Be Our Guest Magic Kingdom Disney Restaurant Review

Be Our Guest Magic Kingdom Disney Restaurant Review

The Be Our Guest Restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom promises fine dining in a castle-like atmosphere. Including rooms filled with all your favorite things from Beauty and the Beast. Nestled in the back corner of Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom, this restaurant offers meals in the Beast’s Castle. Plus a chance to see the Beast himself at dinner. But does Be Our Guest live up to the hype? Is the new Be Our Guest Prix Fixe menu good? Is it worth the cost? This restaurant once had hard-to-get reservations at Disney World. Now they’re more available than ever. But would you want to eat here? Let’s dive into the Be Our Guest Menu, Atmosphere, and Cost so you can make the best choice for your next Disney World Vacation. 

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disney World

If you’ve ever ventured to the back part of Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, chances are you’ve seen the Beast’s castle in the distance. There’s a gilded sign that says Be Our Guest and promises adventure in the great wide somewhere. Situated just across the bridge to the restaurant, you can see a tiny Beasts castle, nestled in the mountain above. This is the Disney Restaurant Be Our Guest. Flanked by lion and eagle gargoyles, with windows of stained glass, this restaurant is impeccably themed to be everything you hope for in a fairytale castle. And for the Beauty and the Beast fan, it feels like coming home. Some places you know by heart; Belle’s library, the Ballroom, and the Beast’s West Wing. Serving up French cuisine in a fine dining atmosphere, offering only a Prix Fixe Menu, there are pros and cons of eating at this Beauty and the Beast Restaurant at Disney World. And we’re going to try to cover them all.

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Be Our Guest Restaurant Check-In and Bridge

The Walt Disney World Be Our Guest Restaurant is located at the back of Magic Kingdom Park in Fantasyland. When arriving you will check in at the outdoor stone podium at the front of the walkway to the castle. If you have a preference on which room you would like to be seated in you MUST tell the host after you check in. While seating locations can be requested, they aren’t guaranteed. Afterward, you will have to cross over a stone bridge to get to the main entry doors. Here is where you will wait to be ushered into the castle. 

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

disney restaurant Be Our Guest Restaurant Revew Magic Kingdom

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Be Our Guest Atmosphere and Dining Rooms

Get ready to take all the Be Our Guest Restaurant Photos. The whole atmosphere here is castle-like. It’s grand and beautiful. And there are many opportunities to get pictures of be our guest restaurant when you enter. From the tapestries to the armory to the stained glass window featuring Belle and Beast. With three separate Dining Rooms and themes you know and love from the movie, here is everything that makes Be Our Guest one of the prettiest restaurants at Walt Disney World. These spaces are filled with tables and booths, each offering a different atmosphere while you dine. The three dining rooms at Be Our Guest include the ballroom, the library, and the west wing. Where you want to sit at Be Our Guest really all comes down to preference; Light and Bright, Cold and Dark, or Candle Lit.

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

The Beast’s West Wing

The Beast’s West Wing is a cold, dark, cave-like space. If it’s been a hot day, you have a headache and can’t really deal with the bright lights, or have a smaller travel party then you should find a table in the Beast’s West Wing to be delightful. This room features torn curtains and the Beast’s Rose covered in glass. Don’t miss the portrait of the Prince, prior to his Beast transformation. This room of the Disney World Be Our Guest restaurant is by far the most creatively decorated. Keep in mind this dining room may be a little scary for the little ones. It is, however, perfect for a calming meal. While we don’t mind this, know that the West Wing is dark, and by dark, we mean that it’s sometimes hard to see the food. While the light levels have been different every time we’ve gone, be aware that your eyes will be doing some refocusing when you enter this darkness. 

The Beauty and the Beast Ballroom

Okay, let’s be clear here the reason you get a table in the ballroom is to see the Beast alight from the top balcony at Dinner. This rarely happens during our meals, but that’s why people eat here. The Beast does, however, make the rounds at Dinner at Be Our Guest. And can pause at your table for a quick photo if desired. These aren’t hug-crushing moments or about filling your autograph book with signatures, because this isn’t character dining. So the Beast just strolls around the place. Don’t be misled, the Beast does visit each room at dinnertime, so that’s not really the reason you eat in the ballroom. The real reason to eat in the ballroom is the glamour! 

