Best Disney Boardwalk Restaurants and What to Skip

Best Disney Boardwalk Restaurants and What to Skip

The Best Restaurants on the Disney Boardwalk are often somewhat elusive. This still fairly secret part of Walt Disney World has loads of resorts, shops, and more. But what about the food? Is it worth the walk through the International Gateway from Epcot to go investigate the dining options on Boardwalk? Short answer. YES! Here are our favorites! And some not-so favorites.

Disney Boardwalk Restaurants

The Disney Boardwalk combines an old-school Atlantic City turn of the century boardwalk charm with all things nostalgic. There’s an ice cream shop an Italian place with a pizza window, and even a bakeshop to help you feel like you’re on vacation at the seaside. 

trattoria al forno disney world boardwalk at epcot

Trattoria al Forno

  • Where: Disney Boardwalk
  • Views: Vintage Italian
  • Theme: Italian
  • Character Dining: Optional: The Bon Voyage Breakfast is character-themed in one part of the restaurant but regular dining is available all day.
  • Food: Italian multi-course meals with antipasti, entrees, and desserts. 

We Recommend it Because:

Amazing high-quality food, delicious at budget prices. What’s not to love? The breakfast menu comes with unique egg dishes, calzones, and parfaits. And you can expect regular Italian fare and wood fired pizzas for other meals. This is one of our favorite breakfast spots on the Boardwalk for a nice sit-down place to eat, and if you’re looking for something a little elegant for dinner, Trattoria al Forno works for that too. Check out the best coffee for Breakfast at Trattoria al Forno too!

Pizza Window at Walt Disney world

Pizza Window

  • Where: Disney Boardwalk
  • Views: BoardWalk
  • Theme: Italian
  • Character Dining: No. 
  • Food: Pizza

We Recommend it Because: As far as to-go pizza at Walt Disney World goes, this one offers some of the best! The pizza is large, at a great price, and offers a few select options for toppings. You can eat at any of the tables outside, mobile order, and even bring it back to your room. This makes our list for one of our best places to get Pizza at Walt Disney World.

boardwalk inn breakfast at belle vue lounge

Belle Vue Lounge

  • Where: Disney Boardwalk
  • Views: BoardWalk
  • Theme: Vintage
  • Character Dining: No. 
  • Food: To-Go Breakfast, Bar

We Recommend it Because: Belle Vue Lounge is one of the hidden gems on Disney’s BoardWalk. Just inside the Boardwalk Inn, on the second floor, you can grab an easy breakfast and coffee to take on the balcony. And if you’re heading out in the evening, you can count on classic drinks and cocktails here among the backdrop of swing music from the good old days. 

Disney Boardwalk Restaurants On Our List TO TRY

  • Big River Grille and Brewing Works
  • BoardWalk Deli
  • Flying Fish
  • BoardWalk Ice Cream
  • Carousel Coffee
  • The Cake Bake Shop

Falaffel at hurrican hannas waterside bar and gril disney boardwalk

Disney Boardwalk Restaurants YOU CAN SKIP

Hurricane Hannas

Hurricane Hannas is technically the waterside bar belonging to the Yacht Club. We like it because it has our favorite Gold Peak Tea and vegetarian options. But, the food is a little spicy and not really themed properly to the resort or Boardwalk. When we got our last meal, most of it went uneaten due to it being overcooked, undercooked, or too heavily spiced for the portion size. With standard burgers, fries, and falafel you think this would be easy to get right. We’ll give it a second chance, but for right now this stays on our “you can skip” list. 

BoardWalk Deli

Unless you’re heading in to grab the NJ Crumb Cake or a favorite seasonal cupcake, we’d say skip this one. While breakfast food here is decent, we’d rather grab a sandwich at Belle Vue lounge inside Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, head to Trattoria al Forno for the Best Breakfast at Walt Disney World, or grab anything from Ale and Compass. Lunch is sub-par with deli sandwiches that just do not hit the spot. We’d say skip unless you’re refilling your mug or grabbing something small. 

The Best Restaurants on The Disney Boardwalk

That’s our lineup of everything we’ve tried so far on the Disney Boardwalk. What are your favorite places to eat on the Disney Boardwalk?

Disney Boardwalk Restaurants at Walt Disney World. All our favorite places to eat and places to skip! #disneyrestaurants #disneyboardwalk



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