Winter at Walt Disney World: 5 Great Reasons to Visit

Winter at Walt Disney World: 5 Great Reasons to Visit

While we have our own favorite times to visit, whether it be for sentimental reasons (Fall) or practical reasons ( January) there is a gamut of Walt Disney World Events that happen annually to help you make this decision. However, Winter at Walt Disney World is beginning to look more and more promising. Here are our Top 5 Reasons why Winter may just be the best season to visit Walt Disney World.

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Winter at Walt Disney World

With festivals, the holidays, runDisney marathons, and more, there is a ton to do at Walt Disney World during the winter months. And Winter is one of the Cheapest and Most Expensive Times to Visit Walt Disney World.  December through February sees better weather, lower prices, fewer crowds, and even more events and activities. Times to consider for spending winter at Walt Disney World includes the following.

Best Times To Visit Walt Disney World in Winter

  • December 1-14. This is considered Adventure Season by the DVC and one of the cheapest times to visit Walt Disney World. Taking advantage of space between Thanksgiving and Christmas crowds means you still get all the holiday fun but without the crowds. Here are a few things happening this time of the month.
  • January 1-31. With the exception of New Year’s Day, all of January is part of Adventure Season and one of the best times to visit Walt Disney for low crowds, cheaper resort prices, and winter activities. 
  • February 1-15. While later in February sees crowds as people begin heading to Florida for warmer weather, the early part of February is still a good time to visit. Ahead of Presidents day crowds, and Spring Break, this is probably the lowest you’ll see crowds and costs until September. 

What to pack for disney in the winter, what to pack disney, disney when its cold, how cold does it get at disney, what to wear at disney when its cold

5 Reasons to Visit Walt Disney World in the Winter

Now that you know what is happening each month throughout the winter at Walt Disney World, let’s dive into the why! Sure, there are other times of year that have flashier events, but when it comes right down to it, these are some of the best reasons to make your Disney vacation in the winter months. 

Florida Weather in the Winter

While it’s true that Florida does see some classic winter temperatures down to the ’40s in November and December, a 50-70 degree range from December through February is more typical. After a stifling Spring, Summer, and sometimes Fall months, the breezes and perfect weather is such a welcome change. And since it’s Florida, you can usually still count on the sunshine. Check out what to pack for winter at Walt Disney World. 

Lower Prices in Winter at Walt Disney World

As prices do climb nearer the holidays, Walt Disney World has its lowest prices of the entire year in January, September, and early December. Room and package prices are the lowest during this time of year, so if you have a longer trip or a lot of family members this is the best time to visit. Check out when to find the cheapest times to visit Walt Disney World

Fewer Crowds

Strangely, just as prices drop in the parks, so do guest numbers. Again, apart from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, other dates in the winter find the parks emptier. We love that this means we can fit in more rides, get highly coveted dining reservations, and don’t have to wait in lines. Lower crowds also mean less time waiting for the bus and monorail, so you can make the most of your vacation time. Here are our top tips to avoid the crowds at Walt Disney World. 

Gingerbread Displays Walt Disney World

Holiday Activities

Nothing says magical like the holidays! With Christmas events in every park at Walt Disney World, you’re sure to find plenty to help get you in the holiday spirit. Be sure to see the Gingerbread displays at the Disney Resorts, and head to the Disney Boardwalk for more free, festive holiday fun. Inside the parks, you can find the International Festival of Holidays at EPCOT, and Christmas activities at Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.  

Free souvenirs at walt disney world festival

EPCOT International Festival of the Arts

Thankfully, just as Walt Disney World says goodbye to the holidays, the International Festival of the Arts arrives the 3rd week in January and runs until the 2nd week in February. This festival honors the culinary arts, performance arts, and fine arts. Featuring artists, chefs, and performers guests can try beautiful foods, see acrobatic, artistic, and musical shows, and meander through numerous galleries. And of course, fewer crowds make this festival even more enjoyable. Check out our Top 5 Things to do at the EPCOT Festival of the Arts. 

Perks of Visiting Walt Disney World in the Winter

Sure, Walt Disney World is magical at all times of the year. But if you’re looking for better weather, a chance to make your vacation budget go further, and a little less crowd chaos then you may want to consider flying south for the Winter! Add in events and holidays exclusive to the season and you can experience Walt Disney World in a whole different way. Dare we say it could be the calm, whimsical, and budget-friendly vacation you were looking for?

Why winter is the Best Time to Visit

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