A Cozy Disney World Winter Packing List For Your Disney Trip

A Cozy Disney World Winter Packing List For Your Disney Trip

Heading to Walt Disney World during the Winter and not sure what to pack? This Cozy Disney World Winter Packing List is sure to get you through the chilly days and nights. After having traveled to Walt Disney World during the coldest months of the year, we have quickly learned some of the best items to pack to keep you comfy, cozy, and still looking cute! Because, while it doesn’t get that cold in Florida when you’re standing outside in 40-degree Florida weather to watch the parade at night, you will wish you wearing more. So let’s get started, shall we?

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Florida Weather in Winter

It’s important to Dress for the Florida Weather. You may not believe it but Florida in the winter gets chilly at night. So bring a lap blanket or a hoodie if you plan to stay for the evening shows. And plan for a cup of hot cocoa or two. Here is everything to know about Florida Weather at Disney World during the Winter months. 

Winter is actually probably one of our favorite seasons at Walt Disney World because not only is it a season of lower crowds, but also has some of the best weather in our opinion. Not having to fight with humidity and 90+ degree temps is always preferred for us, so if it means we need to put in a bit more effort in our packing, then so be it. And while there are many reasons that Winter at Walt Disney World, you won’t enjoy it if you’re not dressed for it! 

Weather in Florida in December

Weather at Disney during December ranges from 46 degrees to 79 degrees! You can find sun, clouds and sometimes rain! While December is sometimes a warm month in Florida, don’t let those highs deceive you. 46 degrees in Florida can be brutally cold due to the high levels of moisture in the air. 

Weather in Florida in January

Our favorite month temperature wise, January in Florida ranges from 52- 72 degrees, keeping things mild. We love that this is long sleeve hoodie season and you won’t really need the winter gear as much as you would in December.

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Weather in Florida During the Winter

Let’s start by understanding what you can expect from winter weather at Walt Disney World. It’s easy to assume, hey it’s Florida, it’ll be warm! But then it’s 35 degrees during that last parade at midnight and you’re wondering where your jacket is? On the other hand, you could assume it’s going to be cold the entire time and not pack anything for when it does start to warm up.  As we know too well, sweating unnecessarily in Disney is really not fun or very magical and should be avoided if possible. One thing that’s important to understand about winter in Florida is that the temperatures can really be all over the place and sometimes it really can be pretty warm during the day and then freezing at night.  Your best friend in this case? Layers, my darlings. 

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Disney World Winter Packing List

Okay, so let’s break it down, in addition to all the things you Need to Buy for a Disney Vacation, and everything on your Disney Packing List, here are some things you’ll want to bring if you’re visiting Walt Disney World in the winter. Consider this your Disney World Winter Packing List.

Wear Layers

Believe it or not, wearing layers is your best bet! Bring a hat, bring a cardigan, and have a cute Disney Shirt under it all. We love flannels and shackets. And anything that can simply be thrown over your tee, to add a little more warmth. For extra cold temps, we recommend packing a pair of comfy leggings that can be worn under your top layer. 

Additionally, a nice base layer for under t-shirts, sweatshirts and other tops is a good idea too. We like these layering turtlenecks or a moisture-wicking base layer that can be taken off when it starts to warm up. 


You will most likely want to pack a few Disney shirts during the day when it warms up, and either a few sweatshirts, a denim jacket, or flannels that you can tie around your waist(or throw in your park bag) for when it cools down in the afternoon and evening. 

Jeans and Pants

Winter at Disney is generally not the best time to plan to wear shorts, although if you tend to be a little on the warmer side, you can always pack a pair just to be on the safe side. We found that jeans, overalls or jumpsuits, and lined leggings were enough to keep us warm even when the temps dropped at night. 

Packable Windbreaker for Disney in Winter 

One of the best things to bring that can really help keep you warm, without much effort is a packable windbreaker. Great as a rain jacket and keeping out the cold, a Packable Rain Jacket, can even fit in your Disney Day Bag, so that’s a bonus. 

Packable Puffer for Disney in Winter 

Be sure to check the weather beforehand to see if your trip dates will require you to have a jacket. You’ll most likely need one at night. We’ve seen temps in the 30s during all of our winter trips. And jackets available for purchase in the Parks are very expensive. We love something super packable puffer jacket like these or something full-on fluffy and fun. 

Though we do recommend a full jacket, a warm vest is also a good option for adding an extra layer. 

Winter Hat

As much as we all love Mickey Ears, we actually found on this last trip that we really needed a winter hat. Luckily, there are a lot of adorable options for Disney-inspired headwear that will keep your head warm and still allow you to show your Disney side.  Pack something like this simple beanie.  Or a fun beanie with faux ears like this one from Amazon

Comfortable Shoes for Disneyworld

And of course, as always, bring a comfortable pair of shoes. Preferably two! It still rains in January at Disney, so having a second pair of shoes is always a good idea. We’ve gathered up the best shoes for a Disney vacation here.  Make sure they’re broken in so you don’t have to deal with blisters on your trip.

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What to Wear to Disney in Winter

There you have it! Sure, a cute Disney tee and shorts works for any other time of year at Disney World. But, the winter months, from about December through mid-January require a little more planning. As such, bring the long sleeve, and the flannel, and the hat, and maybe a coat and cardigan too. Layers may take up room in your suitcase. But you’ll be glad you brought when faced with buying a the $70 hoodie just to get through the rest of your day at Magic Kingdom. We hope this Disney Winter Packing List has helped! Let us know your best packing tips for winter in Florida! 

Disney Packing tips for Winter at Walt disney World. It's colder than you think out there! With breezes and a 50 degree range in December and January temperatures packing for Disney gets tough! Here's our best tips on how to pack the right stuff for your winter holiday in florida. #polkadotpixies #disneyvacations #floridavacations

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