Trattoria al Forno Disney Breakfast at Walt Disney World

Trattoria al Forno Disney Breakfast at Walt Disney World

Ahhh breakfast. Our favorite meal of the day. But also, sometimes the hardest to find! If you’re looking for the best breakfast at Walt Disney World, here is The Best Breakfast at Walt Disney World No One is Telling You About! If you’re not in the mood for a character interaction early in the morning. Not up for dropping a hefty amount of cash. Or just want something more than the standard Starbucks has to offer, choices can be a little slim. Never fear though, we understand and are here to help you out! That’s where breakfast at Trattoria al Forno comes in.

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Trattoria al Forno on Disney Boardwalk

Breakfast on the Disney Boardwalk

We are big fans of the Disney Boardwalk area at Walt Disney World and try to frequent it as much as possible.  We’ve raved about the Bon Voyage Breakfast and stand by our original opinion that it might just be our favorite character breakfast on Disney property. Of course Topolino’s Terrace Mickey a la Art Breakfast is also top-notch, so it’s a toss-up! 

Edited for 2023:  The Bon Voyage Character Breakfast has not yet returned to Walt Disney World. So the only breakfast you can get at Trattoria Al Forno is this one! Don’t let that keep you away though. This is one of our favorite breakfast spots at Walt Disney World. With reasonable prices, great food and the best iced coffee at Walt Disney World, we think this is worth the trek!

Trattoria Al Forno Breakfast

Trattoria al Forno 

Trattoria Al Forno is often an overlooked restaurant. We love the table service restaurants on the Boardwalk, but they aren’t usually among the most talked about restaurants, so scoring a reservation is usually pretty easy. Trattoria Al Forno serves breakfast and dinner. And they also have a to go menu. While we love the to go menus we’ve been able to enjoy at Walt Disney World recently, this one is a bit odd. You can order dinner through their to go menu, but you have to get those orders in before their actual dinner service begins. Keep this in mind if you don’t want to have a table service meal, but still want something delicious to enjoy at the Boardwalk.  Most to go orders are cut off around 4pm. Otherwise you’ll either need to make a reservation or join the walk up list.  Finding food on the Boardwalk can be a tricky task at times, so plan ahead!


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Breakfast at Trattoria Al Forno

Latte at Disney Trattoria Al forno Breakfast

Trattoria Al Forno Breakfast

Trattoria Al Forno was home to the Bon Voyage character breakfast before the times of covid. It was often declared one of the best character breakfasts, and clearly, we agree based on our opening statement. Rapunzel and Flynn, Ariel and Eric, it was a lot of fun! But what a lot of people didn’t know is that you could actually have that same breakfast, without the characters, without needing a reservation, for a fraction of the price. It might sound too good to be true, but it’s actually the best-kept secret breakfast spot at Walt Disney World that no one is telling you about. And did we mention they have the best-iced coffee in Walt Disney World?! Yep, that’s what we said. 

Now, in 2023, though the characters haven’t returned, the breakfast is still around. And there are always available reservations! It makes for a great last minute dining reservation at Walt Disney World. Whether you missed out on your 60-day reservation window, or simply forgot to make reservations, this is a great place to stop for breakfast. The menu is unique, the food is delicious and the prices are reallt reasonable, at least for Walt Disney World standards. And did I mention the iced coffee?! If you’re a coffee purist, you may not really appreciate this. But if you love a sweet creamy iced coffee, then take this as your sign to get to Trattoria Al Forno so you can try it for yourself. 

Breakfast at Trattoria Al Forno

Breakfast at Trattoria Al Forno

Trattoria al Forno Breakfast Menu

The menu is based on Italian fare. And for breakfast, that’s a great thing! We’ve eaten here multiple times at this point and never once have we tried a dish we didn’t like. The price points are pretty good too, which is always a plus. And, if you’re lucky enough to be an annual pass holder or DVC member, they honor those discounts too!

I’m a big fan of the Caprese Omelet. It’s perfectly fresh and delicious! The tiramisu bread pudding and buttermilk pancakes with compote are perfect for those wanting something sweet to start their day. And the avocado toast is always a winner, although on our last trip we did notice it had gotten a little smaller….. The steak and eggs and the breakfast pizza are also great choices for those who might want something a little heartier for breakfast. And don’t forget the iced coffee! Or if you prefer something a little stronger in the morning, Trattoria Al Forno also serves mimosas, Bellinis and Bloody Marys. 

Trattoria Al Forno Breakfast

Breakfast Pizza at Trattoria al Forno

Omelet at Trattoria al Forno Breakfast

Bread Pudding at Disney Trattoria al Forno

Trattoria Al Forno Atmosphere

Trattoria Al Forno is cozy and warm. This welcoming space can be a little dark at times, but it adds to the ambiance. And you often have the opportunity to sit outside too if you prefer a more al fresco dining situation.  So depending on what the Orlando weather is doing, you have options! If sitting outside, just beware of the birds. They can get a little wild when they see food! We had no issues when we chose to sit outside. But we did see a bird take some of our leftovers the minute we left. 

Disney Boardwalk Resorts at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World skyliner

How to get to Trattoria Al Forno for breakfast

Getting a reservation to Trattoria Al Forno for breakfast is easy! But getting there can be a little trickier. If you’re staying at a Boardwalk Area resort, you can easily walk over. Or take the ferry from one end of Crescent Lake to the other. If you’re staying at a Skyliner Resort, hop on the Skyliner and disembark at the Epcot station. And then you can walk over from there.  You can also exit through the International Gateway at Epcot, but that would also require that you have a Park Reservation for Epcot since you can only access that by walking through the Park.  If none of these options work for you, you can always take a bus from another Park to a Boardwalk area resort. You’ll go through the Boardwalk lobby to the other side and that’s where the Boardwalk is located! 

Otherwise, you’ll either need to drive or take an Uber to the Boardwalk. Though last-minute reservations are easy to come by, we recommend getting a reservation before attempting to park at The Boardwalk Inn.  Depending on who is working the gate, they may not allow you to park unless you have a confirmed reservation. Just keep that in mind!

Is Trattoria Al Forno good for kids?

Yes! It may not have the characters they once did, but it’s still an excellent spot. They do have a full kid’s menu, along with an a la carte menu if you want to build your own breakfast for little ones. 

To see if Trattoria Al Forno is for you, check out the full menu for Trattoria Al Forno.

So there you have it! If you’re looking for your next favorite breakfast at Walt Disney World, look no further than this cozy little spot on the Boardwalk. We promise you won’t regret it. 

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