Disney Club 33 Details and Membership

Disney Club 33 Details and Membership

Once upon a time in a land far away Walt Disney created this ultra-exclusive private membership club, called Club 33. Now open at Walt Disney World, each venue is themed to represent Walt and Lilian’s adventures around the world. BUT…you’ll need more than money to get in.  

That is you’ll need LOTS of money, some social standing, and a lot of Luck to get into Disney’s private membership Club 33. While only a fancy restaurant, the secrecy around “getting in” and the sometimes elite celebrity guests that emerge from Club33, leave many wondering. What is Club 33 anyway? Why is it so special? How much does dinner cost at Club 33? We’ll break down all the Disney Club 33 Details in this post, to help remove the illusion, and give you the info on what you need to do to get in! 

club 33 epcot

What is Club 33? 

Club 33 is an Exclusive Membership Club. Created by Walt Disney himself as a place to entertain special guests and VIP in the parks, each Club 33 location includes a lounge and restaurant for members to enjoy. Offered by invitation only, Disney Club 33 Membership is exclusive and expensive. 

Disney Club 33 Origin and History

The creative concept of Club 33 comes from Walt Disney himself. As a result of his experience overseeing so many aspects of the 1964 World’s Fair, Walt was given a taste of secret lounge areas where he could go to conduct business, with major players of the day. Eager for something similar at Disneyland, he contracted with his Disneyland investors, that an exclusive, hidden area, could be part of the park. See, Walt Disney liked to do business at Disneyland with investors, film folks, and special friends, VIP guests if you will.

Of course, all chances at business discussions were made more difficult by the regular theme park visitor. Thus Club 33 was born. With a special location reserved just for Disney and his invited colleagues, he’d be able to share his dream with those who could help him achieve it. Since the best business deals take place over dinner and drinks, the physical embodiment of Club 33 is essentially a lounge, restaurant, and bar. Consider it the private parlor or smoking room if you will for prestigious people closing billion-dollar deals, celebrities, Industry VIPs, and the like. 

Even today you can find diplomats, heads of state, celebrities, and people high on the corporate ladder frequenting Club 33. Named after its address at 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square, Disneyland, you can find the original Club 33 location tucked away in the New Orleans area of Disneyland. 

disney club 33 french lift foyer at disneyland

Why is Club 33 So Special?

As an exclusive membership-only “club” for Disney fans, Club 33 brings with it an air of secrecy, elitism, and the BEST concierge-level services and care available. 

Essentially a fancy restaurant and bar, and once only operating at Disneyland, Club 33 contains authentic movie props from some major films like Mary Poppins and The Happiest Millionaire as well as artwork from all over the world. Now, with Club 33’s open all over the world, the same attention to detail, elegance, and luxury is key. The Club’s special-ness comes from its exclusivity. Walt Disney wanted the club to be a sanctuary for the elite, and a marker of success at the highest level. 

Club 33 is known for its secretive and exclusive nature. The club’s existence wasn’t widely acknowledged for many years, and even today, much of what goes on inside is kept private.

There’s also a sense of understood anonymity. Disneyland entrances have a Club 33 door that is Fake….perfect for photo ops. While the real door, requiring you to scan in can be found around the corner. As a result of the 2014 renovation of Disneyland Park, Walt Disney World locations have the same setup. 

Over the years, there have been expansions and changes to Club 33 locations, including renovations and updates to the facilities. These changes are aimed at maintaining the exclusivity and quality of the club, and public photos, and video are never permitted. 

disney club 33 fake front door at disneyland

Where is Club 33 Located?

Before you get too excited about having access to the Club 33’s of the world, let us tell you, membership is not shared. While a Club 33 membership at Walt Disney World will get you access to all four park locations, it won’t get you into Shanghai’s club.

Disneyland Resort Club 33

Disneyland, 33 Royal Street, New Orleans Square. This Original Location of Disney’s Club 33 is located just above the Blue Bayou Restaurant, near the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. Opened in May of 1967. Designed to the theme of the New Orleans Square. 

Tokyo Disneyland Club 33

Tokyo Disneyland, Center Street, World Bazaar. Opened in 1983, this lounge and restaurant features a Parisian style, themed to the turn of the century. This location also features a private balcony with views of Cinderella’s Castle. 

Shanghai Disneyland Club 33

Shanghai Disneyland, Mickey Avenue. Opened in 2016. Inspired by Fantasia, Shanghai Disneyland Club 33 honors whimsical elements from the film, and features elegant furnishings, and decor. 

epcot club33 entrance at disney world

Walt Disney World Resort Club 33

New to Club 33 membership is the collection of Walt Disney World Club 33 Locations. 

