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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom: A Beginners Guide

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom: A Beginners Guide

My favorite thing about visiting Walt Disney World is that no two trips are the same. WDW has so much to do that it could take you a lifetime to see and do it all.  But here’s the thing- I actually really really hate crowds, which may seem like an oxy-moron….a WDW fanatic who HATES crowds?! But its true. I’ve never been in the summer and its not even on my radar to the attempt it. Even so, traveling in the off season isn’t exactly the ghost town that it used to be either.  So, when the parks get too crowded and I refuse to wait in 75 minute long lines in 90-something degree heat, its time to find something to do other than stand in line. I just can’t do it. One reason I love the interactive games at WDW is that although you are still in the parks, its not really the same old thing everyone else is doing. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom has become pretty popular, but even if you are waiting your turn to play this game, everyone has a different path and most likely you won’t have the same outcome as the Sorcerer before you.

So what is Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom? Its an interactive role playing game played within, well, Magic Kingdom of course. This game can be started at the Firehouse on Main Street, where you’ll get your Sorcerers key card(or use your magicband), Merlin’s map, spell cards and watch a training video. And its all free!

sorcerers of the magic kingdom lock

The game will take you along Main Street,through Frontierland, Adventureland and Fantasyland to different portals. Unlock the portal using your magic band or Sorcerers key and you’ll be briefed on the current situation by Merlin himself. Throughout the mission, you’ll be directed to different portals throughout the park to defeat villains and save the Magic Kingdom! This is done by casting a spell via your spell cards and this is where it gets tricky.

Using your map, find the next assigned portal. If you arrive at the wrong portal, it will still open up and tell you where you actually need to be. If you get lost or don’t have a map, this site has a pretty good guide to the portal locations . We didn’t have a map last time and used this site to direct us through the park. You will know you’ve arrived at a portal location when you see this symbol on the ground.

This game relies a lot more on strategy than a lot of the other games in the park, which are more passive and it will take some time to get used to how its played. We found this site to be a great resource while playing the game if you get stuck. The main objective is to defeat the villains by casting a spell. When Merlin asks you to hold up your card or when the screen tells you to cast your spell, choose which card you are going to use for the battle. The part where it gets tricky is that not all villains will respond to all spells. Some spells are too weak and some spells just don’t work on some villains. So while you might be holding up your spell card, nothing happens. Keep trying and if you don’t defeat the villain at this portal, you will be redirected to another portal where you can attempt it again.

Although we have played this several times over the last couple years, we are still learning the game. We have found other Sorcerers to be a great resource for tips as most will willingly give you tips as you are playing. Here are some of the tips we’ve learned thus far, so if you’re just starting out, we hope these help!

When casting your spell, hold the card still and straight out in front of you. Smaller kids might need their parents to hold their cards for them, because, well they’re smaller and their arms might not be long enough. The portal needs to be able to read what spell you’re casting.

Walt Disney World Sorcerers of the magic Kingdom

Each Sorcerer will need their own keycard(or activated magicband) unless you will all be playing together the entire time. Only the dedicated magicband will unlock the portal so keep that in mind if you’re playing with a group or with your family.

You can use more than one card to cast the spell and actually up to four cards. If using more than one card, try to use cards with the same symbols as it will make the spell stronger. This may be difficult if you’ve only played one day and only have one set of cards, but you can return every day and receive a new pack for free to give you some more variety. Obviously this comes with limitations as they only make a limited number of different cards, but even just having a few free packs will improve your spell casting abilities.

If you cast a spell and don’t succeed, we usually found that adding another card to the spell(with the same symbol) will improve your chances of defeating the villain. If that still doesn’t work, you may need to try a new spell entirely. The site linked above is a great guide to help you find your villain’s weaknesses and figure out what type of spell needs to be cast in order to defeat them.

Sometimes it will seem like the game isn’t working. You will cast a spell and nothing happens or it seems like the portal never read the spell. Just keep trying- it usually just means your spell didn’t work.

Most Sorcerers will have different paths. Meaning, if you’re standing behind someone, you may not get the same instructions they do for their next mission, which I prefer instead of having the surprise spoiled by watching someone else play the game. This isn’t always 100% true, but we found it usually was.

Each mission can take you from 20-30 minutes, depending on your successes and the crowds. Sometimes you may be waiting for a couple of people to complete their missions before you can access the portal. Although this doesn’t happen often, when it does, we take it as a sign to take a break from the game and grab a dole whip.

This is entirely a beginner’s guide and we hope this helps you get started with the game and defend the Magic Kingdom! Do you love Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom? Share your tips in the comments!

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