For many, the cafeteria-like seating in the ballroom leaves something to be desired. Unlike Belle’s library, there are no booth tables here. Which makes it a bit difficult for families with little ones. Our favorite part of the Ballroom experience is to get a table at the back of the room by the ceiling-high glass windows. Why? Because apart from it being the most peaceful place in the whole ballroom, you can also see snow falling outside the windows! It’s also the location of the Beauty and the Beast-themed Christmas Tree during the holidays. We also like this table location by the windows because it gives you a great view of the balcony. And a great backdrop for pictures. If you choose to request the ballroom, we recommend also requesting a table by the windows. 

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Belle’s Library

Of all the dining rooms in the Be Our Guest Restaurant, Belle’s Library is the coziest. It has a Belle and Beast sculpture in music box fashion slowly spinning around in the center of the room. And there are tapestries and paintings on the walls for an easy vibe. This room is light and happy. It is also the only room with booth seating at Be Our Guest. So that’s something to keep in mind if you have children or a big family to seat.

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Be Our Guest Breakfast Menu

While Be Our Guest NO LONGER SERVES BREAKFAST, we’re keeping this in the post in the hopes that it may one day return. For our money, time, and attention, the early-menu food at Be Our Guest was one of the reasons that this restaurant was so popular. Whether you were getting breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the menu selections here were pretty nice and far more impressive than other Magic Kingdom restaurants. BUT, that has changed with the new Prix Fixe Menu at Be Our Guest. Increased prices, and limited selections, and is one of the many reasons, (sorry) that we no longer recommend this restaurant as a must-do on Disney Vacations.

When Breakfast at Be Our Guest was Offered, there were options like Gaston’s Feast with eggs, potatoes, meat, Omelets, specialty French toast, and a selection of pastries. While this breakfast was typically about 25 dollars a person, and expensive for what you were served the perk of being in Magic Kingdom ahead of the crowds, at a sit-down restaurant in Disney World was amazing. And this meal offered better fare than you’d find at your resort, making it worth it. Unfortunately, Breakfast at Be Our Guest is No Longer served.

be our guest breakfast magic kingdom at disney Be Our Guest Restaurant Revew Magic Kingdom

Be Our Guest Lunch Menu

While Be Our Guest NO LONGER SERVES LUNCH, we’re keeping this in the post, too, in the hopes that it may one day return. Another remembrance of the good old days, Be Our Guest used to have a quick service lunch option. This allowed all guests, not just the ones who could afford a 70 dollar lunch, the opportunity to experience this beautiful restaurant. Ah, how times have changed. Unfortunately, quick service at Be Our Guest for Lunch is no longer an option. Lunch at Be Our Guest costs $67 per adult ( plus tax and gratuities) and $39 per child aged 3-9 ( plus tax and gratuities). Offering the same 3-Course Prix Fixe Menu at Dinner, this menu includes French regional specialties. You can get foods like filet mignon, crab, spiced vegetables, and dijon pork. Check out the Be Our Guest Lunch Menu for all the options. 

We discuss this in our Be Our Guest Prix Fixe Dinner Review. But much to the tune of Cinderella’s Royal Table at almost $70 for lunch, you should be sure to choose the more expensive items on the menu. Justifying the high cost of french onion soup and spiced vegetables is tough. In the past, when Be Our Guest offered a Quick Service option for lunch, you’d get choices like braised pork, Croque monsieur ( ham and gruyere), quinoa salad, tuna nicoise, and carved turkey. And while we have had to say goodbye to this wonderful lunch menu, and much-needed afternoon lunch break, we still have high hopes that it may one day return. 

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

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Be Our Guest Dinner Menu

Now on to the Main Course. Let’s be honest, having been with Be Our Guest since its inception makes the current menu options somewhat disappointing. With limited offerings in the Be Our Guest Prix Fixe Menu, guests get a choice of 1 appetizer, 1 entree, and a trio of desserts. Selections include Duck and Pork Terrine, Escargot de Bourgogne, Trout Amandine, and more. For the full list of dishes offered, and our take on which menu items are best, check out our Be Our Guest Prix Fixe Dinner Review post. 

