Be Our Guest Magic Kingdom Disney Restaurant Review

Be Our Guest Magic Kingdom Disney Restaurant Review

Be Our Guest Restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom may be one of the most difficult reservations to get, but is it worth it? Nestled in the back corner of Fantasyland this family dining experience offers meals in the Beast’s Castle, with a chance to see the Beast at dinner. But is it worth the hassle of trying to get reservations? Is the new Prix Fixe menu good? Is it worth the cost?

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

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Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Be Our Guest Atmosphere

The whole atmosphere is castle-like. It’s grand and beautiful. Photos Ops galore while you stand in line at the tapestries and the stained glass window on your way out. Separate Dining Rooms and themes you know and love from the movie. Here is everything that makes Be Our Guest one of the prettiest restaurants at Walt Disney World. 

The Entrance

Be Our Guest is a Beauty and The Beast-themed restaurant. Tucked back in the Fantasyland area of Magic Kingdom, this restaurant is filled with spaces including the castle’s main ballroom, Belle’s library, and the Beast’s darkened west wing. Right before you get to Gaston’s Tavern you will see the small castle off in the distance on the mountains. This is the entrance to Be Our Guest.

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

The Walkway

When arriving you will check-in at the outdoor stone podium at the front of the walkway to the castle. You will have to cross over a stone bridge to get to the main entry doors, where you will wait to be ushered into the castle.

Once inside you will be ushered into a room with ordering kiosks. This part of the experience is fairly self-serve though cast members are always nearby to help. If you did not preorder your meal when you put in your reservation be ready to make your food choices once you enter the kiosk room. Once you’ve completed your ordering, you’re free to find a seat, anywhere in the castle. The drink stations are lined up against the edge of the wall in each room. Note: These are NOT resort mug refill stations. You will get reprimanded if you’re seen using your own mugs.

be our guest cafeteria style Be Our Guest Restaurant Revew Magic Kingdom

disney restaurant Be Our Guest Restaurant Revew Magic Kingdom

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

The Dining Spaces Three Rooms at Be Our Guest

The three seating rooms in Be Our Guest really all come down to preference. Light and Bright, Cold and Dark, or Candle Lit.

The West Wing

The West Wing is a cold, dark, cave-like space. If it’s been a hot day, you have a headache and can’t really deal with the bright lights, or have a smaller travel party then you should find a table in the Beast’s West Wing. It’s by far the most creatively decorated, and though a little scary for the little ones, perfect for a calming meal. Know that it is dark, and by dark, we kinda mean that it’s sometimes hard to see the food. While the light levels have been different every time we’ve gone, be aware that your eyes will be doing some refocusing when you enter this darkness.

The Ballroom

Okay, let’s be clear here the reason you get a table in the ballroom is to see the Beast and Belle alight from the top balcony. This rarely happens during our meals, but that’s why people eat here. At dinner, the Beast will make the rounds, but only really pause at your table. These aren’t hug-crushing moments. And he’ll visit every room, so that’s not really the reason you eat in the ballroom. The reason we eat in the ballroom is the glamour! 

If you’re looking for a place to sit, we most love the tables that line the back windows of the ballroom. We’re actually more surprised that people don’t wait in line to eat at these tables. Why you ask? What’s the big deal? Because apart from it being the most peaceful place in the whole ballroom, you can also see snow falling outside the windows! It’s also the location of the Beauty and the Beast-themed Christmas Tree during the holidays. This table location by the window also give you a great view of the balcony and a great backdrop for pictures.

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

The Library

We like this room. It has a Belle and the Beast sculpture in music box fashion slowly spinning around in the center of the room.  And there are paintings of their time together on the walls. This room is light, happy, and less busy than the other two rooms. It also is the only room with booth seating. So that’s something to keep in mind if you have little ones, or a big family to seat.

