The Best Disney Books to Own Collect and Gift

The Best Disney Books to Own Collect and Gift

If you’re looking for a little more inspiration, magic, or storytelling in your life, why not start with some Disney Books? Consider building a Disney Book Collection for yourself or a child. Or nurture a love of Disney Art and Animation with the best Disney Art Books. Perhaps you need Disney Vacation Planning Books or just want more fairy tales in your life. Whatever Disney Books you are looking for, we have rounded up the BEST Disney Books to Own, Collect, and Gift. Self-proclaimed book curators, we love finding only the best and most beautiful books to add to our Disney book collections. So whatever your goals in building your own Disney-themed bookshelf, here’s a list of our favorites. 

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Curating a Disney Books Collection

For starters, it’s important to think through your plans for your Disney Book Collection. Is this collection for a child? Do you plan on building on this collection in the coming years? Are you simply looking for Disney Book Gifts? One of the best things about curating the books on your bookshelf is that they can grow with you or your child as your interests grow and develop. For us, books are something we keep. As such, we typically buy them in hardcover and find ourselves re-reading favorites.

And of course, this can extend to a digital bookshelf as well. If you’re collecting your book list on Storygraph or GoodReads, perhaps you only have digital copies to “collect.” The stories are lasting no matter the package.  We’ve rounded up timeless stories, with Disney films to match, Disney Parks Books, Disney History Books, Disney Art Books and Disney Books for your Child’s Room too. 

Disney100 Book Collection

While this 100 Years of Wonder Storybook Collection may be a compilation, it’s a great start if you’re building a Disney book collection for children. Including many of the most popular stories by Disney, this Disney story books collection is a collectible, if not only for the reason that it’s the 100th Anniversary edition. 

Disney Princess Books

The stories that stay with us longest are often fairytales. Told to us as children, we find ourselves unaware of having memorized the story of Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast. And while a Disney story may be the one we remember best, fairytales come in many variations. Disney princess stories for example are well known and are available across a variety of editions. From children’s picture books to MinaLima Illustrated Editions, you can stories for them all. 

Disney Fairytale Stories

If you have a  little princess at home or are hoping to create the perfect Disney Princess Bedroom, you will need books for that. Luckily, Disney golden books are classics. Filled with stories of hope and magic, the best Disney princess stories are the ones with beautiful illustrations. While there is a plethora of Disney Princess books out there, here are some of the beautifully illustrated Disney Princess Books that are worthy of a place on your bookshelf. 

Ultimate Disney Princess Box Set of 12 Little Golden Books

This classic Disney Princess book set includes the stories of  Belle, Merida, Cinderella, Ariel, Moana, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Tiana, Jasmine, Anna and Elsa and Rapunzel. A great start for any little princess,  the Ultimate Princess Box Set of 12 Little Golden Books is perfect to get your child familiar with Disney Princess stories worth knowing. 

12 Days of Princess

The 12 Days of Princess is a Disney Princess Christmas book that we just love for the holidays. Since we collect some of the best Christmas Books, we can say that this is a super fun addition for little ones. If you’re hoping to teach your child about the princesses, this is a great holiday book you can read year after year. Set to the melody of the 12 Days of Christmas, the illustrations are beautiful, and a true keepsake. 

Disney Princess Tales of Courage and Kindness

If you’re building a Disney book collection for your child, this one is wonderful for kids 5-8. While the younger ones will enjoy the 14 new Disney Princess stories as a read-aloud, early readers can explore these new stories on their own. Tales of Courage and Kindness is filled with beautiful illustrations from a variety of artists and new princess stories. This is a modern Disney Princess book that sets a wonderful tone of kindness, courage, bravery, and consideration.

Disney Princess A Treasure of Magical Stories

If you’re looking for a collectible Disney Book, this one comes with a keepsake slipcase, for a hardback storybook. Filled with new Disney Princess stories, Disney Princess A Treasure of Magical Stories is a great Disney Gift Book, and one to add to your bookshelf, if your child has already memorized the rest of the princess stories. 

The Little Mermaid

As fairytales go, The Little Mermaid book has had many renditions. While the original story by Hans Christian Anderson has an ending much different from Disney’s version, it’s still very much worth the read. As such, part of any good collection of fairytale books includes a variety of versions to fall in love. Our favorite Little Mermaid Book editions include kid’s books, illustrated editions, the original, and Disney’s retelling. 

