The Best Disney Lounges and Bars at Walt Disney World

The Best Disney Lounges and Bars at Walt Disney World

There is no shortage of lounges at Walt Disney World for the Disney Adult to get in a much-needed break. And when considering that most Disney Vacations are a whirlwind of activities and to-do lists, you probably need the downtime. Whether drinking, lounging, or just sampling a small plate of truffle fries, there are plenty of reasons to add a Disney Lounge into your day. Here are, in our opinion, the Best Lounges at Walt Disney World to while away an hour and recenter before your next ride, reservation or show. 

Lounges and Bars at Disney World Parks

Racing around Walt Disney World as typical Disney vacationers do, you may not even realize that there are lounges at Disney World in plain sight, just waiting to be experienced. And while it’s true you may not always be in the mood for something alcoholic on hot Florida days, we typically find gourmet small plates and mocktails a fun addition to our day.  Take some time on your next Disney Vacation to try one of these lounges, if only to pop in for a sip of something refreshing. Or a light snack between meals. One of our top things to do at Disney World for Adults is to check out the lounges. Here’s our list of Best Lounges at Walt Disney World.

Bread Service at Nomad Lounge Animal Kingdom

Nomad Lounge | Animal Kingdom Lodge

The piece de resistance of Lounges at Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom’s Nomad Lounge offers both indoor and outdoor seating in an adventurous and well-lit setting. As other lounges around the park and resorts bring a dark environment, where a prohibition raid could happen at any moment, Nomad Lounge offers something completely different. Inside you can find artifacts and memorabilia from adventurous travelers, with cozy chairs and low tables. Outside you’re given a riverside view of the scenery near Pandora on Discovery River. This covered porch area is large and offers lounge sofas and tables for indeterminate lengths of lounge time. Highlights on the menu here are a wonderful selection of cocktails and mocktails, including the Zingiber Fizzie. You can also get bread service, sliders, fries, and churros! Check out everything on the Nomad Lounge Menu. 

Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge | Hollywood Studios

The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge is an outdoor lounge at the Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood Studios. Classic high bar tables and cushioned chairs are shaded by umbrellas in a section of the patio shaded by trees. With views of passersby and the Chinese Theater in the distance, this lounge offers ample opportunity to just sit and relax. Featuring cocktails and martinis, the Grapefruit Martini is a favorite and a worthy throwback to the 1940’s menu. You can also grab a charcuterie board or mini BLT sliders to share. A favorite mocktail here is the Kiwi Glitzer and drinks come with a fun glow cube. Check out everything on the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge Menu.

Rose and Crown Pub Lounge | EPCOT World Showcase UK

Found in the United Kingdom area of the EPCOT World Showcase, this classic English pub is everything you would imagine. An interior design featuring dark mahogany woods, and classic bar styling, it’s one of the most popular dining and lounge spots in Epcot Park. A variety of pub blends, lagers, stouts, and scotch, make this one of the more serious lounges at Walt Disney World. But don’t be deceived by appearances, you can still get fun cocktails like the Leaping Leprechaun or Welsh Dragon here. And head to a two-story patio, overlooking the Seven Seas Lagoon at EPCOT, for some added fresh air. Of course, fish and chips are on the menu and highly recommended, whether you grab them at the lounge, at the restaurant, or from the window just outside the restaurant. Check out everything on the Rose and Crown Pub Lounge Menu

Prime Time Cafe- Hollywood Studios

Tune-In Lounge at 50’s Prime Time Cafe | Hollywood Studios

Reminiscent of the family bar at home, you can find Tune-In Lounge sporting all the looks of a classic 1950’s basement bar set up. With mismatched furniture, tv, weird tchotchkes on the walls and classic elements from the good old days, this is one lounge where you’ll feel right at home. Right next to the 50’s Prime Time Cafe, as lounges at Walt Disney World go, this one has everything you need. A classic drink here is Dad’s Electric Lemonade, complete with glow cube; although almost all the cocktails have a fancy glow cube as a nod to the times. Tune-in Lounge doesn’t have a food menu BUT, you can order food off the ’50’s Prime Time Cafe Menu most of the time. This is a huge bonus since sometimes you just need a PB&J milkshake or meatloaf to go with your lounge plans. For a glance at all the drinks available check out the Tune-in Lounge Menu. 

Lightyear Lemonade at Space 220 Restaurant Disney World

Space 220 Lounge | EPCOT World Discovery

One of the newest lounges at Walt Disney World, the Space 220 Lounge can be found right next to the Mission Space attraction in EPCOT Parks World Discovery Section. This space-themed Disney lounge is filled with silvers and blues and includes a bar and table area. The entire restaurant is only accessible via a space elevator, which is half the fun of the experience. Once on board the “space station” you can see digital windows highlighting the galaxy outside. Space 220 Lounge offers up a long list of out-of-this-world drinks. You can grab the Celestial Cosmopolitan, Jupiter Fizz, and more. Tempura Cauliflower with moon dust and Chicken on waffles are also on the Space 220 Lounge Menu. The headliner here is a vast selection of wines, beers, and spirits available. Carefully curated, this is a selection you won’t find anywhere else. Take a look at everything on the Space 220 Lounge Menu.

