Save money on your Disney Hotel with Priceline

Save money on your Disney Hotel with Priceline

Walt Disney World is expensive. And it gets even more expensive every year. So while we (and everyone else) are always looking for ways to save money on a Disney World vacation, over the years, it’s gotten a little more complicated than it once was.  If you’re looking to be a bit more creative with how to save money on a Disney trip, look no further. We are sharing all about how to save money on your Disney Hotel with Priceline.

Walt Disney World Vacation Deals

Though you can often find Disney hotel deals, some are better than others. And they are usually limited. Certain room types and at certain resorts in general can sometimes sell out before you’re able to grab the deal. And Disney offers are never guaranteed.  So what are some other ways you can save on Disney? Well, we are here to share one of our favorite, and a little lesser known, Disney Vacation budget hacks.

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Booking a Disney hotel through Priceline

Booking a Disney hotel through Priceline

How to save money on your Disney Hotel with Priceline

Many people don’t often consider booking with a third party for Disney trips. And though some of our favorite ways to save money on a Disney hotel by booking through and Hotwire hasn’t quite come back the way it once existed during the pre-covid era, booking through a third party can still save you money. That’s where Priceline comes in. 

Priceline often has Disney offers that are not even available on Disney’s website. And sometimes, for whatever reason, Priceline even has availability for resorts and some room types when Disney’s website says it’s sold out.  We’ve shared a couple of screenshots above so you can see a couple examples of what kind of deals you’d be able to expect with Priceline. These are just examples though. And what kind of deals you can find will really depend on when you are traveling!

Priceline also occasionally has Disney hotels with their Priceline Express deals. This is where you don’t know what hotel you’re booking, and you can get a really great deal as a result. However, since the removal of the Magical Express, it’s been a bit harder to determine if you’re actually getting a Disney hotel or a partner hotel, so it’s not a tactic we find ourselves really using these days. 

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How much can I save at Disney by booking through Priceline?

This depends on a lot! It depends when you want to go and what resort you want to stay at. I’ve seen some discounts that are only about $30 off per night. And others that offers savings up to 40% off. Your best bet is just to always compare what Priceline is offering vs what the Disney website is offering. Many times, last minute deals tend to be some of the best ones you’ll find as they are really trying to fill up those rooms. So if you’re trying to book a quick getaway with little notice, this can sometimes be a great way to go about it!

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Booking your Disney Trip through Priceline

Booking through Priceline to get a deal on your Disney vacation is easy. Just go to, search for “Walt Disney World”. Enter your dates and party size and compare those prices with what Disney’s website has to offer. And if you’re signed up with Rakuten, make sure you activate cash back to save even more.  I’ve seen Rakuten cash back offers between 2-8% at times and that can really add up! 

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to booking with Price for your Disney trip is that you do have to pay in full at the time of booking. The rates are often fully refundable up until about a week before your trip, but each booking can vary, so be sure to check the cancellation policies before proceeding with your booking. 

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Linking your Disney Resort once booked through Priceline

Once you’ve booked your Disney Resort Hotel through Priceline, you will receive an email confirmation. This will include your Priceline Trip number as well as a confirmation number. This confirmation number is the number that you’ll want to link in your Disney Account. Just go to Walt Disney World’s website, hover over the My Disney Experience tab, and click “My Plans”.  Scroll around halfway down the page and add your Disney Resort confirmation number where prompted. That’s it! 

Do I still get the on property Disney Perks by booking through Priceline? 

Yes! As long as you make sure to connect your Disney reservation to your Disney account, you’ll have access to all of the same perks you’d normally get from booking a Disney hotel. 

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Can I still use a Disney Travel Planner when booking through Priceline?

Using a Disney Travel Planner for your Disney Vacation can have a lot of benefits. They can help with dining reservations, navigating Genie+ and help you come up with strategies to maximize your Disney trip. And they’re usually free to use! But no, you technically cannot use a Travel Agent for a trip booked through Priceline. Because Priceline essentially becomes the “travel agent”. But if you still want to take advantage of their services, you can always book your Disney tickets through a Travel Planner and they can often still help you with all of the things they would if you had booked a package! So it’s a win-win. 

Ultimately, whether or not booking your Disney Hotel through Priceline is a good choice for you depends completely on your specific situation. But it’s always worth it to check! You never know what kind of deals you might find!

Disney Deals with Priceline to Save Money on Disney Resorts

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