The The Little Mermaid Little Golden Book includes classic Disney illustrations and you can even grab the live-action version as well. While The Little Mermaid Live Action Little Golden Book is still illustrated it offers a more modern view of the story. 

Disney Animated Classics is a collection of books perfect for young adults. This collection puts each story inside a subtly decorated hardcover book. Perfect for bookshelf display. The Little Mermaid Disney Animated Classics book is geared towards readers aged 8-12 and gives a more in-depth look at the Disney version of the fairytale.

For Disney Adults curating a book collection, we love the MinaLima editions of illustrated books. While these are more collectibles, than books to actively re-read, The Little Mermaid MiniLima Illustrated Edition is beautifully made. And also features the original Little Mermaid story. 


There are many versions of Cinderella’s story, but only a few book editions that we truly love. Another great edition of the Disney version of Cinderella is the Disney Animated Classics Cinderella edition. This Cinderella book features a gorgeous cover and is illustrated throughout. Featuring original artwork from Mary Blair. Art from other artists at Disney studios during the 50’s is also within. This is the most wonderful copy of a Disney Cinderella storybook we’ve seen. 

Another favorite Cinderella book is the Caldecott Award Winning Cinderella by Marcia Brown. This children’s picture book is beautifully illustrated in a classic French style and is a must-have for any kid’s bookshelf.  

Beauty and the Beast

Some of the Best Disney Books we’ve seen for fans committed to the original artworks and illustrations of the Disney films are from the Animated Classics collection. And this Disney Animated Classics Beauty and the Beast book is the perfect example. Including original paintings, sketches, and concept art, this book tells the story of Belle in a variety of art mediums.

Of course, if you’re hoping to grab another exceptional version of the Beauty and the Beast book, we also love the Beauty and the Beast MinaLima Edition. This illustrated interactive book comes complete with lift flaps, gorgeous artwork, and a map, you’ll get a full view of the story through this edition. And if you’re looking for a children’s book of Beauty and the Beast, we love Cynthia Rylant and Meg Park’s Beauty and the Beast for the beautiful illustration and re-readable story. 


If you’re adding newer fairytales to your Disney book collection, then we like the Disney Animated Classics Aladdin best. Much like the others in this series, the illustrations are from the artist at Disney Studios, and the story sticks to the Disney version. That said, the Aladdin story is typically told within 1001 Arabian Nights. But if you’re looking for more than just the Little Golden Book version, you can grab the original story of Aladdin from the Everymans Library. 

Disney Classic Storybooks

While Disney has a variety of Disney Treasury Storybooks available, we like to go straight to the source. These classic stories are Essential Books to own, and offer wonderful stories to re-read and share. While all of these have been made into a Disney movie of some kind, they are literary masterpieces in their own right and deserve a place in your Disney Book Collection. 

Peter Pan

Follow the leader to Neverland in this classic tale about never growing up. Filled with adventure, and risky run-ins with Captain Hook, this is a classic story for both kids and adults. You can grab Peter Pan for a variety of ages. The Peter Pan Little Golden Book includes classic Disney illustrations, while the Peter Pan MinaLima book edition goes a little more in-depth with the Peter Pan story. But if you’re looking for Disney Adult books then we have two versions of this tale we live best. The fine bonded leather edition of Peter Pan with illustrations by Bedford and Deschenes is a beautiful collector’s edition. But, we’d also say that the Harper Muse Painted Edition of Peter Pan is equally as own-worthy. 

Winnie the Pooh

A classic children’s story, Winnie the Pooh is laced with so many life lessons for Disney adults, that it deserves a place in your Disney Books collection. The classic dark green hardcover of Winnie the Pooh and the red hardcover of The House at Pooh Corner are matched editions that allow you to collect both stories and re-read them to your heart’s content. Of course, if you’re looking for something more collectible, then the Winnie the Pooh Painted Edition is a perfect choice. We also love the retellings of the Winnie the Pooh Children’s books as well. Featuring all the original Winnie the Pooh stories you can grab The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh. This book includes original illustrations, colored, and is perfect for reading aloud.  

