The Cheapest and Most Expensive Times to Visit Walt Disney World

The Cheapest and Most Expensive Times to Visit Walt Disney World

It’s no secret that Walt Disney World keeps getting more and more expensive. But, since we can’t seem to stop going it pays, literally, to know when the cheapest and most expensive times to visit Disney are. Luckily, there’s actually a calendar that tells you this information, though most people don’t know about it. 

We’re going to share two ways to see this information. The first is by using the tried and true Disney Vacation Club rate calendar. This calendar is meant to share with DVC members the cheapest and most expensive times to use their points for a resort stay. The DVC Rate calendar is based on a complex formula involving crowds, events, seasons, and historical pricing. The second way is through Disney’s newly introduced ticket pricing interactive calendar on their website. This site allows you to choose your tickets, based on price, by scrolling through months to see what ticket prices are. You can also find that info in our post about how to save money on a Disney Vacation. Here’s what you need to know.

The Cheapest Time to Visit Walt Disney World 

Since Disney vacations are ALWAYS going to feel expensive, know that there are ways to soften the blow! You can simply choose a different time to go to Disney World. But When? 

What is the Cheapest Month to Go to Disney?

If you’re aiming for the most budget-friendly time to visit Disney, then you actually have a couple of months to choose from. January is generally the Cheapest Month to Visit Walt Disney World. But September takes second, and believe it or not the first two weeks of December takes third, as you’ll see below. Note that this is based on the DVC Calendar rates which average the historical pricing.

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The lowest seasons to book, based on this calendar are Adventure Season and Choice Season. After that, the prices increase dramatically all the way up to Premier Season, which includes the holidays, the most expensive time to visit Walt Disney World. Here’s where the dates fall for each. 

Adventure Season

  • Jan 1-31
  • Sept 1-30
  • Dec 1-14

Adventure Season encompasses the cheapest times to visit Walt Disney World. Luckily, there are also a few of our favorite things offered during these dates. In January you can attend Epcot’s Festival of the Arts, September the Food and Wine Festival and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and in December you can visit the resorts to view holiday decorations and check out the Festival of Holidays at Epcot. 

Choice Season

  • Oct 1-Nov 26
  • Nov 30
  • Dec 15-23

Choice Season is all about great fall weather in Florida, the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, and Christmas at Walt Disney World without the crowds or high costs. This time of year you can sometimes grab the Free Dining Offer along with the cheaper resort stay.

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When to Visit for Average Walt Disney World Rates

Dream Season

  • Feb 1- 15
  • May 1- Jun 10
  • Aug 16- 31

Dream Season offers shoulder season dates at average prices. Mind you, these are not great prices. It is during these dates that everything starts to go up. Resorts, tickets, flights, everything. However, if you’re unable to go in Adventure or Choice Season, Disney vacations within these dates are your next best bet.  

The Most Expensive Times to Visit Walt Disney World 

Ahhh, the most expensive times to visit Walt Disney World are all about major events and holidays. And while these times surely are extra special, there is so much to do the rest of the year that battling the crowds and dealing with high prices just isn’t our cup of tea. Interestingly there are times within these date ranges that do have low crowds that may make a higher price worth it for you. Check out our post on the Best times to visit Walt Disney World for week-by-week suggestions. 

When is the Worst Time to Visit Walt Disney World?

Say hello to Magic Season and Premier Season. With rates at the highest range of the Disney Resort Tier prices, you could spend thousands per night at some resorts or villas. The exception here is the summer dates below. Jun 11- Aug 15 may once have been on the “Peak Season”, but now we often see summer deals as Walt Disney World tries to woo guests into a very very hot Florida summer vacation.

Magic Season

  • Feb 16- Apr 13
  • Apr 28- 30
  • Jun 11- Aug 15
  • Nov 27- 29

Magic Season is magical. It’s also…very expensive. This is where you find your on-season Summer Vacationers, your Spring Breakers, and Thanksgiving Week. If you’re looking for pricey and very crowded you will find that at Walt Disney World during this time. You will also find many first-time vacationers, families, international tour groups, and high school students. Resorts are more heavily filled during this time making prices higher.

Premier Season

  • Apr 14- 27
  • Dec 24- 31

Premier Season at Walt Disney World is all about fantastic weather in late April, ahead of the crowds of summer. And Christmas week, when everything is extra sparkly at Disney. Resorts and tickets are the most expensive they will ever be during these dates. You’d pay similar pricing on a Disney Christmas Cruise at these rates. 

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Disney Vacations on a Budget

Hopefully being able to see the date breakdown and pricing options can help you make even better choices when it comes to planning your Disney vacation. Be sure to check out all our Disney on Budget tips on the blog, and reach out if you have questions. And once you pick your dates for your Disney Vacation you’ll have to know what are the best days to visit each Disney Park

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