Disney Summer Outfits to Wear to Disney World for Summer

Disney Summer Outfits to Wear to Disney World for Summer

Wondering what you’re supposed to wear to Disney World for summer? Its no secret that Florida is HOT during the summer months. Add in the fact that it’s also hurricane season from June through November, and the combined humidity and heat index could just about kill ya! As people who would travel any other time of year, we’re here to share what you should be prepared for on your Disney World Summer Vacation. From sporadic rains, to non stop sunshine, and heat from morning to night, here’s our list of Disney Summer Outfits to help you have a better vacation.

Summer Weather in Florida

Weather in Florida from June through August typically ranges from 73°F- 95°F degrees Fahrenheit, with a heat index up to 110 degrees on some days. That said, it’s not just the heat but also things like humidity and an oppressive dew point that could ruin your Disney vacation. You may be thinking, it’s just summer weather, what’s the big deal? But, summer in Florida isn’t like it is other places, and definitely not when you’re on a Disney vacation. To put things into perspective here are a few things to remember about a a Disney Trip in the summer in Florida.  

  • Summer Weather is typically between about 85°F–95°F, 
  • Early mornings are generally in the 73°F-85°F range.
  • Heat indexes in Florida range from 103°F–110°F
  • Your outside from about 9 AM- 9 PM most park days
  • You walk approx. 7-12 miles most park days

Surviving the Summer Weather in Florida

We’ve talked before about how we never, ever, go to Disney World in the summer. Locals have told us more than once that only the tourists are brave enough to stay outside all day, and we wholeheartedly believe them. We’ve already written up tips on how to survive the summer at Disney World for the sole purpose of helping you STAY ALIVE in the heat! Things like taking breaks, lots of water, pool time, and leaving the parks between the 12- 2 PM hours, which are the hottest parts of the day are essential. Plus, don’t forget about things like Indoor Rides at Disney World to help you stay out of the sun, and the importance of taking resort breaks during the busy, and hot afternoon hours. And things like Disney Slushy Drinks can be a lifesaver to help you stay hydrated, and happy. But, none of it matters if you’re not dressed correctly! 

Summer Essentials for Disney World

Okay, let’s get to the real issue with packing for a Disney Trip to Florida in the summer months. And that is, what do you wear when it’s 95 degrees? Disney Summer Outfits aren’t hard to plan, but you don’t want to end up sweating through everything you own.  Since it’s a public theme park and you still need to wear clothes, though a terry cloth towel would better serve you, finding clothes that breathe are essential. Linen, Gauze, and Cotton Jersey Tees and Tanks are all great things to start with. And of course, any wicking fabric, or swimsuit like material is also a life saver during the hottest weather. And of course, if the Best Shoes for Disney World include breathable mesh tennis shoes, crocs and flip flops. Here’s our breakdown of the best Disney Summer Outfits for Disney World in the Summer. 

Polka Dot pixie Shop Disney Shirts

Hats and Sunglasses 

It goes without saying that you will need sunglasses and hats during your time in Florida. Be sure to grab sunglasses that have UV protection. You don’t need anything fancy, though Magic Kingdom has the Sunglasses shop in Adventureland with Ray Bans that will tell you different. Just grab one, or a few pairs of sunglasses before your trip, so you’re never without them. Keeping your eyes, and sensitive skin protected is essential in the harsh Florida sunshine. And of course, hats of all kinds are perfect for Disney Trips! We most like the basic baseball cap, but any will do. Be sure to grab one with a bill to help protect your face too. 

Polka Dot pixie Shop Disney Tanks

Tank Tops

Ahhh, the joy of summer clothes. We have loads of raw hem tank tops in the shop, with all our designs, but any tank top will do. Mainly, because you’re sweating a lot. Gross, we know. And luckily these tanks are jersey, so offer a bit of stretch, and stay looser from the body, keeping you from overheating! Be sure to grab ones you feel comfortable in for your trip. Or grab tanks in bulk from Target and Amazon. 

Polka Dot pixie Shop Disney Shirts

Cotton Tees

Our favorite addition to any Disney Summer Outfits is often just a simple t-shirt! We love the basic t-shirt as a style statement to show all sorts of Disney love. From the classic Disney tees in the parks, to the ones you can grab from small shops online ahead of time, there are lots of options. A tee is also a great option for the sporadic weather, easy to wash, and dry throughout your trip in the heat, and rain, you won’t need much else! Just pair with some shorts and good shoes and you’re all set. 

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Oversized Tees

Currently on trend, we love an Oversized tee for a Casual Disney Vacation Outfit. Easily paired with stretch shorts, or a dolphin hem, larger tees give you even more space to let your skin breath, and we just love the look! If you’re shopping with us on the website, or at Polka Dot Pixie Shop on Etsy, just size up a size to get a little more room! 

Linen Button Downs and Shorts

Every year, Target offers up a variety of Linen button downs for men and women to help you get through summer. But, we like finding the best ones just at a resale, or thrift shop. Cheaper, and already lived in, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to put together a summer wardrobe at Salvation Army! 

Polka Dot pixie Shop Disney Crop Tops

Crop Tops

Another cool option for your hot Disney trip, is to grab a Crop Top. These shirts are made out of swimsuit like material, let you show off you’re high wasted shorts. Pretty flattering on most sizes, you can grab these in the shop, with Disney designs. Of course plenty of places like AE, Target, and Old Navy also have crop tees and tanks you can add to the lineup of your Disney summer wardrobe. 