  • EPCOT, Walt Disney World-Constellation Club, American Adventure Pavilion, World Showcase
  • Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World- Captain’s Quarters, Adventureland Entrance
  • Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World-Spotlight Lounge, Behind The Brown Derby
  • Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World- Harambe House, Near Festival of the Lion King

Club 33 Door at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Club 33 at Magic Kingdom Adventureland

disney club 33 at walt disney world

What Does Club 33 at Disney Look Like?

In line with the elegant and exclusive theme, Club 33 features architecture appropriate for the location of the club. As expected those locations style varies depending on the park location. And while the original Club 33 in Disneyland, as well as Tokyo and Shanghai, are each called Club 33, the Walt Disney World locations all have different names and don’t all offer full-service dining either. Here’s what you can expect at each.  

disney club 33 magic kingdom

Walt Disney World Club 33 Inside Look

Exclusive lounges inside the parks at Walt Disney World offer Club 33 members the opportunity to get away from the crowds. In line with Walt and Lillian Disney’s original vision, these exclusive clubs at Disney World feature seating, a bar, themed decor, and in some cases great views. 

Harambe House Animal Kingdom club 33

Animal Kingdom Club 33 Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World’s Club 33 in Animal Kingdom is called Harambe House and is located in Africa, just near the Tusker House Restaurant adjacent to the bridge leading to Pandora. The building’s sign reads Harambe House thelathini na tatu ( Harambe House 33). This club features large windows, revealing sprawling modern spaces decorated with African modern African decor. 

EPCOT Club 33 Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World’s Club 33 in EPCOT is located in the America Pavilion and is called Constellation Club. Keeping in line with the general look and feel of the Colonial Style architecture and decor, this club includes dark wooden interiors with modern elements, complete with classic black and white photos from the Disney archive.  

Hollywood Studios Club 33 Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World’s Club 33 in Hollywood Studios is located on the second floor of the Brown Derby Restaurant and is called Spotlight Lounge. Honoring classic Hollywood, this space is decorated with Mid-Century modern decor and features a classic lounge feel with chestnut wood elements and a long bar area. 

Magic Kingdom Club 33 Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World’s Club 33 in Magic Kingdom overlooks Adventureland and is called Captains Quarters. Located inside a multicolored building this building is discreetly camouflaged in the structures of Adventureland. 

disney club 33 at magic kingdom

Club 33 Disneyland 2021
Photo via Disney Parks Blog 2021

Disneyland Club 33 Inside Look

In Disneyland, the interior decor is a 19th-century New Orleans square style, with light blue wallpapers, and parquet wood floors. Decorating is also meaningful in ways to honor the Disney legacy, even after the extensive refurbishment in 2014. And it all begins in a grand courtyard. 

Inside the Original Club 33 at Disneyland Resort

Before the renovation in 2024, Disney’s Club 33 included several iconic spaces, filled with film props, and decor curated by Lillian Disney and Walt Disney himself for the space. Areas included an original Lounge space featuring a harpsichord, a Main Dining Room, and the Disney Room. 

2011 Elevator Inside Club 33
Foyer with Elevator- Photo via Disney Parks Blog
2011 Lounge Disney Cub 33
Lounge- Photo via Disney Parks Blog
2011 Main Dining Room Club 33
Main Dining Room- Photo via Disney Parks Blog
2011 Disney Room or Trophy Room Second Dining Room inside Club 33
Disney Room- Photo via Disney Parks Blog

Courtyard of Angels

The entrance area of Club 33, is a grand courtyard space, complete with a swirled staircase, and balconies above. The cobbled floor leads guests to the bottom of a blue iron staircase. As the central welcoming area, one could imagine a member of the Disney family awaiting the arrival of important guests. Next to the staircase is a muraled glass ball, with the number 33 on it. It is here that members can scan in and enter the foyer. 

The foyer area includes luxurious decor, and antiques, accented by large windows overlooking Disneyland Park. From here guests can access two main areas; the Salon Nouveau Lounge, and the Grand Salon Dining Room. When visiting, this is where you can check in with a cast member and be given the Club 33 Rules rundown so you know how it works. 

Le Salon Nouveau Lounge

The Salon Nouveau Lounge is artistically matched to the art nouveau style and includes stained glass and intricate woodwork. Le Salon Nouveau Lounge is open to non-members ONLY when escorted by a member. And if you’re enterprising enough you can surely connect with someone on socials. As a cocktail lounge, this Club 33 Lounge is the epitome of grandeur, featuring a $28 California Caviar Appetizer and a $75 signature Hamburger entree, paired with champagne.  

