Tony’s Town Square Disney Restaurant Review Magic Kingdom

Tony’s Town Square Disney Restaurant Review Magic Kingdom

While we’ve been to Magic Kingdom many times, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant has never made our must-try Disney Restaurant list. But, as we started to prioritize outdoor dining options and restaurants that may be less crowded, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant suddenly became more appealing. With menu changes over the last couple of years, we had heard mixed reviews. BUT, we gave it a chance and were pleasantly surprised! 

Chances are you have seen and walked by Tony’s Town Square restaurant many times! As the restaurant at the entrance of Magic Kingdom, outdoor diners get views of  Main Street U.S.A and is an ideal dining location if you time your meal around evening parades. Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is a table service restaurant in Magic Kingdom. Themed on Disney’s Lady and the Tramp, Tony’s serves Italian foods and desserts. In fact, during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Tony’s Town Square Restaurants hosts Cruella’s Halloween Hide-A-Way, offering guests a prime parade viewing spot. 

Tony's Town Square Restaurant

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant Atmosphere

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant feels like an old Italian Restaurant. The decor includes checkered floors, dark wood paneling, walls filled with pictures, and even a Lady and the Tramp Fountain. The whole atmosphere is meant to feel cozy, and comforting- just like the food. While this may not be the first place, we think to eat at Walt Disney World in the summer months, it is one we would consider when the weather gets cooler because it just has that kind of vibe. And if cozy and comforting is not really what you are looking for in a restaurant atmosphere, never fear, because you can also get ornate and breezy out on the balcony dining area. And if you’re looking for outdoor dining at Magic Kingdom this is one of the few table service restaurants that offer a patio! With the new focus on dining in open-air spaces, the outdoor dining option at Tony’s is a godsend. We also love that when times right a lunch or dinner reservation can lend to great views of the passing parade or Disney character cavalcades.

Tony's Town Square Restaurant Fountain

Is Tony’s Town Square Restaurant good for families?

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is MADE FOR families. Think picky eaters, squiggly kids, and enough carbs to welcome naptime early. That said, you can also count on a wine list and fancy desserts. While this is not California Grill, it can still satisfy the Disney Adult just fine.

Bread with dinner at Tony's Restaurant

Tony’s Menu

Okay, so we’ll be honest here. The reason it took us so long to add Tony’s Town Square Restaurant to our list of Disney Restaurant experiences was simply that we heard so many mixed reviews! But as the menu changes have been happening at this restaurant the last couple of years, we think they’ve finally landed on an Italian menu worth keeping! Check out the full Tony’s Town Square Restaurant Menu.

Fried Mozzarella at Tony's Town Square Restaurant

Appetizers at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant 

Fried Mozzarella: Herb-marinated Fresh Mozzarella with Creamy Tomato Sauce

This fresh appetizer was absolutely perfect, but also not really entirely needed! The meal comes with a slice of focaccia bread and oil that is filling enough while you wait for your food. On the other hand, who doesn’t love a good fried cheese ball? Especially one with a complex marinara and fresh basil. If you’re settling in for your biggest or only meal of the day, we’d recommend grabbing this appetizer with some wine before digging into your dinner.

Tony's Town Square Restaurant at Magic Kingdom

Dinner at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in Magic Kingdom

Tony’s Pizza Pie: Hand-tossed Pizza Dough, Blend of Cheeses, and Tony’s Pizza Sauce with Pepperoni or Sausage or Garden Vegetables

Of all the changes that were recently happening on this menu and our penchant for trying to find decent pizza at Walt Disney World, we were thrilled to see that Tony’s Pizza Pie did not disappoint! This pizza tasted as good as it looks! A lusciously soft crust, flavorful cheese, toppings, and everything you want an artisan pizza to be! The portion size here is definitely shareable and could make an easy pizza and wine lunch for Disney grown-ups.

Tony's Town Square Trio of pastas

Tony’s Trio

If you find yourself at a loss of what to order, no worries! You can get a little sampling of each of the main pasta. This is one of those great options when you have kids in tow. So they can each feel like they’re having their own meal but you on;y had to pay once! Here’s what you get in this dish. 

  • Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo: Herb-grilled Chicken Breast with Fettuccine and Alfredo Sauce
  • Chicken Parmigiana: Lightly-breaded Chicken Breast with Provolone and Tony’s Marinara Sauce over Spaghetti
  • Spaghetti: Choice of Hand-rolled Pork-Beef Meatballs or Italian Sausage with Spaghetti and Tony’s Marinara Sauce

Chicken Parmigiana with Spaghetti at Tony's

Chicken Parmigiana: Lightly-breaded Chicken Breast with Provolone and Tony’s Marinara Sauce over Spaghetti

By far the most amazing dish on the list, pretty much all night, and the whole next day, we could not stop raving about how perfectly this chicken was cooked. Juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, flavored to the max! Absolutely the best chicken on Disney property we’ve had in a while. It was also wonderful that the pasta was cooked al dente! As a mushy pasta is always a worry when it comes to any restaurant meals.

Tony's Town Square Restaurant at Magic Kingdom

Dessert at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Italian Strawberry Cake: Vanilla Cake with Whipped Topping, Balsamic-marinated Strawberries, and Fresh Basil (Plant-based)

This Italian Strawberry Cake was such a delicious dessert. Truthfully, we were not going to get a dessert, because dinner was already pretty filling! But we just could not pass this one up and were talked into sharing by the waiter. This cake is rich and decadent. Another treat that would have gone great with an espresso or dry red wine if you were looking for something indulgent, and that didn’t already follow a filling meal.

Is Tony’s Worth the Cost?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly Disney Restaurant, this may be it! To break this down the appetizer was 12 dollars, dinner was between 20-30 dollars per person and our cake was about 9 dollars. Add taxes and that 18% gratuity and you’re paying what you would normally pay at most Disney table service restaurants. That said, we did not by any means like this was overpriced. While not as budget-friendly as an all you care to enjoy the buffet for 35 dollars a person, we indulged in both an appetizer and a dessert on this one for the experience. If you’re looking for the range of dining options and their prices, check out our detailed Disney Dining Budget for spending estimates per person per day. 

Tony's Town Square Outdoor Dining

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant Tips

When is the best time to eat at Tony’s at Magic Kingdom?

On this visit, we had a reservation for 730pm, and we have to say that was wonderful. It was late enough that a lot of the restaurant crowds had left so the restaurant was emptying out and it was quiet and serene. It was also late enough in the day that all our food had to be made fresh, which was a bonus. If there had been an evening parade, we also would have been able to prolong our evening on the patio to stay and watch. But of course, an afternoon lunch in between mealtimes, say between 2-3 would have also been a great opportunity to hang out for the afternoon parade.

 Is Tony’s Town Square Restaurant Good?

Tony's Town Square Restaurant in Magic Kingdom. #polkadotpixies

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