Lunch at Steakhouse 71 Disney Restaurant Review

Lunch at Steakhouse 71 Disney Restaurant Review

Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort is newly refurbished and features a brand new steakhouse, that you may want to try on your next visit! Complete with Disney nostalgia and a mid-century modern feel, this steakhouse offers up steaks, signature sauces, and a 15 layer chocolate cake. Budget-friendly, this new Disney Restaurant may be just what you’re looking for. Here’s everything you need to know about Lunch at Steakhouse 71.

Steakhouse 71 Disney Restaurant

Where is steakhouse 71 at Walt Disney World?

Steakhouse 71 is located at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, on the first floor. Previously home to The Wave restaurant, this dining experience joins several other changes at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. From new lobby spaces to new rooms inspired by The Incredibles, the Contemporary Resort is sporting more than just a fresh coat of paint. Steakhouse 71 brings a brand new menu, lounge, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

How do you get to Steakhouse 71?

You can get to Steakhouse 71 Restaurant several ways. You can drive there. Resort Parking is free for 3 hours to guests dining at Disney Resort Resorts. Or you can catch a bus to Disney’s Contemporary Resorts, from any theme park, or Disney Springs. You can head to Magic Kingdom, and board the resort monorail. Disney’s Contemporary Resort is the first stop on the monorail line. You can alternatively walk there! One of the many walking paths at Walt Disney World is available from the Magic Kingdom entrance to the Contemporary Resort entrance. 

Do you need a reservation for Steakhouse 71?

Yes. Just like most table-service restaurants at Walt Disney World, restaurant reservations are highly recommended. While you can definitely walk up to the check-in station and request to be put on the waitlist, our best advice is to join the waitlist in the My Disney Experience app. 

Steakhouse 71 Disney Contemporary

Steakhouse 71 Lounge Areas

Steakhouse 71 Atmosphere and Design

In alignment with Disney’s Contemporary Resort’s full renovation, the theme of Steakhouse 71 is modern and sleek. Honoring mid-century modern details, the furniture, wall coverings, and even carpets consist of the colors and patterns of the age. The Check-in desk for Steakhouse 71 sits at the entrance and is a simple podium. Once you walk past check-in, you go down the Disney memory hallway to the lounge spaces beyond. The hallway is covered in 1970’s photos of Walt Disney World, Walt Disney himself, Imagineers, and opening day. Beyond is a variety of lounge spaces, all part of the Steakhouse 71 Lounge. 

The Steakhouse 71 Dining Room is one large dining room with a couple of alcove spaces. As a dining experience, this left something to be desired. Just like any cafeteria space, it’s difficult to have privacy or get great photos when there are rows of tables surrounding you. And if you were sitting in the middle of the space, it wouldn’t feel private enough to enjoy the meal like it would in another setting. 

Thankfully, there are also some booths and alcove spaces that were also available. We don’t know if you would have been able to request these areas, but if sitting in the middle of a large room, surrounded by other guests makes you uncomfortable, ask the host at check-in for a more private space. 

Steakhouse 71 Seating Booth Restaurant at Disney World 

Steakhouse 71 Brioche Appetizer Disney

Steakhouse 71 Menu

First and foremost a steakhouse, Steakhouse 71 serves a lot of steaks. As such the menu is fairly acute in its offerings. One of the main draws of this restaurant is its spin on steak sauce. With 7 signature sauces, you can change the flavors of almost any steak you order. The Steakhouse 71 Menu includes everything one would expect from a Disney restaurant. A variety of foods, drinks, and a kid’s menu are all available here. Check out the Steakhouse 71 Menu. 


Steakhouse 71 offers a variety of appetizers, from onion rings to crab cakes to a delectable french onion soup smothered in cheese. There’s isn’t a table bread service here, so if you want to nosh on anything before your lunch, you will have to order an appetizer. That said, it’s not totally necessary. The portions here are quite large and plenty to eat at any meal. The French Onion soup is most notably the superstar of the Appetizer options.

Sea Salt-Dusted Potato Brioche

The Brioche appetizer is a pair of sea salt dusted potato brioche bread. With the bread, you get a small tub of Steakhouse 71 Butter and a small tub of Roasted Garlic-Tomato Spread. This serves about 4 people. While this was good, I’m not sure we would get this again. The bread was simple, mildly flavored, and did stave off the hunger while we waited for our food. 