Polka Dot Pixie Shop Dresses


One of the more popular Disney Summer Outfits, nothing says summer like breezy dresses. Mainly because they’re easy to pack, and easy to wear. From linen dresses, to tank dresses, to these all over print dresses, there are plenty of options. You can grab Disney inspired ones in our shop, but don’t underestimate the dresses you may already own. We also love the versatility of wearing a dress to Disney. Through the day, you get an easy breezy outfit, and at night you can simply add a cardigan or jean jacket to make it dinner appropriate. 


It’s summer. So, if you’re heading to Disney World, be be prepared with a swimsuit of two! Any will do, since you’re main goal is too keep cool. We always recommend bringing a couple, so you can swap them out, before you have to do the laundry. Be sure to add cover ups for poolside lounging. also, keep in mind that while the Value Resorts generally have more crowded pools, the Moderate and Deluxe Resorts have some of the Best Pools at Disney World. If you’re hoping for lots of pool time, it may benefit you to choose a Disney Resort based on the pools! 

Cooling Towel

We’ve talked about the magic of a cooling towel in our Things you Need to Buy Before a Disney Vacation post. Perfect for long days in the parks, you can grab a cooling towel to use and re-use throughout the day. It’s easy to put in your backpack take out to wrap around your neck whenever needed. This is especially handy to have on hand if you have little ones, and don’t want to lug around tiny fans. 

Do you need a Jacket in the Summer at Disney World?

The main jacket you need in the summer in Florida is a rain jacket. We most like a good packable rain jacket that is water resistant, light and can fit in your Disney Day Backpack. We use, and reuse ours constantly. And if you’re traveling during Hurricane Season at Disney World, it’s an absolute must have. 

Disney Summer Outfits

So, how do you put it all together without overpacking your suitcase? Never fear, because in the summers, you can often get away with packing light for a Disney Trip, simply because all your clothes are smaller. That said, how do you  make the most of it? We like pulling together a Disney Summer Outfits Capsule Wardrobe. This allows us to mix and match clothes throughout the trip that match in some way, and can all easily be washed. Luckily, all Disney Resorts have laundry buildings, so you can do a mid-week wash if needed. Here we’re sharing some color coordinated wardrobe options to help you build your Disney Summer Wardrobe.

What to wear in the summer at disney world

We’ve pulled this wardrobe together in a green and yellow color scheme. Perfect for if you’re hoping to pack light and keep your outfits matched.  We like a Cupshe Ruffled Swimsuit for an easy option to lounge poolside. Super flattering, this swimsuit is available on Amazon and you can easily grab a few to color match whatever your wearing. Of course, a good Disney outfit always requires very good, worn in shoes. Remember you’re walking a lot at Disney World, and these New Balance Sneakers comes in lots of options. While Disney Summer Outfits don’t need any kind of special shoes, it’s important to pick the best ones. 

And of course, no Disney Trip would be complete without sunglasses. We recommend having several on hand. But these Square Sunglasses are super fun, if you’re looking for something fun. We also like having a Baggu Zip Duck Bag on hand. whether it be for the pool, or as your airplane bag, or what you pack all your park things in. The zipper makes it easy to take on rides, and it’s big enough to store all your park things. And to add more Disney to your outfit, check out our Disney inspired shirts and crop tops to help more Disney to your wardrobe. 

what to wear for summer at disney world

There are lots of options when it comes to what you can wear at Disney, but we most like that your best sneakers at home, will probably do just fine! The On Cloud Sneakers, in any color are always fun, and a pair of  Reebok Sneakers are timeless, for  use in the parks and at home. Add a Crochet Tote  for pool time, or as your park bag, and you’re all set. 

If you’re springing for expensive sunglasses to wear at Disney World, we recommend Ray-Ban Sunglasses, HOWEVER, don’t feel like you need to spend tons of money on shades. Sunglasses are the most lost item across Disney Parks, as told to us by a Cast Member. That said, a cheaper pair of sunglasses does just as well, and typically also have SPF protection.

Add in a pair of Casual Summer Shorts  that dry quickly in the rain and you’re all set! We like pairing our favorite Disney Shirts with these Disney Summer Outfits. Whether its as a pajama top for late night runs to the commissary, or something fun to pair with your high waisted short for your parks days, here are some of our favorites that match our fuchsia color scheme. 

what to wear at disney world

And finally, it’s easy to pair Disney Summer Outfits to a theme, so if you’re looking to match a holiday like Fourth of July for Disney World, there are lots of options. Something that can be played a little more classy, we love simple things like a Nautica Polo Dress paired with Converse Low Tops. Even a cute Disney Shirt, with a pair of Shorts or a Tulle Skirt can easily elevate your Disney outfit for the Summer at Disney World. Perfect for Disney photo ops across the parks, you’d be surprised how just a little effort can add some flair. Don’t underestimate the power of Red Minnie Sunglasses or a Mickey Loungefly bag. No matter what you’re wearing, all White Tennis Shoes go with everything. 

Disney Summer Outfits

There you have it! It’s easy to create fun Disney Summer Outfits with just a few things! And you don’t really even have to break the bank to help create fun outfits! Our best recommendation for creating a Disney Summer Outfit Capsule Wardrobe is laying all your outfits out ahead of time. That way you can see all the ways to mix and match what you have, to keep your packing light. Hopefully this have helpful! Let us know your favorite outfits for Summer at Disney World. 

What to Wear for Summer at Disney World

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