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Breakfast at Be Our Guest

In Pre-COVID times, Be Our Guest offered Breakfast. At present this is not on the menu. But since we have hopes of this returning in 2022, we’re keeping it in the post. The early-menu food at Be Our Guest was one of the reasons that this restaurant was so popular. Whether you’re getting breakfast lunch or dinner, the selection here has been pretty nice and far more impressive than other Magic Kingdom restaurants. Things to be aware of here? It’s gotten more expensive. AND the menu has changed to Prix Fixe for both lunch and dinner. For Breakfast, you typically order a meal like an omelet or French toast or Gastons feast with eggs and meats, as well as get a plate of pastries. Again, this meal was expensive for what you were served. However, the chance to be in Magic Kingdom ahead of the crowds, at a sit-down meal with better fare than you’d find at your resort, made it worth it. 

be our guest breakfast magic kingdom at disney Be Our Guest Restaurant Revew Magic Kingdom

Lunch at Be Our Guest

Ah, how the times have changed. Another Pre-Covid menu selection, Be Our Guest was hands down the Best Lunch at Magic Kingdom. At present this quick-service lunch option is not on the menu. Unfortunately, now that Be Our Guest serves the same Prix Fixe Menu for lunch and dinner, the options are more limited and more expensive. To the Cinderella Royal Table tune of $62 dollars a plate….for lunch. Yikes. In the past, when Be Our Guest offered a Quick Service option for lunch, you’d get choices like braised pork, Croque monsieur ( ham and gruyere), quinoa salad, tuna nicoise, and carved turkey. While we have had to say goodbye to this wonderful lunch menu, and much-needed afternoon lunch break, we still have high hopes that it may one day return. 

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Dinner at Be Our Guest

Now on to the Main Course. Let’s be honest. Having been with Be Our Guest since it’s inception, makes the current menu options somewhat disappointing. If you are traveling to Walt Disney World in 2022  you will most likely be only given the Prix Fixe Meal option. 

Is Be Our Guest Menu the Same for Lunch and Dinner?

Yes. At present the menu and prices are the same. 

Be Our Guest Dinner Menu

We’ve talked before about the new Prix Fixe Dinner at Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom before. We’re sorry to say we’re not fans of this new menu! But, don’t take our word for it! Here are the facts to consider when dining at Be Our Guest for Dinner. As a Prix Fixe meal, the dinner includes choice of appetizer, entree and a dessert trio. The cost includes those 3 courses. So, here are your choices. 


Appetizers to choose from are octopus, mixed greens, lobster bisque, french onion sould or an assorted meat and cheese selection. You may choose one. As you can see this set of appetizers is limited and not necessarily kid or vegan friendly. Much like Cinderella’s Royal Table, the plant-based dishes are limited to the point of hardly justifying the high cost. 


For the main course, you can choose from pork tenderloin, filet mignon, chicken, seasoned vegetables or scallops. And as reminder, since this is a signature dining experience the focus here is on flavor and quality, not quantity. 

Be our Guest dinner, be our guest, magic kingdom restaurants, disney restaurants

Dessert Trio

For lunch or dinner at Be Our Guest you can choose a trio of desserts. This dessert trio is cute but minimal. It includes a Lemon and strawberry shell cake, vanilla cake with lemon curd, a lemon jam macaron,  a Dark Chocolate Truffle, or a White Chocolate Chip Cup with the grey  stuff. Just choose three.  

Does Be Our Guest have a Kids Menu?

Be our guest does have a kids menu which includes beef, chicken or mac and cheese. Kids can choose any entree along with kid-friendly appetizers and the dessert trio.

Be Our Guest Cost

Cost for Be Our Guest, either lunch or dinner, is $62 dollars per adult and $37 per child ( age 3-9). This is the typical price for most signature dining at Walt Disney World. The difference here, dare we say comes down to two things. At Cinderella’s Table where you pay the same price you get a slew of Disney Princesses as part of the character dining experience that much justifies the cost. At non-character dining restaruants, the food quality is signaficantly better. Think Hollywood Derby in Hollywood Studios or California Grill. 

Be our Guest dinner, be our guest, magic kingdom restaurants, disney restaurants

Be our guest at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Restaurants

Should you get a Be Our Guest Reservation?

If you’re planning on trying Be Our Guest, its best to plan ahead and get the reservation. We see so many people walk up and ask for a table, only to get turned away. It’s not as family crazy as Crystal Palace, or as eclectic as Skipper Canteen, or as pricey as Cinderellas Royal Table. But it still warrants a reservation if you know you want to eat here. Let us know what you think or your favorite restaurants at Disney?

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