Disney Villains Valentines Day

Disney Villains Valentines Day

There’s nothing quite like a Disney Valentines Day. Or rather a Disney Villains Valentines Day. If you’re looking for something a little more wicked we’ve got plans for a night out or a night in. So no matter whether you’re celebrating this V-day with a date, family, or friends you’ll be ready to bring a little more evil to the party. 

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Who doesn’t love hanging out with sassy Disney villains on Valentines Day? If you need a something a little more fun to celebrate this holiday be sure to grab more than just chocolates and wine! And honor a few of those things we hate to love: riches, power, winning, pure gluttony and a fabulous wardrobe. 

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Disney Valentines Day Villains Night In

Camping in for Valentines Day means appetizers, drinks and a fun game to play. Our favorite? The Disney Villainous Board Game  combines all our favorite things about the Villains. Evil sidekicks, stories you know a love and desire to win. This is such a FUN game!!! Easy to learn and is fun even for your non-Disney loving friends. 

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Put aside at least an hour and plan on 2-6 players. Get ready to settle in. Players can choose from Ursula, Jafar, the Queen of Hearts, Maleficent, Prince John or Captain Hook! Frankly we love them all. As a card game with points and attack cards, there’s a hint of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom to this game which just brings us back to fun in the parks.  Each villain gets a board, and story scene, a villain deck and fate card.

And who doesn’t love a theme! You can add fun drinks and foods to honor your favorite baddie and play a few rounds. Want to make this cute Maleficent cake? We grabbed four 6 inch cake pans, sliced the chocolate cakes horizontally and filled the layers with cherries and buttercream for the most devilish of cakes. This Disney Villains treat is a classic black forest cake, topped with Maleficent green and purple buttercream and chocolate ears. Perfect for a decadent Valentines day night in.

You can grab this game at fun.com along with a ton of other favorite officially licensed Disney merch and awesome other games to keep your night going. And be sure to plan a lineup of Disney movies honoring your favorite villains. Grab Maleficent and Maleficent Mistress of Evil to get started.

Disney Valentines Day

Disney Valentines Day Villains Night Out

Want to have a night out with the villains instead? Loungefly’s Maleficent mini backpack adds the perfect amount of Disney Villain to your wardrobe no matter where you are. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down this little backpack is the perfect size for all your purse essentials and anything you need to help make it late into your night out. Shop the collection of bags and backpacks to help add a little villain to your night. 

disney villains valentines day

And we just couldn’t help adding a little Disney Villain to our decor for the evening. With the cutest Disney Villain Funko POP! characters, be sure to grab one for your cute corner or desk. 

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Disney Valentines Day can be a whole lot of fun with Disney Villains. Check out all our Disney Villains Valentines things to do for a night in or night out with Disney. #disneyvalentinesday #valentinesday #disneyvillains #AD #boardgames

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