Breakfast at Ale and Compass Yacht Club Walt Disney World

Ale and Compass Lounge | Yacht Club Resort

Ale and Compass at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort is one of our favorite places for an easy-going Breakfast at Walt Disney World. But this restaurant also boasts one of the finest Disney World Lounges! With class dressed to the nines, this tailored environment features deep blues and leather, and some brass lamp lighting up dark corners. Sporting all things nautical, this lounge is tucked into the space right next to the main Ale and Compass Restaurant. And features classics like Parker House Rolls and dips, flatbreads, and buffalo-style cauliflower. However, it’s not all about the food. As of the higher-class lounges at Walt Disney World, you can also count on an array of spirits, wines, beers, cocktails, and more. Mocktails, like the Sparkling No-Jito, and the No-Kick Mule are also on the menu. Check out everything you can sip and savor at the Ale and Compass Lounge.

Gran Destino Tower, Barcelona Lounge, Disney for adults, whats new at Coronado Springs, disney bars

Barcelona Lounge | Coronado Springs Resort

Ah, another wonderful lounge at Walt Disney World, in another gorgeous space. However, not all lounges only serve alcohol! Barcelona Lounge at Disney’s Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs Resort also serves specialty coffees. And we simply cannot get enough of them. The Barcelona Lounge is on the ground floor of Gran Destino Tower, one floor down from the lobby. From here, tall windows, and Spanish-style furniture fill the space. It’s grand, well-lit, and spacious. We love this lounge for early morning work or relaxation. You can grab light breakfast pastries from the case and a variety of small plates, and alcoholic beverages as well. A variety of espresso and Spanish-style coffees are also available. Check out everything you can grab on the Barcelona Lounge Menu

Bar Riva Lounge | Disney’s Riviera Resort

While we love a good pool bar, there are so many across Walt Disney World Resorts that we simply will not be covering them here. However, Disney’s Riviera Resort brings the idea of a Pool Bar to a whole new level. The Bar Riva Lounge may be located close to the pool, but it’s also just the ground floor of the Riviera Resort itself. Right next to Primo Piatta in fact. This blue-tiled bar offers indoor seating among walls of seaside murals. Highlights on the menu include sandwiches, baked brie in puff pastry, and tiramisu. And of course, there are a variety of specialty cocktails, spirits, wines, and drinks to keep you going throughout your day of Riviera leisure. For everything, you can try on your next visit browse the Bar Riva Menu.

boardwalk inn resort belle vue lounge at walt disney world boardwalk

Belle Vue Lounge | Boardwalk Inn Resort

One of our favorite Disney Boardwalk Lounges is the Belle Vue Lounge at the Boardwalk Inn Resort. Bringing that nostalgic 1930s Atlantic City vibe to the table, this lounge is open for drinks starting at 4 pm. The atmosphere here is cozy. With swing bands from the 1930s on the radio, a chessboard, a covered balcony to overlook the courtyard, this is a great lounge for relaxing. In the evenings, Belle Vue Lounge offers up specialty cocktails from the time period. You can find Tom Collins, Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, and Negroni’s and you can even get mocktails here. We love it here, but, with the exception of breakfast, they do not offer food. Meanwhile, the Disney Boardwalk, has loads of food you can try. Check out the Belle Vue Lounge Menu. 

Citricos at Walt Disney world Mocktails

Citricos Lounge | Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Our latest find, Citricos Lounge, is astounding! Beautifully decorated and with a Disney Mocktail worth writing home about. Citricos Lounge is perfect for Disney grown-ups looking for something elegant, but not stuffy. The restaurant is decorated in rich fabrics and Mary Poppins-inspired decor. But the lounge is a series of a few seating areas with sofas and chairs. and then of course the bar as well. The drinks and small plates here were fantastic. We especially liked the Purple Penguin mocktail and the bartender was wonderful in his recommendations. Sure to have anything you’re looking for, drink-wise, we highly recommend putting this one on your list. 

Dahlia Lounge | Coronado Springs Resort 

The Coronado Springs Resort is a favorite of ours. And while we can’t get enough of Barcelona Lounge or Toledo’s Restaurant, there is something to be said for the magic of a rooftop lounge with views of the Disney Parks. Dahlia Lounge sits on the top floor of Gran Destino Tower right next to Toledo and offers a variety of chairs, and tables, both inside and outside. This Disney World lounge is done up in Spanish surrealist architecture and absolutely beautiful. Complete with Tapas options, you can order Smoked Paprika Chips, Crispy Artichokes, Croquettes, and more. Dahlia Lounge also offers an extensive wine, cocktails, and beer list. Plus, you can also get a variety of non-alcoholic beverages too. Browse new favorites on the Dahlia Lounge Menu. 

