Toledo Restaurant at Coronado Springs Walt Disney World

Toledo Restaurant at Coronado Springs Walt Disney World

Move over California Grill. If you’re looking for a stylish dining setting, with rooftop views, Spanish cuisine, and an extensive wine list, the Toledo Restaurant at Coronado Springs is dressed to impress.  Located inside the Gran Destino Tower, we think Toledo is the perfect stop for date night, girls night, or any time you want to have something a little extra special. 

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Toledo at Disney’s Coronado Springs

As part of Coronado Springs’s newest addition, Gran Destino Tower, there’s a slew of new dining experiences that are well worth the visit. Add in the fact that this multi-settlement resort is one of Disney’s largest resorts,  with trails, a variety of stay experiences, and the main area built around a central lake, this could be your next Disney staycation experience.  

The Toledo Restaurant is located on the top floor of Gran Destino Tower and boasts a 1930’s Spanish flair. This rooftop dining space offers views of Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and even Magic Kingdom, offering fireworks views and balcony seating in the evenings. On our previous visit to Toledo, we got to experience Spanish fare tapas style. But Toledo’s new menu focuses more on complex Spanish dishes than a selection of tapas. For a glimpse of all the amazing foods to try, check out the Toledo Menu.

Gran Destino Tower, Coronado Springs, Disney resort review, walt Disney world resort, new resorts at Disney

Gran Destino Tower, Coronado Springs, Disney resort review, walt Disney world resort, new resorts at Disney Gran Destino Tower, Coronado Springs, Disney resort review, walt Disney world resort, new resorts at Disney

Gran Destino Tower, Coronado Springs, Disney resort review, walt Disney world resort, new resorts at Disney

Toledo Walt Disney World

Toledo Restaurant at Coronado Springs Walt disney World

Disney's Toledo Restaurant

Toledo Restaurant Atmosphere

As a rooftop dining experience, Toledo was bound to be breathtaking. With beautiful stained-glass windows, greenery, and open seating, this restaurant has a variety of spaces that all allow for window views. While Toledo doesn’t scream kid-friendly, we saw plenty of families enjoying themselves while we were there. Elegant but casual Toledo is clean and modern. Overall, we love Toledo for families, girls’ trips, date nights, or just a casual meal out with friends. 

Dinner at Toledo Restaurant

The menu at Toledo is extensive and ranges from seafood to steak to charcuterie boards, desserts and salads. We were really impressed with the variety available at Toledo and felt there was pretty much something for everyone. Even the kid’s menu has a pretty good variety of items to choose from. And we were surprised to see the kid’s menu stray a bit from what we are used to seeing at Walt Disney World restaurants. Flavorful selections, but something kids would still be ok eating. 

drinks at Toledo

Drinks at Toledo Restaurant

Although you can easily grab a drink before dinner at Barcelona downstairs, or at Dahlia across the hall from Toledo, you can also find some pretty amazing drinks to enjoy during your dinner. With a great selection of wines and cocktails, you’re sure to find something to enjoy. 

Toledo Walt Disney World

Tapas and Starters

As part of the Tapas menu, you can find chorizo, pan con tomate, olives, salad, and a flight of four pinxtos. Ranging from $10-$15 each, these all make a great light meal with wine.

Toledo Bruschetta at Walt Disney World

Pan Con Tomate

The Pan con Tomate was first on our list, as we’re always up for bruschetta, pretty much anywhere we go. And a Spanish version, well, we just had to try it! Frankly, this bread was amazing. As a plant-based appetizer, the simple combination of charred bread crushed tomatoes, and herbs was delightful, and we could have definitely eaten more of this!

Flight of Four Pinxtos

Another go-to dish to start your meal at Toledo is the Flight of Four Pinxtos. This tapas dish includes Chilled mussels, Olive-Oil Poached Tuna. A Spanish Potato Omelet and Blue Cheese with Fig and Honey. The Olive Oil-poached Tuna with lemon and the Spanish Potato Omelet were the showstoppers here. Both were flavorful and delicious. These were the tapas-style items, so portions were tiny, but we could have eaten more of each. 

Dinner at Toledo Walt disney World

Toledo Entrees

The entrees at Toledo were just as delicious as the starters. By far some of the best food on Walt Disney World property, these dishes are all about smaller portions consisting of quality and flavor. You won’t find large portion sizes here, but the quality of each ingredient is hands down the best anywhere, meant for savoring. Each dish is in the $30-$40 dollar range, with the exception of meals meant for two; including the Chef’s Signature Dinner for Two and the Chuleton Bone-In Rib-Eye for Two.

Marinated Hanger Steak

The marinated Hanger steak is one of the best steaks we’ve had on the property to date. Perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked, this did not disappoint. Including potatoes, salsa verde, greens, and blistered peppers, this is a small but mighty dish.

Toledo Walt Disney World

Rioja Braised Chicken

Another fantastic meal, this chicken was perfectly cooked and seasoned. Featuring a roasted tomato bomba rice, grapes, and hand-sliced crispy potatoes the flavors combined beautifully in this dish. Definitely not your average chicken meal.

Dinner at Disney Toledo Restaurant

Brick Oven Cauliflower

As part of Disney’s plant-based dining initiative, we’ve been seeing cauliflower dishes pop up all over the parks as options for dinner. This brick oven cauliflower was charred to perfection. Included in this dish were carrot romesco, artichoke pistou, cured tomatoes, and cilantro crema. An excellent dish whether you’re a vegetarian/ vegan or not, we’d definitely get this one again.

