Disney Character Christmas Cavalcades at Disney World

Disney Character Christmas Cavalcades at Disney World

If you’re looking for Disney Character experiences at Walt Disney World you’re in for a treat! With new Disney Character Christmas Cavalcades at Disney World, you can see your favorite characters in ALL FOUR PARKS! Mind you, it is at a distance and it’s kinda like a parade, but these impromptu cavalcades through the park is always a great excuse to stop, take pictures and enjoy the journey!

What is a Disney Character Cavalcade?

A cavalcade at Disney consists of a few favorite Disney Characters waving from a float. There is usually some music, and dancers. While a cavalcade is not a parade, it sure does feel like it. You can also see Disney Characters other places too! Check out where you can find Disney characters in the parks for more info. 

Where can you See the Disney Character Cavalcades?

The Cavalcades at Walt Disney World all have their own routes, many are previous parade routes.  Here’s where you can see Disney Character Cavalcades in each park. 

  • Magic Kingdom– From Frontierland near Splash Mountain, through Liberty Square down Main Street.
  • EPCOT– From Mexico or Norway to Morocco in World Showcase. Note: The EPCOT promenade doesn’t go past France, UK or Canada. 
  • Animal Kingdom– All along Discovery River, from Pandora all the way to the end of the viewing area, near Expedition Everest. 
  • Hollywood Studios– From the Park Entrance area back to the Star Tours or Star Wars Launch Bay area. 

Christmas Cavalcades at Disney

How long do Christmas Cavalcades at Disney World Last?

Character Cavalcades at Walt Disney World are very short. Generally from start to finish, the whole route takes about 15- 20 minutes. Not a parade, this experience only has several characters, a little background music, and a few dancers. 

What times do the Christmas Cavalcades at Disney World Happen?

Times for the Disney Character Cavalcades cover a range- usually the full open hours of the park. While these are in the My Disney Experience App, and exact time is never shared. Generally, if you keep an eye out you can usually see something once an hour.

Where is the Best Place for Viewing Christmas Cavalcades at Disney Worlds in Each Park?

  • Magic Kingdom. Main Street is a favorite viewing location for pictures.
  • EPCOT. Italy has plenty of tiered locations to stand for seeing the cavalcade best.
  • Animal Kingdom. We like the walkway from Africa to Pandora since the river runs the entire breadth of this area. But any small alcoves near the Tree of Life / It’s tough to be a bug area also fantastic. 
  • Hollywood Studios. The area at the front entrance of the park is nice, but can get crowded.

Christmas Cavalcade at Disney Magic Kingdom

Disney Character Christmas Cavalcades at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom welcomes our favorite Disney characters in their holiday best on float cavalcades in 2020. Be sure to catch a glimpse of your favorite characters throughout the day in the parks! In Magic Kingdom you can find the start of the cavalcade route in Frontierland, right next to Splash Mountain, near Pecos Bill’s.

Santa’s Christmas Cavalcade

Keep an eye out for Santa Claus and his reindeer as part of the Once Upon a Christmastime merriment! 

A Royal Christmas Processional

Get read for the Princess float! Gliding along on a beautiful crystal castle float our favorite Disney Princesses are dressed for the season.

Disney Christmas Cavalcades at Disney World

Mickey’s Holiday Cavalcade

Check out Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on top of a Christmas Tree float as they sail through the park with friends for the holidays.

Goofy’s Scrumptious Cavalcade

Goofy and friends wave and have fun along to the music as this cavalcade rolls through the park from Frontierland to Main Street USA.

Santa at Walt Disney World Cavalcade

Holiday Promenades at EPCOT

Promenades featuring our favorite EPCOT characters in holiday outfits will peruse the park throughout the day during the season. 

Santa Claus Promenade

Santa Claus himself, and maybe Mrs. Claus too, will be circling World Showcase.

Mickey and Friends Holiday World Tour

Be sure to catch Mickey Mouse and friends traveling the World Showcase through the Festival of Holidays for Christmas 2020.

Frozen Holiday Promenade

Sisters Anna and Elsa are travelling from country to country throughout the World Showcase! 

Princess Promenade

The Princess promenade features our favorite Disney Royalty in their best holiday dresses taking a cruise around World Showcase at EPCOT during the season!

Christmas Floats at Animal Kingdom

Festive Flotillas at Animal Kingdom

Featuring Disney Characters in their holiday best keep an eye out for Festival Floatillas. These floats will appear throughout the day for festive fun to look forward to. 

Santa Claus Festive Flotilla

The big man himself will be floating on a Festival Flotilla down Discovery River as part of the Animal Kingdom Celebrations. 

Donald’s Dino Bash Festive Flotilla

See Donald Duck, Daisy and Launchpad from Ducktales happy with holiday cheer while sailing Discovery River.

Chip & Dale’s Festive Flotilla

Don’t miss Chip ‘n’ Dale grooving to the holiday music as they float down Discovery River for the festive season.

Mickey and Friends Festive Flotilla

Mickey and Friends, in their best safari holiday gear can be seen from bridges, and alongside Discovery River throughout the day!

Discovery Island Drummers Festive Flotilla

Listen for the Island drummers cruising along the river playing fun and festive tunes. 

Princess Cavalcade at Disney

Christmas Character Motorcades at Hollywood Studios

You can catch Disney characters driving through the parks for the season with holiday music and fun decorations in tow. 

Santa Claus Motorcade

If you’re looking for Santa Claus you’ll find him driving in his little red convertible loaded with presents. And of course an entourage of Elves will be on hand to help!

Christmas Watercade at Disney Springs

Santa’s Winter Watercade

You can spot Santa and Mrs. Claus sailing around Disney Springs, taking a break from the busy holiday season. You can catch the watercade throughout the ay, so keep an eye out! 

pocahontas character cavalcade at disney animal kingdom

Character Cavalcades at Walt Disney World

Note that this post doesn’t contain the regular cavalcades and watercades that happen throughout the parks. For example Pocahontas and Meeko is an Animal Kingdom Flotilla that happens throughout the day at Animal Kingdom. As Animal Kingdom’s resident princess, she isn’t decked out for the holidays, but still appears intermittently throughout the season. 

Disney Character Cavalcades at Walt Disney World happen at all four parks. From promenades at EPCOT to motorcades at Hollywood Studios. Here's a list of all the Holiday Cavalcades and everything you need to know. #disneychristmas #disneyvacation #polkadotpixies