8 Things to Do Before Your Disney World Trip

8 Things to Do Before Your Disney World Trip

No matter when you’re planning your next trip to Walt Disney World, there are a few things you will need to figure out ahead of your vacation. From where to stay to when to go, and how much you’re willing to spend. Here’s What to Do Before Going to Disney World. Consider this your checklist to make sure you’re ready.

What to do before your disney vacation

How Do I Plan a Disney Vacation?

Disney World Trip Planning can get very complex, especially if this is your first Disney Vacation, there are 8 main things you will need to figure out ahead of time! From choosing when to go to your Disney budget to any of the fun things you’re hoping to do during your vacation. We’ve talked about these things before when we share the Disney planning schedule, from what to do 90 days before to 14 days before your Disney Trip. But if you’re just getting started and need the overview then you’re in the right place. Planning a Disney Trip doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s literally just a series a decisions and steps. Here is our lineup of must-do things to do before Your Disney trip.

Plan Your Disney Trip Dates

Picking a date for your Walt Disney World vacation is your best first step. Even if you’re not entirely sure of the exact week, nail it down to a month you’d like to visit. A couple of things to know ahead of time is that Walt Disney World is affected by a few things that can make or break your Disney vacation. The weather, the festivals at Epcot, the holiday crowds, the tourists! So many things. Be sure to know what you’re up against before you pick your dates. We cover all the things happening each month, annually in our Best time to visit Walt Disney World post. 

Set Your Disney Trip Vacation Budget

For a Disney Vacation, you will need a very good and thorough Disney budget. You can check out our Disney on a Budget post for everything you should plan ahead of time. But here are the main areas to consider. 

  • Travel Budget– Are you flying or driving?
  • Lodging Budget– Do you want to stay at a value, moderate, or deluxe resort. Check out Disney Resort Levels and Pricing to get a good idea of what’s within your preferred price range. 
  • Tickets Budget- Are you buying tickets separately or as part of a package with your resort? While we usually find deeper discounts with a package deal, if you’re looking to buy tickets separately, check out Get Away Today for the best prices. 
  • Entertainment Budget– Are you planning to attend an After Hours event or party? Maybe experiencing the Wild Africa Trek is on your Disney bucket list. Whatever you’re hoping for, add it to your list, so you get in everything you want to on this trip. 
  • Food and Snacks Budget– Knowing what your Disney food and snacks budget is before your Disney vacation will be a lifesaver. Especially since it can usually cost 70-100 dollars per day, per person for food. And that’s on the low end. Check out our Disney Dining Budget estimates so you can get an honest handle on the numbers. 

Buy a Disney Trip Vacation Package

If you are purchasing directly through Disney you can buy a Magic Your Way Package. You can do this on the Disney Website, by simply adding your resort, number of tickets, and a dining plan to the care. This combines your Disney Resort lodging and your Disney theme park tickets for all parks together into a bundle. You can also add a Dining Plan to this package to make things easy, when offered. If you choose not to book directly through Disney then you have a few options. either way remember that places like Get Away Today and Disney itself sometimes offers a Disney Trip Payment Plan, so that you can manage your trip payments. 

  • Book your Hotel: Our best advice is to always stay on Disney property when you can. Plus you can often even find cheaper Disney Resort prices by booking Disney through a third-party service. And then of course you can also always stay off-site, but often lose out on the Disney perks by doing so. 
  • Purchase your Tickets: Our preference is to purchase tickets as part of a Disney Vacation Package, but sometimes it just makes more sense to purchase them separately, especially if you are trying to do both Universal Studios and Walt Disney World and may want an out of the way hotel not included in a package. 

disney resorts

Two months before your Disney Trip you’ll want to consider what you need to buy before your trip, and things like transportation and dining options. From researching airline prices to adding Disney Travel essentials to your shopping cart, here are the things to do 60 days before your Disney trip. 

Plan your Disney Transportation

While we sometimes think it’s better to drive to Disney, especially if you’re traveling with many people there are times when flying makes sense. Especially if you’re traveling from a far distance. Whatever you choose here, know that there are options. Check out all the ways to get to Walt Disney World from the Orlando International Airport. Walt Disney World is about a 45-60 minute drive from the airport, so an uber, rental car, or the Disney shuttle service all work. 

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Plan Disney Dining Reservations

While not every Walt Disney World vacation needs Dining Reservations, having a nice table-service meal at Walt Disney World often requires one. Disney Dining Reservations aren’t necessarily hard to get, but popular restaurants fill up fast. From African dining at Sanaa in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge to breakfast at the Topolino Terrace at Disney’s Riviera Resort, being able to sit down, relax and enjoy a nice meal should be part of any hectic Disney Vacation. Typically dining reservations are made 60 days in advance. As part of your Disney Vacation Planning, choosing restaurants before your Disney Vacation is a must. As reservations may not be available last minute for many of the best restaurants like Space 220 in EPCOT Park

planning a disney vacation

One Month before your Disney Trip your highest priority is planning your Disney Days from morning to night. This will help you make sure you don’t miss anything important as well as be prepared for longer days. Consider things which shoes are best for Disney World, and planning what to pack for a Disney Trip all happen during this time period. 

Make a Daily Plan for Disney World Itinerary

Building out your day-to-day itinerary needs to be done BEFORE your Disney Vacation. This will help you choose which restaurants you’d like to try each day, what to pack and which Lightning Lane Passes may be needed. Write them down ahead of time and assign each park to each day of your vacation. This will help immensely when you need to reserve dining for both in-park and out-of-park restaurants, as well as Genie+ attractions for when you’re in the parks. Check out our Disney Printable Planners to help you get organized. 

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Choose Must Do Disney Rides for Each Park

Do you Need Disney Genie Plus or Lightning Lane on this Trip? Take the time before your Disney Vacation to talk through your Disney must-do lists. Maybe Pirates of the Caribbean is something you’re all looking forward to? Avatar’s Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom usually requires you to be at the park gates earlier than the opening of the park, because when those gates open you’ll need to race to the ride to get a decent spot in line. This ride usually sees 2-3 hour wait times. Deciding your Must-Do list ahead of time will allow you the opportunity to decide which day you need to wake up early, or stay late in each park. Check out our Disney checklists for the rides in each park, so you can make a plan. And through some Disney Ride Strategies so you can make your best plan. 

Plan Your Disney World Packing List

Wondering what to pack for Disney? Obviously, you will need to figure out what to bring ahead of time, but visiting Florida isn’t as easy as you think. From bug spray to sunscreen to extremely good walking shoes and sometimes a hoodie, you may need more travel gear than originally planned. Check out our stuff to buy for Disney before you go post. This will give you the rundown of essentials and get you ready. Also, consider packing light and aiming for comfortable clothes. Walt Disney World is often hot, crowded, and very sunny. Be prepared for it! You may want to order MagicBands if you plan to plan to use them, and they can be ordered in the app, at a discount, 12 days before your trip. 

A Week Before Your Disney Vacation

A week before your Disney Trip is all about making sure you didn’t forget anything. Double check the My Disney Experience App for your resort information, tickets attached to your account, and reservations. Double check your flight app and make sure all your flight and TSA details are correct. And lastly, grab your luggage, so you can start packing. Don’t forget to leave a few essentials out of your suitcase for your Disney Parks Bag. Hopefully, this has helped you get a feeling for what goes into planning a Disney Vacation. You can check even more Disney Planning Tips here on the blog for details on restaurants, resorts, shows, parties and festivals. 

All the things you must do to prepare for a Disney Vacation



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