Dinner at Toledo Walt disney World

toledo at walt disney world

Filet of Beef

Another steak we loved from this menu: the Filet of Beef. With date jam, potato puree, forest mushrooms, and sherry vinaigrette, this dish was tender and perfectly flavorful. 

Desserts at Toledo Restaurant

dessert at Toldeo Walt Disney World

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

This dessert was light and elegant and another one that was completely worth it. Sweet and smooth, this chocolate avocado mousse can with one small scoop of strawberry basil sorbet and some coconut crumble. A great flavor combination, if you’re looking for a more no-guilt, could-be-healthy dessert, this is it.

50th Anniversary Dessert

Like most restaurants across Walt Disney World, a specialty, limited time only 50th Anniversary dessert was added to the menu at Toledo. This treat is an Almond Cheesecake consisting of marcona almond, lemon curd, pistachio sponge, meringue, cherry gelee, and fresh raspberries. While we didn’t try this one, we’re sure it can hold its own as part of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

Café Con Leche Choux

Recommended to us by our fabulous waiter, this dessert is a choux with dark chocolate, Chantilly cream, and raspberries. Oh my gosh, this was so delicious. No doubt a complex recipe to perfect, this was the perfect dessert and would be excellent alongside an espresso or dry red wine.

Dessert at Disney's Toledo Restaurant

The Toledo Tapas Bar

This bar dessert consists of Spanish Coffee, crunchy chocolate, raspberry mousse, and lemon curd as was absolutely delicious. A surprising combination of flavors, this dessert is small but rick enough to be satisfying. 

Toledo Walt Disney World

Toledo Restaurant Cost

The prices at Toledo will vary depending on what you order. And while we didn’t feel like this meal was overpriced, you should include it in your Disney Dining Budget plans, as it is a more extravagant meal at Walt Disney World to be sure. Especially if you’re adding wine or feeding a family. Feeling like you just want to feast on tapas? The starters and tapas will run you about $10-$15 a plate. Sides are less than $10 and entrees range between $30-$40 each. Desserts are $15 and under. Be sure to check the Toledo Restaurant Menu for up-to-date dishes and pricing.  Thankfully, Toledo’s does honor DVC and annual passholder discounts here too. 

Toledo Walt Disney World

Toledo Restaurant at Disney 

If you’re exploring the Gran Destino Tower while visiting Coronado Springs you’ll notice that Toledo is located right across from Dahlia Lounge on the top floor and a wonderful place to grab a drink before or after your meal. Toledo guests are encouraged to head to the Dahlia Lounge balcony after dinner to see the views and watch the distance fireworks shows from the parks nearby.

Also in the Gran Destino Tower, on the bottom floor is the Barcelona Lounge. This coffee and cocktails bar is one of our favorite Disney Lounges and includes specialty coffees, drinks, and wonderful spaces to sit and relax. A beautiful setting, this lounge is removed enough from the general Disney happenings that it stays pretty quiet. And as Coronado Springs is one of our favorite Disney Resorts to Visit for the Holidays, be sure to check out this gorgeous space during the Christmas season. 

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Is Toledo Restaurant Good for Kids?

While Toledo is an upscale rooftop restaurant, it doesn’t require a dress code or 2 dining credits like most signature dining experiences at Walt Disney World. The Kids menu includes basics like grilled chicken, fish, and meatballs and ranges from $10-$15 dollars per entrée. Definitely more budget-friendly than most restaurants on property. Kids also have the option of different starters, desserts, and drinks. If you’re looking for a special night out, that will help your children feel a little more grown-up and fancy, they’ll get the royal treatment here.

Is it worth making the trip to Coronado Springs for Toledo?

We absolutely think this is worth the trip to Coronado Springs Resort. Gran Destino Tower itself is beautifully designed, and we think anyone who has the time should try to make it out there if they can. If you have a reason like a dining reservation, that makes it even easier to justify. Toledo isn’t really like any other restaurant on Walt Disney World property at this point, both in theming and in food quality. And the resort itself offers wonderful views, paths, a gift shop, and multiple restaurants to try out!  

How do you get to Toledo Restaurant at Coronado Springs?

You can take the bus from any Disney World Park to Coronado Springs. And of course, an Uber or Lyft will get you there as well. If driving, you can park in the lot at Coronado Springs for 3 hours while you dine. Just let the parking attendant at the gate know that you’re here for a dining reservation.

Gran Destino Tower, Coronado Springs, Disney resort review, walt Disney world resort, new resorts at Disney

Is Toledo at Walt Disney World Budget-Friendly?

Completely within your control, based on what you order, Toledo can be budget-friendly if you’re just focusing on trying a starter or two. In general, a per-person price for a meal at Toledo is $35-$55 total per person price range, but that could definitely be lower or higher depending on what you order.

Does Toledo take the dining plan?

Yes! Toledo takes the Disney Dining Plan and the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan and currently requires just 1 dining credit. We think this is a great use of a dining credit, especially if you decide to get one of the pricier entrees and an alcoholic beverage. If looking for a way to pre-pay for all your food then read more about the Disney Dining Plan. 

Disney’s Toledo Restaurant at Coronado Springs Review

Overall, we love Toledo at Coronado Springs, and it’s surely a restaurant we’ll be adding to our regular visits because it’s just that good. Between the atmosphere, the delicious food, outstanding service and variety of choices, we really don’t think you can go wrong here! Enjoy!

Gran Destino Tower, Coronado Springs, Disney resort review, walt Disney world resort, new resorts at Disney


Toledo at the Walt Disney World Coronado Springs Resorts invites beautiful tapas, spanish cuisine, exquisite desserts and rooftop dining. Check out all the best foods on the menu and the amazing atmosphere at this new Disney Restaurant

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