Walt Disney World Lounge for Grown Ups Disney Adults Enchanted Rose Grand Floridian

Enchanted Rose Lounge | Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

Found on the Disney Monorail, Enchanted Rose Lounge is fun if you’re looking for a quick break from Magic Kingdom and need to get away. Located at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, this lounge is on the second floor of the resort and takes up three rooms. The Enchanted Rose Lounge is divided into a dark blue library space covered in baroque elements, and velvet furniture. The main bar is located in a circular room surrounded by windows and features an elaborate Belle Inspired chandelier covered in gold light. The third room features dark green velvet colors, with a forest mural. There’s even an outside balcony area for extra lounging. We love everything here, but our favorites are the flatbreads, and truffle fries. Drinks here are Beauty and the Beast themed. We like the Floral Bitter Beauty. But really, everything here is fantastic! Check out the Enchanted Rose Lounge Menu

Sanaa Lounge | Animal Kingdom Lodge

Animal Kingdom Lodge has no shortage of amazing restaurants, and Sanaa is one of the Best Restaurants at Walt Disney World. Luckily, the Sanaa Lounge offers not only an amazing lineup of drinks and cocktails but also gets you access to Sanaa’s Bread Service! The Sanaa Lounge does have its own menu, ( be sure to get the Samosas too!) but if you order before 5 pm, you get access to the full Sanaa menu. The atmosphere is warm and dark and offers bar and table seating and a variety of cocktails, beers, and ciders. If you’re at Animal Kingdom Lodge waiting for a dining reservation or hanging out for an evening s’more roasting take a break here. Check out the Sanaa Lounge Menu.

Bourbon Lemon Tea at Scat Cat Lounge Disney world

Scat Cat’s Club | Port Orleans French Quarter Resort

If you’re into Jazz music, the Port Orleans Resorts are filled with music and colors. Almost perpetually in a state of Mardi Gras, the French Quarter Resort offers up a fun atmosphere at The Scat Cat’s Club. Serving a variety of appetizers like flatbreads, fritters, potato puffs, and more, the beignets here are the headliner on this menu and can be served with your choice of Baileys or Kahlua. We also love the variety of mocktails and cocktails on the menu. And themed drinks like the Big Easy and the Jazz Apple are worth a try. Check out the Scat Cat’s Club Lounge Menu

Steakhouse 71 Lounge | Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney’s Contemporary Resort is home to Steakhouse 71 and showcases a contemporary atmosphere, with mid-century modern furniture and spaces. Classic lounge bites like mac and cheese, a burger, onion rings, coffees, and cocktails are all offered here. We love the twists on classic cocktails here like the Fig Manhattan, Amaro Highball,  and the Bourbon Cold Brew. Frankly, this whole place feels classy, like it’s out of an episode of Mad Men! Check out the full Steakhouse 71 Lounge Menu. 

Tambu Lounge | The Polynesian Village Resort

Nestled right next to Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, the Tambu Lounge offers up a Tiki Hut-filled atmosphere, a Hawaiian-inspired menu, and views of the castle at Magic Kingdom across the lagoon. Pot Stickers, Wings, and Ribs are served up with pineapple flavors. The cocktails here are themed to the islands. And if you’re looking for a drink that comes served in a pineapple with an umbrella, you’ll find it here. We love the mocktail menu, the fun drinks and it’s proximity to Magic Kingdom! Check out everything on the Tambu Tambu Lounge Menu.

Do you need to make a Disney Lounge Reservation?

Typically, No. However, there will be times when you should make a reservation at a Disney World Lounge. For example, the Space 220 Lounge is newly opened, as we write this post, and without a reservation, you may not be able to get in. In fact, there are sometimes virtual queues available for restaurants, and lounges across Disney World property. 

Can you bring Kids to a Disney Lounge?

Most lounges at Walt Disney World welcome kids. While we wouldn’t recommend getting them a seat at the bar. But you can ask the server or host if you’re unsure. 

Do Disney Lounges Serve Non-Alcoholic Drinks?

Yes! Almost every Lounge at Walt Disney World offers a selection of mocktails. 

Pool Bars at Disney Resorts

We didn’t include pool bars at Disney World on this list, primarily because you can find them at every Disney World Resort. And while all have their own flavor, they primarily serve up drinks to match the theme of each resort and are for guests staying at the resort. 

Disney Lounges at Walt Disney World and Where to Find them

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