Hidden Pascal Game at Walt Disney World

Hidden Pascal Game at Walt Disney World

The Hidden Pascal Game at Walt Disney World is one of many Disney games we love to play! While we’ve been completely spoiled this year as annual passholders, we’d be playing this game even if our schedules were booked. See, we planned to spend a little more time at Walt Disney World and forego other vacations because our blog and shop required it. So, early on we decided not to rush from ride to ride all day long and took some time to stop and smell the Disney roses.  This meant we chose to build in fun games we don’t usually take time to do. We hunted Hidden Mickeys at Magic Kingdom and played Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure at Epcot. And we always play Remy’s Hide & Squeak during the Food and Wine festival at Epcot.

This NEW Hidden Pascals Game is located at the Tangled restrooms and charging station area at Magic Kingdom. Head to the It’s a Small World ride and you’ll see it near the stroller parking.

If you remember Pascal, the little chameleon from Tangled, you’ll remember he’s sneaky and fun… and camouflages with everything!

How to find Hidden Pascals at Walt Disney World

But be warned, this little guy is hard to find! So far, we’ve heard there are 10 Pascals total and not even the cast members seem to have found them all. Here are the spots we’ve found him so far. Notice how much Pascal changes colors to blend in with his surrounding! So you’re never just looking for a little green chameleon.


walt disney world games for kids tangled bathroom pascal game


Hidden Pascal Game Tips

  • Hiding around the little stream between the Tangled tower and the Peter Pan’s Flight entrance Pascal can be found on buildings, lamp posts behind rocks and under bushes.
  • While you could take an hour and try to find all the hidden Pascals you can also just see what you find every time you’re in the area. As this area is close to the Haunted Mansion and Peter Pan’s Flight you’ll surely walk past it quite a few times.
  • Since this area is also for stroller parking it can get crowded, so spreading your hunt over your vacation or tackling this game earlier in the morning with less crowds is also a good idea.

Our first clue to get you started on the hunt? Look up to the flower box near the bathroom entrances. And you may notice we only have 9 Pascals here in this list. If you find that last little guy- GIVE US A HINT!

Happy Hunting!

hidden pascal game at tangled bathrooms