Breakfast at Ale and Compass at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Breakfast at Ale and Compass at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Breakfast at Walt Disney World is always a treat, so we’re always thrilled to find a new Disney Restaurant for Breakfast. Especially on the Disney Boardwalk! As one of the best spots in Walt Disney World to relax in the mornings, the Disney Boardwalk offers a slew of restaurants, so why choose Ale and Compass?

This classy place, done up in all its best Yacht Club decor, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, with unique menus and budget-friendly prices. So, of course when we heard they offered dark chocolate waffles, and a breakfast pizza, we just had to try it for breakfast. Luckily, since we were staying at The Disney Swan Hotel nearby, we took a chance and decided to head on over. 

Disney Yacht Club on the Disney Boardwalk

Ale and Compass  Details

If you’re looking for a Restaurant at Walt Disney World that offers a variety of foods, in a serene atmosphere, then Ale and Compass is right up your alley. Located in the Disney BoardWalk Area, inside Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, the Ale and Compass Restaurant is the perfect place to eat if you’re staying in the area, or visiting Hollywood Studios or EPCOT for the day, as both are within walking distance. 

Ale and Compass Hours

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Ale and Compass is great for an early morning meal before heading into the parks, an afternoon break from the parks, or for a nicer dinner. We’ve had all the meals here, and love everything we’ve tried so far. 

  • Breakfast – 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM
  • Lunch – 11:45 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Dinner – 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

How Do You Get to the Ale and Compass Restaurant at Yacht Club?

Located at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, the Ale and Compass Restaurant can be found just off the lobby area, near the Ale and Compass Lounge.

  • By Car: If you’re driving to the resort, you can simply tell the parking attendant that you have reservation. ( Dining Reservations are Required in order to Park at the Resort. Parking Time Limit is 3 hours.)
  • By Disney Skyliner: If you’re staying at a Skyliner Resort, then you can grab the Skyliner and head to EPCOT’s International Gateway. From the Skyliner exit you can simply turn right and head to the Yacht Club Resort, where Ale and Compass is located.
  • Walking: There is a walking path that connects EPCOT Park and Hollywood Studios and runs right through the Disney BoardWalk Area. As such you can walk from either park to the Yacht Club to visit this restaurant. 
  • Disney Bus: Simply grab the Disney Yacht Club Resort Bus from any Disney Park or Disney Springs and you will be brought to the resort. 
  • Disney Boat: You can also catch the Disney Friendship Boat from Hollywood Studios, the Disney Marriott Hotels and EPCOT to head to the Yacht Club Boat Dock. From here, simply walk into the resort, and you’ll see the restaurant. 

Does Ale and Compass have a Dress Code?

Disney’s Ale and Compass Restaurant is a Casual Dining Restaurant. No swimwear is allowed, but other than that the Dress Code at Ale and Campus is pretty basic, and allows for families coming in from the parks, to simply sit down and eat. No special attire required. 

Do you Need Reservations for Ale and Compass for Breakfast?

We would recommend reservations for any of the meals at the Ale and Compass Restaurant. However, if you haven’t made a reservation you can sometimes join the walk up list in the My Disney Experience App,  as well as ask at the desk if any seating is available. This restaurant does not typically fill up, and can usually accommodate last minute dining reservations. 

Ale and Compass lounge Disney's Yacht Club

Ale and Compass Atmosphere

Ale and Compass Restaurant includes a table-service restaurant and lounge and is located at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. Upon entering you feel a little fancy, due to the bright blues, gold accents, and velvet-y feel of everything. Always a great feeling to start the day, we don’t mind saying. Everything is elegant, classy, and a little bit of a throwback to a richer time. Even the walls are tailored. 

Offering both table seating and booth seating Ale and Compass is a sit down restaurant at Walt Disney World good for both kids and adults. With views of the front porch and garden at the Yacht Club, you can plan on an easy morning here, with good food. A huge perk of this restaurant is that since it’s a little out of the way, it’s not typically bustling or super busy. 

Ale and Compass Restaurant Breakfast Disney

Ale and Compass Breakfast Menu

If you’ve read our other restaurant reviews, you know we’re usually on the hunt for vegetables and fresh foods when we’re on a vacation. Especially, since for some reason they seem rather scarce at Disney World. And as we do tend to eat rather clean at home, having a meal full of carbs and sugar just doesn’t tend to be our go-to choice. But seeing that Ale and Compass Breakfast includes Slated Caramel-Apple French Toast and Dark Chocolate Waffles with Mascarpone was enough to get us here.

