheapest Club Level upgrade at Disney, we thought the Chronos Club was completely worth it. Read our full review of the Chronos Club at Disney’s Coronado Springs Gran Destino Tower. 

animal kingdom lodge room

What is the Best Club Level Resort at Walt Disney World?

The Best Club Level Resort at Walt Disney World may be different for everyone. We tend to be snobs when it comes to a variety of things; food selection, views, updates, etc. As we haven’t stayed at all the resorts at club level we could hardly make a claim at this point. That said, in our personal experience the Chronos Club was by far the most bang for your buck, with the best food options, views, and a modern look and feel. So if you were looking for a budget-friendly Club Level at Disney World we’d recommend Coronado Springs.

Of course, if you were looking for a unique experience, we’d say Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, as all club-level rooms come with a savanna view, which you simply can’t get anywhere else. And Wilderness Lodge as a whole offered a great experience with all the other lovely perks of the resort, like easy transportation to Magic Kingdom and incredible views. Though we haven’t stayed there yet, the Best Club Level Lounge at Walt Disney World is typically considered by many to be the King Kamehameha Club at The Polynesian Resort. Due to its sprawling 2 story lounge, incredible views of the lagoon and the castle, as well as amazing food. 

Club Level Coronado Springs

Club Level at Disney World  Costs

The BIGGEST hindrance for just about everyone when considering Club Level at Walt Disney World is value. Does the cost justify the perk? Will you be at the resort enough to make the most of it? And really cost of Club Level at Disney World is all about which resort you choose, and which time of year you visit. 

How Much Does Disney World Club Level Concierge Cost?

Disney World Club Level Rooms typically cost an extra $100-500 per night. Of course, this varies since it’s typically based on the price of a similar room, without club level, at the resort you’ve chosen. As such, if you’re choosing to stay at the Yacht Club, where rooms are already about $1000 a night, the Club Level upcharge may sting a bit. That said, choosing a room at Coronado Springs may be closer to $250 a night, meaning you could get Club Level for around  $400 per night. So, it really just all depends on what you’re looking for in a Disney Resort, and if Club Level access makes sense for you. Because while Disney Resort Prices have a part in it, things like transportation, concierge services if you’re looking for something tough to get and food access may all be factors you’re willing to pay for.

Is Disney World Club Level Worth It?

What are you actually getting for the extra hundreds of dollars per night you are spending? In a nutshell, we’d say it’s the champagne. Among other things Club Level access offers you mimosas in the mornings, food access all day long, a place to go to get away from the chaos, and “free” drinks in the evenings. For many, this can be priceless. Especially if you’re planning on dropping your pretty pennies on drinks at Disney Lounges throughout your stay. 

What’s more, while you wouldn’t think that larger families would be part of the Club Level crowd, it can often make the most sense for them financially. Especially when you consider that a Disney Dining Budget typically runs about $100 per person per day at Walt Disney World. If you can hedge most of those costs by grabbing food at the Club Level Lounge instead, that upcharge per night begins to look fantastic. The same goes for people who are incorporating drinking into their vacation, which can be very expensive. The wines, cordials, beer, and champagne are all included at Club Level. Making a Club Level option perfect for a Disney Girls Trip or a Disney Adult Vacation.

We’ve seen families with small children, older adults, and all people of all kinds use the Club Level Lounge, so they must be getting the perks they need somehow, right? Something else to consider is that since Concierge Services are offered as part of Club Level, mountains can often be moved for guests staying at this level. And that’s sometimes a service worth paying for. 

club level wilderness lodge

Disney World Club Level Review

There you have it, all the Club Level at Disney World info we’ve rounded up so far. If you’re thinking of adding a Club Level experience to your Walt Disney World Vacation experience, be sure to build in time to enjoy it. On vacations that may include a lot of activities in the parks and little time at the resort, a Club Level room may not be worth the cost for you. That said if you’re settling in for a longer Disney Vacation and want to get the experience without breaking the bank, consider Resort Hopping. You can easily adjust your trip so that you stay at a cheaper resort on days when you’re in the parks. Then tack on a few nights at Club Level at another resort, for your non-park days. Hopefully, this guide has helped you get a handle on where to stay for Club Level rooms at Disney World, and what you get for the pricetag. Happy travels!

Disney Club Level at Walt Disney World and if it's worth it! Which resorts have club level, if it's best for you and how to choose. Plus costs to consider.

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