Le Grande Salon Dining Room

Complete with marble-checked flooring and wicker dining chairs from days of yore, this restaurant hails a New Orleans theme featuring elegant chandeliers and everything you’d expect from a “fancy” restaurant. Disneyland’s Club 33 offers a 4 course Prix Menu at $130 a plate (2023) and serves things like diver scallops, steak tartare, duck, lamb, and a variety of salads, and vegetarian options. Desserts change seasonally but include layer cakes, select cheese plates, and mousse. 

Club 33 Gift Shop

One of the more interesting elements of the Disney Club 33 experience is the Gift Shop. While the elite surely are not looking for souvenirs of their trip, the commoners sure are, so be prepared to leave through the gift shop on your way out. So, if you want to grab a Club 33 shot glass, Club 33 Pandora bracelet or Exclusive Club 33 Dooney and Bourke Disney Bag, who’s stopping you? You won’t find this merchandise elsewhere in the park and would have to purchase it on eBay at a heavy markup later. 

Disney Club 33 Dining and Menu

One of the key attractions of Club 33 is its gourmet dining experience. Club 33 Members can enjoy fine dining with a menu that often features exclusive dishes from top chefs. Expertly crafted menus offer a special meal you can’t get anywhere else. The dining area in every Club 33 location is elegantly decorated and provides a sophisticated and intimate atmosphere. 

Each Club 33 location also has a lounge, offering a wide array of drinks at the bar, and a relaxing experience. Featuring an opulent and luxurious ambiance Club 33 showcases Disney-themed artwork, unique furnishings, and other special pieces from Disney’s history. 

The Menu at Disney’s Club 33 location is dependent on the location, chef, and season. As such, menu changes are often. A glimpse of the recent Disneyland Club 33 Menu includes a four-course Prix Fixe Menu at $130 per person ( Summer 2023)

Featured Cocktails at Club 33 Tropical Hideaway Lounge

As part of the offerings on the Disney Club 33 Menus you can find a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Among them is a slew of drinks on a theme. This summer’s featured cocktail was the Enchanted Crocodile. Limited edition, this cocktail costs $85. 

Dinner at Club 33 Prix Fixe Menu

First Course

  • Pan-Roasted Diver Scallops, Fava Bean, Couscous, and Roasted Pepper Nage
  • Shaved Artisan Prosciutto, Picked Garden Vegetable Relish, and Pecorino Fritters
  • Roasted Asparagus, Whipped Feta, Pistachio and Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

Second Course 

  • Sungold Tomato soup, Curried Chicken, Lemongrass Cilantro
  • Seared Romaine Salad, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Roasted Garlic Ceasar Dressing


  • Sustainable Fish, Braised Beef Cheeks, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Salsa Verde
  • Walt’s Blue Cheese Crusted Filet Mignon, Colcannon Potatoes and Cabernet Essence
  • Soy Glazed Colorado Lamb Shank, Pappardelle, and Chili Mint Gremolata
  • Nantes Carrot Wellington Crimini Velvet, Carrot Pistachio Pesto and Portobello Fries


  • Manjari Dark Chocolate Layer Cake, Mascarpone Chantilly and Summer Cherries
  • Creamy Peanut Crunch Bar, Banana and Apricot Essence
  • Lillian’s Trifle Lemon Cake, Lemon sorbet, Raspberries and Diplomat Cream
  • Diligently Selected Cheese, Honeycomb, and Sourdough Crostini

Wine at Club 33

Wine pairings, stated throughout the Disneyland Club 33 Menu are an additional $95 per person. And while that may seem like a lot, it’s a substantial amount of wine served with each course of the meal. If you’re looking to stay and enjoy dinner and the lounge, we recommend getting the wine as well. 

Disney Club 33 Restaurant Review

While we can’t speak firsthand of the Disney Club 33 experience, a round-up of reviews online speaks to enjoying the exclusivity, service, and atmosphere of this exclusive club. Some reviewers have noted that the food at Club 33 is amazing, but on par with Napa Rose at Disneyland, and Victoria and Albert’s at Walt Disney World. Overall the main draw of the Club 33 Restaurant is the opportunity to slow down, get away from the park chaos, and have a meal in a small and intimate setting. 

Disney Club 33 Membership

Club 33 is an exclusive, members-only club, and obtaining a membership is challenging. The membership process typically involves a significant waiting list, and the annual fees are substantial, involving an initial membership fee, and annual fees. Memberships are also available to corporate-sponsored individuals and businesses associated with Disney.

How much does a Club 33 Membership Cost?

Club 33 is THE most exclusive Disney experience available through Disney. The club itself only offers membership by an Official Invitation. It is, however, also exclusive enough, that when celebrities visit Disneyland, it’s simply easier for them to get a membership than for them to deal with the crowds. 