Of course, we also got the Protein Bowl, which was absolutely amazing, to help even things out. But even then, we’ll admit, it was the chocolate avocado toast that came with the bowl that had us curious. And yes, also delicious. And a bonus is that ALL OF THIS is available on the Ale and Compass To-Go Menu which we’ll chat below too. Check out the Ale and Compass Breakfast Menu and let’s dive into what we ate for this sit down breakfast at Disney World. 

Breakfast Pizza at Ale and Compass Disney

Breakfast Flatbread

One  of our favorite things to eat ever is pizza. So, when we found out that Ale and Compass has a breakfast pizza with a wood fired sourdough crust, and breakfast toppings, we didn’t even have to think about. With Sunny–side Egg, Applewood-smoked Bacon, Ham, Provolone, and Arugula, this breakfast pizza can be cooked to your preference! So, if you want a fully cooked egg, or no meat, or more cheese, they can do that. Plus, this pizza is freshly made, so it comes straight from the ovens, piping hot and delicious. This is MUST GET for us every time we go. It’s so delicious, and only rivals the breakfast pizza at Trattoria al Forno. 

Breakfast at Ale and Compass Yacht Club Walt Disney World

Breakfast Protein Bowl

Calling all vegans and vegetarians, if you’re looking for a healthy breakfast at Disney World, this is it. Plus it’s loaded with so many great foods, and tons of protein, that you will be amazed on how filling this is. And, you can substitute things as needed on this meal as well. so, if you want real eggs instead, you can just let them know. Everything is made to order at Ale and Compass, so it’s easy to make adjustments. The Breakfast Protein Bowl includes Choice of Tofu Scramble or Plant-based Eggs with Plant-based Sausage, Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes, Chard, Kale, and Pickled Carrots served with Carrot-Ginger Dressing and Chocolate-Avocado Toast.

This is a Plant-based meal, and one of the more expensive things on the Ale and Compass breakfast menu, at $20 a plate. That said, it’s also a ton of food. Everything here was quite good. The potatoes, and veggies were fantastic. The plant based sausage was not Impossible meat, which was a nice change. And the chocolate on the avocado toast was a rich semi-sweet chocolate, spread on a seeded whole grain bread. Very luxurious. 

Breakfast at Ale and Compass Yacht Club Walt Disney World

Breakfast at Ale and Compass Yacht Club Walt Disney World

Dark Chocolate Waffles

Ahhh, the piece de resistance of Breakfast at Ale and Compass, the Dark Chocolate Waffles. If you’re looking for a sumptuous breakfast at Disney World, then this may be it! These are light and fluffy Dark Chocolate Waffles with Dried Cherry Compote, Espresso-Mascarpone Cream, Chocolate Shavings, and choice of Sausage or Bacon. This is one of our favorite dishes here. Absolutely delicious, this wasn’t too sweet, or filling. The saltiness of the bacon goes surprisingly well with the bitter sweet of the waffles, and the sweetness of the cream. We like this dish best with a black coffee, or champagne. 

Breakfast at Ale and Compass Yacht Club Walt Disney World

Salted Caramel Apple French Toast

While Ale and Compass has a kid’s menu, after trying this entree, we thought this was just the kind of thing little ones like. Gooey syrup covered toast, with tiny apples. It’s like a apple hand pie almost. Also good for any sweet tooth loving adult. This is a Salted Caramel Apple French Toast with a choice of Sausage or Bacon. Another breakfast that is great with a black coffee, this one was a little too sweet for us. But, some mornings you need that kind of thing! As such, we loved the portion size here, and that  the toasts were filled with what could be considered pie filling. Very delicious. 

Breakfast at Ale and Compass Yacht Club Walt Disney World

Ale and Compass Breakfast Buffet 

One of the unique offerings at this restaurant is the Ale and Compass Breakfast Buffet. While this is not a buffet restaurant, the Breakfast Buffet simply allows to you add a la cart items to your breakfast entree. Things like yogurt, cinnamon rolls, pastries, and fruit are all included in the buffet option. As well as breakfast meats, cheeses, and more. Know that this option, at 23 dollars a person, also includes an entree! The Breakfast Buffet at Ale and Compass includes choice of one (1) Entrée. Coffee, Tea, Juice, or Soft Drinks are included.

  • Seasonal Fruit, Assorted Yogurt Parfaits, Assorted Breakfast Pastries, House-made Granola, Cheddar Biscuits and Country Gravy, and Warm Cinnamon Rolls.

Since Ale and Compass entrees were already so fantastic, adding another 8 dollars per person to get some pastries didn’t seem like the best way to spend money. And the entrees were really quite large, to begin with. So, should you add the buffet? Dare we say maybe get this option for one person at your table and share a nibble instead? For us, it would have been way too much food and not worth the extra cost. It really all depends on how much you want for breakfast, because believe us, $23 dollars for a gigantic breakfast at Disney World is super budget friendly, if you have big eaters at the table. 