101 Dalmatians

This charming tale about the dogs of London and their starlight barking ritual is a fun way to see the world of our favorite canine friends. Beautifully written, 101 Dalmations Disney retelling remains true to the story by Dodie Smith. Featuring everyone’s favorite dastardly villain and dogs with plans of their own, you can grab the 101 Dalamations Little Golden Book for the classic Disney story. Or grab the Modern Classic 101 Dalmation book for the complete tale. 

Mary Poppins

With stories of magic and possibility, Mary Poppins is all about imagination, and fun. We love the Mary Poppins story for it’s whimsy, kindness, and ability to see the big picture. With Jane and Michael, Bert and Mr. Banks, you can fly kites through all of Mary’s adventures. A wonderful edition of this story for children is Lauren Child’s Mary Poppins picture book, complete with mixed media illustrations and a shorter story for little ones. Or you can grab the Mary Poppins Picture Book illustrated by Genevieve Godbout. We also love the beautifully illustrated Mary Poppins illustrated by Julia Sarda, complete with silver leaf details on the front. And of course, if you’re looking for the whole collection you can grab the boxed set of Mary Poppin’s books.

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

By far one of the most well-known books of all time, Alice in Wonderful is such a beautiful story that there are many, many editions worth sharing. From Alice in Wonderland Little Golden Book to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ( MinaLima Illustrated Edition) there are many variations with illustrations throughout. While they all tell the same story, we have a few editions we just love. 

The Alice in Wonderland book by Rifle Paper Co. is a gorgeous illustrated edition with a colorful cover and art prints throughout. But of course, if you’re looking for the original artworks from the film, then the Alice in Wonderland Disney Animated Classics book is filled with pages that inspired the film. For collectible, and re-reading purposes we also really love The Annotated Alice: 150th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, which includes all the Alice stories by Lewis Carrol and includes original illustrations by John Tenniel.

Disney Golden Book Collections

If you’re wondering what books will allow you or your children to grow, we love series titles for just this reason. Collections like the Animated classics or Serena Valentino’s Disney Villains Collection are great places to start. And if you have teens at home or just love a good young adult novel, the Disney Twisted Tales series offers unique versions of Disney stories you already know. 

Disney Little Golden Books Collection

Of all the Disney books to own, collect, or gift, nothing beats the Disney Golden Book Collections. These little hardbound books, with the gold edging, are durable for days spent reading, and feature wonderful artwork. While many of the Disney books have multiple variations of each story, there are a few collections that offer something unique. Featuring the classic Disney stories, the 12 Beloved Disney Classic Little Golden Books, is perfect if you’re building a traditional Disney book collection for yourself or your child. If you’re looking for something a little more modern, including the titular Pixar stories then Disney’s 100th Anniversary Boxed Set of 12 Little Golden Books is a better bet. And if you have a little princess at home, then the Ultimate Princess Boxed Set of 12 Little Golden Books covers many of the important Disney Princess stories to read and re-read. 

Disney Animated Classics

For ages 8-12, the Disney Animated Classics Collections are beautifully bound and illustrated stories of the classic Disney fairytales, as Disney tells them. With original illustrations, often included from film stills, artist renderings, and sketches, these books offer a unique experience for the reader. Including the Disney version of these stories, you’ll be able to find similarities between these and the films. If you’re looking for Disney books on Cinderella or Disney Books for Beauty and the Beast, these are perfect. 

Disney Tiny Book Collections

For the novice, we like the Disney Tiny Book Collections for those looking to display, rather than re-read, the books. While these Disney mini books do come with an abridged version of the Disney stories, they are chubby, and sometimes difficult to read for their tininess. They did, however, make the list, because if you have a  certain story you love, owning the Tiny Book may be a nice addition to your collection.

Disney Art and Animation Books

Any Disney fan will tell you that their love of Disney comes not only from the stories but also from the illustrations. Making magic appear onscreen can be difficult for anyone, though luckily Disney Studios has 100 years of experience in making that happen. As such, we’ve included Disney Art and Animation Books on this list, for everyone wanting to expand their collection into the space of understanding the art of Disney. Here are our favorite Disney studio books to consider. 

Inspiring Walt Disney: The Animation of French Decorative Arts

Featuring examples of 18th-century European design, Inspiring Walt Disney: The Animation of French Decorative Arts, outlines the artistic movements that fueled Disney castles, characters, costumes, and landscapes as we know them. From the fields of Provence in Beauty and the Beast to the gilded edges of the Magic Mirror, this book gives you a sneak peek into the inspiration that created the iconic Disney films that we know and love today. An absolute must-have book for those interested in art and design. 

