Rix Sports Bar and Grill at Coronado Springs Resort

Rix Sports Bar and Grill at Coronado Springs Resort

Are you headed to Walt Disney World and looking for a casual place to grab a drink? Rix Sports Bar and Grill is located at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Marketed as an upscale sports lounge, let’s dive into everything you need to know about Rix Sports Bar and Grill!

Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Resort 

We have written a ton on the blog about Coronado Springs Resort. Most people tend to love it or hate it. The resort is quite large. And is home to the convention center, which can often bring in a different type of Disney guest. But regardless of how you feel about Coronado Springs, one thing that most people can agree on is that they have pretty fantastic dining options. 

Three Bridges Coronado Springs Resort

Dining at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Disney’s Coronado Resort is home to an array of great dining choices. Toldeo, Coronado’s signature restaurant, is in our opinion, one of the absolute best restaurants on Disney property. Dahlia Lounge, which is located right across from Toledo is the perfect spot for pre- or post- dinner drinks, date night or a girls’ night out.  And Three Bridges Bar and Grill offers a delicious menu with open air seating and stellar views. As you can see, the options are really quite aplenty. 

Add in the topic of this post, Rix Sports Bar and Grill, and you’ve got even more options. With even more settings available. So let’s get into it!

Rix Sports Bar and Grill Coronado Springs

Rix Sports Bar and Grill 

Rix Sports Bar and Grill at Coronado Springs is, well, just as its name implies, a sports bar. It’s really kind of more than that though. Located right across from El Mercado, this restaurant is super easy to find. The vibe is very casual, and we’ve never felt rushed when eating here. If sports bars aren’t really your thing, that’s ok! Because breakfast and lunch are usually pretty lowkey when it comes to atmosphere. And if you do love sports bars, then that’s great! You’ll love it here too. 

Rix Sports Bar and Grill has a unique breakfast menu, with plenty of specialty items like chicken stuffed Mickey waffles, Dulce le Leche Maduros french toast, and churro iced coffee. As well as standard items like omelets and pancakes. At lunch and dinner, guests can expect typical sports bar foods like nachos, wings and mozzarella sticks, as well as burgers, sandwiches and even poke. And at all meals, you can find a great selection of beers, ciders, cocktails and mimosas.

The vibe of the restaurant does feel like a sports bar. But not offensively so. With large TVs, minimal decor and a bar. There are also plenty of tables that are situated in a way that you can still enjoy your meal in peace if that’s what you choose. 

You can find the full menu for Rix Sports Bar and Grill here

Rix Sports Bar and Grill Coronado Springs

Do you need reservations for Rix Sports Bar and Grill?

Technically, yes! You can make these reservations in the app just like all other Disney restaurant reservations. However, that being said, you don’t often actually have to make reservations. Most of the time last minute reservations are available and walk-up spots are an option during slower times as well. 

Rix Sports Bar and Grill Coronado Springs

How to get to Rix Sports Bar and Grill

Getting to Rix Sports Bar and Grill is easy! If you’re staying at Coronado Springs, just walk to the main food court, El Mercado and it’s located literally right across from there. If you’re not staying at the resort, you can take the bus or drive to Coronado Springs Resort.

When taking the bus, you’ll want to get off the Gran Destino Tower stop, go down to the ground level, past Barcelona Lounge and follow the long hallway until you see the gift shop, Panchito’s. Go past the gift shop and it’s right there! Very easy to find. And if for some reason you get lost, there are cast members everywhere. Or you can always check the resort directory as well. 

Rix Sports Bar and Grill Coronado Springs

Is Rix Sports Bar and Grill good for kids?

Yep! Like most of the bars at Disneyworld, this bar is family friendly. They even have a kids’ menu available here.   Its atmosphere is quite tame in terms of bars, so generally you don’t have to worry about it getting to rowdy either. 

Rix Sports Bar and Grill Review

Though Rix Sports Bar and Grill may not be for everyone, or even every occasion, we do enjoy it! Not only is it really easy to get a table at, but the food is delicious. Everything we’ve tried here has been good. And we’ve never had complaints about the service. Yes, there are large TVs that play sports and an actual bar, but it generally feels like a mellow, casual place to grab a bite to eat. The prices are slightly more expensive than you’d think.

But honestly this is something we’ve noticed across all restaurants at Coronado Springs, including the food court. And it is Disney, so of course you can count on everything being more expensive than you might expect, right? 

If you’re looking for a casual, yet slightly more elevated dining experience than the food courts, with a fun and unique menu, look no further than Rix Sports Bar and Grill at Coronado Springs!

Disney Bars- Rix Sports Bar and Grill

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