However, even if you have the money, that doesn’t mean you’ll be given access to Club 33 immediately. Mostly, because in addition to the required invitation, there is also a substantial waiting list for all Disney Club 33 locations. 

Club 33 Membership Fees At Walt Disney World

  • $33,000 Initial Membership Fee
  • $15,000 Annual Dues

Disneyland Club 33 Membership Fees

  • $60, 000 Initial Membership Fee
  • $25,000 Annual Dues

disney world club 33

What do I get with a Disney Club 33 Membership?

With a Membership to Disney’s Club 33, you get access to exclusive events, special merchandise, park admission, and access to the Club 33 Lounge and Restaurant where you purchase your membership. Offering a unique and luxurious experience Club 33 locations include a lounge, dining rooms, and a fine dining experience at an exclusive location within the park. 

Club 33 Benefits

  • Passholder Status for each year you are a member of Club 33, for yourself, your spouse, and any children under age 26
  • Passholder Perks
    • 365 days of admission to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland
    • no block-out dates
    • unlimited PhotoPass downloads
    • free standard parking
    • discounts on table-service dining, merchandise, recreation, and guided tours
  • 50 one-day park hopper tickets
  • 5 Private VIP guided tours
  • Access to private concierge services
  • Access to the Club 33 lounges found at the park you purchase membership for. 
  • Access to Club 33 merchandise exclusives. 
  • Sneak Peeks on Disney Parks News
  • Complimentary Room upgrades
  • Valet parking

How Do You Get into Club 33 Disney’s Exclusive Club?

How do you get invited into Disney’s Exclusive Club? The key word here is “invited”. There is generally a waiting list for new memberships. Disneyland reportedly has a waiting list decades long. And then sometimes you just get lucky. Residents of Orlando’s Golden Oak community were invited spontaneously to the Constellation Club at Epcot’s Club 33 this past year. And we’re expecting a high-level DVC invitation for some members also popping up. While Walt Disney World’s Club 33 will probably have no problem recruiting new members, seeing that Disney is reaching out to committed members of the Disney community is no surprise. There have been instances where you can enter the Club 33 restaurant along with other members as a guest. 

How Do You Get into Club 33?

The easiest way to get into Club 33, no matter which location you’re hoping to visit to become a Disney Club 33 member. But, if you don’t have the cash or celebrity at your fingertips, there are a few other ways too!

While you will still have to pay for your meal and drinks while visiting Club 33 at Disney Parks, here are a few ways you can get into Disney’s Club 33 without being a member.  

How do you get into Club 33 Without a Membership?

Filled with hidden places across the parks, Walt Disney loved secrecy. And while some areas, like the Magic Kingdom tunnels and Cinderella’s Castle Suite, are exclusively seen on special tours, it’s Club 33 that remains the biggest mystery to many. Mainly, because it’s just a restaurant. Nevertheless, there are other ways to get into Club 33’s exclusive lounges, restaurants, and clubs without being a member. 

Make Friends with a Club 33 Member

It’s all about who you know! So simply investigate by searching #club33 on any social media to see who you can scope out as your host. While those posting their magical Club 33 evening out may just be guests, you can definitely reach out to see who they know and go from there. Club 33 Members can make lunch and dinner reservations for non-members, so it’s your best way to get access without the hefty membership price tag. Keep in mind that you’ll most likely need to be flexible on dates since the club and lounge areas are smaller and fill up fast. 

Work at a Company with Corporate Club 33 Membership

If you’re lucky, you could be working at a job that has corporate membership to Club 33. Typically reserved to 9 guests and only the highest ranking employees, if you’re planning your career or a career change, why not aim for the best? Also note, that Corporate membership isn’t available to all companies, or all employees. The companies holding membership to Club 33 aren’t publicly disclosed. As such, companies associated with Disney are most likely to hold a corporate membership to Club 33. Companies rumored to hold Club 33 memberships are as follows. 

  • Chevrolet
  • Dole Food Company
  • Coca-Cola
  • Siemens
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Chevron
  • AT&T

Remember, the best way to know for sure is to just ask your HR department if your workplace has membership. 

How to Get a Disney’s Club 33 Invitation

If you think you are ready for the challenge of obtaining membership in Club 33, you can email Disney at this address: Club33(at)WaltDisneyWorld(dot)com. We can’t speak to specifics since we’re not a part of this membership club but due to the exclusivity of this group, we imagine there would be financial, social, and professional things that will be thoroughly reviewed. So double-check all those social channels before emailing the most prestigious club on the planet. And Good Luck!

Walt Disney World has just opened 4 locations to the Club 33 at Disney Parks. Check out everything you need to know from cost to getting invited to this exclusive Disney Club #disneyclub33 #club33 #disneyfan #polkadotpixies

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