Steak Frites at Steakhouse 71 Lunch

Steakhouse 71 Burger

Stack Burger at Steakhouse 71 Disney World

Steakhouse 71 Lunch Plant Based

Lunch Entrees

One of the perks of Lunch at Steakhouse 71 is that you can get a budget-friendly steak that is quite good. That said, don’t expect to see too much variation on the menu. There is one plant-based option on the lunch menu, along with a variety of sides; Petite Wedge Salad, Parmesan Fries, or Pasta Salad. 

Steakhouse 71 Stack Burger

The Steakhouse 71 Stack Burger is considered one of the best things on the menu. This is a Signature Blend of Beef, American Cheese, Lemon Aïoli, Red Onion, House-made Pickles, on a Brioche Bun. Served with choice of Petite Wedge Salad, Parmesan Fries, or Pasta Salad. For the side, we highly recommend the waffle fries. The fires come in a little basket and there are plenty!

Steak “Frites”

This is a Hanger Steak, served with Garlic-Parmesan Waffle Fries, Chimichurri, and Truffle Aïoli. This was a wonderful combination of flavors, though a smaller portion than the burger. Very good and flavorful. 

Vegetable “Wellington”

This plant-based option on the Steakhouse 71 menu, only works if you like mushrooms. The mushrooms themselves are a duxelles mix of onions, shallots, garlic, and parsley. They appeared to be enoki mushrooms or another kind of small long-stemmed small capped mushroom. This dish is Mushroom Duxelles and Fire-roasted Artichokes wrapped in Puff Pastry, Romesco, Brussels Sprouts (Plant-based). While the pastry, romesco, and the brussels were fantastic, it really is a matter of how much you like mushrooms! 

Sauce Menu

One of the things that separate Steakhouse 71 from the “other” steakhouses is the sauce menu. Able to be added to any entree, you can change up the flavors just by changing the sauce. Sauces include Béarnaise, Au Poivre, Wild Mushroom, Whipped Horseradish Cream, Chimichurri, Red Wine, and Signature Steakhouse 71 sauce. 

steakhouse 71 at walt disney world


Of all the desserts at Steakhouse 71, the 15-layer whiskey-infused chocolate cake is the headliner. Other desserts at Steakhouse 71 include popular desserts from the seventies. Creme Brulee, Ambrosia, and Apple Tart Tatin are on the menu. 

Steakhouse 71 Chocolate Cake

The Steakhouse 71 chocolate cake is layers of  Whiskey infused Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Mousse, and Raspberries. It is rich and decadent. And trust us when we say you should just get one slice of this to share. We really loved this cake. 

Kid’s Menu

The Steakhouse 71 Kid’s Menu includes Cheeseburgers, Fresh Fish, a Beef Filet, and PB&J Chicken Wings. Kids can also get specialty drinks, which are a nice treat for a special meal.  

Steakhouse 71 Lounge Disney's Contemporary Resort

Steakhouse 71 Lounge

We love finding new Disney Lounges at Walt Disney World to explore and this one at Steakhouse 71 is sure to be a favorite. A beautiful setting with a backlit quartz bar is central to separate seating lounge spaces. A variety of small plates, like bacon and jalapeno mac and cheese, onion rings, and pb&j chicken wings are on the menu. Steakhouse 71 Lounge has a wonderful lineup of cocktails and spirits. There’s a Fig Manhattan, Amaro Highball, Pear French 75, and a Tequila Sunrise for Two.  Among others. You can also get coffees, cappuccinos, and espresso here. Perfect to go alongside the 15 layer cake. 

Steakhouse 71 Cost

Is steakhouse 71 budget-friendly? For our money, yes! The Steakhouse 71 Restaurant is a budget-friendly restaurant with dishes in the $15-$35 range for breakfast and lunch. However, Dinner at Steakhouse 71 has a higher range of $35-$59.99 dollars per dish. But if you’re looking for where to find steak at Walt Disney World, and you can grab it during lunchtime hours, you won’t find it cheaper. The quality brought to the food at Steakhouse 71 is high enough that we can recommend this restaurant as a great option if you’re looking for last-minute dining reservations at Walt Disney World, a budget-friendly meal, and a restaurant close to Magic Kingdom.

Are there discounts at Steakhouse 71? 