Poster Art of the Disney Parks

Look no further than the mid-century for Disney artwork displayed in the parks, marketing their best rides! From the Tiki Room to the Pirates of the Caribbean, this Poster Book features original poster designs for many of the main rides at Disney Parks. We love that the Poster Art of the Disney Parks shows not only those sketches we’ve seen straight out of the studio, to true marketing pieces used for the more recent rides. A wonderful collection of artwork. 

The Hidden Art of Disney They Drew as They Pleased Collection

The Hidden Art of Disney books are wonderful compilations of Disney’s decades. Covering the iconic films of each era, this Disney book collection offers a comprehensive look at the art styles and motivations behind the greatest Disney films. Complete with line drawings, colors, sketches, and ideas, this collection is a must-have for any Disney fan who gets wrapped up in the art. And for anyone who wants to learn more about the Disney illustrators, artists, and colorists that make Disney magic on-screen possible.

Walt Disney Animation Studios: The Archive Series

Budding filmmakers, this Disney Art Book Collection is for you. What better way to celebrate the Walt Disney Company than by learning more about how these timeless films are made? Certainly, you don’t need to be talked into buying these, but if you’re a storyteller or designer, we consider these a must-have collection. While much of the Archive Series is no longer in print, we recommend hunting these down on eBay if you want to add something wonderful to your collection. 

  • Animation (Walt Disney Animation Studios: The Archive Series)
  • Story (Walt Disney Animation Studios: The Archive Series)
  • Layout and Background (Walt Disney Animation Studios: The Archive Series)
  • Design (Walt Disney Animation Studios: The Archive Series)

Disney Imagineering Books

We’ve included some essential Disney Imagineering Books on our Disney Books for Adults list. And while that gives you a great start, we wanted to dig a little deeper with some Imagineers who really made a difference at Disney Studios and the books that have been released to honor them. 

Mary Blair 

By far the GOAT of Disney Animation, Mary Blair was the brains behind the iconic attraction design on It’s a Small World and the concept artist behind Disney Movies, like Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. Bringing an amazing art style, and sketches to the table, her grasp on color was impeccable. Simply stated you can find examples of her work in every Disney film during her tenure and throughout the parks. Her style is easy to recognize with childlike drawings and bright colors. If you want to get a closer look at her work, The Art and Flair of Mary Blair (Updated Edition): An Appreciation is a stellar example of some of her best pieces. For a more in-depth look at the Imagineer herself, Mary Blair’s Unique Flair: The Girl Who Became One of Disney’s Legends is a great book to add. 

Ink and Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation

A culmination of talent at Disney Studios during the early days included numerous women who helped shape the look and feel of the company as a whole. Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation shares the stories of Disney’s advances helped in part by the women who drew, sketched, and created from scratch its more important techniques and developments in film. Offering never-before-seen photos of early Disney studios, this a great book for the Disney Historian, and one to own if you’re building a Disney Art and Animation collection. 

Rolly Crump

One of our favorite Disney Imagineers is Rolly Crump. Having watched the Disney Plus Series, Behind the Attraction, he’s one of the regulars when it comes to discussing the rides in the parks, and his plans to make them great. A fun character, with an inimitable spirit, he worked closely with Walt Disney on some of the park’s biggest projects. If you’re looking for a behind-the-scenes look at Disney life and projects, It’s Kind of a Cute Story by Rolly Crump is one of the great Disney Imagineering Books. 

Marty Skylar

Another one of the great Disney Imagineering books is Dream it! Do it! My Half-Century Creating Disney’s Magic Kingdoms by Marty Skylar. As a close companion and speech writer for Walt Disney and Roy E Disney, Marty was as close as it gets to the action throughout the most critical years of the Disney company. From 1955, through Walt’s death and to the opening of the Disney Parks, Marty brings insight, heart, and creative vision to the page in this memoir about his 50+ years at Disney. 

Claude Coats

As one of the founders of WED Enterprises, now Disney Imagineering, Claude Coats brought to life Disneyland Park. And many of the rides and experiences within. As a designer and artist, this memoir of Claude Coats: Walt Disney’s Imagineer is a true accomplishment in chronicling Claude’s creative career and history with Disney.  It truly covers everything from the Making of Disneyland.