We’ll share that dinner at Be Our Guest has gone downhill since it first opened. And is most likely the cause of so many open reservations. A limited menu, filled with distinctly French cuisine, and only spiced vegetables for the plant-based option, added with the high cost, makes this one of the more undesirable menus to experience at Magic Kingdom. And for our money, time and attention, we’d rather head to Skipper Canteen, where the food is more thoughtful, on theme, and priced appropriately.  

Are Lunch and Dinner the Same at Be Our Guest?

Yes. At present, the Lunch and Dinner at Disney Be Our Guest Restaurant are the same price. 

Be Our Guest Appetizers

Appetizers to choose from include French onion soup, escargot, endive salad, and a few other things. For our money and palate, we like the French Onion Soup best. The Leek soup, if you’re a vegetarian, is also very nice. Much like Cinderella’s Royal Table, the plant-based dishes are limited. Often to the point of hardly justifying the high cost. 

Be Our Guest Entrees

As a reminder, since this is a signature dining experience the focus here is on flavor and quality, not quantity. As such, there is a variety of French-focused entrees to be had. Spiced vegetables, filet mignon, pork, crab, and more are on the menu, and you can choose one as part of your dinner. Also, just a reminder that while the chicken is on the menu, and probably fantastic, at almost $70 a plate, we recommend going for the higher cost items like filet mignon to maximize our dollar here. 

Be our Guest dinner, be our guest, magic kingdom restaurants, disney restaurants

Be Our Guest Dessert Trio

For lunch and dinner at Be Our Guest, you get a very small (VERY SMALL) helping of three desserts. While the White Chocolate Chip cup is no longer served and has been replaced with a chocolate tart, and Chip chocolate piece, we share it here to show the portion sizes. The dessert lineup has changed several times since this restaurant opened. And sadly has not really gotten better. While each person gets their own Dessert Trio at Be Our Guest, we have seen better dessert options in EPCOT France, and have been disappointed with this offering. 

Is Dessert Included at Be Our Guest?

Yes, the dessert at Be Our Guest is the same for everyone, a Trio of Desserts. There is a Lemon Jam Macaron, a Chocolate Tart with Grey Stuff, A Dark Chocolate Truffle, and a Vanilla Cake with Lemon Curd for the plant-based option.

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

The Grey Stuff at Be Our Guest

The Grey Stuff at Be Our Guest Restaurant can be found in the chocolate tart as part of your Dessert Trio. In the olden days, the Grey Stuff was also served as part of a cupcake cup and was much more substantial. We’re of course holding out for the return of a Grey Stuff cupcake, or perhaps one that can even be found at Gaston’s Tavern. But alas, not yet. If you’re looking for the Grey Stuff at Disney World, then plan to book your $70 dollar dinner so you can get it in the Dessert Trio, like everyone else. 

Are Drinks Included at Be Our Guest?

Yes. One non-alcoholic drink is included with Lunch and Dinner at Be Our Guest. This includes water, tea, coffee, and Coca-Cola products. Specialty drinks and Alcoholic beverages are extra. 

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Be Our Guest Kid’s Menu

The Be Our Guest Kid’s Menu is for children 3-9 years of age and includes a “create your own” option featuring 1 appetizer, 1 entree, 2 sides, and a dessert. The kid’s menu includes beef, chicken, or mac and cheese along with kid-friendly appetizers, sides, and the dessert trio.

Appetizers include a choice of an iceberg wedge salad, a fruit and cheese board, or house-made peach apple sauce. For the main course, kids can choose from grilled beef tenderloin, pan-seared chicken breast, or macaroni and cheese. Seasonal fruit served with yogurt dip or a trio of mini desserts top off this scrumptious meal on a sweet note. All kid’s prix-fixe meals also come with a choice of milk, bottled water, or apple juice.

How Long Does Dinner at Be Our Guest Take?

This 3-course meal at Be Our Guest is Prix Fixe dining and takes about one hour and 15 minutes… though plan on an hour and a half from arrival to departure. And if you’re ordering specialty drinks, and plan to sip and savor, then plan longer. 