Ale and Compass Breakfast Buffet

Buffet Ale and Compass Disney

Ale and Compass Cinnamon Rolls

Ale and Compass Kid’s Menu

If you’re toting little ones to Ale and Compass, know that they have an excellent Kid’s Menu! Complete with Mickey Waffles, Blueberry Pancakes and traditional egg dishes, you can also grab sides like yogurt, fruit, bacon and sausage. These menu items for kids are similar to every other kid’s menu you’d find at a sit down restaurant, and run $11 and under. 

Juices and Smoothies

You can also grab fresh pressed juice here, and two different kinds of smoothies, under $6 each. There is a Tropical Green Smoothie with Creamy Sweet Blend of Vegetables and Tropical Fruits, and a Mega Berry Smoothie with Raspberry Purée and Nonfat Yogurt blend with Simply™ Smoothie Orchard Berry. Both great options if you’re looking for something fresh, or light in the morning. 

Alto Mayo Protected Forest Coffee Roasted by Joffrey’s

We also got the French Press Coffee, because we can never get enough fancy coffee. But also because we’re suckers for Supporting Conservation. And Disney supports coffee production as part of Conservation International’s Alto Mayo Protected Forest project in Peru, which promotes sustainable coffee growing and economic growth. If you’re unfamiliar with the conservation issues surrounding coffee farming it’s important to remember that there are only so many areas that can grow coffee beans. So protecting landscapes, farming shade-grown coffee, and supporting the communities that help make our favorite drink is important. 

Ale and Compass Breakfast Cost

You may notice in the pics that all of these meals pretty much fill very large plates. From a portion size standpoint, we thought the value for the money here was fantastic. Much cheaper on the whole than other options for Breakfast at Disney World. Entrees range from $14-$20 a plate, while the Ale and Compass Breakfast Buffet is $23, and includes your entree, and beverages. All in all we thought the prices here were VERY GOOD. Super budget friendly, it’s only a little more expensive than a quick service breakfast in the parks, or at the resorts. And you get the perk of great service, refilled coffee, and an easy atmosphere. 

Does Ale and Compass Take Discounts?

Yes, Ale and Compass offers 10% Off for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders. 

Disney Yacht Club Ale and Compass Chocolate waffles

Ale and Compass Food to Go

As one of Disney’s Table Service to Go Restaurants, Ale and Compass offers a variety of menu items within the My Disney Experience App that can be ordered for any meal. Simply check out the Mobile Order Tab in your My Disney Experience App and select Ale and Compass to see the current menu offerings and times available to pick up your food. 

Can you Order Food to Go from Ale and Compass?

Yes. Ale and Compass To-Go offers the same high-quality dishes you would find inside if you chose to get a reservation. Deliciously prepared food for breakfast, lunch and dinner you can order a full meal and drinks to have on the porch or bring back to your room. Mobile Order and food To-Go is one of our favorite ways to avoid the crowds at Walt Disney World during busy times. 

Ale and Compass Breakfast Review

With so many Disney Restaurants that serve Breakfast to choose from, what makes Ale and Compass a good or bad option for breakfast? For us, convenience, price, and food quality are the big things we consider. So, if you’re staying at any of the Boardwalk Resorts or at the Disney Marriot Hotels, then being within walking distance is a huge plus. And an added convenience of having a great restaurant nearby. We also love that this is one of the most budget friendly restaurants at Disney World. The portion sizes are great, the service is fantastic and the menu variety offers something everyone will love. 

The only con that we come up with here, is that it is a sit down meal at Disney World. Meaning that if you have a busy morning, taking an hour for breakfast may not be your best bet. That said, we do always try to build in a couple easier mornings to allow for a cozy, lazy breakfast. And getting the treat of having Breakfast at Ale and Compass is usually why we do so. In fact, we’d say just plan for it one morning so you can spend it in leisure with your dark chocolate waffles. 

Breakfast on the Disney Boardwalk

All in all, we would say Ale and Compass is worth the visit. We like it best for lazier mornings. Perfect for couples, mom and me breakfast dates, a wedding party brunch, a girls’ day out, or even just a nice family meal. Definitely one of the more budget-friendly Disney Resort Restaurants you may just find that the dinner and lounge menus at Ale and compass also deserve your attention. We highly recommend all of it! 

Ale and Compass Breakfast on the Disney Boardwalk at the Yacht club involves fancy french toast, protein bowls, mimosas, and more! All budget friendly! Here's what we loved for Breakfast at Ale and Compass. #disneyboardwalk #aleandcompass #disneyyachtclub #polkadotpixies

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