Prix Fixe Dinner at Be Our Guest Review Is It Worth it?

Prix Fixe Dinner at Be Our Guest Review Is It Worth it?

The atmosphere and the decor of the Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom is something out of a dream. Or, more accurately, something out of a movie. As the Beauty and the Beast Restaurant at Disney World, stepping into Be Our Guest is nothing short of magical. But, with the changes to the Be Our Guest Menu, now featuring a Prix Fixe Menu for Lunch and Dinner, is the Be Our Guest Restaurant Still Worth It? Here we’ll dive into this new Menu, the dishes, and everything else that may help you decide if you should Get a Reservation at Be Our Guest on your next Disney Vacation. 

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The Beauty and the Beast Restaurant in Magic Kingdom

Let us start with this disclosure. We are a little bit biased when it comes to Beauty and the Beast. Ok, maybe a lot biased. As children of the 90’s we absolutely LOVE Beauty and the Beast. We love the scenery, the story, Belle’s library, all of it! Know that you will find a different take on this Be Our Guest Dinner Review in all the Disney blogs you read. Reviews online are all over the place; some people love it, and some people hate it. Some people say it’s overpriced. So we’re here to give it to you straight. 

Be our Guest dinner, be our guest, magic kingdom restaurants, disney restaurants

Be our Guest dinner, be our guest, magic kingdom restaurants, disney restaurants

Be Our Guest Restaurant Atmosphere

If you haven’t caught on that we love the atmosphere here, well, now you know, we do. Be Our Guest transports you into Beast’s Castle. Once inside you could be seated in the Ballroom, The Library, or The West Wing. You are allowed to explore any area of the restaurant while you’re there; so if you didn’t get seated where you prefer, feel free to walk around and check the place out. 

The atmosphere at Be Our Guest will change depending on where you are sitting. The West Wing is a bit darker just like the Beast’s forbidden wing in the castle. We love the West Wing on hot Florida days because, between the air conditioning and the darkness, it just feels like a nice break from the crazy heat. The Ballroom offers views of falling snow from the windows and gorgeous chandeliers and is probably our favorite place to eat near the tall windows. And The Library features a beautiful life-size Belle and Beast music box. The Library is the place you will find the most bench and booth seating.  In truth, it’s the atmosphere here that really sells this experience for us. 

During dinner, the lighting in the entire restaurant does get a bit dimmer, and it feels more regal. People can say whatever they want to about the price, the quality, etc. about Be Our Guest, but there is no other Disney-themed restaurant that can match the cinematic accuracy of this restaurant.

Do you get to Meet the Beast at Be Our Guest?

Let’s say it’s more like you get to wave to the Beast as he passes your table. While the Beast is around, he is only seen during Dinner. And typically only to walk by and thank you for joining him. While not typical, he does sometimes pause for photos at tables on occasion as well. This is the only meal where you can currently see the Beast; so if that’s a priority for you, you’ll want to snag a reservation for this dinner. Unfortunately, you cannot meet Princess Belle here and will have to look to Akershus in EPCOT Park or Cinderella’s Royal Table to see her. 

How Many Table Service Credits is Be Our Guest on the Dining Plan?

On the Disney Dining Plan, Be Our Guest is 2 Table Service Credits. As such, it’s the equivalent of using 2 dinners in one go. This is due to the exorbitant signature dining cost. Since we don’t think this restaurant is really even worth the 1 dining credit, we’d definitely recommend against using 2 for this meal. 

Prix Fixe Dinner Menu at Be Our Guest

So, now that we are past the love letter that is our description of the restaurant itself, let’s talk food. We’ve been to Be Our Guest for dinner many times, but a couple of years ago Walt Disney World decided to change up its menu.  This Be Our Guest Dinner Menu is now a Prix Fixe Style, which means each guest gets one appetizer, one entrée, and one dessert for a fixed price.