Yes. Steakhouse 71 honors both DVC and Annual Passholder Discounts. While it’s not currently listed on the Disney Annual Passholder Discounts page, we did receive a 10% discount when we last visited. 

Is Disney’s Steakhouse 71 included in the Disney Dining Plan?

While the Disney Dining Plan is currently on hiatus, we anticipate that Steakhouse 71 will require 1 Dining Plan Credit, when the dining plan is reinstated. 

Does Steakhouse 71 serve Breakfast?

Yes, Steakhouse 71 serves breakfast. Breakfast at Steakhouse 71 includes a variety of omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and even steak and eggs. Seasonal pancakes, avocado toast, prime rib hash, and even eggs benedict are on the menu here. While we haven’t had breakfast at Steakhouse 71 yet, we’re quite sure it will make our Best Breakfasts at Walt Disney World list. The menu Steakhouse 71 Breakfast Menu is filled with themed items specific to the restaurant and even includes a refillable Mimosa. 

Does Steakhouse 71 Serve Dinner?

Yes! While more expensive than the breakfast and lunch options Steakhouse 71 Dinner Menu includes a variety of showstopper steaks. staple sides and signature sauces. A true build your own meal, the price of the steak entree includes a side and sauce. The dessert menu remains the same across meals, and there is a Kid’s Menu at Steakhouse 71 as well. 

Does Steakhouse 71 have any Plant-Based or Vegetarian Options?

Yes. In addition to the Vegetable Wellington, you can request items without the meat. That said, there is also an option for an “Impossible” Burger to be made in place of the Stack Burger. That said, the toppings on this option are not enough to compliment the impossible meat, so you must like Impossible meat to make this a good option for you. If you don’t, then we’d recommend choosing something else. 

Is Steakhouse 71 Good for Families?

While Steakhouse 71 does have a kid’s menu, and non-alcoholic specialty drinks we wouldn’t recommend this restaurant for children, unless you’re bent on getting steaks and drinks for yourself. As a Disney Restaurant, the Disney influence and theme is minimal here, providing little to entice kids. While we did see booth seating prioritized for families with small children, this restaurant definitely has a more adult feel. If you’re looking for Disney Restaurants for families near or in Magic Kingdom we’d recommend others. ‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in Magic Kingdom, 1900 Park Fare at Grand Floridian Resort, and Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom all provide a better experience for kids at Walt Disney World. 

Does Steakhouse 71 Offer Food To Go?

Yes, check out the Steakhouse 71 To Go Menu on the My Disney Experience App for current offerings. Most appetizers, entrees, and Kid’s Menu items are available. As of this writing, only the Ambrosia is available for dessert on the Steakhouse 71 To-Go Menu. There are also select wines and beers available to order in the app as well. 

Pros and Cons of Steakhouse 71

Lunch at Steakhouse 71 was a good experience for us, as we love trying out new Disney restaurants. However, we did want to do a round-up of pros and cons so that you can pick the best Disney restaurants for your trip!

Pros of Steakhouse 71

  • Breakfast and Lunch are Budget-Friendly with meals ranging from $15-$35 dollars. 
  • Close to Magic Kingdom Park
  • Accessible via the Resort Monorail
  • Offers a variety of Steaks
  • Home to the 15 Layer Whiskey Infused Chocolate Cake

Cons of Steakhouse 71

  • Dinner is pricey at $35-$59.99 dollars a dish
  • Cafeteria-style seating offers limited privacy and kid-friendly options
  • Minimal Disney themeing
  • Limited Vegetarian and Plant-Based options

Lunch at Steakhouse 71

While Lunch at Steakhouse 71 was wonderful, this Disney Restaurant will most likely not be on our repeat visit list. We are not big steak eaters, and often seek more plant-based options at Walt Disney World. Also for the price point, we also have other Disney Restaurants we prefer. Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Ale and Compass at Yacht Club, and Topolino’s Terrace at Disney’s Riviera Resort are all budget-friendly and definitely on our repeat list. That said, we are excited to try Breakfast at Steakhouse 71, as the menu seems unique and offers a variety of options that are more to our liking. 

Walt Disney World Restaurant Steakhouse 71 Lunch Review. At Disney's Contemporary Resort, this steakhouse includes steaks, burgers and a 15 layer cake! #polkadotpixies


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