Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants and What to Skip

Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants and What to Skip

The best places to eat at Magic Kingdom are not your basic quick service restaurants. With so many dining options at Walt Disney World, the food has to do more than just be available. Here are a our favorite tried and true Magic Kingdom restaurants to visit on your next Disney vacation. Especially if you’re looking for more than just your average theme park food!

Magic Kingdom Restaurants We RECOMMEND

Magic Kingdom is still catering to your theme park attendants. While there are a few higher end restaurants, they can mostly be found outside the gates of Magic Kingdom at the Monorail Resorts, rather than inside the park. That said, there are a few places to eat in Magic Kingdom that will transport you to a foodie wonderland. Here’s some of our favorite ( and not so favorite) places to eat at Magic Kingdom.

Be Our Guest

  • Where: Magic Kingdom
  • Views: Inside the Beasts Castle.
  • Theme: Classic French-Inspired
  • Character Dining: Yes, Dinner only. With Beauty and the Beast.
  • Food: Individually ordered. Breakfasts includes pastries, eggs and meats. Lunch includes stews, turkey, quinoas. Dinner is Prix fix with a selection of different entrees. 

We Recommend it Because:

Because really, who doesn’t love Beauty and The Beast? Be our Guest gets a lot of hype and a lot of grief! As one of Disney’s more popular restaurants, its sometimes hard to get reservations here. But for us, it’s totally worth the effort and the experience. Our favorite table is the one in the ballroom near the windows where you can see the snow falling. It’s a magical detail we look forward to every time. We love that the atmosphere is filled with things we love from the film and that the soundtrack plays throughout our meal. Sure, the layout of the restaurant may feel a little like a “cafeteria” but the food is good, even if sometimes overpriced. Since Be Our Guest just changed up their dinner menu in 2018, Disney seems to still be figuring out what works for this restaurant. Perfect for families, there are drink stations here that allow for refills throughout the meal, and the menu offers both basic and more eclectic foods for the sophisticate. Read our full review.

disney dining plan cinnamon roll

Liberty Tree Tavern

  • Where: Magic Kingdom
  • Views: an Inn
  • Theme: Traditional American
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Thanksgiving Meal

We Recommend it Because:

Best during the colder months in Florida we like Liberty Tree Tavern for the hometown comfort of Thanksgiving Dinner food and the Oooey Gooey Toffee Cake. Perfect for families and larger groups this is an all-you-care-to-enjoy meal. But really we love it because the food here is really good. A selection of meats, sides, and bread gives you a variety of foods to eat, no matter your mood. Read our full review.

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Sleepy Hollow

  • Where: Liberty Square
  • Views: Cinderella’s Castle
  • Theme: Vintage
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Waffles, Drinks, Treats

We Recommend it Because:

While some of the other walk up counter service restaurants in Magic Kingdom tout your basic theme park fare. Sleepy Hollow kicks things up a notch with a variety of waffle sandwiches. The Nutella and Strawberry Waffle is a favorite. Add an Iced Mocha and you have breakfast or a late-night snack. 

walt disney world crystal palace

Crystal Palace

  • Where: Main Street USA
  • Views: Crystal Palace Conservatory
  • Theme: Victorian
  • Character Dining: Yes, Pooh and Friends
  • Food: Buffet, Classic American breakfast, lunch and dinner

We Recommend it Because:

As character dining restaurants go, this is your basic buffet set up where the characters come visit you while you eat. A lovely buffet of many many food offerings means you can guarantee everyone in your party will find something they like to eat. If you’re going to choose a meal here, make it breakfast. Use the early reservation to get close to the castle for the morning show. And the staff and characters seem a little less rushed at breakfast time before the hoards arrive. Read our review. 

Skipper Canteen

  • Where: Adventureland 
  • Views: Rare and beautiful objects from your last adventure
  • Theme: 1930’s British Outpost
  • Character Dining: No
  • Food: Exotic, adventure themed.

We Recommend it Because: A pun filled restaurant, Skipper Canteen has a variety of adventurous foods that you may, or may not, like. If you like interesting food and new flavors this restaurant could easily get on your Must-Do list. We loved the falafel appetizer, the chicken and the curried vegetable dish. And of course, you’ll need to be in the mood for the puns. This restaurant originally made our “meh” list, but the better menu has since grown on us. 

Magic Kingdom Restaurants that ALMOST MADE THE LIST

Columbia Harbour House: This restaurant really really almost made this list. Dare we say that if we weren’t still holding a little grudge about the removal of our favorite broccoli salad from the menu, it would have absolutely made the list! Mind you, were not huge seafood eaters to begin with- and definitely not eaters of seafood prepared at a theme park. BUT…. the pot pie here and homemade potato chips are excellent. And as this does tend to be the unsung hero of quick service restaurants at Magic Kingdom, it’s worth a try if your a seafood lover. 

Cinderella’s Royal Table: We have only had the breakfast at CRT. That said, we really didn’t think the food was worth the price. But, you do get the princesses all in one place, a high quality meal, and tons of atmosphere. The picture with Cinderella at the fireplace when you enter may be worth it for you. Read the review for our thoughts on breakfast. 

Pinocchio’s Village Haus : Your basic theme park fare, Pinocchio Village Haus has a selection of Italian dishes and flatbreads. Every once in a while we’ll see a new flatbread that deserves trying, so keep an eye out for new menu items. You can also grab the Tangled Eclair here. 

Magic Kingdom Restaurants On Our List TO TRY

Magic Kingdom Restaurants YOU CAN SKIP

Tortuga Tavern: Hot dogs and short ribs leave much to be desired at Tortuga Tavern. Thankfully able to handle the overflow from Pecos Bill’s next door, we only ever venture here when seating is needed. 

Casey’s Corner: Ok, if you’re a hot dog fanatic then take this with a grain of salt. While not huge hot dog people, we have had the benefit of living in places with whole restaurants committed to the art of hot dogs. So Casey’s does little to impress. What’s more, is that it gets super crazy in the summers! We blame this more on location than any foodie merit. 

Cosmic Rays: If you’re looking for very large portion sizes and bang for your buck then you’ll be fine with Cosmic Rays. But if you’re in the market for more than just basic theme burgers and fries, we’d recommend other places. A larger restaurant in Magic Kingdom you also get the cafeteria vibe here along with a side of chaos.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe: A combo of American and Mexican foods bring you back to the old West. Many of the foods here are just mediocre and the food tends to be either under or over seasoned. The showstopper at Pecos Bills is the toppings bar. So if you’re all in on toppings, give it a try. But, with better food at other locations around the park equally priced and portion sized, we’d recommend skipping this one. 

The Best Restaurants in Magic Kingdom

That’s our lineup of all things Magic Kingdom restaurants, so far. Let us know if you have favorites! Or maybe there are some restaurants here we need to give another shot! While we’re never at a loss for things to try, we are pretty committed to identifying the best food everywhere. So let us know!


Magic Kingdom Restaurants to try and some to skip. Heres the list of go-to Disney food at Magic Kingdom for your next Disney Vacation. #polkadotpixies #magickingdom #disneyfood

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