Disney’s Club 33: Everything You Need To Know

Disney’s Club 33: Everything You Need To Know

Once upon a time in a land far away Walt Disney created this ultra exclusive private membership club, called Club 33. Now open at Walt Disney World, each venue is themed to represent Walt and Lilian’s adventures around the world. BUT…you’ll need more than money to get in.  

That is you’ll need LOTS of money, some social standing and a lot of Luck to get into Disney’s private membership Club 33. 

What is Club 33? 

The creative concept of Club 33 comes from Walt Disney himself. An exclusive club. Reserved for those people who need to and deserve to get away from the crowds. This idea was the result of an overcrowded park at Disneyland and too many regular folks mingling with the elites. Walt Disney liked to do business at Disneyland with investors, film folks and special friends. All made more difficult by the regular theme park visitor. Thus Club 33 was born. With a special location reserved just for Disney and his invited colleagues he’s be able to share his dream with those who could help him achieve it. Since the best business deals take place over dinner and drinks, the physical embodiment of Club 33 is essentially a lounge, restaurant and bar. Consider it the private parlor or smoking room if you will for prestigious people closing billion dollar deals, celebrities, Industry VIP’s and the like. 

disney club 33 french lift foyer at disneyland

But Why is Club 33 So Special?

As an exclusive membership-only “club” for Disney fans, Club 33 brings with it an air of secrecy, elitism, and the BEST concierge-level services and care available. 

Essentially a fancy restaurant and bar, and once only operating at Disneyland, Club 33 contains authentic movie props from some major films like Mary Poppins and The Happiest Millionaire as well as artwork from all over the world. Now, with Club 33’s open all over the world, the same attention to detail, elegance and luxury is key. The Club’s special-ness comes from it’s exclusivity. Walt Disney wanted the club to be a sanctuary for the elite, and a marker of success at the highest level. 

There’s also a sense of understood anonymity. Disneyland entrances have a Club 33 door that is Fake….perfect for photo ops. While the real door, requiring you to scan in can be found around the corner. A result of the 2014 renovation in Disneyland Park, Walt Disney World locations have the same setup. 

disney club 33 fake front door at disneyland

Where is Club 33 Located?

Before you get too excited about having access to the Club 33’s of the world, let us tell you, membership is not shared. While a Club 33 membership at Walt Disney World will get you access to all four park locations, it won’t get you into Shanghai’s club.

Club 33 at Disneyland

  • Disneyland, 33 Royal Street, New Orleans Square- Original Location

Club 33 at Tokyo Disneyland

  • Tokyo Disneyland, Center Street, World Bazaar

Club 33 at Shaghai Disneyland

  • Shanghai Disneyland, Mickey Avenue

Club 33 Door at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Club 33 at Walt Disney World

  • EPCOT, Walt Disney World-Constellation Club, American Adventure Pavilion, World Showcase
  • Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World- Captain’s Quarters, Adventureland Entrance
  • Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World-Spotlight Lounge, Behind The Brown Derby
  • Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World- Harambe House, Near Festival of the Lion King

Club 33 at Magic Kingdom Adventureland

disney club 33 at walt disney world

How much does a Club 33 Membership Cost?

Club 33 Membership Fees At Walt Disney World

  • $33,000 Initial Membership Fee
  • $15,000 Annual Dues

Disneyland Club 33 Membership Fees

The Club 33 Disneyland Cost is higher as it features the original and “more prestigious” club.  This requires a $40,000 initial investment, $25,000 annually and $10,000 annual dues. 

disney world club 33

What do I get with a Disney Club 33 Membership?

With a Membership to Walt Disney World’s Club 33 You Get: 

  • Passholder Status to Walt Disney World and Disneyland for yourself, your spouse, and any children under age 26
  • Passholder Perks
    • 365 days of admission to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland
    • no block out dates
    • unlimited PhotoPass downloads
    • free standard parking
    • discounts on table-service dining, merchandise, recreation, and guided tours
  • 50 one-day park hopper tickets
  • 5 daylong VIP guided tours
  • An undisclosed number of instant FastPass+ reservations
  • Access to private concierge services
  • Access to all four Club 33 lounges found at Walt Disney World

How Do You Get in to Club 33 Disney’s Exclusive Club?

How do you get Invited into Disney’s Exclusive Club? The key word here is “invited”. There is generally a waiting list for new memberships. Disneyland reportedly has a waiting list decades long. And then sometimes you just get lucky. Residents of Orlando’s Golden Oak community were invited spontaneously to the Constellation Club at Epcot’s Club 33 this past year. And we’re expecting a high-level DVC invitation for some members also popping up. While Walt Disney World’s Club 33 will probably have no problem recruiting new members, seeing that Disney is reaching out to committed members of the Disney community is no surprise.

How do you get Invited to Club 33 at Walt Disney World?

There have been instances where you can enter the Club 33 restaurant along with other members as a guest. Though this is rare.

If you think you are ready for the challenge of obtaining membership into Club 33, you can email Disney at this address: Club33(at)WaltDisneyWorld(dot)com. We can’t speak to specifics since we’re not a part of this membership club but due to the exclusivity of this group, we imagine there would be financial, social, and professional things that will be thoroughly reviewed. So double-check all those social channels before emailing the most prestigious club on the planet. And Good Luck!

Walt Disney World has just opened 4 locations to the Club 33 at Disney Parks. Check out everything you need to know from cost to getting invited to this exclusive Disney Club #disneyclub33 #club33 #disneyfan #polkadotpixies

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