The Imagineering Story

This multi-part documentary on Disney Plus is well worth the watch or any Disney Parks fan. The book itself, The Imagineering Story The Official Biography of Walt Disney Imagineering, offers insider stories from the beginning to the present. Covering everything from blueprints to personalities, rides, and experiences. Given truly mammoth tasks, the Disney Imagineers took on the task of bringing the biggest dreams to life. 

The Disney Monorail: Imagineering A Highway In The Sky

The history of one of Walt Disney’s most ambitious projects, the Monorial. Originally hoping to transform the California roadways with a high-speed train system, Walt Disney was rebuffed and chose to make his own. From the origin story of Walt’s love of transportation, to how the monorail would serve the prototypes of tomorrow, The Disney Monorail: Imagineering A Highway In The Sky offers a wonderful history. 

Disney History Books

If you’re collecting Disney Books on history, that share the most important stories of the Disney company, then look no further than this list of classics. From Walt’s biography to the 100th anniversary commemorative book, there is a lot of history here. 

disney books for children disney gifts for kids

Disney Books for Kids

While this post includes several options for kids if you’re building a Disney collection for a child, check out our Disney Books for Kids post. From board books to first readers to chapter books. If you’re looking for books that your child will love and remember forever, check out the post. We include Artemis Fowl, Star Wars First Readers, and Winnie the Pooh. Plus new classics, like Timmy Failure, and the Mother Bruce series. All from Disney Books Publishing.  

disney villains book series by serena valentino

Disney Books for Tweens and Teens

If you’re hunting down the Disney Villains Serena Valentino collection, we hear you! And while that’s a great collection to get your Teen Disney Books Collection started, don’t forget the others that are well worth your time! We cover most of them in our Disney Books for Teens and Tweens post. Including the Once Upon a Con Series and all of our Disney Twisted Tales Reviews so far. 

best disney books for adults

Disney Books for Adults

Everyone has a different take on Disney Books for Adults. Our take is that you might want something a little smart, or fun, or thought-provoking. But, you shouldn’t be limited to books without pictures just because you’re old enough to read. That said, check out our Disney Books for Adults post for a compilation of memoirs, young adult stories, cookbooks and more. 

And if you’re more of a listener than a reader, the best way to get Disney audio books free is to grab them from your local library through the Libby app. You can also get audiobooks for free through Hoopla. Both require a library card connection, but you can borrow, listen, and repeat to your heart’s content. 

disney villains cookbook

Best Disney Cookbooks

Our Disney Book Collection extends to the kitchen. and if you too are looking for Disney Recipe Books, consider adding some tried and true Disney Cookbooks to your bookshelf. While we have our favorites, you can see all the ones we’ve rounded up so far in the Best Disney Cookbooks post. 

Disney Parks Books

If you’re planning a Disney Vacation anytime soon, then we recommend adding these Disney Parks Books to your wish list. These books can help you make a plan of attack on rides. Or find a good Disney Restaurant review.

Disney World Books

If you’re heading to Walt Disney World, then Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World 2024 Guide has everything you need. From where to stay, to what to eat. This book can give you ride height requirements alongside a slew of shows and activities to do while you’re there. The other book to consider for a Disney vacation is The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2024. Featuring a friendly layout for what is sometimes considered a complicated topic, this Walt Disney World Guidebook is one we like to have on hand. Perfect for before and during vacation for all the references we need to have a great trip. 

Disneyland Books

If you’re heading to the West Coast, and Disney’s original park, Disneyland, know that there is plenty to do. This park has two separate theme parks and a slew of hotels in Anaheim California.  Plus, you’ll want a refresher on rides, restaurants and Disneyland Events throughout the year. Both Birnbaums Disneyland 2024 and The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2024 are great choices. And offer tips, reviews, and strategies to make the most of your vacation with these Disneyland Park Guides.  

Hidden Mickeys of Walt Disney World

Visiting Walt Disney World means you get a chance to find Hidden Mickeys! Strewn across the parks, resorts and Disney Springs, these little Mickey shapes, and Mickey heads pop up where you least expect it. Perfect as a Disney Gift Book, the Hidden Mickeys of Walt Disney World is a great start to any vacation. And it gives you and the family a chance to notice the details! 

Curating a Disney Book Collection to own and gift.

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