The Be Our Guest Lunch Menu is the same as dinner, including the same foods in a 3-course meal and for the same cost. Lunch and Dinner at Be Our Guest Cost $70 per adult ( plus tax and gratuity) and $41 per child ( plus tax and gratuity). Note that the cost for the children’s menu is for children 3-9 years of age. 

While we appreciate a good Prix Fixe Menu when it’s done well, this change for us means Lunch and Dinner at Be Our Guest is NOT Worth it anymore. Which is sad. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s dive into this menu so you can see what we mean. 

Be our Guest dinner, be our guest, magic kingdom restaurants, disney restaurants

The Appetizers at Be Our Guest

As you can see the appetizers shared here are French cuisine and could be an acquired taste for some. If you like French onion soup, we think this is one of the better choices on the appetizer menu. We like the potato leek soup as a decent vegetarian option here but didn’t really have the palate for the other items in this lineup. 

  • French Onion Soup Au Gratin with Gruyère
  • Escargot de Bourgogne Baked in Garlic-Herb Butter with Baguette
  • Mixed Greens Salad: Goat Cheese Mousse and Roasted Tomato Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Duck and Pork Terrine House Pickles, Frisée, and Whole Grain Mustard
  • Potato-Leek Soup Truffle Potato Chips and Leek Fondue

Be our Guest dinner, be our guest, magic kingdom restaurants, disney restaurants

The Entrees at Be Our Guest

Honoring all things French, the entrees at Be Our Guest include regional specialties from the French countryside. The best thing on this menu is the Center-cut Filet Mignon, in terms of value. And while the portion sizes are appropriate, by Disney standards, we’d say they’re actually a bit small. So if you’re looking for value in a meal, dinner at Be Our Guest may not be the place. The other entrees on this list are adequate and rich but charging $67 for spiced vegetables as the vegetarian option here, leaves something to be desired. 

  • Dry Aged Duroc Pork Chop Smashed Potato, Stewed Pepper Piperade, and Sauce Verte
  • Wine and Beer-braised Beef Short Rib: Smashed Potatoes, Smoked Bacon, and Onion Jam
  • Trout Amandine: Crab, Smoked Almonds, and Haricots Verts
  • Pan-roasted Squash: Eggplant-Black Garlic Purée, Grilled Sourdough, and Olive Tapenade (Plant-based)
  • Grilled Filet Mignon: Smashed Potato, Haricots Verts, and Sauce au Poivre
  • Roasted Poulet Rouge Chicken: Truffle-Potato Purée, Wild Mushrooms, and Green Onion Relish

And while we appreciate quality over quantity when it comes to fine dining, if you’re here for the food, Toledo at Disney’s Coronado Springs has better everything for a better price. 

Be our Guest dinner, be our guest, magic kingdom restaurants, disney restaurants

The Desserts at Be Our Guest

Fortunately, the desserts at Be Our Guest are included in the Prix Fixe price, but unfortunately, there are only a few to choose from. By far our favorite part of every meal, dessert is the same for everyone. 

  • Dessert Trio
    • Lemon Jam Macaron
    • Dark Chocolate Truffle filled with Dark Chocolate Grand Marnier Ganache
    • Chocolate Tart with Grey Stuff, Crisp Pearls, and White Chocolate Wafer
  • Vanilla Cake with Lemon Curd with Fresh Berries and Strawberry Meringue (Plant-based option available on request in place of the Dessert Trio Platter)

Dessert at Be Our Guest Restaurant is one of the most disappointing things ever. Don’t get us wrong, the grey stuff is delicious, but it felt like a very mediocre way to end this meal. And for as many times as they’ve changed the desserts, we’d hope they have it right by now. The portions you see here are tiny and we’ve had better treats at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie in EPCOT France for less than $6. Definitely not the showstopper dessert we would have expected to top this kind of meal. And at this price point felt basic. 

