Why Walt Disney World Is the Perfect Place for a Digital Detox

Why Walt Disney World Is the Perfect Place for a Digital Detox

In a world where we are constantly glued to our phones, it can be difficult to notice that life still exists outside of our 5.5 inch screens. We’ve previously written about how to unplug at Walt Disney World , but to be honest, we haven’t been great at practicing what we preach. Guilty. Right here.

A Digital Detox at Walt Disney World 

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But I have to say it guys, we aren’t the only ones. All of you also can’t seem to put that phone down either. Ok, so maybe not all of you, but most of you. How is it that you’re at the most magical place on Earth, with endless wonders to be seen and rather than looking up and all around, instead our heads are all down at a screen?

Time for a digital detox. And here’s why we think Walt Disney World is the perfect place for one.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about a full on, throw-your-phone-into-the-ocean type of detox. We can start with baby steps here. But really, do you need it out all.the.time? Probably not.Annual Pass

Using Your Phone Less at Walt Disney World

On a recent trip, I had the unfortunate circumstance of not having my camera with me because it was being repaired. So I had to rely on my phone for taking pictures and trust me, after two days, I was over it. So I decided to put my phone away and only check it a few times during the day and honestly, it was amazing.

I realized how much I’ve really been missing on our trips.

Planning a Disney vacation can take as long as planning a wedding, so why did you spend all of that time planning if you’re just going to be on your phone? Your fast passes are set, your dining reservations have been planned, if you’re staying on property your transportation is taken care of. What more do you need?jellyrolls at disney boardwalk

Disney Digital Detox Tip

With the introduction of the My Disney Experience app, it seems even more necessary than ever to be glued to your phone. But that’s entirely untrue. Look at the app in the morning, get a handle on your plans and get on with your day. We’ve been doing Disney since before the app was created, so trust me when I say its possible. If you need to check it here or there for wait times or if you forget when your fast pass is, check the app and put the phone away. No need to check email, social media or texts from people crashing your vacay.

Using Your Camera Less at Walt Disney World

We are guilty(or rather I am guilty) of seeing most of Walt Disney World through a lens. I have a passion for photography and I always have. But at some point, do I really need 400 pictures of the Festival of Fantasy parade? Probably not. Grab a few great pics, then put the camera down and enjoy what’s going on in the present and the reason that you came: your family, your friends and the magic that is in the details everywhere. And guess what? You’re going to see and notice a heck of a lot more than you would if you were waiting for that perfect shot, or Instagramming the whole parade for your followers.www.polkadotsandpixiedust.com

With Disney Photopass becoming better all the time(hello portrait mode!), it’s super easy to leave the majority of the photo taking to them and not worrying about horrible lighting or overexposure of your vacation photos.

Get All Your Plans Figured Out Ahead Of Time

Since you are obviously a reader of our blog, of course you have your fast passes set, your dining reservations made and you know what your transportation situation is. Walt Disney World is the perfect place for a digital detox because everything is already done. No need to search Pinterest for dinner ideas tonight and your friends on social media can wait to see your fab photos until you’ve returned to your hotel room later at night.

Walt Disney World is already so overstimulating that you really don’t need one more thing to pay attention to!

Pre-Plan Your Digital Detox Time

Now, let’s be real for a minute here though. If you have a passion for photography, vlogging, blogging, or whatever it is that you like to do, we are by no means saying that you should just throw that to the wind! But setting some pre-planned digital detox time in will make a huge difference. I really don’t like working with the harsh lighting in the middle of the day, so I will usually set that time aside to just enjoy the experience and put away my phone or camera.www.polkadotsandpixiedust.com

No one ever looks back at a Walt Disney World vacation, saying, “wow I really wish I would have spent more time on my phone.” So try it out, even if it’s just for a day or a few hours! We promise you will notice more, appreciate more of those magical details and ultimately have a more genuine experience when you aren’t glued to your screens.www.polkadotsandpixiedust.com

Happy Detoxing!

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