The Cheapest and Most Expensive Times to Visit Walt Disney 

Based on the DVC Calendar for Walt Disney World 


Adventure Season

The cheapest times of year include fall and winter,  holiday events, EPCOT festivals and more. Room rates and crowds are the lowest these times of year. 

Jan 1-31 Sept 1-30 Dec 1-14


Choice Season

October, November and some of December are the next cheapest. Crowds are highest through the holidays, but there are worthy events, parties, and festivals.

Oct 1-Nov 26 Nov 30 Dec 15-23


Dream Season

Dream Season offers average prices and average crowds. Festivals happen during these times, and warmer temperatures are common. 

Feb 1- 15 May 1- Jun 10 Aug 16- 31


Magic Season

With Magic Season comes summer vacation, spring break, and Thanksgiving. Crowds and Prices are higher during these times. 

Feb 16- Apr 13 Apr 28- 30 Jun 11- Aug 15 Nov 27- 29


Premier Season

The most expensive time to visit Walt Disney World is late April and late December. Prices and crowds are highest during late spring and the holidays. 

Apr 14- 27 Dec 24- 31

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