Be our Guest dinner, be our guest, magic kingdom restaurants, disney restaurantsBe our Guest dinner, be our guest, magic kingdom restaurants, disney restaurantsBe our Guest dinner, be our guest, magic kingdom restaurants, disney restaurants

Be Our Guest Kid’s Menu

The Kid’s Menu at Be Our Guest includes all sorts of basic foods for kids 3-9. Each guest gets one appetizer, one entrée, and one dessert. Served with a choice of one (1) Appetizer, one (1) Entree, two (2) Sides, and one (1) Dessert and a choice of Small Lowfat Milk, Small Dasani® Water, or Small Minute Maid® Apple Juice


  • Iceberg Wedge Salad with Ranch Dressing
  • Fresh Fruit Bowl
  • Fruit and Cheese Plate


  • Grilled Steak
  • House-made Macaroni & Cheese
  • Pan-seared Chicken Breast 
  • Pan Seared Shrimp
  • Chicken Strips


  • Sautéed Sqaush
  • French Fries
  • Steamed Green Beans
  • Brown Rice
  • Sweet Potatoes


  • Fresh Fruit with Honey Yogurt Dip
  • Dessert Trio

Be our Guest dinner, be our guest, magic kingdom restaurants, disney restaurants

Be Our Guest Cost 

Let us just say that as Be Our Guest diners since the restaurant opened we’ve seen it go through some changes. Unfortunately, all of them have been bad. And the Prix Fixe Menu here is no exception. For a cost of $70 per adult ( plus tax and gratuity) and $41 per child ( plus tax and gratuity), we just expect more. We expect better appetizers, entrees, and desserts. We expect a thoughtful plant-based option that includes protein and not just spiced vegetables. If we can jump on the “good ol’ days” soapbox, we expect a Be Our Guest breakfast filled with hearty breakfasts, and pastries, and a quick-service lunch filled with robust turkey sandwiches, quinoa, and stew. These were available when the restaurant opened and we’ve been mourning them ever since. 

What Does the Prix Fixe Dinner at the Be Our Guest Restaurant Include?

Since Be Our Guest is a Prix Fixe menu, for the price it includes 3 courses, and 1- regular, non-specialty, non-alcoholic drink. Alcoholic Drinks and Wines are extra. 

Does Be Our Guest Restaurant Have Discounts?

At the time of writing this post, Be Our Guest does take Annual Passholder and DVC member discounts so be sure to ask during your visit to save some cash. 

Is Dinner at Be Our Guest worth it?  

NO. For us, Be Our Guest is No Longer Worth it. Seeing the pretty atmosphere and decor is a must, but actually eating there, leaves so much to be desired. If choosing to dine at Be Our Guest, we recommend using your $70 per adult and $41 per child wisely. Much like we discovered at Cinderella’s Royal Table when they charge you the same high price no matter what you choose, get the steak, not the salad. 

Also, keep in mind that Be Our Guest is a French restaurant. So, if you don’t like French food, you most likely won’t enjoy dinner here. From Escargot to French Onion Soup, the appetizer course will make this pretty clear from the start. Some of the appetizers are a bit more adventurous, so picky palates may have a hard time finding something they like. With a Prix Fixe Menu, there are limited choices all around. Check out the selections available on the Be our Guest Dinner Menu.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Review

So what is the final verdict on dinner at Be Our Guest? Dinner at Be Our Guest is pricey and lackluster. But, if you really just want to satisfy your inner child and dine in the Beast’s castle, then more power to you! Just keep in mind that part of what you are paying for is the experience to dine in this beautiful space. Don’t expect the food to align with the cost. Because in our experience, it doesn’t. The menu has changed about 4 or 5 times now, and not one of them have held a candle to the opening day menu we enjoyed. 

Hopefully, this has helped you decide if you’re going to use your precious Magic Kingdom park time at this restaurant.  While the Be Our Guest Restaurant Reservations are no longer hard to get, due to the menu changes, if you’re planning to dine there, we recommend you get a reservation. 


Be Our Guest is a must-do Magic Kingdom Restaurant BUT.. What about Be Our Guest Dinner? With the new Prix Fixe Menu and a higher cost, here's everything you need to know to make the best choice! #beourguest #dinneratdisney #magickingdomrestaurants #disneytips #polkadotpixies

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