5 Fun Things to Make Your Disney Easter Basket More Magical

5 Fun Things to Make Your Disney Easter Basket More Magical

Need a Disney Easter Basket Idea? When we aren’t at Disney, we are always trying to find little ways to add some Disney magic into our lives. With Easter coming up, we wanted to find a few fun things you can add to your Easter Baskets this year to make it a little more magical.

Disney Movies

We love adding a little more magic to an Easter basket with a classic Disney film we know we’ll re-watch over and over! It’s become a tradition and helps build our Disney movies collection. Who doesn’t love getting a new DVD to add to your collection? This has become a new fan favorite for many and is great for the whole family.

Disney Pixar’s Coco


Disney Plush

Whether big or small, Disney has tons of plush to choose from . To add to a bookcase or as a new bedtime friend. 

Move over Tsum Tsums, Ufufys are here. If you haven’t heard of these little guys, well ,now you have. They are perfect for kids and adults(I own several that sit at my desk) AND they’re scented. What?! Yes they are too cute, and they’re adorable. And since they come in a few different sizes, you’re sure to find one to fit perfectly in an Easter Basket. You can grab full size plushies at shopDisney.com, ufufy’s and tsum tsums!

Disney Books

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book, and right now we are loving the classic bound books that Boxlunch is currently offering. Books for all ages and interests, these are sure to be a hit. Check out all our favorite Disney books for kids here.

Disney Socks

Everyone loves a great pair of socks. And as silly as it sounds, hey, we all need them, so they might as well be fashionable, right?! ShopDisneyParks has lots of great options for kids and adults, but you can also find fun options at places like Target.

Disney Pins

Pins are all the rage right now. Whether you’re headed to Disney and want to trade them , or just collecting them at home, pins are a fun accessory for backpacks, denim jackets or just a pretty pin board at home. And they’re the perfect size for an Easter Basket!

A Disney Easter Basket

Not hard to pull together with your favorite Disney things in tow, check out our tsum tsum inspired Easter Basket post for more ideas! What magical items are you putting in your Easter Baskets this year?! Let us know!

How to Build a Disney Easter BAsket. 5 things you can buy to get you started on an disney theme! #disneyeaster #disneyDIY #polkadotpixies


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