Hidden Mickeys and Where to Find Them

Hidden Mickeys and Where to Find Them

One of our favorite parts of any Disney vacation is finding out about Disney secrets. Nothing is better than feeling like an insider among the crowds, especially if you’re a first-timer and a little unsure of how everything works. We know its overwhelming. But we also know that if you just go with the flow you will find yourself lost in the magic and less concerned with your itinerary. Insiders know that you always visit the purple wall, that you can stop in the Harmony Barber Shop anytime in Magic Kingdom for a free sprinkling of pixie dust, and that if you want a better view of the Hollywood Studio fireworks, you go to Epcot to see them from the Boardwalk.  Insiders also know that searching for Hidden Mickeys is the best way to decompress, connect with Disney cast members and learn even more insider tips. Here are our hidden mickey tips to upgrade your next Disney vacation.

Hidden Mickeys are Everywhere!

You can find Hidden Mickeys everywhere. And with each new ride or land they add even more. An inside joke among Disney Imagineers, Hidden mickeys- either the mickey head or full body – are concealed in the designs of rides, wait lines, pictures, buildings, signage, everywhere. That said, they are always noticeably a mickey… if you have to strain your eyes, tilt your head, or admit it “kinda” looks like a hidden mickey, then its not. If you’re looking for a list or want to “submit” a new hidden mickey you find check out the Hidden Mickey Guide site.

It’s rumored that the newest  Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railway ride at Hollywood Studios will have more hidden mickeys than any other ride! So be on the lookout. The above picture of the hidden mickey in the fish pond drain is located in Epcot, Japan. 

How do you find Hidden Mickeys?

There are a few things you need to have in order to make the most of your Hidden Mickey Hunt. 

  1. Family or friends to help you notice them
  2. Awareness: Hidden Mickeys are hidden everywhere, but here are a few places we find them
    1. on buildings
    2. on fountains, signs, and fake doors
    3. in a ride queue… so if you miss out on a fast pass, don’t worry the regular ride queues will have hidden mickeys you can find while you wait. 
    4. in gift shops
    5. in a ride! Yep, in the Gran Fiesta Boat Tour ride in Epcot, you can see bubbles on a tv screen that look like Mickey. And in Soarin, the hot air balloons and fireworks at the end of the ride make a mickey head shape. He is everywhere! 
  3. Something to help you keep track: While you don’t need a pen and paper it’s good to see your progress. Check out our favorite tool- the app below.  

The Hidden Mickeys App

While we are pretty good at finding mickeys on our own, we love, love, love the Hidden Mickeys App, the companion to the book you can grab here.  The app lets you login and saves your progress as you find each hidden mickey. It also gives you hints along the way.

It has sections for pretty much everywhere, even the newest places. And since it’s an app you can buy updates as Disney adds another ride or land.

hidden mickey app

Here are a few, among hundreds of thousands, that we noticed on our last trip.

Kona Café Service Counter, The Polynesian Resort and Villas

Hidden Mickey in counter mosaic work. Just look down when you’re grabbing your coffee or treat for the day and there it is.

hidden mickeys at walt disney world

The Foyer, Second Floor, The Polynesian Resort and Villas

This view is seen from in front of the Kona Grill, where the hanging lanterns make a very noticeable hidden mickey.

hidden mickeys wdw

Grand Floridian Resort and Spa Lobby

grand floridian at walt disney world hidden mickeys

Yacht Club on the Disney Boardwalk Water Cooler and Lobby Carpet

Hidden mickeys in the Yacht Club at disney World

hidden mickeys at the yacht club, walt disney world

The Rockwork in the wait Line, Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, Magic Kingdom

We find the most hidden mickeys in wait lines. This is one of many in the wait line for Ariel’s ride at WDW.

The gift shop at the Polynesian Resort and Villas

On the back of a statue located in the gift shop on the first floor at The Polynesian, the classic moana swirls create a noticeable hidden mickey.

Gran Fiesta Boat Tour of the Three Caballeros, Mexico, Epcot

Look to the left while on the Gran Fiesta Tour. There are actually quite a few mickey’s on this ride. On Donald’s boat below is a more noticeable one formed by three drums with white tops.

Living with the Land Hidden Mickeys at Future World, Epcot

Another ride experience with many many hidden mickeys, the living with the land boat tour brings you past greenery in the shape of mickey’s head, past a wire mickey head in the fish tanks and past the lab below, sporting a mickey head made with test tubes.

Gaston Fountain in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom

Another fairly clear Mickey mouse etched into the stone at the bottom of the Gaston Fountain in Fantasyland- across from the Beauty and the Beast Gift Shop. 

Hidden Mickey's at Magic Kingdom Disney World

No matter what your Disney day looks like it’s always good to stop and find a hidden mickey. It will remind you that magic is all around. It’s also a great way to keep kids and teens in the moment and their minds off of social media or another treat. You will find once you start noticing hidden mickey’s you find them everywhere. Do you hunt down Hidden Mickeys when you visit the parks? Check out our Hidden Pascal finds and the other free games you can play to save money at Disney and still have loads of fun!

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