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Be Our Guest Restaurant Dress Code

Is there a dress code at Be Our Guest at Disney World? No! There is no dress code for Be Our Guest Restaurant. As long as your attire falls within regular theme park guidelines, you’re welcome to dine casually. 

Be Our Guest Characters

Unlike Character Restaurants at Walt Disney World, Be Our Guest, does include a character but is not considered character dining. As regular character dining restaurants include photos, autograph books, and an intentional stop at every table in the restaurant Be Our Guest does not offer this kind of experience. Additionally, you can only see a character at Be Our Guest at dinner, not lunch. 

Does Be Our Guest Have Characters?

Yes, the Beast appears during dinner hours and makes his way about each dining room. He will pause for photos but does not sign autographs. In fact, Be Our Guest Restaurant is the only place at Walt Disney World where you can see the Beast. Since the Beast does not have a character meet-and-greet location anywhere else in the park. At dinner he’ll typically thank you for coming and give a small wave as he makes his way about the room.

Do You Meet Belle at Be Our Guest?

No. You cannot meet Belle at Be Our Guest Restaurant. If you are looking for Belle Meet and Greets at Walt Disney World, you can find her in EPCOT’s World Showcase France, at Akershus Restaurant in EPCOT Norway, at Cinderella’s Royal Table in Magic Kingdom, and at Enchanted Tales with Belle in Magic Kingdom. 

Be Our Guest Cost

The cost of dinner at Be Our Guest tends to be a sticking point for many. Mainly because you’re not really getting characters here, and since the Be Our Guest prix fixe dinner is the only option, the menu choices are limited. While the beast does appear at dinner, it’s not made a big deal.

How much is Be Our Guest dinner

How Much Does Be Our Guest Cost? The cost for Be Our Guest, either lunch or dinner, is $70 per adult and $41 per child ( age 3-9). This is the typical price for most signature dining at Walt Disney World. The difference here, dare we say comes down to two things. At Cinderella’s Table where you pay almost $90 per adult, you get a slew of Disney Princesses as part of the character dining experience. For us, this may play into if the cost is justified, even though it’s 20 dollars cheaper at Akershus for the same expereince. At non-character dining restaurants, the food quality is significantly better. However, we’re not sure we’d say the same about Be Our Guest. As the draw here is the atmosphere and we haven’t been impressed with the food. 

Is Be Our Guest Restaurant Worth the Cost?

If you’ve been reading this post, then you know we stand on a firm NO, here. For us, Be Our Guest doesn’t offer the experience, menu options, or food quality that justifies the high price here. This is, of course, just our opinion. This restaurant used to be a staple on our Disney Vacations. Still, it literally just feels like we’re wasting money on subpar food when we eat here now. And we’ve given it many changes to prove us wrong.

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Be Our Guest Restaurant Reservations

If you’re planning on dining at Be Our Guest, it’s best to plan ahead and get the reservation. While the Be Our Guest reservations are no longer difficult to get, we still love the idea of planning your Disney Vacation. This restaurant is not as family crazy as Crystal Palace, or as eclectic as Skipper Canteen, but it still warrants a reservation if you know you want to eat here. 

Are Be Our Guest Reservations Hard to Get?

No. Not anymore. The recent price hike of close to $70 a plate for small portions, a Prix Fixe-only menu, and the absence of breakfast and a quick service lunch no longer make this one of the hotspots at Magic Kingdom. Instead, this is more of a “do it once” restaurant for many Disney Adults and families. As such, on our last few vacations, we’ve seen people just walk up to request a table. While we always recommend reservations for planning ease, be sure to stop by the host station if you’re looking for something last minute. 

Do You need a Park Ticket to eat at Be Our Guest?

YES! Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant is located inside the Magic Kingdom. So, you must have a Disney Park Ticket to Magic Kingdom to eat here.

Can You Go to Be Our Guest Without a Park Ticket?

No. Unfortunately, you will need a valid Park Ticket for Magic Kingdom on the day you plan to visit.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Review

So there you have it. If you’re planning a visit to the Beauty and the Beast Restaurant at Walt Disney World, hopefully, this has given you a good picture of what to expect. And what you’re paying for. Take a look at our Prix Fixe Menu at Be Our Guest post for a detailed look at menu, to see if this may be on your Disney bucket list. 

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